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Polling Booth in Kulpi Assembly Constituency

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Kulpi Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Kulpi

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kulpi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Badabediya Haiskul834Manika
2Badabediya Junior Basic School1036Barbaria
3Deriya Jamabediya Ef.Pi.School1150Deria
4Deriya Ef.Pi.School747Ramrampur
5Deriya High School440Deria
6Purb Badabediya Ef.Pi.School1021Barbaria
7Handa Jele Pada Efpischool718Hanra
8Bishnurampur Hanra F.P. School958Hanra
10Ramakrishnapur Ef.Pi.School791Uttar Ramkishorpur
11Mukundapur Ef.Pi.School657Hari Narayanpur
12Ramachak Harinarayanapur Ef.Pi.School633Dari Ratneshwarpur
13Ramakishorapur Radhanagar Uchch Vidyalaya1057Uttar Ramkishorpur
14Katara Manoharapur Ef.Pi.School1000Manoharpur
16Dakshin Radhanagar Ef.Pi. School1056Balarampur
17Rayatala Junior Basic School839Raytala
18Dakshin Raytala I.C.D.S. Centre439Raytala
19Kalitala Ef.Pi.School455Manoharpur
21Manoharapur Ef.Pi.School1002Manoharpur
22Uttar Bedandari Ef.Pi. School773Berandari Bagaria (CT)
23Helegachhi Ef.Pi.School699Berandari Bagaria (CT)
25Bagadiya Ef.Pi.School713Berandari Bagaria (CT)
26Bagaria High School572Berandari Bagaria (CT)
28Kunde S.S.K.629Berandari Bagaria (CT)
29Jamabediya Ef.Pi.School1023Jabbaria
30Jamberia Sarbadhikari F.P. School311Jabbaria
31Bedandari Ef.Pi.School816Berandari Bagaria (CT)
32Dakshin Berandari Uttar Para Ssk727Berandari Bagaria (CT)
33Rajaramapur Ef.Pi.School791Uttar Rajarampur
35Bakachar Ef.Pi.School690Uttar Rajarampur
36Keshabanagar Ef.Pi.School936Keshabnagar
37Raghunathapur Ef Pi School831Paschim Raghunathpur
39U:Bhagabanapur Ef.Pi.School1010Uttar Bhagabanpur
40Khanpur Ef.Pi.School835Khanpur
41Kachubediya Ef.Pi.School1037Karimnagar
43Karimanagar Ef.Pi.School715Karimnagar
44Aatamasid Ramakrishn Vidyapith1026Bangaon Tripurapur
45Banamasid Shtetaplyan Ef.Pi.School870Hatbaria
46Kunde Chandipur Ef.Pi.School693Uttar Chandipur
47Hatabediya Ef.Pi.School823Hatbaria
48Atmonohorpur F.P.School489Atmanoharpur
49Zaukhalihat High School823Hatbaria
50Aanoyarapur Uttarapada Ef. Pi. School800Anoarpur
51Badyahat Ef.Pi.School719Ishwaripur
52Eeshbaripur Ef.Pi. School1006Chak Khetuhaldar
53Jamtala F. P. School438Ishwaripur
54Bhabanipur Ef.Pi.School1080Ashapur
55Patakelabediya Ef.Pi.School884Ishwaripur
56Ramanagar Bularachak Ef.Pi.School1041Chak Baidya
57Kulpi Kalika Vidyapith598Chak Raypur
59Sadashibapur Ef.Pi.School720Sadashibpur
60Uttar Rameshbarapur Ef.Pi.School753Uttar Damodarpur
61Aat Bajar Ef.Pi.School428Atbazar
62Uttar Shukadebapur Ef.Pi.School594Uttar Shukdebpur
63Bajar Ef.Pi.School993Bazar
64Gumukabediya Narayanapur High School845Uttar Shukdebpur
65Ramanagar Madrasa924Ramnagar
66Ramanagar Gajipur Ef.Pi.School872Uttar Gazipur
68Kalarachak Uchch Vidyalaya962Nabinathpur
69Nabinathpur F. P. School379Nabinathpur
70Bularachak Ef.Pi.School1108Bular Chak
71Bularachak Jamatala Ef.Pi.School727Bular Chak
72Udayaramapur Ef.Pi.School1025Udayrampur
73Udayrampur S.S.K.742Udayrampur
74Hatiramapur Paikapada Ef.Pi.School746Udayrampur
76Banshabediya Kedaranath Vidyapith886Dakshin Gazipur
78Dakshin Narayanapur Siddhibediya Ef.Pi.School1058Dakshin Narayanpur
79Bhagabatipur Nimnobuniyadi Vidyalaya371Chak Banamalipur
80Enayetapur Ef.Pi.School1004Inayatpur
81Daulatabad Junior Basic School874Daulatabad
82Doulatabad I.C.D.S. Centre458Daulatabad
83Kriparamapur State Plan Ef.Pi.School1001Kishmat Kriparampur
84Banshabediya F.P.School638Dakshin Shyampur
86Chhamanabuni Ef.Pi.School1011Rateneshwarpur
87Daulatapur Chunafuli F.P.School918Daulatpur
88Uluradad Shrikrishnanagar Juniour Basic School960Srikrishnanagar
89Chakatarabaidy Ef.Pi.School1105Chak Tarabaidya
90Debipur Ef.Pi.School804Debipur
91Tulsirchak F. P. School545Chak Kalicharan Laskar
92Chakamanohari Nimn Buniyadi Vidyalaya752Ulkimari
93Ramashbaranapur Kakhali F.P.School986Ramsharanpur
94Mollarachak F.P.School975Mollar Chak
95Sitaramapur F.P.School747Sitarampur
96Kakhali Akshayakumar High School625Kaikhali
97Ampole F. P. School716Dakshin Mukundapur
98Kamarachak Ef.Pi.School1124Chak Ramnath
99Mirjapur Ef.Pi.School793Mirzapur
100Ramajananagar Ef.Pi.School892Ramjannagar
101Barakara F. P. School434Gouripur
102Mithakundu Ef.Pi.School984Mithakundu
103Shrinagar Ef.Pi.School1049Pashchim Shrinagar
105Inasinabediya Ef.Pi.School795Inchhinbaria
106Dhanumandal Ef.Pi.School966Dhanumandal
107Pashchim Gopalanagar Chakamanohari Junior Basic School1069Paschim Gopalnagar
108Pashchim Gopalanagar Dhanumandal Ef.Pi.School869Paschim Gopalnagar
109Mashamari Kaloni Ef.Pi.School915Masamari
110Mashamari Ef.Pi.School588Masamari
111Masamari I.C.D. S. Centre818Masamari
112Gauripur Ef.Pi.School493Gouripur
113Kulpi P.T.T.I. College628Basudebpur
115Kulpi Stateaplyan Ef.Pi.School994Kulpi
116Durganagar Shtetaplyan Ef.Pi.School1045Durganagar
117Bhagabanapur Ef.Pi.School566Dakshin Bhagabanpur
119Durganagar Ef.Pi.School1148Durganagar
120Rayapur Ef.Pi.School963Dakshin Raypur
121Rajaramaghat Ef.Pi.School891Dakshin Rameshwarpur
122Ramakrishnapur High School614Dakshin Ramkrishnapur
124Yadabanagar Ef.Pi.School843Jadabnagar
125Singherahat Ef.Pi.School652Dakshin Ramkrishnapur
126Rameshbarapur Madrasa688Dakshin Rameshwarpur
127Naknan F. P.School646Naknan
128Meyanapur Ef.Pi.School452Chak Krishna Ballabhpur
129Meyanapur High Madrasa793Meyanapur
130Dahrajaramapur F.P.School798Dakshin Rajarampur
131Garanakati Ef.Pi.School677Jadabnagar
132Maulegram F.P.School759Maulagram
133Aalipada Ef.Pi.School1111Alipara
134Chandipur Manoranjan High School452Chandipur
135Chandipur Uttar Naskar Para F. P. School771Chandipur
136Jamalapur F.P.School1191Dakshin Akraberia
137Chandipur Harishapur Harijan F.P.School695Chandipur
138Chandipur Islamia Girls Junior High Madrasa1066Chandipur
139Chandipur F.P.School1050Chandipur
141Bad Chunafuli F.P.School937Chunfuli
142Kazipara F. P. School688Chunfuli
143Patharabediya F.P.School766Patharberia
144Jagadishapur F.P.School853Dakshin Jagadishpur
146Ramadebapur High School500Dakshin Ramdebpur
147Hachki F. P. School1069Haski
148Tele Gobindapur F.P.School508Gobindapur
149Dhola Haldar Para F. P.School501Dhola (CT)
151Dhola High School1166Dhola (CT)
152Konchfal F.P. School651Gobindapur
154Fatik Bediya Nanda Kishorpur F.P.School981Fatikbaria
155Beluni F.P.School778Beluni
156Beluni S.O.S. Sinior Madrasa578Beluni
157Kishorepur F. P. School559Krishnarampurbeje
158Krishnarampur F.P.School760Krishnarampurbeje
159Kalicharanpur F.P.School1151Kalicharanpur
160Shimulbediya F.P.School912Simulbaria
161Nakali F.P.School(Mayara Para)743Nakali
162Dakshin Kautala F.P.School656Kautala
163Kautala F.P.School735Kautala
165Dwarikautala Madhyapur F. P. School748Darikautala
166Nakali F.P.School(Manna Para)934Nakali
167Lakshminarayanpur F.P.School840Lakshminarayanpur
168Kushberia F. P. School507Lakshminarayanpur
169Lakshminarayanpur High School788Lakshminarayanpur
170Karanjali Balika Vidyalaya862Karanjali
171Karanjali Brajakishor Vidyalaya638Karanjali
173Aandinagar Ef.Pi.School833Andinagar
174Ramtanunagar F. P. School454Dakshin Damodarpur
175Damodar Ef.Pi.School971Karanjali
176Chakadulalapur Ef Pi School1118Chak Dulalpur
177Kantabeniya Ef Pi School857Katabunia
178Sapmara S.S.K.313Sapmara
179Tele Padmapukur Ef Pi School743Jungri
180Krishnachandrapur Junior Basic School911Krishnachandrapur
181Shyamnagar F. P. School604Shyamnagar
182Kusumapukur Arunabediya Ef Pi School882Kusumpukhuria
183Harinkhola F. P. School815Anduldaha Gopalpur
184Lakshipur Banshatala Ef.Pi. School1082Lakshmipur
186Tengrarachar F.P.School806Tyangra Char
187Bishalkshmipur Tangrarchar F. P. School388Tyangra Char
188Aalipara O Dalabar Para F.P.School1016Rangatala
189Rangafala Ef.Pi.School713Rangatala
191Dakshin Chakundabediya Ef.Pi.School830Belpukuria
192Belapukur Aadarshanari Shikshayatan922Arunnagar
193Arunanagar Ef. Pi. School877Arunnagar
194Durbachati Rangafala Ef.Pi.School750Arunnagar
196Gajir Mahal Ef. Pi. School958Belpukuria
197Kashipur Jamatala Ef.Pi.School1108Belpukuria
198Teantulatala Ef.Pi.School561Belpukuria
200Ashwathyatala Janasebak Sangha High School711Belpukuria
201Ashwathyatala Janasebak Sangha F. P. School562Belpukuria
202Nishchintapur Rakhaladas Haiskul1003Belpukuria
203Gajir Mahal High School907Belpukuria
204Kheterpota F. P. School367Belpukuria
205Basuramahal Ef.Pi.School1153Belpukuria
206Kachubedira Aamratala F.P.School980Belpukuria
207Lakshmipasha F.P.School1000Lakshmipasha
208Bajabedira F.P.School889Lakshmipasha
209Bharabitala F. P. School821Chitranagar
210Basar Das Para F. P. School470Lakshmipur
211Basar F.P.School751Lakshmipur
212Bharabinagar F.P.School853Bhairabnagar
213Keoratala F.P.School881Lakshmipur
214Gopinathpur F.P.School837Lakshmipur
215Jamatala Haiskul1119Lakshmipur
216Sheoratala F. P. School370Lakshmipur
217Keoratala Es.Si.Em.High School863Lakshmipur
219Dighirapar Purbapara F.P.School836Lakshmipur
220Narayanpur F. P. School438Lakshmipur
221Ramanagar Ep.Pi.School896Lakshmipur
222Badyapur Ef.Pi.School892Lakshmipur
223Kashipur F.P.School566Lakshmipur
224Tarachandpur I.C.D.S. Centre619Lakshmipur
225Rajanagar Junior Basic School996Lakshmipur
227Baburamahal Ef.Pi.School896Lakshmipur
228Rajnagar Ssk711Lakshmipur
229Tapakhali F. P. School501Lakshmipur
230Madanamohanapur Ef.Pi.School1017Lakshmipur

Last Updated on December 26, 2014