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Telangana Elections - Multiple Horse Race

BJP and Congress two main National parties are always in fight for victory in each election. But this time in Telangana Elections 2018 it is TRS. Both National parties are unable to mark their significant presence in the state as per majority exit and opinion polls. On the other hand, elections coming closer bookies have started putting their money on Congress, TDP collation. BJP is also trying hard by conducting the rallies through its main […]

Telangana Assembly Elections 2018:

  Telangana Assembly Elections 2018 – The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) released its first list of nine candidates for the December 7 Legislative Assembly elections in Telangana. The total number of assembly segments in the state is 119. The TDP announced the list after its alliance partner Congress released its first list of 65 candidates. The candidates announced by the TDP are — Erra Sekhar (Mahabubnagar), T Veerender Goud (Uppal), Bhavya Anand Prasad (Serilingampalli), Revuri […]

Pro-change wave in Punjab, Goa may go to BJP again

Amid tight security, the Election Commission’s close watch which included large scale use of CCTV cameras in voting booths, polls conducted for Punjab’s 117 assembly seats and Goa’s 40 assembly seats, remained largely peaceful. Due to glitches in Electronic Voting Machines in some places in Punjab, though, some tense moments were witnessed in the state, yet elections passed on without any major disturbances. In Punjab, where voting started at 8 am, as many as 70 […]

BJP performance in 2016 assembly elections

Following his party’s better show in recent elections in Assam, West Bengal, Kerala,Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, the BJP president Amit Shah, who till recently was struggling to explain the party’s debacles in Bihar and Delhi, attributed it to the voters’ approval of Modi government’s “pro-poor, pro-farmers and pro-village work”. Obviously, the BJP’s vote share increased in all these five states. This enabled the party to form its first ever government in Assam and open its […]

Puducherry Assembly Elections 2016 winner

Do exit polls matter? Are exit polls reliable? The truth is, if conducted properly with the right sample size, exit polls should be able to predict election results accurately. An exit poll is a type of survey which is conducted after voters have cast their votes at their polling stations. Exit polls serve as an important mechanism to substantiate the integrity of the elections in question. In many countries, variances between exit polls and the […]

For a child initiated to English medium schooling, it is well impossible to avoid the “great fall” that Humpty Dumpty had. Can the century-old Indian National Congress’ drubbing at 2016 Assembly elections be seen as analogous to that of the fall of Humpty Dumpty? In the nursery rhyme, all the King’s horses and all the king’s men could not put Humpty Dumpty together again after the fall. Can the Congress be resurrected by Sonia and […]

2016 Assembly Polls: Celebrities in fray

Roping in celebrities and popular faces from the entertainment industry has become a tested formula for political parties heading for elections, especially in constituencies where they know they have little or no visibility. Popular actors and sports stars add glamour quotient to elections in India and often succeed in getting the poor voter’s mandate on the back of charm offensive. While the core issues of the constituency may get sidelined in the process, this often […]

Who will be the next CM of Assam

There is a saying – once bitten twice shy. For the BJP, it’s a case of twice bitten in successive state elections. The major blow was in Bihar where the party banked heavily on its mascot, Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Even the Delhi elections were no different where its CM face Kiran Bedi was a last-minute afterthought. Hence, understandably, the BJP now tries to insulate Modi in West Bengal, where even its most ardent supporters […]

Candidates in Delhi Polls with Low Income

Studies have shown that politicians with deep pockets have higher chances of winning elections. However, there have been exceptions everywhere. In Delhi, Dharmender Singh Koli of the Aam Aadmi Party was the ‘poorest’ MLA with assets worth just Rs 20,800. He did not have a PAN card. Another such ‘underprivileged’ candidate who won was the AAP’s Rakhi Birla, who had declared assets worth only Rs 51,150. Despite lacking wealth – an essential prerequisite for winning […]

The polling in Jammu and Kashmir and Jharkhand ended with a record turnout of voters yet again in the fifth phase on December 20. It is set to rewrite the political destiny of both the troubled states. Political fortunes of 213 candidates, including deputy chief minister and four ministers, are now sealed in the ballot boxes in J&K. In Jharkhand, the fate of 208 candidates including CM Hemant Soren will be decided on December 23, […]


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