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Will Vasundhara Raje become Chief Minister and new face of Rajasthan

November 30, 2013

Rajasthan has presented a fairly complex political picture, so far as leadership concerns of the political parties are in question. The Rajasthan BJP for instance, has a dynamic plot for run for power. Vasundhara Raje of the BJP, who was the Chief Minister of Rajasthan for a full five-year term from 2003 to 2008, was, somewhat unceremoniously removed from her post as Leader of Opposition in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly in 2010. This was following Raje’s pronouncements of her discomfort with the Central Leadership of the party which, she asserted, had “sidelined” her. Just as miraculously however, Raje was brought back to her post as Leader of Opposition in the state assembly in March 2011, barely eleven months after she was removed from the responsibilities. Again, in early February of this year, BJP President Rajnath Singh proclaimed in a press conference, that Raje was being appointed as state BJP President, who would head the party in Rajasthan, hinting sufficiently, that she would be made the Chief Ministerial candidate of the BJP in the state, in the crucial assembly elections to be held barely ten months away.

Come December, and the BJP seems to have hit the bull’s eye—Raje has been made the Chief Ministerial face of the state. With the electorate hitting the polls in Rajasthan tomorrow, it is a worthy exercise in hand, to gauge at the different political stratagems that have and are likely to crop up in the state, and the role of Vasundhara Raje as she sets forth to becoming the new face of Rajasthan, if at all.

Internal rifts within the BJP in Rajasthan

When it comes to presenting a united political party in Rajasthan, BJP among all, will have the poorest example to offer. Factionalism within the party is so powerful in the state, that it has spilled out in the public sphere, for political observers to analyze it and laugh at it. When it comes to the organizational structure of the Rajasthan BJP, its fate is sealed. As if Delhi BJP’s factionalism was not enough to handle, the Rajasthan case is sufficient cause for headache in the party High Command. Internal rifts have torn into the party decisions and actions so deeply that even the NaMo factor, with its concerted efforts to woo the voters through multiple rallies and public meetings of the ‘great orator’ Modi, has not brought in desired results.

In a recent show of factionalism some days before the members were to be given party tickets for elections, the state was replete with hoardings of different factions within the BJP, only to sufficiently please Raje so as to be granted candidature. Not only visually gross, this instance proved the inherent problems of rifts and deep-seated divisions within the state BJP. In such circumstances, extensive meetings and consultations within the core group of the BJP along with RSS leadership, have unanimously come to decide that Raje alone will be the fittest candidate to bring the BJP out of this stasis and strike back to power in the state. Raje’s popularity as the first woman Chief Minister in the state, is no mean show, to attest to the fact, that more than the NaMo buzz, it is in her leadership capabilities that the people will perhaps bestow faith.

Ashok Gehlot factor

Much as the BJP would love to believe otherwise, the Ashok Gehlot factor will remain a challenging force to counter. Interestingly, much as the Congress in the state is experiencing strong waves of anti-incumbency, owing to the corrupt Congress ministry and its faulty policies which are evidently anti-people, when it comes to the credibility of Ashok Gehlot as the current Chief Minister of the state, not much remains to be confronted. Even with Modi’s innumerable speeches in the Rajasthan rallies, he for once did not focus on criticizing Gehlot’s role in the state, or for that matter, talk about the few welfare schemes and policies which have been radical in changing the face and fate of the state. Because really, there is not much to draw provocation against this man, who has had a remarkable presence within the people.

Therefore, much as the  Modi-Raje duo anticipate to play havoc in the state, toppling the Gehlot government, it will be a grueling task. But once won, Raje’s victory will be decisive for the state in very many ways.

The Congress performance on the National platform

If not for anything else, Vasundhara Raje’s chances of becoming the new face of Rajasthan, have increased manifold due to the pathetic Congress performance at the Centre. Though it lays laurels on itself, due to some apparently revolutionary steps like the RTI Act and the Food Security Bill, the Congress cannot in anyway vouch for its economic and political schemes which have burdened the electorate like never before. Skyrocketing prices and blatant corruption in administration, among others have made the Congress much despised in all corners of the country. Yes, more than the Rajasthan Congress, it is the Congress at the Centre which is amounting to gearing towards Raje’s win in the state.

If numbers and public opinions are to indicate anything, surveys have repeatedly shown the Congress’s steep decline in the Assembly elections, including Rajasthan. Hence, going by calculations and analysis, Vasundhara Raje is the face to look out for. In Raje’s own words, “The Congress is the army of Kauravas and the Pandavas (BJP) are ready to root them out.”

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