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Polling Booth in Durgapur Paschim Assembly Constituency

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Durgapur Paschim Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Durgapur Paschim

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Durgapur Paschim Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Kururia F P School802Durgapur (M Corp.)
2Kalitala F P School597Durgapur (M Corp.)
6Ankur Sishu Siksha Kendra650Durgapur (M Corp.)
8I P P Viii (Eksatenashan Sentar No-2)1005Durgapur (M Corp.)
10Netaji Subhash Es.Es.Ke1192Durgapur (M Corp.)
12Amrai High School1100Durgapur (M Corp.)
15Aamarai F P School675Durgapur (M Corp.)
18Kandeshbar Satyagopal F P School567Durgapur (M Corp.)
20Dhandabag Ef Pi School828Durgapur (M Corp.)
21Shraddha Shikshasadan851Durgapur (M Corp.)
23Munsi Premachand Hindi Prathamik Bidyalaya Dhandabag1035Durgapur (M Corp.)
24Durgapur Sammilani Uchch Vidyalaya832Durgapur (M Corp.)
28Sukantapally F.P School Dhandabag941Durgapur (M Corp.)
31Durgapur Siment Kaloni Aditoriyam829Durgapur (M Corp.)
32Ma Chandi Hindi F.P. School Kadaroad829Durgapur (M Corp.)
36Chandadebi Dalamiya Ef Pi School Ramakrishnapalli816Durgapur (M Corp.)
38Tamala Brij Hindi Ef Pi School545Durgapur (M Corp.)
42Gopalamarth Junior Basic School(Unit-1)481Durgapur (M Corp.)
45Gopalamath Junior Basic SchoolIunit-2470Durgapur (M Corp.)
49Gopalamath High School577Durgapur (M Corp.)
51DSIOyai Primary School(Gopalamath)966Durgapur (M Corp.)
52Dhunara Ramabhadra F.PSchool889Durgapur (M Corp.)
53Mohanapur EfPiSchool1100Durgapur (M Corp.)
54Banagram EfPiSchool775Durgapur (M Corp.)
57Rabindranathaes.Es.Ke.Gyaman Kaloni(Kadarod)972Durgapur (M Corp.)
59Munsi Premachand Shishu Shiksha Kendra Kadaroad934Durgapur (M Corp.)
61Aai Pipi-8No46O(Esaesake)Nab Jiban Sanggh1104Durgapur (M Corp.)
62Ip-Viii 46O Es.EsKe Nabajiban Sanggh(Old Building)996Durgapur (M Corp.)
63Nabapally T.N F.P School756Durgapur (M Corp.)
64Natun Pally Adarsha F.P School824Durgapur (M Corp.)
66Natun Palli Aadarsh Vidyalaya850Durgapur (M Corp.)
70Syar Sah Urdu Shishu Shiksha Kendr Naeem Nagar675Durgapur (M Corp.)
74Eich Es Si El Afis Bilding1063Durgapur (M Corp.)
76Bhiringi Galars School972Durgapur (M Corp.)
77Bhiringi Ti En Inastitiushan901Durgapur (M Corp.)
79Benachiti Mahishakapur EfPiSchool933Durgapur (M Corp.)
83Benachiti High School804Durgapur (M Corp.)
86Benachity High School (New Buildings)801Durgapur (M Corp.)
90Puratan Vidyalay Bhaban Desgbandhunagar573Durgapur (M Corp.)
92Uttarpally F.PSchool Benachity843Durgapur (M Corp.)
9458-Oordu EfPiSchool (Benachiti Masajid Mahalla)892Durgapur (M Corp.)
95Benachiti Ef Pi School397Durgapur (M Corp.)
99Shikshaniketan Shalabagan Ef Pi School739Durgapur (M Corp.)
101Ramakrishn Palli Bibekanand Bidyapith580Durgapur (M Corp.)
102Benachiti Bharatiy Hindi High School619Durgapur (M Corp.)
109Benachiti Netaji Bidyalay(Bayej)631Durgapur (M Corp.)
111Benachiti Netaji Bidyalay(Garlas)941Durgapur (M Corp.)
116Bhiringi Ef Pi School641Durgapur (M Corp.)
118Bhiringi T.N Institution (New Bulding)696Durgapur (M Corp.)
120Suryyasen Palli Unnayan Samiti Office428Durgapur (M Corp.)
121Ramkrishna Pally Vivekananda F.P School832Durgapur (M Corp.)
123Bidyasagar Ef Pi School882Durgapur (M Corp.)
127Ipp-Viii (Extension Center No-3) Srinagar Pally762Durgapur (M Corp.)
129Shrinagar Primary School906Durgapur (M Corp.)
131Netaji Nagar Colony High School1052Durgapur (M Corp.)
135Sarada Palli Ef Pi School1109Durgapur (M Corp.)
138Durgapur Aar.I Kalej Madel School848Durgapur (M Corp.)
141Bidhanchandra Institution829Durgapur (M Corp.)
142Sentral School Si.Em.I.Aar.Aai. Kaloni500Durgapur (M Corp.)
144Maikel Madhusudan Memorial Kalej718Durgapur (M Corp.)
149Durgapur Vidyasagar Model High School617Durgapur (M Corp.)
152Bidyasagar Ef.Pi.School (Nan Kompani )694Durgapur (M Corp.)
157Sidhukanu Stadium554Durgapur (M Corp.)
158Tathyakendr(D M C.Bilding)1044Durgapur (M Corp.)
159Afis Af Di E Kamih Sentral Eksasaij-Dugapur934Durgapur (M Corp.)
162Faridapur Ef Pi School777Durgapur (M Corp.)
168Jagadish Chandr Bhaumik Primary School965Durgapur (M Corp.)
169Tamala EfPiSchool706Durgapur (M Corp.)
172Jhanshi Rani F.P School633Durgapur (M Corp.)
174Waria Reoaj Club1023Durgapur (M Corp.)
175Nayabajar Hindi Prathamik Vidyalaya1202Durgapur (M Corp.)
176D T P S Hayar Sekendari School744Durgapur (M Corp.)
180DiTiPi Es EfPiSchool682Durgapur (M Corp.)
183Purasha Ef Pi School676Durgapur (M Corp.)
186Angadapur Haiskul1079Durgapur (M Corp.)
188Arjunapur F P School1180Durgapur (M Corp.)
189Paschim Palashdiha F.P School1049Durgapur (M Corp.)
191Palashadiha High School815Durgapur (M Corp.)
194Naba Waira Primary School1000Durgapur (M Corp.)
195Radhamadhab Pur Ef Pi School869Durgapur (M Corp.)
197Bhagat Sing Kaloni Es Es KeDi Bhi Si Mod216Durgapur (M Corp.)
198Si-Jon Junior Basic School903Durgapur (M Corp.)
201Sarada Hindi F.P School774Durgapur (M Corp.)
203Nepalipada Hindi High School546Durgapur (M Corp.)
206Teantulatala Ef Pi School1115Durgapur (M Corp.)
209Raturiya F P School775Durgapur (M Corp.)
211Durgapur Chamilas Secondary School487Durgapur (M Corp.)
213Durgapur Project Boys High Shool722Durgapur (M Corp.)
215Aashishanagar Colony F.P School952Durgapur (M Corp.)
217Bi Jon Junior Basic School849Durgapur (M Corp.)
219Bogl Plant Saide Ssk(Dmc)643Durgapur (M Corp.)
221Es.Bi.Es.Ti.Si Primary School784Durgapur (M Corp.)
223Durgapur EfPiSchool(Hatatala Road)627Durgapur (M Corp.)
227Shri Shibabarn Hindi EfPi School1145Durgapur (M Corp.)
230Durgapur Tarakanath High School902Durgapur (M Corp.)
234Durgapurgirls High Shool724Durgapur (M Corp.)
237Durgapur Projekt Taunaship Bayej High School852Durgapur (M Corp.)
238Durgapur Project Township Girls High School889Durgapur (M Corp.)
242Birabhan Pur Ef. Pi. School982Durgapur (M Corp.)
245E Ti Pi SchoolRelaoye Kaloni604Durgapur (M Corp.)
246Durgapur Hohsekanajiuh Kohahsohlih Afis1090Durgapur (M Corp.)
247Irigeshan AfisDamodar Hed Oyarkas Dibhishan849Durgapur (M Corp.)
2484 No-Bodokamiti Afis(Di Em Si)Sagaradanga788Durgapur (M Corp.)
249Sagarbhanga Adarsha Vidyapith830Durgapur (M Corp.)
251Sagarabhanga High School727Durgapur (M Corp.)
255Sagarbhanga Adarsha Shramik Mangal Kendra830Durgapur (M Corp.)
256Sagar Bhanga Hindi High School803Durgapur (M Corp.)
260Deshabandhunagar Ef Pi School1005Durgapur (M Corp.)
262Sukumar Nagar EfPiSchool553Durgapur (M Corp.)
265Rahul Sanskrityan Hindi F.P School808Durgapur (M Corp.)
268Nadiha Birabhanapur Hai School (Shyamapur Kalani)866Durgapur (M Corp.)
271Nadiha Birabhanapur Ef Pi School567Durgapur (M Corp.)
273Sukantapalli EfPiSchool829Durgapur (M Corp.)
277Jnanada Prasad Ef Pi School(Rayadanga)741Durgapur (M Corp.)
283Nadiha Birbhanpur High School655Durgapur (M Corp.)
286Nadiha High School816Durgapur (M Corp.)
289Narayan Pur Ef Pi School1059Durgapur (M Corp.)

Last Updated on December 26, 2014