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Problems under Congress rule in Mizoram

November 15, 2013

Mizoram might be few notches above the other states when it comes to literacy rate and collective hygiene, but it is plagued by umpteen numbers of issues, which have come to the surface ahead of the assembly elections. The problem of illegal immigration is one of the seething problems that the opposition BJP can bank on to put the present government’s prospects in disarray. Reports from the advocacy groups reveal that more than 1 lakh ethnic Chins from Myanmar are settled in Mizoram. Locals allege that the mass immigration from Bangladesh and Nepal remains unrestrained and has jeopardized the homogeneous fabric of the society.

Mizoram hasn’t seen any resolution of the Reang refugees’ rehabilitation issue, either. It was more than a decade back when thousands of tribal refugees from Tripura made inroads into this state. Their population has escalated from thousands to lakhs, and this is another cause of chronic discomfort for the state government. Talking about infrastructural development, one doesn’t need much grey matter to realize that the matter remains an old wound for Mizoram despite the Congress party initiating measures for accelerating development. Implementing the New Land Use Policy (NLUP) is one such measure, which aims at giving “all farmers in the state suitable, permanent and stable trades.” This could be the trump card for the incumbent government to sway votes during the elections.

However, the NLUP alone can’t bring contentment among the natives, as the state is staring at other disturbing issues. It is perhaps the only state where literacy rate and unemployment rate are equally high. With the number of unemployed youth rising across the state, a mechanism to arrest this trend is what the present government has to think of to remain the voters’ favorite.

The indigenous people also rue the fact that Mizoram is facing ‘cultural degradation’ owing to the massive influx of foreigners. Drug abuse by the youngsters is another grave concern that might be on the voters’ mind as they get ready to give their verdict. A new drug policy is long overdue and the Mizoram government is still in the ‘mulling’ mode on how to combat rising cases of drug abuse deaths. This hilly state has also come under scanner time and again for the nagging corruption that continues to eat into the growth plan. Inordinate delay in developmental projects is one of the issues over which people have vented their ire.

The ruling Congress has a mammoth task ahead of the November 25 elections, and the party leadership has plans to address people and allay their concerns only a few days prior to the election. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is likely to campaign for Congress in Aizawl on November 16. He will soon be followed by the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, as she is scheduled to visit south Mizoram on November 18. Last but not the least, the much-touted PM candidate for Congress, Rahul Gandhi, is also visiting the state with an agenda of addressing public rallies. Incidentally, he has chosen the town at Mizoram-Myanmar border as his destination. If this is an honest attempt to get closer to the people and their problems, then the heyday for Mizoram might not be too far.

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