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Abusive languages of politicians

In a parliamentary democracy, there are certain words that are regarded offensive and should be avoided by every politician. Not only in the parliament, it is expected that our leaders, especially those who assume public office, avoid making insensitive and offensive statements or remarks in public appearances too. However, our leaders don’t shy away from using un-parliamentary, inflammatory, or even abusive words now and then. This trend has assumed epic proportions in recent times. Politicians […]

Do our Politicians even understand the problem of Rape

Several cases of rape have been reported in several parts of India in the last couple of months, but what has caught the media and people’s attention has been a spate of irresponsible, insensitive and ill-timed statements from our own politicians. Take a look at some of the controversial responses from our leaders: Post the Shakti Mills rape incident in Mumbai, in the run-up to the election, Mulayam Singh Yadav spoke at a public rally […]

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