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Karnataka Elections Richest Candidates of JD(S)

Karnataka elections is something that is being followed in every part of the country with much enthusiasm and fervour. People are eagerly looking forward to the May 12th elections for Karnataka Legislative Assembly, as it is being touted as the biggest political battleground of the year. The three-way battle between Congress, BJP, and JD(S) is surely up for a tough competition between the parties to win with a clear majority, as some of the pre-poll […]

Karnataka Elections : BJP MANIFESTO 2018

Karnataka Assembly Elections are just four days away. Though opinion polls have predicted a hung assembly in the poll-bound state, the major political parties are campaigning with full fervor, leaving no-stone unturned to ensure victory. One of the major political parties contesting in the elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party, is also campaigning vigorously in Karnataka to open a gateway to the south. The party has recently released its manifesto with a plethora of promises. The […]

Top 10 richest candidates in Karnataka elections

Through the course of history, politics has been a war of ideology, but in recent times muscle power and money power have dominated the political scenario worldwide. Parties field influential personalities such as business tycoons, corporate honchos, and some of the infamous names of the society. These highly affluent people have a better grip on the functioning of the constituency due to their alleged connections with the party high command, bureaucrats, police authorities, and local […]

Top 10 Poorest Candidates In Karnataka Elections

Priyakrishna is the richest candidate in the upcoming Karnataka elections. One of the youngest on the bloc, the wealthy Businessman turned politician has astronomical amount of money. Priyakrishna is a sitting MLA for the incumbent Congress party since 2013, when he became the youngest MLA after the verdict of electorates. The young Congressman has a wealth of over thousand crore, declared in the filed affidavit to the Election Commission for the upcoming state legislative elections. […]

Karnataka Elections 2018 - A Congress Bastion

The elections for Karnataka Legislative Assembly are just a week away, and the parties are campaigning in full swing to woo the electorates in different regions of the state. In a bid to strengthen the party’s chances the leaders and candidates have been focusing on regions that can garner them maximum seats. Hyderabad Karnataka is one of the many regions of Karnataka that joined the state after the passage of State Reorganisation Act in 1956. […]


Karnataka Assembly Elections are one of the most significant elections to be held before the General Elections of 2019. The polls are scheduled to be held on May 12 and results are going to be declared on May 15. The campaigning has intensified in the poll-bound state and candidates are addressing public rallies. They are trying really hard to woo voters and secure the maximum number of votes in the polls. Various opinion polls have […]

Karnataka Election Candidates and their Real Estate clout

A tide of change has been witnessed in Karnataka as the state is going to polls on May 12. All the contesting parties’ candidates have filed nominations and are now campaigning with zest and zeal. Already grappling with serious issues such as traffic problems, lack of infrastructure, water crisis, and pot-holes, Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, is in the limelight due to the growing influence of realtors in the politics of the city. It is […]

War of words - Karnataka elections 2018

The countdown has begun for the Karnataka elections, the state is set to go out and vote for the next government on May 12. With Elections fast approaching and all the parties including BJP, Congress, and JD(S) in Karnataka are hustling and bustling for the final leg of poll campaigning. Leaders and ministers are flying in from all around the country and rallying across the state in order to make last ditch efforts to woo […]

Issues in Karnataka

The fast approaching Karnataka elections are certainly making the politicians bite their nails off, as they tirelessly campaign among the voters of their constituencies. The political doldrums continue as the contesting candidates look to woo the voters by making promises on issues concerning the citizens. While Congress and the BJP have been campaigning on corruption, governance, and communal issues, there are ground-level issues that are concerning the voters in their day-to-day lives. Karnataka is among […]

Hate Speech in Karnataka Election

The constitution of India safeguards the freedom of speech and expression, but reasonable restrictions can be imposed to maintain the decency and public order. Freedom of Speech is a basic fundamental right but during the elections, several politicians misuse this right while campaigning. They deliver certain speeches which incite violence amongst the people. Attacking a person verbally on the basis of attributes such as race, religion, gender, disability, ethnic origin, and national origin is contemplated […]

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