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States going to the polls in 2018

  2017 ended with tough election contesting in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. 2018 will echo the same vibes as the year is throughout dominated by elections in some major states. The result of the assembly elections in 2018 will also serve as a prelude to the biggest electoral event of Lok Sabha elections in 2019. The elections are high-staked as BJP intends to expand the number of states under its rule and for the newly […]

Is Politics involved behind Kamla Beniwals sacking

Kamala Beniwal presents a queer study in political career. From being the first female minister in Rajasthan at the age of barely 27 years to being an 87-year-old governor of Mizoram – ‘sacked’ unceremoniously following charges of partisan politics and corruption – she has seen it all, politically. She was also the first female governor of any state of Northeast India when she became the governor of Tripura in October 2009. Now, the Narendra Modi […]

There are times when actions don’t concur with words. It’s a cardinal truth in politics. To cite something similar, the ruling Congress in Mizoram is caught unaware by the Mizoram Democratic Alliance (MDA) for not being transparent in its development approach and lack of unanimity in welfare policies. It was only the other day that Rahul Gandhi lauded the success of Mizoram government’s much publicized New Land Use Policy (NLUP). He went on to add […]

Mizoram might be few notches above the other states when it comes to literacy rate and collective hygiene, but it is plagued by umpteen numbers of issues, which have come to the surface ahead of the assembly elections. The problem of illegal immigration is one of the seething problems that the opposition BJP can bank on to put the present government’s prospects in disarray. Reports from the advocacy groups reveal that more than 1 lakh […]

The idea of vigorous, and sometimes desperate, campaigning by the political honchos prior to the election is not foreign to us. While some spew anti-opposition venom during demonstrations, others narrate the script that promises a sudden change of wind. The same rigmarole, however, is not to be seen in Mizoram. The state is a different story altogether. Despite the fact that the Mizoram polls are on November 25, the atmosphere is quite lukewarm, to say the […]

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