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Polling Booth in Durgapur Purba Assembly Constituency

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Durgapur Purba Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Durgapur Purba

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Durgapur Purba Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Parulia Majhipara F P School1119Durgapur (M Corp.)
2Parulia F P School864Durgapur (M Corp.)
4Biju Pada Mahalla Samiti864Durgapur (M Corp.)
5Kamal Pur F P School674Durgapur (M Corp.)
9Dhobi Ghat F P School1099Durgapur (M Corp.)
11Raghunathapu F P School648Durgapur (M Corp.)
18D.I.V.C Public School883Durgapur (M Corp.)
21Hop1037Durgapur (M Corp.)
24Durgapur Ispat Vidyalaya657Durgapur (M Corp.)
27Shibaji Road Boys High School721Durgapur (M Corp.)
28Rabindrabhaban A-Jon944Durgapur (M Corp.)
30Ramkrishna Avenue Primary School696Durgapur (M Corp.)
33Harshabardhan Road Primary School801Durgapur (M Corp.)
36A- Zone Boys Multipurpose1045Durgapur (M Corp.)
37Mukul Narshari.D.S.P Mahila Samaj.589Durgapur (M Corp.)
39Akbar Road Girls School861Durgapur (M Corp.)
41Guruteg Bahadur School Kazi Nazrul Islam Sarai753Durgapur (M Corp.)
44Sent Peter School1138Durgapur (M Corp.)
46Fain Arts Club666Durgapur (M Corp.)
47Durgapur Ispat VidyalayaMirabai Road849Durgapur (M Corp.)
48Lala Lajapat Ray Primary School732Durgapur (M Corp.)
52Ispatanagari Meghanath Saha Madhyamik Vidyalaya839Durgapur (M Corp.)
55Pranabanand Bidyamandir958Durgapur (M Corp.)
56Durgapur ShtilPlant Spoh Eyasoshiyeshan709Durgapur (M Corp.)
58Niutan Mukul School882Durgapur (M Corp.)
61BidhanabhabanEdision Road914Durgapur (M Corp.)
63Malatiparapas Garlas School Bi-Jon1031Durgapur (M Corp.)
66Malatiparapas Bayejaskul Bi-Jon869Durgapur (M Corp.)
67Bidyasagar Primary School537Durgapur (M Corp.)
70Ispat Nagari F P School629Durgapur (M Corp.)
73V NPrasad S S K1186Durgapur (M Corp.)
74Durgapur Ispat Bidyalay P C Road705Durgapur (M Corp.)
80Durgapur Sosaiti Ab Edukeshanal Myanejament Tansen Road1067Durgapur (M Corp.)
83Bijra High School771Durgapur (M Corp.)
85William Carry Helath Centre1056Durgapur (M Corp.)
86Sovapur F P School931Durgapur (M Corp.)
87Padadai F P Chool665Durgapur (M Corp.)
88Ispatapalli S S K663Durgapur (M Corp.)
90Haribajar Ef Pi School579Durgapur (M Corp.)
91Durgapur Gabharnament Kalej851Durgapur (M Corp.)
93Fulazor F C School624Durgapur (M Corp.)
97Institute Of Hearing Handicaped693Durgapur (M Corp.)
100Rani Shiromani F P School1152Durgapur (M Corp.)
101Bidyapati Primary School756Durgapur (M Corp.)
103Sepako Kamiuniti Hal810Durgapur (M Corp.)
109Jayadeb Ebhiniu Garlas Haiskul582Durgapur (M Corp.)
113National School Of Hotel Management851Durgapur (M Corp.)
116Mukul Narshari School Strit No-14 Chandidas Ebhinuy844Durgapur (M Corp.)
117Bidhanchandra Instiitution (Girla)562Durgapur (M Corp.)
119Mukul NarshariskulTrit No-211052Durgapur (M Corp.)
120Kashiram DasRoad Boys High School601Durgapur (M Corp.)
124Bidhanachandr Inasatitiushan742Durgapur (M Corp.)
128Em E Em Si Town Ship Madarn High School868Durgapur (M Corp.)
131Hebhi Injiniyaring F P School (Iunit-2)748Durgapur (M Corp.)
137Heavy Engineering F P School Unit-Iii1167Durgapur (M Corp.)
140Bi-1 Primary School684Durgapur (M Corp.)
144Hebhi Injiniyaring F P School(Iunit-1)746Durgapur (M Corp.)
146Siddheshbari F P School Mamra1086Durgapur (M Corp.)
149Bidhanapalli F P School624Durgapur (M Corp.)
153Subhashapalli EfPiSchool881Durgapur (M Corp.)
154Bidhan Nagar Gabh: Spanasharad Bayej High School718Durgapur (M Corp.)
158Sent Jebhiyars School1049Durgapur (M Corp.)
165Durgapur E. Bhi. Bi. High School765Durgapur (M Corp.)
169Bidhan School Ispat Pally664Durgapur (M Corp.)
171Bengal Kalej Af Injiniyaringend Tekanalaji671Durgapur (M Corp.)
173Bidhananagar Gabh: Spanasharad Garlas High School874Durgapur (M Corp.)
179Sent Maikel School Bidhannagar963Durgapur (M Corp.)
182Ef.Si.Aai High School355Durgapur (M Corp.)
184Khayarashol Ef Pi School595Durgapur (M Corp.)
186Muchipada Fareshtarenj Afiser Sanglagn Ghar665Durgapur (M Corp.)
187Kusumatala Ef Pi School821Durgapur (M Corp.)
189Aai Ti Aai523Durgapur (M Corp.)
191Khatapukur EfPiSchool942Durgapur (M Corp.)
192Gopinath Pur KePiEfPiSchool884Durgapur (M Corp.)
194Gopinathpur S S K664Durgapur (M Corp.)
200Namo Sagarabhanga Ef Pi School738Durgapur (M Corp.)
202Schoolarum (Kushth Kaloni)143Durgapur (M Corp.)
203Arah Kalinagar EfPi School685Arra (CT)
205Rupaganj Ef.Pi. School949Rupganj
206Arah F P School1098Arra (CT)
208Malanadighi EfPiSchool957Malandighi
209Sarasbati Ganj Ef Pi School534Saraswatiganja
210Malanadighi Durgadas Bidyamandir651Malandighi
212Aakandara EfPiSchool816Akandara
214Bishnupurf P School1096Bistupur
215Chuya F P School1068Chua
216Rakshitapur F P Chool816Rakshitpur
218Lohagudi F P School582Kandarkona
219Kuladiha Ef Pi School1022Kuldiha
221Bamunada (Aadibasi) EfPiSchool1033Arra (CT)
223Sarenga Aadibasi F P School686Keshabpur
224Gopalpur Mitali Bidyapith1002Gopalpur (CT)
226Gopalapur High School776Gopalpur (CT)
228Gopalpur F P School1111Gopalpur (CT)
229Bamanara Puratan Hatatala Es Es Ke800Bamunara (CT)
231Bamunada EfPiSchool1049Bamunara (CT)
237Gopalapur Uttarapada EfPi School748Gopalpur (CT)
240Kabi Sukant F P School1013Gopalpur (CT)
242Bandada EfPiSchool1100Bandra
244Banshakopa F P Chool962Banskopa
245174-Banshakopa Aankure Pada Es Es Ke862Banskopa
246Bidyasagar EfPi School1017Gopalpur (CT)
248Birudiha Haiskul879Birudiha
252Rajabandh Netaji Bidyapith1138Amlajora (CT)
255Biharapur F P School755Beharpur
257Aamalajora High School736Amlajora (CT)
259Manikara F Pschool812Manikara
260Babnabera Madhyamick Siksha Kendra758Babnabera
261Babanabeda EfPiSchool425Babnabera
263Mobarakaganj F P School1056Mobarakganja
264Natunagram F P School576Natungram
266Dhobaghata F P School934Napara
267Napara EfPiSchool555Napara
268Shokana Bauri Para F P School919Sokna
269190-Keten Ef Pi School871Ayma Biswanathpur
270193-Gangbil F P School780Gangbil
272Gangbil Danga Es Es Ke522Gangbil
273Aanandapur F P School1113Anandapur
274Silamapur Haiskul697Shilampur

Last Updated on December 26, 2014