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Puducherry Opinion Poll 2016

Puducherry Election 2016 Exit Poll Pollsters INC+ AINRC AIADMK+ Others CVoter 14 9 5 2 India Today-Axis 18 10 2 0 NDTV 16 10 3 1 The Puducherry Assembly elections were conducted in single phase on 16 May to select representatives from 140 constituencies of the state. Exit polls say that the incumbent AINRC will have to sit in opposition and the Congress-led combine will form the next government. Puducherry Opinion Poll by Times Now [...]

West Bengal Opinion Poll 2016

West Bengal (WB) Election 2016 Exit Poll Pollsters TMC Left+ INC BJP Others 125 155 6 8 CVoter 167 120 4 3 India Today-Axis 243 44 4 3 Chanakya 210 70 14 ABP 163 126 1 4 NDTV 184 103 5 2 News Nation 153 181 The West Bengal Assembly elections were held in six phases in 294 constituencies of the state. Almost all opinion polls say that Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress is coming [...]

Tamilnadu Opinion poll Survey 2016

Tamil Nadu (TN) Election 2016 Exit Poll Pollsters AIADMK DMK+ PWF BJP Others 95 130 5   4 CVoter 139 78 15   2 India Today-Axis 99 132 0   3 News Nation 97 116 14   7 ABP 95 132   1 6 Chanakya 90 149     4 NDTV 103 120   0 11 The Tamil Nadu Assembly elections were held in single phase on 16 May 2016. Most exit polls say [...]

Kerala Exit Poll 2016

May 16, 2016

Kerala Election 2016 Exit Poll Pollsters UDF+ LDF+ BJP+ Others 45 90 2 3 CVoter 58 78 2 2 India Today-Axis 43 94 3 0 News Nation 70 69 1   Chanakya 57 75 8   NDTV 57 79 3 1 The Kerala Assembly election was held in single phase on 16 May in 140 constituencies of the state assembly. Exit polls by and large say that incumbent UDF will be thrown out of [...]

Assam Exit Poll 2016

May 16, 2016
Assam Elections Opinion Poll

Assam Election 2016 Exit Poll Pollsters BJP+ INC AIUDF+ Others 60 40 16 10 CVoter 57 41 18 10 India Today-Axis 86 28 7 0 ABP 81 33 10 2 News Nation 65 49 9 3 Chanakya 90 27 9   NDTV 73 37 12 4 Assembly elections were conducted in the frontier state of Assam in two phases on 4 and 11 April. Assam has 126 Assembly constituencies. All exit polls say that [...]

Punjab Opinion Poll

April 1, 2016

2017 Punjab polls: HuffPost-C Voter opinion poll predicts emphatic win for AAP What should come as a surprise for many, the recently conducted opinion poll by HuffPost-CVoter has indicated an emphatic win for the Aam Admi Party (AAP) in the upcoming Punjab assembly elections in 2017. The AAP is expected to get anything between 94 and 100 seats in the 117-seat Punjab Legislative Assembly. It’s a sharp rise from the poll projection in 2015. According [...]

In what may set off alarm bells within the ruling Samajwadi Party, an opinion poll conducted by ABP News has predicted that the main opposition party BSP would win 185 seats in the 403-member assembly if elections were held in Uttar Pradesh today. Gauging the current mood of the state’s electorate, the latest opinion poll has revealed that BSP supremo Mayawati will come back in power in the state by tying up with allies. The [...]

Expectations from 2016 Budget

Union Minister Arun Jaitley will have two things on his mind when he would table the 2016 Union Budget on 29 February. Firstly, India has managed to sustain its growth rate (over 7 per cent) in this fiscal. Secondly, there’s a growing concern over weak global growth and the sharp decline in the prices of crude oil. The government has to create a cushion for itself so that it receives minimal jerk if the world [...]

Mehbooba Mufit, the Rightful Successor of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed

Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, the founding member of J&K People’s Democratic Party (PDP), passed away on 7 January 2016 at the age of 79. He was the 12th Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir. He became the unanimous choice for the CM’s post after the PDP and the BJP agreed to form a coalition government. Highs & Lows in Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s Political Journey Mufti Mohammad Sayeed started his political career in the late 1950s when [...]

Is Nitish Kumar a Worried Man?

Those who have watched the post-results press conference on Sunday (8 November), must have heard what Nitish Kumar said, “This is a huge victory which suggests people of Bihar have aspirations. We will match their expectations”. Deep inside, the new CM knows that it’s easier said than done. The euphoria over a clear mandate in favour of the Grand Alliance might disappear if he fails to move the wheels of good governance. As the Chief [...]