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Mizoram Assembly Elections: Has the Congress Delivered on its Promises?

November 25, 2013

There are times when actions don’t concur with words. It’s a cardinal truth in politics. To cite something similar, the ruling Congress in Mizoram is caught unaware by the Mizoram Democratic Alliance (MDA) for not being transparent in its development approach and lack of unanimity in welfare policies. It was only the other day that Rahul Gandhi lauded the success of Mizoram government’s much publicized New Land Use Policy (NLUP). He went on to add that the UPA government has spent thousands of crores to make this pro-farmer policy a panacea for their woes.

Rahul Gandhi, however, ventured into a domain that invited criticisms from MDA — a very significant alliance formed by three regional parties. In a recent public speech in Mizoram, he went overboard in claiming that this poverty-alleviation and farming policy is a model that the UPA government is planning to implement in other states too. The MDA took a cue from his statement and minced no words in describing his claim as ‘false’ and ‘an illusion’. The group had sufficient reason to nullify Congress vice president’s claim.

Referring to what Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar had said during his visit to Mizoram, MDA affirmed that Pawar had clearly declared at a press conference why NLUP cannot be implemented in other states as its objective is restricted to helping farmers “do away with traditional shifting cultivation.”

Just when the MDA expressed the possibility of the ruling Congress’s ouster from the government on the pretext of worse condition of the roads and shortage of power supply, Rahul Gandhi mentioned the need for greater road connectivity in his speech, if not in the party’s poll manifesto. To sum up his assuring words – the government is going to have a special focus on roads in Mizoram in the next five years.

However, there are other concerns that Rahul Gandhi didn’t address during his campaign.

The MDA was bitter in its reproach as it expressed concerns over incidents of insurgency and law and order failure ahead of the election. The Congress is yet to reply to their demands to “instill a sense of security among the electorate.” While the Congress leader was busy proclaiming the number of infrastructure projects undertaken to improve surface connectivity, the regional alliance asked the people of Mizoram to be familiar with “those who come to the state after every five years to tell a lie.”

As he promised to create more jobs in Mizoram and induct more youths in the party if it is voted back to power, the MDA leveled another allegation against Congress. The party, according to the group, is ‘unwilling’ to solve the Assam Rifles land issue in Aizawl. The fact that the Congress government has allotted the sites to private individuals and not for public purpose has incensed the MDA alliance.

With the state is scheduled to hold elections on today, there’s lot for the Congress to worry about. The party leaders, both at the state and the centre, would be wondering whether the Mizoram government was ‘righteous’and ‘trustworthy’ in the last five years, as the state’s people wanted it to be.

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