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Polling Booth in Krishnanagar Uttar Assembly Constituency

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Krishnanagar Uttar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Krishnanagar Uttar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Krishnanagar Uttar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Krishnanagar Uimens Kalej868Krishnanagar (M)
2Meri Imakulet School528Krishnanagar (M)
4Nagendranagar G.S.F Pry School786Krishnanagar (M)
9Ahafadi Eksahafihmas Eduhshishuudyan Kamapleks755Krishnanagar (M)
11Ledi Karamaikel Galars High School864Krishnanagar (M)
13Krishnanagar Bi.Ed.Kalej745Krishnanagar (M)
15Tarakdas Jr. High School578Krishnanagar (M)
16Mrinalini Balika Uchch Vidyalaya608Krishnanagar (M)
18Office Of The Asstant Director Buro Of Applied Economic & Statick756Krishnanagar (M)
19Nalinibala Pry. School718Krishnanagar (M)
20Daspara Primary School673Krishnanagar (M)
22Jagatabandhu Primary School440Krishnanagar (M)
24Panchberia(Janakalyan) G.S.F. Pry. School447Krishnanagar (M)
25Ghurni High School761Krishnanagar (M)
26Ghurni G.S.F. Pry. School798Krishnanagar (M)
29Ghurni Natun Halderpara Pry. School968Krishnanagar (M)
31Ghurni Balika Vidyalaya618Krishnanagar (M)
33Sri Chaitanya Vidyapith Room-11041Krishnanagar (M)
34Ghurni Sbarnamayi Garlas Haiskul1019Krishnanagar (M)
38Nadiya Distrikt Laibreri767Krishnanagar (M)
39Aswini Kumar Pry School Room-1462Krishnanagar (M)
41Anandanagar Pry School1056Krishnanagar (M)
44Radhanagar Shibamandir Jiesef Primary School961Krishnanagar (M)
49Jalangi Bhaban1008Krishnanagar (M)
52Shriramakrishn Primary School1063Krishnanagar (M)
54Hindu Kalyan Garlas School617Krishnanagar (M)
56Si.Em.Es.School973Krishnanagar (M)
58Principal Teachears Trening Insatitiut906Krishnanagar (M)
61Khanthalpota Primary School1043Krishnanagar (M)
62Ramakrishn Vidyapithnajirapada(Dasapada)800Krishnanagar (M)
63Krishnagar Collegiate School601Krishnanagar (M)
70Uttar Kalinagar Ji.Es.Ef.Pra:Vidyalaya908Krishnanagar (M)
72Krishnanagar E.Bhi.School498Krishnanagar (M)
76Dwijendralal Roy College983Krishnanagar (M)
78Krishnanagar Haiskul744Krishnanagar (M)
81Chandasadak Aadarsh Samaj Kalyan Prathamik Vidyalaya799Krishnanagar (M)
83Bishop Morrow School1066Krishnanagar (M)
86Baubajar Redakrash Bhaban600Krishnanagar (M)
87Benfed537Krishnanagar (M)
88Anatheshbar Primary School816Krishnanagar (M)
89Jr. Technical School1027Krishnanagar (M)
90Chandasadak Ji.Es.Ef.Primary School995Krishnanagar (M)
93Dan Basko High School925Krishnanagar (M)
96Anadinagar Pry. School1068Krishnanagar (M)
97Kaji Najarul Islam Smriti Primary School836Krishnanagar (M)
100Belatala Primary School541Krishnanagar (M)
102Maharani Jyotirmoyee Pry. School713Krishnanagar (M)
104Maharani Jyotirmayi Uchch Balika Vidyalaya(New Building)656Krishnanagar (M)
109Oyeshtabengal Shtet Oyyarahausing Karporeshan921Krishnanagar (M)
111Nabinachandr Vidyapith1028Krishnanagar (M)
114Natun Sadak Ji.Es.Ef Primary School836Krishnanagar (M)
116Kalinagar Baroaritala Pry.School681Krishnanagar (M)
117Kalinagar Haiskul1065Krishnanagar (M)
120Deshbandhu Pry.School728Krishnanagar (M)
121Dakshin Kalinagar Pry.School542Krishnanagar (M)
122Kalinagar Garlas High School414Krishnanagar (M)
124Krishnanagar Academy615Krishnanagar (M)
129Baruipara Primary School612Krishnanagar (M)
131Chaudhuri Pada(Kamar Pada)Ji.Es.Ef. Primary School950Krishnanagar (M)
133Shaktinagar Garlas High School963Krishnanagar (M)
136Saktinagar C G.S.F. Pry. School756Krishnanagar (M)
139Saktimondir Dwjen Chandra Pry. School691Krishnanagar (M)
140Shaktinagar Higher Secendary School1010Krishnanagar (M)
143Saktinagar E G.S.F. Pry. School961Krishnanagar (M)
145Shaktinagar A G S F Primary School956Krishnanagar (M)
146Haranagar Primary School843Hara Nagar
148Naladah Primary School646Naldaha
149Tarakdaspur Primary School859Naldaha
150Shibananda Pry. School392Naldaha
151Java Primary School884Jaba
152Java I.C.D.S. Centre832Jaba
153Bhandarkhola Primary School915Bhandar Khola
155Goalbari Primary School1045Hara Nagar
156Gokul Nagar Aadarsh Prathamik Vidyalaya913Gokul Nagar
157Satyapriya Ray Smriti Shiksha Niketan416Paninala
158Sagarabasi Smriti Primary School657Jaba
159Khanpur Ramakrishn Vidyapith741Naldaha
160Khanpur Binimoypara Pry. School816Naldaha
162Aarashihari Dasapada Primary School698Arsihari
163Dakshin Paninala Primary School868Paninala
165Nutanpara Primary School790Ghurni (P)
167Hajikalu Ulla Mandal Smriti Primary School928Damodarkhali
168Nelua Free Primary School897Damodarkhali
169Jalkar Mathurapur Special Cadre Primary School934Jalkarmathurapur
170Digri Primary School1004Digri
171Aandulapota Mudagachha Primary School923Andulpota
172Aadapota Primary School (Special Cadre)804Adapota
173Gobindapur Primary School530Gobindapur
174Krishnapur Primary School720Krishnapur
176Narayanpur Pry School599Rampur
177Rampur Primary School588Rampur
178Chandpur Primary School782Chandpur
180Shantiram Smriti Pry.School657Pukurgachhi
182Palada Mudagachha Primary School1032Muragachha
183Joginidah Primary School595Joginidaha
184Pakurgachhi Primary School778Pukurgachhi
186Swamiji Vidyapith867Bhimpur
190Nityanandapur Primary School774Bhimpur
192Natunpara Primary School587Bhimpur
194Kashipur Banshberia Primary School685Asannagar
196Asannagar Bagdipara Primary School840Asannagar
198Tripurapara Primary School805Asannagar
200Asannagar High School669Asannagar
201Dafarpota Primary School796Dafarpota
203Assannagar Chanderpol Kultala Pry School798Asannagar
204Assannagar S.I. Office Building981Asannagar
207Pairadangapara Primary School842Asannagar
208Naikura Primary School914Dafarpota
211Naikura Dobilpara Pry. School437Asannagar
212Dhakuriapota Upajatikalyan Primary School841Dafarpota
214Nidhirpota Primary School1046Nidhirpota
215Sandhyamathapada Primary School556Sonda (P) (CT)
216Sukanta Palli Primary School835Sonda (P) (CT)
217Sandhya Es.E.Pi Kyamp Primary School258Sonda (P) (CT)
220Gobarapota Netaji High School543Gobrapota
222Gobarapota Primary School1084Gobrapota
223Khamarapada Primary School1022Khamarpara
224Shriharinagar Primary School831Khamarpara
225Purba Bhatjungla S.S.K.765Purbbabhatjangla
226Purb Bhatajangla Primary School930Purbbabhatjangla
227Podagachha Ji.Es.Ef.Primary School742Bansbaria
229Podagachha Junior High School772Poragachha
231Ramakrishn Vidyapith839Kulgachhi
233Ramkrishna Vidyapith435Kulgachhi
234Kulagachhi Primary School970Kulgachhi
236Kulgachhi I.C.D.S. Centre594Kulgachhi
237Hijuli Primary School1097Hijuli
238Natunagram Special Kyadar Prathamik Vidyalaya891Krishnanagar (P)
240Samarpalli I.C.D.S. Centre717Krishnanagar (P)
241Goyaladah Nutanapada Primary School1141Krishnanagar (P)
243Goyaladah Mahishanyangda Primaryvidyalaya752Mahishnengra
245Manikatala Aadibasi Prathamik Vidyalaya741Tegharia
246Ramatanu Lahidi Smriti High School472Bera Beria
247Bedabedia Jatrapur I C D S Center(318)874Jatrapur
251Bhutapada Aadibasi Prathamik Vidyalaya799Jatrapur
252Shaktimandir Haribhushan Prathamik Vidyalaya978Krishnanagar (P)
254Ichhapur Prathamik Vidyalaya1005Krishnanagar (P)
255Dogachhi Haiskul960Dogachhi (P)
257Upendra Narayan Paharia Vidyalaya619Kshirpuli
258Bakultala G.S.F. Pry. Vidyalaya644Kshirpuli
261Hat Boyaliya Primary School573Hatboalia
262Mukundadas Smriti Prathamik Vidyalaya697Jalalkhali
263Jalalakhali Prathamik Vidyalaya976Jalalkhali
267Pritilata Pry. School850Jalalkhali

Last Updated on December 26, 2014