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Maharashtra MLC Seats

May 13, 2020

On 12 May, Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray filed his nomination for the upcoming polls in the state. These polls will be filling up the Maharashtra MLC seats. Moreover, Mr Thackeray will now win a seat of the legislative council with ease. Shiv Sena MP Sanjay said that the polls for the 9 seats of MLC will be unopposed. Shiv Sena held a discussion with Congress regarding the polls. The former explained about how it’s time to fight against the COVID-19 crisis and not for the polls which are necessary for the CM. The leaders of Congress honoured their request and withdrew their second contestant for the polls. 

NCP, INC, Shiv Sena, BJP

CM Uddhav Thackeray to have an easy win in the Maharashtra MLC polls

A few days before, Mr Raut spoke about how Thackeray was unwilling to participate in the MLC polls. Mr. Thackeray didn’t want any kind of opposition which will risk his CM seat because that will harm the state’s administration. Now that Congress has made arrangements for the same, there are no hurdles for Mr Thackeray to win the polls. These polls are quite important for Mr Thackeray. They will decide whether he will continue ruling Maharashtra as the CM or not. He took the oath as the CM in November 2019 but he wasn’t a legislator. The post of CM requires one to be a legislator too. Mr Thackeray was given a deadline of 6 months to become a legislator. If he doesn’t win a seat in MLC by 28 May, he will no longer be the state’s CM. After Congress announced about withdrawing one of its candidates, Mr Thackeray won’t have to worry much about the polls.

For the MLC polls, the total number of candidates of the Mahavikas Aghadi alliance are five. The BJP has nominated four candidates for the same. Therefore, all these candidates will be winning a seat as the total number of vacant MLC seats are 9. 

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