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Polling Booth in Jaynagar Assembly Constituency

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Jaynagar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Jaynagar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Jaynagar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Padmer Hat Ef Pi School549Padmerhat
5Abdul Karimpur S.S.K885Abdul Karimpur
6Nurulyapur F.P. School917Nurulpur
8Mashtikari Nurullapur Ef Pi School631Ramkanta Bati
10Mashtikari Khagendr Nath F.P. School1082Mastikari
11Beledanga F.P. School983Beladanga
15Khatsara F.P. School870Khatsara
16Dah Barashat Shrishri Saradamani Balika Vidyalaya639Khatsara
17Kalikapur Adaitya F.P.School984Khatsara
20Dakshin Barasat Shibdas Acharya High School974Kalikapur Barasat (CT)
22Dakshin Barasat F.Pry. School738Kalikapur Barasat (CT)
23Rajapur Sarojini Balika F.P. School1124Rajapur
24Lakshminarayanpur F.P..School894Lakshmi Narayanpur
26Baneswar Pur F.P. School1084Baneshwarpur
27Panchghora F.P. School758Ramchandrapur
28Ram Chandra Pur F.P. School1096Panchghora
29Harinarayanapur Nandanapur F.PSchool877Harinarayanpur
30Nandanpur S.S.K882Harinarayanpur
31Ramchandrapur S.S.K939Ramchandrapur
32Panchghara Icds Centre861Harinarayanpur
33Sarishadaha F.P.School908Harinarayanpur
36Rayanagar F.P.School865Raynagar (CT)
38Dhruba Chand Halder College1100Raynagar (CT)
40Pashchim Gabberiya High School989Paschim Gabberia
41Keoratala F.P.School803Charaghata
42Karabeg Charaghata S.M.S..Junior High School988Rajpur Korabag
44Godabar I.C.D.S. Centre1109Rajpur Korabag
45Rajapur F.P..School905Bantra
47Ghosherachak Padmalochan F.PSchool1069Bantra
48Bantra F.P.School1053Bantra
50Shashthitala F.P.School825Bantra
52Bantara 2 No F.P.School652Bantra
54Gobindapur I.C.D.S. Centre857Rajpur Korabag
55Bantra Milan F.O.School765Bantra
57Mahishamari F.P.School770Mahismari
59Uttarapara Bishalakshimitala Junior Basic School1040Uttarparanij (CT)
60Uttarpara F.P. School531Uttarpara Abad
62Sreepur S.S.K853Sripur
63Uttarapara Mayada F.P.School732Sripur
66Ramakrishnapur F.PSchool1083Ramkrishnapur
68Dakshin Ramakrishnapur F.P.School1002Ramkrishnapur
69Hat Para F.P.School715Ramkrishnapur
70Sri Pur F.P.School895Sripur
72Kashimpur Nanda F.P.School763Kashimpur Gangaghata
75Hachimapur F.P.School1082Baharu (CT)
77Baharu Kshetra G.P. Office824Baharu (CT)
78Hachimpur Paschim Para F.P. School980Baharu (CT)
79Kamdebanagar F.P. School703Baharu (CT)
81Baharu Balika F P School1014Baharu (CT)
82Mallabhapur F.P. School1092Baharu (CT)
83Tajpur Mithani F.P. School725Baharu (CT)
84Mithani Pry. School (S.S.K)610Baharu (CT)
85Bahadu Girls High School996Baharu (CT)
87Baharu Dighir Par F P School1045Baharu (CT)
88Alipur Icds Centre668Alipur (CT)
89Alipur Pashchim Para F.P. School966Alipur (CT)
90Fatepur F.P. School916Tajpur Fatepur (P)
92Alipur F.P..School630Alipur (CT)
93Baharu Subodh Chandra F.P. School573Alipur (CT)
95Uttar Durgapur Gram Panchayat Office1119Uttar Durgapur (CT)
96Uttar Durgapur F.P.School926Uttar Durgapur (CT)
98Shasha Para Golabari F.P.School1093Ajodhya Nagar
99Durgapur Bord School610Uttar Durgapur (CT)
101Golabati I.C.D.S.Kendra802Tajpur Fatepur (P)
102Dakshin Khodarpar F.P. School426Joynagar (P)
103Bilpara F.P. School642Joynagar (P)
105Uttar Durgapur Sadharan Pathagar635Uttar Durgapur (CT)
106Chamatakarini Balika Vidyalaya584Jaynagar Mazilpur (M)
108Nandalal Giribala Bhattacharya Vidyamandir752Jaynagar Mazilpur (M)
110Jayanagar Inshtitiushan Far Girals832Jaynagar Mazilpur (M)
112Mitra Para Balika F.P. School771Jaynagar Mazilpur (M)
114Srikrishna F. P. School517Jaynagar Mazilpur (M)
116Jayanagar Majilapur Miunicipaliti Office902Jaynagar Mazilpur (M)
118Rakhal Das F.P.School440Jaynagar Mazilpur (M)
120P.C. Pal Institiution825Jaynagar Mazilpur (M)
123Majilpur Atulakrishna Binodini Bhattacharya Vidyapith900Jaynagar Mazilpur (M)
125Shyamsundar Balika Vidyalaya551Jaynagar Mazilpur (M)
127Hasanapur F.P. School768Jaynagar Mazilpur (M)
129J.M. Traing School800Jaynagar Mazilpur (M)
13379 Nayapukuria Charushila S.S.K1156Napukuria
134Manipur Banshtala High School943Mahishghat
135Batatala F.P. School632Khaiyamara
136Padmapukur Ujo F.P. School890Khaiyamara
139Moydaha F.P. School630Mayda
141Moydah High School879Mayda
143Mohighot F.P. School738Mahishghat
146Dakshin Moydah Chandipur F.P. .School717Chandipur
147Hatchapadi High School689Khaiyamara
148Mayahowri Gopal Jr. High School646Mayahauri
149Mayahowri F.P.School676Mayahauri
151Padua F.P. I.School653Mayahauri
153Uttar Padua F.P.School941Mayahauri
155Uttar Padua S.S.K578Mayahauri
156Dara Adarsha Bidyamandir724Mayahauri
158Jadukhali F.P. School564Mayahauri
159Gazirdhal F.P. School696Mayahauri
160Anandapur F.P. School653Mayahauri
161Dewanerchak S.S.K537Mayahauri
162Khejurtala F.P. School830Mayahauri
163Bapulir Chak F.P. I School514Mayahauri
164Dada Bapulirachak F.P. .School1038Mayahauri
165Talatala F.P. School1076Mayahauri
166Taranagars.S.K. Bilding845Taranagar
168Taranagar F.P..School569Taranagar
169Bhabanimari F.P.School891Taranagar
170Bele Durganagar Ishan F.P. School1131Beladurganagar
171Bele Durganagar High School1021Beladurganagar
172Bele Durganagar Krishnakali Junior High School918Beladurganagar
174Krishnakali Prathamik Vidyalaya750Beladurganagar
175Rupanagar 2No F. P. School1011Rupnagar
177Tentulaberiya Raghunathpur F.P.School812Paschim Tentulbaria
179Raghunathpur Sardarer Chak F.P. School1155Purba Raghunathpur
182Rupanagar F.P. School667Rupnagar
184Sapla F.P. School450Uttar Garankati
185Chaubhangi Sahid Smriti F.P..School666Sapla
186Kholakhali F. P. School744Rupnagar
187Buinchbati F.P. School762Rupnagar
188Bijayanagar Vibekananda Junior High School881Bijaynagar
189Kalinagar Bijaynagar F.P.School852Kalinagar
190Kamalpur Nanibala Prathamik Vidyalaya472Kamalpur
191Chuknagar F.P. School775Bijaynagar
193Chuknagar Paikpara Icds Centre982Bijaynagar
194Nimpith Sherhangamapur F.P. School983Serhangampur
196Sahajadapur Bijaynagar Basic School541Sahajadapur
197Sahajadapur Chuknagar F.P. School985Sahajadapur
199Khania Sahajadapur F.P. School677Khania Sahazadapur
201Hanarbati F.P. School1069Kalinagar
202Gazipara Icds Centre541Kalinagar
204Bagmari Madrasa957Kalinagar
206Banamalipur Junior Basic School562Banamalipur (P)
207Tulsighata F.P.School908Nimpith (CT)
209Tulsighata Jagatbandhu Institution654Tulshighata (CT)
210Shrirampur S.S.K515Srirampur
211Shriramapur F.P.School712Srirampur
212Futigoda High School590Phutigoda
214Dosra Bhagabanpur Dangarabad F.P. School733Dashra Bhagabanpur (P)
215Dosra Bhagabanpur Junior Basic School789Dashra Bhagabanpur (P)
216Dosara Bhagabanpur Uttar S.S.K. Building595Dashra Bhagabanpur (P)
217Paschim Nimpith Nivanani S.S.K. Building614Nimpith (CT)
218Ramakushn Aashram Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya850Nimpith (CT)
220Nimpith F.P. School894Nimpith (CT)
222Dakshin Tulsighata Lakshmimani F.P.School871Tulshighata (CT)
224Uttar Thakurer Chak F.P..School990Gordoani
226Pashchim Raghunathapur F.PSchool848Paschim Raghunathpur
227Uttar Thakurerchak Madical Sab Senter748Gordoani
229Telipukur Thakurer Chak F.P. School647Gordoani
232Gardewani F.P. School914Gordoani
234Bamaner Chak F.P.School614Mallar Chak
235Kanaibar F.P. School587Mallar Chak
238Bakultala F.P..School912Gordoani
241Chunarpukur F.P.School549Gordoani
242Gayenpara S.S.K794Gordoani
243Chunarapukur Common Shad D.W.C.R.A865Gordoani

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