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Congress, BJP Face Statewide Dissent over Nominations in MP Assembly Polls

November 11, 2013

It’s a season of nepotism in Madhya Pradesh, as both Congress and BJP are facing flak for their petty partisanship. Rebellion was sounded by the members of both the parties, and their anger is guided by a series of injustices, as claimed. Reports from ground zero suggest that the collective anger was piling up before it reached the watershed moment on Thursday evening when the BJP headquarters in Bhopal was vandalized by unidentified people. This reaction allegedly came from the supporters of a sitting MLA from Bhopal, who was reportedly replaced.

The instances of unilateral decisions taken by Madhya Pradesh are infuriating its supporters ahead of the crucial assembly elections on 25 November. BJP’s decisions to nominate certain members have been protested in strongest possible terms and the incident of its workers burning effigies of senior party leaders in Indore vindicates the truth. This protest went viral when BJP local body representatives submitted mass resignations and hundreds of them led a protest march against the nomination of state treasurer Chetan Kashyap. The fissures within the party grew more prominent when Minister Dev Singh Saiyam stepped down after his seat was allotted to district panchayat president Sampatia Uike.

No matter how hard the BJP tries to downplay these isolated acts of agitation and says that “dissent is normal when people are not nominated,” but behind the scenes the party must be thinking hard about where it went wrong.

When it comes to thinking and rethinking, the Congress party in Madhya Pradesh is equally burdened with lot of introspection bugging it ahead of the state polls. As the election day comes nearer, the state is witnessing a northward trend in cases of picketing, vandalism and burning of effigies. In a very latest incident, a senior Congress leader, Manak Agrawal, tendered resignation after he was denied ticket to contest from Hoshangabad. He levelled a serious allegation against another senior leader, who reportedly worked in cahoots with a corrupt company to destroy his candidature. According to Mr. Agarwal, he was instrumental in closing down the said firm involved in sand-mining, which has links with the family of Chief Minister Shivraj Chouhan.

If Agarwal proves to be a whistle-blower and his targeted allegations come true, it will stir up the hornet’s nest and the state Congress is going to face mass rejection from even its own party members.

There’s noticeable aggression among the workers of both the Congress and the BJP, and most political commentators attribute this frenzy to the hoopla created before the assembly polls. In one of the rarest of rare cases, a Congress party worker even committed suicide for not being able to get a nomination for the upcoming elections. This is perhaps for the first time in the state that someone gave up his life for not getting election ticket.

With such committed workers giving up their solidarity after finding blemish in their party leadership, both the parties are under pressure to get into the depth of this state-wide dissent and win back the confidence of their supporters. Sporadic violence over unjust methodology in granting nomination has certainly not augured well with the supporters and they are not ready to be taken for a ride this time. The earnestness in their actions sends a chill down the spine of these national parties.

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