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The year 2018 is turning out to be an eventful year for India in terms of politics, with 4 states already been to polls while 4 states will go to polls by the end of the year in the run-up to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Apart from the state assembly elections, there have been several by-elections taking place simultaneously. Each election has thrown a surprise with regards to the winner, parties have been battling […]

Karnataka Election Result: BJP's Juggernaut Marches on

Karnataka elections has served as a reminder of how ugly can elections turn out to be in India. Even though BJP emerged as the single largest party with over 100 seats, but it failed to reach the magical figures required to form the government. The people’s verdict delivered a fractured mandate for a hung assembly in Karnataka. BJP emerged as the single largest party with 104 seats and second largest vote share percentage, followed by […]

karnataka elections result 2018 (2)

  Karnataka Assembly elections certainly lived up to the hype created in the run-up to the elections. If the drama and controversy that we saw during the one and a half month of poll campaigning weren’t enough, the elections result day was even more entertaining. The counting of nearly 2.9 crores votes from 222 assembly constituency seats began around 8 in the morning yesterday, the initial trends projected a level pegging competition between the Congress […]

Karnataka Elections Exit Poll

The sun finally sets down on the polling day bringing an end to the one and a half months of grueling campaigning. The polling day saw a huge voter turnout braving the scorching heat in some constituencies, while in others rain failed to dampen the mood of the determined electorates. The state recorded a voter turnout of 70%, as people took time out of their weekend to ensure their active participation in the electoral process of […]

The importance of Education in Karnataka Elections 2018

Education plays an important role in making humans virtuous, it incites prudence and vigilance in the mind. Though education is not necessary to have a successful life but, it definitely helps the person to have a better understanding and knowledge. Indian politics is highly influenced by money and power, and voters rarely pay too much heed in the educational background of the candidates. To be a politician in India a person need not be educated […]

Karnataka Elections 2018 First Time Voters

Veteran political leaders are trying to captivate the sizeable youth population of Karnataka, they are looking to familiarise themselves with Social-media frenzied generation. They have spent several years in the political realm and have become wise with experience; however, when it comes to sharing a bond with the youth of the state, they somehow remain disconnected with the younger generation. It is a mouth-watering prospect as the first-time voters form roughly 3.1% of the state’s […]

Karnataka Elections the D-Day

On March 27, the apex election body of the country Election Commission of India announced the dates of the highly anticipated Karnataka State Assembly, as the Model Code of Conduct was implemented throughout the state. During the last one and a half month, Karnataka has witnessed it all, as political slugfest between BJP-Congress-JD(S) continued with much vigour. The period saw political leaders battling out against each other in the extreme weather across the length and […]

Sonia Gandhi Campaign for Karnataka Elections

Sonia Gandhi, the UPA Chairperson and former chief of the Congress party, hit the campaign trail yesterday in the poll-bound state of Karnataka. It is after a long gap of nearly two years that the veteran leader held a rally, after she was taken ill while addressing a rally in Varanasi ahead of the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections in 2017. Though the former Congress President stayed away from canvassing in various states including Punjab, Uttrakhand, and […]

The impact of Telugu speaking community on Karnataka Elections 2018

Karnataka is an amalgamation of several distinct cultural and linguistic identities co-existing and respecting each others’ confinement. There is a substantial number of Telugu speaking community in the state largely confined to the Hyderabad Karnataka region and the urban conglomeration of Bengaluru. According to the Census of 2001, the Telugu speaking faction is the third largest community in the state comprising more than 7% of Karnataka’s total population. They do hold the key in some […]

Top 10 richest candidates of congress in Karnataka elections

The anticipated Karnataka Assembly Elections are going to be held on May 12 and results will be declared on May 15. The contesting candidates have submitted their affidavits and filed the nominations. As per surveys, there are a total of 2,654 candidates contesting in the Karnataka polls, out of which nearly 883 candidates are crorepatis and 645 have criminal cases levelled against them. The riches of the sitting MLAs and contesting candidates have always been […]

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