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Modi's Abhinandan Rally

The BJP launched its election campaign for Delhi with a massive ‘Abhinandan’ rally at the historic Ramlila Maidan. Leading from the front, in his trademark style, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ignited the campaign trail for the party, making a strong appeal to the people of Delhi for voting BJP to power. Key Highlights of Modi’s Abhinandan Rally 1. House to All and Regular Power Supply In his first public rally in Delhi, after becoming Prime […]

The Adani-Modi Relationship

December 20, 2014
The Modi Adani Relationship

The state-owned State Bank of India’s recent $1 billion line of credit to the Adani Group for a coal mining project in Australia stirred up a hornet’s nest. The Opposition smelled a rat in the deal and attributed it to the ‘blessings’ of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Gautam Adani – the first-generation billionaire businessman from Gujarat. The controversy has shifted the spotlight on Adani yet again. He was very much in news when Modi […]

Modi's dilemma over religious conversion

In late nineties, the issue of religious conversion in Dangs in Surat had invited a prompt response from the then prime minister and the founder of the BJP, Atal Behari Vajpayee.  He had personally visited the place for a first hand assessment of the situation and, thereafter, called for a nationwide debate on the issue of conversion, especially on the need to ban the practice. Opposition Wants Modi to break his Silence over Religious Conversions […]

SAARC Summit - Failed Expectations

Ever since the first summit of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 8th December 1985, SAARC has failed to live up to the high expectations that it had generated for a regional political and economical cooperation in South Asia. The forum’s contribution has been dismal largely because of the tense Indo-Pak relationship in the region. Despite the free trade pact of 2006 between the eight member nations […]

Key issues in Jharkhand Elections

Jharkhand is among the youngest states of India. It was carved out of Bihar on the 15 November 2000 during the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) regime at the Centre. The whole idea of self-determination of the tribals was behind the creation of the new state, which has a sizeable 26.34 per cent tribal population. Since then, Jharkhand has witnessed political instability and its economy has plunged under the debt burden of Rs 36,000 crore. Today, […]

top 10 outcomes of Narendra modi US visit

The rather impromptu decision by the American President Barrack Obama to accompany Modi to the Martin Luther King Jr memorial to pay homage throws ample light on the success of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the United States. Reports suggest that Obama’s decision to join Modi was a last minute after-thought.   Obviously, such a gesture by Obama, who had preferred to meet Modi at the very last leg of the latter’s visit, speaks […]

Narendra Modi’s speech at the UN General Assembly

Prime Minister Narendra Modi touched upon almost all major issues confronting the world in his maiden about 35-minute speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Saturday. On hindsight, it did appear to be multi-focussed, but in totality succeeded in conveying one strong message – the arrival of an assertive India at the centre-stage of world politics! Consider these points that he made in the course of his speech: “I am … mindful of the […]

Narendra Modi’s Teachers’ Day Address

Consider the impact that Narendra Modi’s Teachers’ Day address could have on young impressionistic minds of school going children! Wouldn’t it have a lasting impression? We have seen US President Barrack Obama interacting with students at St Xavier’s College, Mumbai during his India visit and we still remember it. Yet, Modi’s interaction with students is more ubiquitous because of his choice of the date – the Teachers’ Day! Modi’s Teachers’ Day Address :  Meticulous Exercise […]

Expectations from Chinese President Xi Jinping's India Visit

Much is expected of the ensuing India visit of the Chinese President Xi Jinping both on strategic and economic fronts. Indian Commerce Minister Nirmala Seetharaman visited Beijing at the same time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Japan. India expects Jinping’s visit to pave the way for major Chinese investments in the country, while also hoping China to facilitate Indian IT services exports by removing the barriers. Border dispute between the two countries too […]

Is the Modi Magic Vanishing

The reversal of fortune for the BJP in the Assembly by-elections in four states – Bihar, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab – is a shocker to the party after its splendid show in these states in the last Lok Sabha elections. How can one explain the fact that the BJP and its allies could win only eight of the 18 seats in these states within three months of their conquest of New Delhi? Or rather, […]


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