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Will Congress win or BJP in Rajasthan

December 4, 2013

By now, everyone must be aware that Rajasthan has created a new record with an impressive 75% voter turnout in the recently concluded assembly elections. This is no breather for the two warring factions in the state – Congress and BJP. From getting into caste equations and political calculations to analyzing impact of anti-party campaigning, the two are spending some hectic days weighing various factors and exploring their prospects.

There is no reason to deny that the significant surge in people’s participation prompted Congress and BJP to get into introspection mode as the parties held meetings with the poll candidates to collect post poll feedback. This period between anticipation and result is always a little wobbly for the political groups vying for victory. Maintaining poise and sounding confident is the age-old trick that every member of a party has mastered over the years.

A decisive tone in the post-elections comments from both ruling and opposition vindicates this fact. Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot came up with some affirmative phrases such as ‘thumping victory’ to claim confidence of getting another four years of Chief Ministership. To put his words in simplest terms, Congress will form the next government as people have voted for its schemes and work. He also posited that Narendra Modi’s aggressive campaign would make no difference to the polls outcome.

The same confidence was echoed by the opposition BJP. Former chief minister Vasundhara Raje assertions are sufficient to convince the listeners that people of Rajasthan are “hungry for development” and they want to get rid of the Congress. There’s a fair amount of logic that went behind this comment. The Rajasthan Congress had contested elections on the basis of its schemes like free medicine, pension scheme and free wheat, which may not have caught the fancy of the state youth.

Besides youth, there’s another segment of population that has remained out of the schemes’ ambit – the upper middle class. BJP has been prudent enough to target the youth and the first-time voters and one can easily connect with the fact that Modi’s rallies in Rajasthan have witnessed a huge turnout of youngsters. It is also aptly argued by the BJP leaders that women form the other category of voters who haven’t been wooed sincerely by the Congress. Their voting preferences are largely influenced by the daily-life problems they encounter and inflation is certainly going to be a major deciding factor.

Whoever becomes the new decision maker for the state in the coming years, allaying some pressing concerns should be high on the agenda. Inflation had created anguish among the people; increased crime rate is bothering them; unabated corruption in government departments has been frustrating; and random incidents of communal violence have made people doubly worried. These immediate issues are affecting well-being of the people and it would be incumbent upon the new government to make a significant headway and prove its mettle.

Come December 8 and it will be evident whether the people are happy with the work of the state government and its welfare schemes or they have voted for a change this time.

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