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State Assembly By-Election on 28th May

May 24, 2018

State Assemblies By-elections 2018

Several state assembly seats in UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Punjab, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, and Kerala have fallen vacant in the recent months. Some of the assembly seats fell vacant due to the untimely deaths of the MPs and MLAs or due to elected members opting to quit their party to join hands with some other party. The Election Commission necessitated the process to fill the vacant seats of these state assemblies. The EC released its official notification on May 3, announcing May 28 as the polling day, while the counting of votes in these assembly constituencies will take place on May 31.

After a breathtaking contest in the Karnataka state assembly elections, the BJP and the Congress are set to lock horns once again, as ten state assembly seats are up for grabs in the upcoming by-polls, scheduled to take place on May 28. States like Maharashtra and Uttarakhand will witness a direct face-off between the two strongest political parties in the country, while other states can witness the growing strength of the “Third Front”, coming together to defeat a common enemy in BJP. Some of the vacant assembly seats were held by the BJP, so the party would be looking to reclaim their lost territory, while also pushing themselves to add more seats to their tally before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. A defeat for BJP can be moral boosting for the Congress and the other regional parties such as the SP, BSP, LDF, RJD, and JMM. Here is a list of State Assembly Constituencies where by-elections are scheduled to take place on May 28:

State Election Assembly Constituency AC No. Election Date Result Date
Bihar Assembly Jokihat 50 28.05.2018 31.05.2018
Jharkhand Assembly Gomia 34 28.05.2018 31.05.2018
Jharkhand Assembly Silli 61 28.05.2018 31.05.2018
Kerala Assembly Chengannur 110 28.05.2018 31.05.2018
Maharashtra Assembly Palus Kadegaon 285 28.05.2018 31.05.2018
Meghalaya Assembly Ampti (ST) 53 28.05.2018 31.05.2018
Punjab Assembly Shahkot 32 28.05.2018 31.05.2018
Uttarakhand Assembly Tharali 5 28.05.2018 31.05.2018
Uttar Pradesh Assembly Noorpur 24 28.05.2018 31.05.2018
West Bengal Assembly Maheshtala 155 28.05.2018 31.05.2018

In the run-up to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, every election taking place has become important for the national parties and regional parties, as for some the victory in these by-elections can propel the confidence of the parties looking to challenge the might of the BJP, while a victory for others can be a display of strength before next year’s election.

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