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Top 10 Richest Candidates in the Karnataka Elections

May 7, 2018

Top 10 richest candidates in Karnataka elections

Through the course of history, politics has been a war of ideology, but in recent times muscle power and money power have dominated the political scenario worldwide. Parties field influential personalities such as business tycoons, corporate honchos, and some of the infamous names of the society. These highly affluent people have a better grip on the functioning of the constituency due to their alleged connections with the party high command, bureaucrats, police authorities, and local mafias and goons. In every elections we come across several such high-profile candidates contesting elections for various political parties. Karnataka is one state where exorbitant amount of money is spent during campaigning and is distributed amongst the poor voters in return of their support during the elections. These Rich candidates clout is growing over the politics of Karnataka, as more and more realtors and businessmen are entering the politics or have been actively campaigning for a particular party.

Here’s a list of the richest candidates in the upcoming elections in Karnataka, with preposterous wealth:

S.No Candidate Constituency Party Criminal Case Education Total Assets
1 Priyakrishna GOVINDARAJANAGAR INC 1 Post Graduate Rs 10,20,53,87,250
(1020 Crore+)
2 N Nagaraju (M.T.B) HOSAKOTE INC 1 8th Pass Rs 10,15,80,29,352
(1015 Crore+)
3 D K Shivakumar KANAKAPURA INC 4 Post Graduate Rs 8,40,01,67,045
(840 Crore+)
4 R.V.Devraj CHICKPET INC 0 Graduate Rs 6,81,43,61,407
(681 Crore+)
5 Suresh B S HEBBAL INC 0 12th Pass Rs 4,16,79,70,876
(416 Crore+)
6 B S Suresh HEBBAL IND 0 12th Pass Rs 4,16,79,70,876
(416 Crore+)
7 Mohamad Iqbal Hothur BELLARY CITY JD(S) 0 Post Graduate Rs 3,80,98,56,625
(380 Crore+)
8 H.K. Suresh BELUR BJP 0 Others Rs 3,80,94,85,734
(380 Crore+)
9 Dr.P.Anilkumar BOMMANAHALLI IND 0 Literate Rs 3,39,12,18,169
(339 Crore+)
10 K.Bagegowda BASAVANAGUDI JD(S) 0 10th Pass Rs 3,19,99,69,122
(319 Crore+)

Priya Krishna is one of the youngest sitting MLAs from the Congress party in the Karnataka Assembly. He is also the richest candidate contesting from Govindarajanagar in the upcoming Karnataka Legislative Assembly elections with a wealth of over 1000 crore rupees. The incumbent Congress party has the maximum number of candidates in the top 10 richest candidates of 2018 Karnataka Assembly elections. The top 10 richest candidates in the upcoming Karnataka elections have a staggering total worth more than 5000 crores in between them. With elections just a few days away, time will tell whether the riches of Karnataka can use their influence and money power to propel them into victory or will they bite the dust come May 15, when the Karnataka people’s mandate will be out.

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