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Puducherry Exit Poll 2016

May 16, 2016

Puducherry Election 2016 Exit Poll

Pollsters INC+ AINRC AIADMK+ Others
CVoter 14 9 5 2
India Today-Axis 18 10 2 0
NDTV 16 10 3 1

The Puducherry Assembly elections were conducted in single phase on 16 May to select representatives from 140 constituencies of the state. Exit polls say that the incumbent AINRC will have to sit in opposition and the Congress-led combine will form the next government.

Puducherry Opinion Poll by Times Now CVoter

According to an opinion poll conducted by India TV-CVoter, the Congress-DMK alliance is projected to win 17 out of the 30 seats in the upcoming assembly elections in Puducherry. The opinion poll predicts that the AINRC will win seven, AIADMK just one and others 5 assembly seats. The BJP is not likely to win any seat though it may get about 8.7 % of the total votes. The Congress-DMK alliance is expected to get 32.8 % of the votes, the AINRC 24.8 % and the AIADMK 11.8 %.

Party/Alliance Seat Projection vote %
INC+DMK 17 32.8
AINRC 7 24.8
AIADMK 1 11.8
BJP 0 8.6
Other 5 21.9
Total 30 99.9

Puducherry Opinion Poll by

Party/Alliance Seat Projection
Other 3
Total 30
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