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Rajasthan Election 2013 survey: BJP Seeks to Leverage Anti-Congress Mood

October 30, 2013

Come December 8 and Rajasthan might throw a surprise at the ruling Congress party. The results of pre-poll surveys are indicating an overwhelming victory of BJP in the upcoming assembly elections on December 1. You may question or approve the credibility of these surveys, depending on your political affiliation, but it surely won’t hurt to have a look at the rationale behind the building up of such an anti-Congress mood across the state. 

A brief glance at the poll results indicates that the Congress party, which carries the stigma of being ‘incumbent’, has acquired a similar reputation under Ashok Gehlot’s regime. The surveys may have predicted that the present Chief Minister will be sent packing by his BJP rival, but the reasons are not unfounded. If the survey feedback is considered unadulterated, then there is enough leeway to think that disappointment over Congress’s performance has been piling up for long.

According to the survey conducted by a Delhi-based research agency, there will be a marked decline in Congress’s seat tally, and interestingly, even though some voters are satisfied with Ashok Gehlot’s performance as Chief Minister, only a handful of them would want to see him back in the same capacity. A general sense of being victimized is making its way into the minds of people, who think that the ruling government is supine and inept. From poor road conditions to lack of standard facilities in hospitals, there’s always more a native voter can hanker about.

If we put ourselves in Gehlot’s shoes, it would be difficult to decipher why people are rooting for his exit as Chief Minister. It goes without saying that the Rajasthan government had rolled out a host of unconventional schemes to reclaim its pro-welfare image. The free medicine scheme is one of them. It was only in May 2013 that the state government announced ‘Young Entrepreneurs Incentive Scheme’, with an intention of empowering aspiring entrepreneurs by providing financial assistance to the tune of Rs. 90 lakh. Within a month it declared a new welfare scheme, giving senior citizens the privilege of availing free pilgrimage. It doesn’t take much intelligence to decipher that Rajasthan government devised its welfare schemes to cater to people across all age-groups. However, these supposedly pro-people schemes fell flat on the face, because the core issues were not taken up earnestly.

The state has been reeling under corruption for long and recently the BJP released a ‘black paper’ accusing the Congress government of multiple scams. It listed out 60 cases of alleged corruption. Even if voters turn a deaf ear to these accusations, they can’t turn a blind eye to the growing rate of unemployment. Erratic supply of electricity and water, and worsening of law and order are among the other issues that the Gehlot government hasn’t handled deftly. Vasundhara Raje, the BJP’s chosen one, can harbour hope of making it to the top once again. A unanimous pre-poll verdict against the ruling party is naturally helping BJP to gain a competitive edge.

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