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Polling Booth in Panskura Purba Assembly Constituency

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Panskura Purba Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Panskura Purba

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Panskura Purba Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Brindabanchak Shitala Junior Basic School602Brindaban Chak
2Kalachand Primary School604Brindaban Chak
5Brindabanchak Pallishree Primary School607Brindaban Chak
6Brindabanchak Uttarpara Prathamik Vidyalaya577Brindaban Chak
9Brindabanchak Aatyayik Primary School1154Brindaban Chak
10Brindabanchak Ishanpara Primary School912Brindaban Chak
11Jadupur Ghanteswar Prathamik Vidyalaya1071Jadupur
12Jadupur Shrihari Primary School718Jadupur
14Markandapur Umeshchandra Prathamik Vidyalaya1029Arisanda
16Ramnagar Bps Primary School461Ram Nagar
17Krishnanagar Primary School1007Krishna Nagar
18Paramanandapur Ramanath Vidyapith High School826Paramanandapur
20Paramanandapur Bhuban Chandra Primary School709Paramanandapur
22Chapda Primary School1129Chapda
24Bankadanga Sitala Primary School865Nankar Banka Dangar
25Balikishorepur Primary School929Purbba Saoraberya
26Khanyadihi P K High School480Khanedihi
28Kajichak Kanailal Primary School857Kaji Chak
30Baxitala Primary School1073Baksitala
31Roychak Putibihari Primary School1002Ray Chak
33Nijkhayra Primary School833Nijkhayra
35Kismatkhayra Primary School448Kismat Khayra
37Ramachandrapur Primary School1084Ramchandrapur
38Sajinagachhi Primary School573Sajnagachhya
39Manua Primary School1075Manua
41Kulia Primary School714Kulia
42Mukadangi Primary School593Madhabpur
44Madhabapur Khargeswar Primary School747Madhabpur
46Sulani High School906Sulani
47Upantakul Primary School826Sulani
48Pakuria Primary School934Sulani
49Kanaichak Kshudiram Benimadhab Pry. Vidyalaya556Kanai Chak
51Sulani Primary School809Padima Chak
52Baishnabchak Mahesh Chandra High School444Baishnab Chak
53Gourangachak Abaitanik Primary School806Baishnab Chak
54Bhordaha Primary School889Durbachati
56Pashchim Manika Primary School580Paschim Manika
58Khadinan Adarsha Primary School1046Khadinan
59Purba Manika Primary School468Paschim Manika
61Kashigori Primary School647Kashigori
63Par Kolagachia Primary School953Kala Gechhya
66Kulhanda Primary School667Kulhanda
67Machhinan Primary School391Machhinan
71Jassar Primary School713Jashar
73Saluka Khandra Belkotha Primary School916Saluka
75Saluka Dule Para Primary School861Saluka
77Saluka Maktab Part Besic School727Faridpur
78Naguria Primary School521Faridpur
80Gopaanagar Girls High School1060Gopal Nagar
81Faridpur Primary School819Faridpur
82Gopalnagar Board Primary School843Gopal Nagar
84Gopalnagar Kaliprasanna Kar Institution High School753Gopal Nagar
86Raine Pingalakshi Board Primary School592Rain
88Raine Pingalakshmi Board Primary School700Rain
89Raine Amulya Vidyabhaban High School672Rain
91Maraberia Primary School675Marberya
93Hariharpur Primary School847Marberya
94Bathanberia Primary School931Bathan Berya
96Bathanberia Sri Nibas Bidyamandir High School809Bathan Berya
97Borodangi Primary School711Bordangi
99Bagdiha Primary School594Arar
100Kanchroll Primary School732Arar
101Arror Primary School942Arar
103Aror Panchapalli Juniar High School664Arar
105Ashurali Primary School608Kola
107Chhatinda Primary School682Chhatinda
110Paikpari Primary School559Kola
112Sahapur Primary School1091Kola
115Kola Union Boyes High School746Kola
117Kola Union Primary School640Kola
119Kukhabarh Primary School847Kola
120Kharisha Jogendra Primary School1054Kharisha (CT)
121Barbarisha Primary School741Bara Barisha (P)
125Barisha Primary School1012Barisha (P)
129Kola Harijan Primary School1125Barisha (P)
130Babua Primary School560Babua (P)
132Babua Dakshin Pally Prathamik Vidyalaya681Babua (P)
134Denan S. P. Prathamik Avidyalaya946Amalhara (CT)
136Denan Board Primary School919Amalhara (CT)
137Gopalpur Primary School578Amalhara (CT)
139Muktamala Arya Kannya Vidyalaya590Amalhara (CT)
140Gurukul Vidyalaya808Amalhara (CT)
141Kemuya Primary School754Amalhara (CT)
143Amalhanda Primary School995Amalhara (CT)
145Mohisgote Primary School796Amalhara (CT)
147Gopalganj Priyanath Banibhaban984Purbba Bahala
150Rakshachak Primary School885Raksa Chak
152Meshara Primary School655Kharisha (CT)
154K.T.P.P. Primary School885Kharisha (CT)
155K.T.P.P. High School677Kharisha (CT)
156Teghari Primary School1040Pulsit
157Nonachak Primary School932Pulsit
158Pulsita Kusumkumari Prathamik Vidyalaya837Pulsit
159Jogiberh Panchanan Primary School769Jugiber
161Jogiberh Kumarhat Swarnamayee Primary School702Kunarhat
163Dharmaberh Primary School801Payag
165Kshetrahat Haradhan Institution High School689Patharia
167Gobardhanpur Primary School1069Parulia
168Parit Primary School1054Parit
169Deuliya Balika Vidyamandir847Parit
170Mihitikiri Primary School708Mihitikri (CT)
173Deulia Hiraram High School685Mihitikri (CT)
175Bagur Primary School942Mihitikri (CT)
176Mandargachhia Primary School872Mandar Gachha
178Tahala Primary School978Mandar Gachha
179Nahala Primary School985Nahala
180Ghola Primary School1159Ghola
181Saradabasan Primary School1077Sarada Basan
182Sagarbar Bandhab Satyeshwar Bidya Bhawan High School926Deulbar
183Padampur Primary School1032Deulbar
185Bardanankar Primary School730Dakshin Sagarbar
187Bardabarh Jelepara Primary School923Bardabar
188Bardabarh Primary School528Amir Chak
190Uttar Jianda Digambari Prathamick Vidyalaya716Sridhar Basan
191Uttar Jianda High School601Uttar Jinanda
192Dakshin Jianda Ojha Para S.C Primary School339Dakshin Jinanda
193Jianda Dakshinpara Prathamick Vidyalaya1041Uttar Jinanda
195Renubar Primary School502Renubar
196Kayadangi Prathamick Vidyalaya966Kayadangi
198Siddha Prathamick Vidyalaya715Siddha
200Siddha Shashi Shripati Vidyabhaban High School1131Siddha
202Diglabarh Prathamick Vidyalaya897Diglabar
205Gurchakli Trailakyanath Prathamick Vidyalaya902Gurchakil
207Kantabani Sasan Primary School757Kantabani Shasan
209Gopalnagar Biharilal Bidyapith High School1107Bishnubar
211Baliswar Prathamick Vidyalaya979Dehati
212Kaliswar Primary School787Kaliswar
213Dhuliara Primary School773Dhuliara
215Narayan Pakuria Mahendra U.P. School804Narayan Pakuria (Part)
216Narayan Pakuria Bord Primary School776Narayan Pakuria (Part)
217Narayan Pakuria Maktab Primary School1008Narayan Pakuria (Part)
219Kishorechak Primary School892Kishor Chak
222Kishorechak Banamali Junior High School962Namalbar
224Kodalia Pally Unnayan Prathamik Vidyalaya764Kodalia
226Bhogpur Kenaram Memorial High School790Bhogpur
228Bhogpur Board Primary School716Bhogpur
230Bhogpur Maktab Primary School749Bhogpur
231Bhogpur Maktab Prathamick Vidyalaya892Bhogpur
232Bhogpur Sibtala Primary School857Bhogpur
233Nandai Gajan Pallipran Primary School787Nandai Gajan
234Nandai Gajan Board Primary School702Nandai Gajan
236Bangalpur Shantimayee Primary School911Bangalpur
237Bangalpur Board Primary School779Bangalpur
239Deriachak Paschim Mahal S.S.K777Derya Chak
240Deriachak Pashchimmahal Primary School849Derya Chak
241Deriachak Shri Arabinda Bidyamath High School1111Derya Chak
243Deriachak Hirapur Maktab Primary School944Derya Chak
244Deriachak Hirapur K.K. High School951Derya Chak
245Deriachak Sapuanaranarayan Prathamick Vidyalaya928Derya Chak
246Deriachak Sapua Prathamik Vidyalaya847Derya Chak
247Bankurachak Primary School917Derya Chak
248Bagicha Kumarchak Prathamick Vidyalaya952Bagicha Kumar Chak
249Bagicha Kumarchak Primary School685Bagicha Kumar Chak
250Betberia Atyaik Primary School851Betberya
251Jafully Deshapran High School1000Japhali
253Jhakurkul Primary School921Jhakurkol

Last Updated on December 26, 2014