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Polling Booth in Karandighi Assembly Constituency

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Karandighi Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Karandighi

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Karandighi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Malakot F P School1089Malkot
2Hatabadi F.P. School715Purba Goalgaon
3Purba Goalgaon SSK1013Purba Goalgaon
4Chengatuli Shikarapur F.P. School916Shikarpur
5Dalkhola -I GP Office at dewanjagir974Dewanjagir
6Aabdulapur F.P. School896Abdulpur
7Dubel Babhania SSK721Lohapunji
8Babhaniya F.P. School849Babhania
9Jayaramapur F.P. School1066Purba Matiari
10Hemenapur F.P. School1085Hemenpur
11Bhagabanapur F.P. School1038Bhagabanpur
12Lahasara F.P.School1152Dalkhola (M)
13Nichitapur Ef.Pi. School1147Dalkhola (M)
14Sarasar F.P. School1195Dalkhola (M)
15P.W.D. Office opposit nobin cinemahall656Dalkhola (M)
16Dalkhola Urdu High School at Farsara1160Dalkhola (M)
17P.W.D. Office near Rail Gate630Dalkhola (M)
18Itbhata F.P. School655Dalkhola (M)
19Jamia Faijul Ulum Dalkhola612Dalkhola (M)
20Uttar Dalakhola High School938Dalkhola (M)
22Dalakhola Girls High School959Dalkhola (M)
23Jila Parishad Dakabanglo941Dalkhola (M)
24Subhashapalli F.P. School1149Dalkhola (M)
25Deshabandhu Pada S.S.K.889Dalkhola (M)
27PHE Rest House928Dalkhola (M)
28Mithapur F.P. School960Dalkhola (M)
29Dalakhola High School680Dalkhola (M)
31Najzarpur Girls FPS617Dalkhola (M)
32Bhusamani FPS1036Dalkhola (M)
33Dalakhola College767Dalkhola (M)
34Haripur F.P. School875Dalkhola (M)
35Teesta Cannal Office Sub-Division-V569Dalkhola (M)
36Mahammadapur Madrasa1168Dalkhola (M)
37Chiranch F.P. School1007Chiranch
38Jiyagachhi Kamaratuya Shishushiksha Kendra1002Kamartua
39Chandgola FPS (old)1129Paschim Pipla
40Chandagola S.S.K. (Pipala)849Chand Gola
41Sushilapur FPS939Soshilapur
42Simanandapur SSK1060Sima Anandapur
43Bagila F P School881Bagela
45Rahatapur F.P.School689Bagela
47Raniganj RI Office700Raniganj
48Patnor F.P. School956Raniganj
50Mominpara SSK928Raniganj
51Palsa FPS1023Palsa
52Palasa High School956Palsa
53Maheshaluti F.P.School1094Mankaur
54Bagindar FPS732Mankaur
55Goyabadi F.P.School981Jalalpur Milik
56Kalibadi F.P.School1028Kalibari
57Banspara SSK1070Bhulki
58Bhulaki F.P.School985Bhulki
59Bhulki Madhya Para FPS1048Bhulki
60Satabheti F.P. School532Gopalpur
62Haldibari MSK1110Gopalpur
63Jogiar SSK812Gopalpur
64Chengatuli Gopalapur F.P.School1052Dakshin Murhil
65Gopalapur Madhyamik Shiksha Kendra895Gopalpur
66Uttar Kochada F.P.School1010Kochara
67Dakshin Kochada F.P. School1150Kochara
68Madaragachhi High School983Madargachhi
69Chownagra Paschim FPS1062Chaunagara
70Chaunagara F.P.School1122Chaunagara
71Bikour DTC651Bikaur
72Bikaur F.P.School1177Bikaur
73Dangi FPS1110Parua
74Manipada Kachana F.P.School1157Kachna
75Telengadangi F.P.School897Parua
76Pashchim Fatepur ICDS Center1212Fatepur
77Purba Fatepur SSK966Fatepur
78Fatepur Singaradah F.P.School1186Singardaha
79Kantirapar N. K. Siniyar Madrasa826Kantirpa
80Piyajgaon FPS511Piazgaon
81Barhans Sarkar Para Health Sub Centre624Barhans
82Barahas F.P.School937Barhans
83Chandragano F.P.School681Chandargaon
84Burihan Maadrasa619Burihan
86Rudel Shishu Shiksha Kendra808Rudel
88Dehara SSK551Dehonra
89Dhatipada F.P. School1039Paran Nagar
90Najirpur FPS1106Saidpur
91Bairgachhi SSK1088Dighalgaon
92Dighalagano F.P.S983Dighalgaon
93Bhabani Pur F.P.School850Nazirpur
94Bhabanipur Madhyamik Shiksha Kendra650Bhabanipur
96Uttar Bhabanipur Shishu Shiksha Kendra1031Bhabanipur
97Gopla ICDS Centre1052Gopla
98Malipada F.P.School836Dakshin Betauna
99Salihan Karchan F.P.School729Kachan
101Betna Mahato Para SSK948Dakshin Betauna
102Pauti High School631Uttar Betauna
104Kaderaganj F.P.School648Kaderganj
105Borara F.P.School1126Borra
106Ronkole SSK1037Rankul
107Maheshapur F.P.School1009Purba Maheshpur
108Khuraka Juhbesik School927Mohsunda
110Khurka MSK1090Khurka
111Baradahi F.P.School1092Bardahi
112Kalara F.P. School1157Bardahi
113Khanta F.P. School1348Khanta
114Rasakhoya High School1088Khanta
116Rasakhowa FPS878Khanta
117Gayeshpur Netaji Colony SSK899Gospur
118Gayeshapur Shishu Shiksha Kendra893Gospur
119Dopla F.P.S970Gospur
120Dhaota ICDS Centre750Dhauta
121Dhaota F.P.School801Dhauta
122Shalihan Najirapur F.P.School1107Dulepur
123Gaigaon SSK881Keshopur
124Keshabapur F.P.School832Keshopur
125Dulahepur Shishushiksha Kendr1050Dulepur
126Nilkuti FPS993Dulepur
127Sabadhan High School843Purba Pipla
128Purb Mohanapur F.P.School998Sabdhan
130Sabadhan Junior Basic School1078Sabdhan
131Lahutara Kamat F.P.School1176Lahutara
132Lahutara F.P.School765Lahutara
133Satabheti Chanditala F.P.School1017Dhangaon
134Bhagaduyarin F.P. School1211Bhagdoarin
135Gorulvasa SSK1047Gorul Bhasa
136Mudipukhur SSK1059Doarin
137Kabargari SSK724Duaran
138Narayanpur SSK1114Narayanpur
139Basudebapur F.P.School1142Basudebpur
140Chhot Sohar ICDS Center1030Sohar
141Sohar ICDS Center1054Sohar
142Sohar FPS656Bhagelia
143Pichhla Kamlahar FPS932Pichhla
144Karanadighi 1No G.P.Office795Bhagelia
145Panasabadi F.P.School908Panasbari
146Bamanadighi F.P.School791Bhandarbarigachi
147Puthimari F.P.School700Pothimari
148Mohanapur F.P.School1001Pachim Mohanpur
149Pandepur F.P.School934Pandepur
150Karandighi Rural Library774Pandepur
151Karandighi-II G.P Office1143Maheshbathna
152Aalihanagar Kohapahgodaun1109Alianagar
153Kamat F.P.School937Kamat
155Panchapir F.P.School893Basantagachh
156Karanadighi High School997Maheshbathna
157Karandighi Girls High School(H.S)1095Dhanpara
158Dhanapada F.P.School1056Dhanpara
159Jharbadi F.P.School743Khatrabari
160Dalimadaha SSK953Dalmadh
161Panchaloha F.P.School806Pachloha
162Khetrabari SSK903Khatrabari
163Tunibhita F.P.School1065Tunibhita
164Bhakshala Kalibadi F.P. School995Bhaksala
165Madhyapargaon SSK1096Pargaon
166Paragano F.P. School944Alianagar
167Bajuyar F.P.School770Baijuar
168Sadhanpur ICDS Centre673Baijuar
169Rabanapur F.P.School1091Sulatanpur
170Kandalbari ICDS Centre905Balchiar
171Budhradangi Jr. High Madrasha682Budhra
172Budhara F.P.School720Budhra
173Saragano Madhyamik Shiksha Kendra989Sargaon
174Bosra FPS671Bosara
175Mehendabadi F.P. School914Mehandabari
176Harinator F.P.School1173Harintor
177Kamarator F.P.School1022Kamartor
178Kamarator High School880Kamartor
180Mirajatapur F.P.School891Alampur
181Lahutara-2 G.P. Office1081Bahangaon
182Barangaon FPS927Bahangaon
183Sadipur F.P.School782Sadipur
184Chapaichandi F.P.School959Dakshin Jadopur
185Khoyasapur F.P.School832Khowaspur
186Lodipur F.P.School571Lodipur
187Minapur SSK762Minapur
188Gobindapur MSK710Barapataul
189Gobindapur F.P.School936Barapataul
190Kurigaon FPS955Minapur
191Bamhol SSK1084Bamhol
192Bhikhanapur F.P.School1016Bhikhanpur
193Temarapur F.P.School683Barua
195Kalitala SSK903Raghopur
196Raghabapur F.P.School916Raghopur
197Raghabpur High School1039Raghopur
198Rangamati ICDS Centre1059Khowaspur
199Purb Raghabapur F.P. School946Raghopur
200Aalatapur High School671Kismat Altapur
201Laltuli-Goalpokhar SSK830Jujharpur
202Tungidighi F.P.School662Jujharpur
203Chiro Sabuj Pally Pathagar607Jujharpur
204Sonapur SSK761Jujharpur
205Juzarapur Zarabadi F.P. School1083Jujharpur
206Kalonipada Shishu Shiksha Kendra986Jujharpur
207Titapukurr High School733Jujharpur
208Kuitor F.P.School1158Kuitor
209Machhol F.P.School1137Machhali
210Beladahi F.P.School1005Bihanagar
211Machool Adibashipara ICDS Centre1178Altapur
212Santosh Pada Shishu Shiksha Kendra1174Altapur
213Nakol F.P.School1094Nakol
214Ibrahimapur Motiganj F.P. School1056Nakol
215Balia SSK1110Bilaspur
216East Baliamoni FPS912Balia
217Bilasapur F.P. School948Bilaspur

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