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Labour Law Reforms in India

Even before the prime minister emphasized the need for labour law reforms in India. BJP states already hinted at this strategy such as Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh. As soon as the governments announced the reforms, the left front and opposition got furiously activated and started criticizing. It is evident that their opposition is simply out of dislike of the government, as there isn’t any merit in their accusation. The ongoing migrant worker crisis […]

On 12 May, PM Narendra Modi declared a ₹20 Lakh Crore package named ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan package’. This stimulus package is equal to approx. 10% GDP of India. With this economic package, PM Modi aims to revive the stagnant economy and make the nation self-reliant. He said that the new supply chain reforms will give rise to a rational tax system, capable human resources, agriculture, strong financial system as well as simple and clear laws. […]

Bihar Upcoming Elections

Tall election promises, strong caste affiliations, strong Muslim vote-bank that “deserves” appeasement, and opportunistic politicians. These all give the impending Bihar elections a distinct colour. Add to them the perennial backwardness of the region, ever-deteriorating law and order situation – even politicians don’t hesitate to call it the law of the jungle or “Jungle raj”, and cow-belt politics where only the fittest can survive (read the Bahubalis)! It may sound apocryphal but Bihar elections have […]

FIPIC Summit 2015

In November 19 last year, Narendra Modi’s day long stopover at Fiji while returning home from Australia after attending the G20 summit was not just the first ever visit to the tiny Asia-Pacific island nation by any Indian Prime Minister in 33 years, but had also preceded a three-day visit of the tiny island country by the Chinese President Xi Jingping. Modi had then signed 15 bilateral agreements with Fiji on a wide range of […]

Challenges Before Modi Ahead of Bihar Assembly Polls

The Narendra Modi juggernaut was set rolling in Bihar after his five high-voltage election rallies in the poll-bound state. The prime minister’s no-holds-barred campaign – he being the mascot of the party like in four of the previous five assembly elections since he became the PM – has mesmerised the people on the streets in Bihar. He has carefully selected his venues – Patna, Muzaffarpur, Gaya, Ara and Kosi in his two whirlwind tours of […]

Modi's Independence Day speech

If Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s maiden Independence Day speech last year was meant to break the monotony of convention – to give an unambiguous message of change to the countrymen from the nation’s biggest stage. However, his second address to the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort this year was a mix of stock-taking exercise and the roadmap ahead. Just at a time when much is at stake for the Bharatiya Janata Party […]

Modi’s silence on scams

August 10, 2015
Modi’s silence on scams

At least two arguments are in circulation to explain Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cryptic silence over the scams and controversies that dog his government. First, that his silence is premeditated and born out of calculations so as to prevent the trap laid for him by the Congress-led Opposition; second, that he has been tightlipped so as to nail his detractors within his own Bharatiya Janata Party. Let’s discuss the second argument first. The prominent names […]

Narendra Modi’s Central Asia Tour

We have been tracking Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign tours. In these columns we mentioned that business diplomacy, terror concerns and hard selling India as the best destination for foreign investment to give fillip to his “Make In India” campaign seem the core of Modi’s foreign policy. ( “My visit to all five countries in the region demonstrates the importance that we attach to a new level of relationship with Central Asia,” Modi said in […]

Make in India Initiative

On 15 August 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had given a clarion call – ‘Make in India’ – to the entire world from the ramparts of the historic Red Fort in New Delhi. The concept caught the imagination of the world for various reasons including the following: a) Skilled workforce – India’s 500-million labour force includes English-speaking skilled workers. b) Low labour costs – A U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics study showed that average labour […]

Mamata Banerjee meeting with PM Modi

Why should the irrepressible Mamata Banerjee boast after the meeting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised her state government? Even if Modi did, then why should the chief of the West Bengal unit of Modi’s party – the Bharatiya Janata Party – repudiate such claims? Or, in retrospect, why can’t a meeting between Mamata and Modi, that took place in Parliament House on 9 March, simply be seen as one between a state chief minister […]


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