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India's Politics on the Eve of Independence Day

The nation celebrates its 69th Independence Day on August 15. This is the second time that Prime Minister Narendra Modi unfurls the national flag at the historic Red Fort. This reminds me of his first appearance at the Red Fort as Prime Minister last year when he delivered a highly acclaimed speech from its rampart to spell out his vision of ‘Make In India’, ‘Digital India’, and ‘Clean India’. He announced scrapping of the Planning […]

Abusive Language Growing Trend in Politics

The use of expletives by ‘Sadhvi’ Niranjan Jyoti, the Minister of State for Food Processing Industries in the Modi government, conveys more than what meets the eye. The reckless ‘sanyasin’, in an election rally in Delhi on December 1, asked the gathering to choose between a government of ‘Ramzaadon’ (followers of Lord Ram) or ‘Haramzaadon’ (an expletive meaning bastards). Was it just an instance of loose tongue or a clever ploy to polarise the voters […]

Age-Criteria for Politicians in India

Narendra Modi’s ‘under 75’ formula has thus far made him successful in thwarting potential challenges from party stalwarts such as Murli Manohar Joshi and Lal Krishna Advani. He has deftly marginalised other leaders who are over 75 years of age by making his formula rule of the thumb. The formula, initially meant to deny ministerial rank to anybody above 75 year of age, now seems to be applicable to the selection criteria for party candidates […]

crorepati MLAs in maharashtra and Haryana

Statistics reveal that over 88 and 83 per cent members elected respectively to the Maharashtra and Haryana state assemblies are millionaires. In Maharashtra, 253 of the 288 MLAs are millionaires and 80 of them have assets exceeding Rs 10 crore. While five of the 10 richest MLAs are from the Bharatiya Janata Party in Maharashtra, other parties are not very far behind in roping in millionaire candidates. Similarly, 70 MLAs of the 90-member state assembly in […]

Sheila Dikshit Will she Return to Active Politics

What a dramatic turnaround for the suave, erudite, mild mannered and urbane Sheila Dikshit, who not very long ago ruled for a decade and a half in the political firmament of Delhi with all her charm and ingenuity! Only last December, she led the Congress party to a humiliating defeat in the Delhi Assembly elections where the party could win only eight of the 70 seats. She herself lost ignominiously by about 25,000 votes to […]

Political History of India after Independence

I’m writing this blog at a time when India is going to celebrate its 68th Independence Day just a few days from now. While some say these are trying times for this one of the fastest developing countries in the world, others say it is the most opportune time for India to leap frog to higher circle of growth and development. While many Indians will celebrate the day by hopping from one shopping mall to […]

Change in Mindsets of Indian Politicians since Independence

The nation celebrates its 68th Independence Day on August 15. A couple of days back, the activists of a ‘swadeshi’ outfit vandalised three 200-year-old life size statues of Queen Victoria in a museum in Mathura, as they felt they were “symbols of British colonialism”. This makes me wonder whether our railway network is not a British legacy. What about our President’s House and India Gate? Aren’t they symbols of “British colonialism”? Every Independence Day, the […]

Politicians changing their parties Growing Trend in Indian Politics

Consider these facts: In Uttar Pradesh, as many as 19 defectors joined the BJP just before the Lok Sabha elections. In Bihar, five of the nine outsiders who were given party ticket by the BJP, won the seats. In Haryana, defectors to the BJP won four of the seven seats in the state. This election, Narendra Modi was right in his judgment of getting absolute majority. But wasn’t the numbers of defections to the BJP […]

Is caste based reservation right

Prescribed as a short-time palliative for the cancer of caste system, caste-based reservation has been used by well beyond its expiry date without compunction by politicians of all hues and stripes to further their sinister agenda of creating votebanks. Contrary to what they say, legislation does change people. Social messages tempered with the fear of law do gradually persuade people to shun practices, traditions, customs and rituals not conforming to the changing times. After all, […]

Abusive languages of politicians

In a parliamentary democracy, there are certain words that are regarded offensive and should be avoided by every politician. Not only in the parliament, it is expected that our leaders, especially those who assume public office, avoid making insensitive and offensive statements or remarks in public appearances too. However, our leaders don’t shy away from using un-parliamentary, inflammatory, or even abusive words now and then. This trend has assumed epic proportions in recent times. Politicians […]


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