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Sadly, Zair Naik Doesn’t Find Place for Ravish in Heaven

July 8, 2020

Zakir Naik and Ravish Kumar

Zakir Naik, the most famous preacher of Islam has once again come in the limelight. He is famous amongst Muslims particularly because of his modern Islam lectures. While most Indians know him as an absconder who has fled from India and has found a haven in Malaysia. Although Naik promotes himself as a modern Islamist, his views resemble a rotten egg.

Recently, he has answered some questions from his followers in a YouTube video. He has mentioned Ravish Kumar in the video. The question was that what will happen to good Non-Muslims like Ravish Kumar? Will they go to heaven?

The answer to this is a bit saddening for the star of leftists, he will not get a place in Heaven. Since he resorts to ‘shirk’. For the unaware, Shirk means practicing idolatry and accepting other gods besides Allah. Which according to Islam is a ‘Sin.’

The Exam Analogy With the Criteria

According to Zakir Naik, there are certain criteria for a person to be eligible for entry in heaven or Jannah. On the judgment day, a person will be evaluated on these criteria. Some of them are believing in Islamic principles, Fasting, Zakat, Going to Hajj, etc. Out of these, being a Muslim is a mandatory criterion. Therefore, Ravish Kumar being a Non-Muslim will not get a place in heaven in spite of doing good deeds. 

To explain the thing better, Zakir Naik gave an analogy of a question paper in the Exam. He said that there are some questions in the question paper that one must attempt. That one mandatory question in terms of going to heaven is being a Muslim. Therefore, all the Non-Muslims will go to hell. Honesty, standing for truth, donations have less weightage. According to Zakir Naik, accepting and preaching Islam is of paramount importance. 

So Where Will Ravish Kumar Go?

Zakir Naik has shed some light on the actual fate of Ravish Kumar. He said that although Ravish Kumar will not go to heaven, he will go to a lower level of hell. There are multiple levels of Jannah and Jahannam according to Zakir Naik. So the Non-Muslims who do good deeds will get a lower level in Hell! 

He further said that Allah can never be unjust for the ‘Good Non-Muslims’. The provision for them is that they will get rewarded in this world. The reward can be in the form of wealth, fame, health, etc. Surely, Ravish Kumar is enjoying fame amongst the left-liberal gang of India. 

Unfortunately, Ravish Kumar will still not go to Jannah. Isn’t it way too ridiculous that you can not pass the exam of heaven since you forgot to fulfill the mandatory criteria of being a Muslim? The adjective ‘Modern’ is feeling ashamed with Zakir Naik. 

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