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Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 Regions where BJP can have a strong hold

Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 are just a few days away. All three major parties BJP, Congress and JD(S) have governed the state of Karnataka. As momentum is building up agencies are busy analyzing voting trends and opinion polls are being released. Speculation is rising amongst the people as to which party is going to win. These Karnataka Assembly Elections will be crucial for the BJP as a victory will ensure its revival in the state. […]

5 Oldest sitting MLAs in Karnataka Legislative Assembly

The politics in India has no barriers when it comes to age, since independence the veteran leaders have carried India on the path of development. Regardless of their age, some leaders like Jagjivan Ram, Jayprakash Narayan, Morarji Desai have contributed immensely in strengthening the pillars of present-day India. The lack of youthfulness does not obstruct their wisdom which sometimes makes them figure out an easier solution to a problem, something that the younger generation of […]

Top 10 candidates with lowest victory margin in 2013 Karnataka elections

Elections are always fierce battles fought between different political parties. Sometimes the victory margin is massive enough to make the defeated candidates lose their deposits, while in some instances victory margin is close enough to give the candidate a scare. The 2013 Karnataka Assembly elections saw fiercely contested battles in some of the constituencies, where the victory margin was less than 1000 votes. While only one BJP candidate from Sindagi won by a margin of 752 […]

5 Youngest sitting MLAs in Karnataka Legislative Assembly

A survey has predicted that India will become the country with the maximum number of youths by 2020. Elections in India are considered as a significant event, but in recent times it has even become more epoch-making because the youth of the country is becoming much more politically aware and conscious. Though governance is in the hands of experienced politicians in India, there is a need of young leaders to exchange ideas and connect with […]

JD(S) Runner-up candidates of 2013 Karnataka Assembly Elections

Janata Dal (Secular) or JD(S) was formed after a split in Janata Dal Party in 1999 under the leadership of former Prime Minister of India H. D. Devegowda and became a major state party in Karnataka and Kerala. The party, which had 58 seats, played the role of “kingmaker” by forming the government in alliance with the Congress party in Karnataka after the mandate of 2004 Karnataka Assembly elections. However, midway through the term of […]

Karnataka 2018- BJP or Congress?

If opinion polls are to believed, it is highly unlikely that the Congress would return to power in Karnataka. Two opinion polls – ABP -CSDS and Times Now-VMR Survey – have hypothesized that the 2018 Karnataka assembly election will witness a hung assembly as the surveys predict a neck-and-neck contest between the two leading parties – the Congress and the BJP. As the election date is nearing, various agencies have begun conducting polls and survey, […]

Karnataka Dalits and their impact on the elections

Karnataka is a state with distinct identities co-existing with each other since hundreds of years. Dalits cover a significant portion of the state’s population, that is, nearly 20% and they play a consequential role in as many as 100 Karnataka Assembly seats. Congress party has enjoyed a fair share of joy, as almost 50% of the Dalits in the state voted for it during the last state assembly elections, while BJP had 20% vote base […]

B S Yeddyurappa- BJP Chief Ministerial Candidate for Karnataka

B S Yeddyurappa, got knocked off his perch, midway in his second term as Chief Minister of Karnataka in 2011, after his alleged involvement in illegal land denotification and corruption charges. B S Yeddyurappa, the man who steered Bharatiya Janata Party had a historic mandate in the 2008 Karnataka State Legislative Assembly elections and had become the first BJP CM in the southern state of India. After his resignation from the post of CM, he […]

Sitting MLAs of Karnataka and their share of wealth

Karnataka is gearing up for the polls which will be held on May 12. Candidates from various political parties have begun filing their nominations. There are a total of 224 MLAs in Karnataka, (207 analyzed) out of which 193 are crorepatis which means 93% of the legislators are super rich. As per the reports of ADR, the average assets per MLA in the Karnataka Assembly Elections 2013 was nearly Rupees 24.54 crores. Party-wise Crorepati MLAs […]

Finance Minister of Karnataka

The Finance Minister of Karnataka plays an important role in the state government, as the Minister is responsible for the appropriation of funds available to the state for the developmental work, and to ensure that finances of the state are managed in proficient way. The current Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah currently holds the office of Finance Minister of the state. In 2018, when CM Siddaramaiah presented the budget in Vidhan Soudha for the last […]

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