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Polling Booth in Bhagabanpur Assembly Constituency

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Bhagabanpur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bhagabanpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bhagabanpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Barbhagwanpur Primary School725Bar Bhagabanpur
3Banamalipur Primary School594Banamalipur
4Banamalipur Sishu Siksha Kendra619Banamalipur
5Nunhanda Board Primary School1082Nunhunda
6Nunhanda Palli Vidyapith624Nunhunda
8Talda Primary School598Talda
9Chinyaandulia Board Prathamik Vidyalaya821Chinya Berya
10Shyamchak Primary School402Shyam Chak
11Srikantapur Prathamik Vidyalaya525Ram Chak
12Kulberia Prathamik Vidyalaya729Kul Beria
14Simulia S.K.U.S. Limited835Simulia
15Baman Simulia Prathamik Vidyalaya901Simulia
16Bhimeswari Uchha Sikshayatan783Simulia
17Bhimeswari Balika Vidyapith822Simulia
18Bartan Special Primary School524Barttan
20Unal Primary School920Unal
21Katgechhia Primary School629Kat Gechhya
22Kishorpur Sridurga Prathamik Vidyalaya868Kishorpur
23Rampur Primary School970Rampur
24Illashpur Stateplane Prathamik Vidyalaya1007Ilashpur
25Illashpur Harijan Board Prathamik Vidyalaya625Ilashpur
26Barbasudebpur Primary School608Bar Basudebpur
27Paikbheri Shyamsundar Primary School731Paik Bheri
28Kuber Dutta Veri Sishu Siksha Kendra470Kuber Datta Bhera
29Kalurbheri Prathamik Vidyalaya835Kalur Bheri
31Dakshin Bishnupur Prathamik Vidyalaya1021Bishnupur
32Uttar Bishnupur Primary School813Bishnupur
33Bachhipur Atyayik Prathamik Vidyalaya773Bachchhipur
35Bhagwanpur Highschool704Bhagabanpur
36Bhagwanpur State Plan Prathamik Vidyalaya901Bhagabanpur
37Durgapur Board Prathamik Vidyalaya593Durgapur
38Jalibarh Prymary School873Lal Chandrabar
39Paschim Ghoshpur Primary School817Ghoshpur
40Shibarampur Atyaik Pry.School815Lachhipur
41Uttar Bhagwanpur Nabarun Vidyapith443Anantapur
42Khaga Board Prathamik Vidyalaya1065Khaga
43Babia Prathamik Vidyalaya849Babia
45Abasberia Adarsha Vidyapith(H.S)962Abas Berya
46Abasberia Board Primary School1005Abas Berya
47Baraibar Board Prathamik Vidyalaya601Barai Bar
48Baraibarh New Pry.School640Barai Bar
49Jagamohanpur Primary School766Jaga Mohanpur
50Lohabar Prathamik Vidyalaya746Sar Berya
51Sarberia Uchha Prathamik Maktab Vidyalaya947Sar Berya
53Sarberia Board Prathamik Vidyalaya682Sar Berya
54Bhabanichak Prathamik Vidyalaya925Bhabani Chak
55Hinchageria Stateplan Primary School686Hincha Gerya (CT)
57Hinchageria Special Cader Primary School782Hincha Gerya (CT)
59Narayandari Natun Prathamik Vidyalaya949Narayan Danri
60Narayandari Board Primary School887Narayan Danri
61Bajaberia Prathamik Vidyalaya822Narayan Danri
62Narayandari Barbajaberia Natun Primary Vidyalaya681Narayan Danri
63Tethibari State Plan Primary School1064Tethi Bari
64Kaptyabari Board (Atyayik) Prathamik Vidyalaya1026Tethi Bari
65Dakshin Kaptyabari Bishnuhari Primary School885Kaptya Bari
66Kajlagar M.S.B.C.M. Highschool415Mrijapur
67Kajlagar Uchha Prathamik Vidyalaya581Baman Chak
68Mirjapur Pry.School738Mrijapur
69Sujamutha-Manoharpur Uchcha Prathamik Vidyalaya892Dwarika Chak
70Dayalchak Primary Vidyalaya928Purbba Radhapur
71Purbaradhapur Jitnarayan Prathamik Vidyalaya559Purbba Radhapur
73Shukrullapur Board Prathamik Vidyalaya623Shakrullapur
74Shukrullapur Atyayik Uchcha Prathamik Vidyalaya612Shakrullapur
76Deuribar Kiranprabha Vidyamandir862Nelua
77Ashutia Sarojini Vidyapith (Highschooll)814Ashutia
79Balaramchak Primary School989Ashutia
80Shyamchak Radhakrishna Uchcha Prathamik Vidyalaya1044Shyam Chak
81Gumkia Shyamchak Atyaik Primary School597Gumkia
82Charabar Girls Prathamik Vidyalaya686Bhuyamutha Charabar
84Charabar Girls Highschool676Bhuyamutha Charabar
86Kalaberia Primary School (Daspara)1052Kalaberia
88Kotbarh Board Primary School771Kotbar
89Kotbarh Vidyasundari Primary School658Kotbar
90Chowdunia Pry.School400Chau Dunia
91Dalbar Ramnarayan Prathamik Vidyalaya942Dalbar
92Kotbarh Maktab Prathamik Vidyalaya722Kotbar
95Ururi Primary School982Ururi
97Chinadanri Primary School519Chinadanri
98Bahadurpur 3No Primary School785Bahadurpur
99Bahadurpur I.C.J.C.K.909Bahadurpur
100Bahadurpur 2No Primary School763Bahadurpur
101Bahadurpur Purbapara Ssk395Bahadurpur
102Bahadurpur Desapran Sikshaniketan Highschool633Bahadurpur
103Iswarpur Junior Basic School736Iswarpur
104Sankhadiha Primary School488Shanka Diha
105Machnan Primary School783Machhnan
106Madhabpur Indranarayan Highschooll1001Madhabpur
107Haripur Highschool947Haripur
108Radhapur Prabin Primary School1011Radhapur
109Radhapur Muslim Palli Primary School764Radhapur
110Dakshin Radhapur Haracharan Ssk667Radhapur
111Kismat Khatiyal Special Kyader Primary School984Mirchak
112Barbaria Hazra Vidyapith1035Kuchai Dighi
113Simuldanri Primary School817Simuldanri
114Khatial Primary School863Khatial
115Basudebberia Primary School (Bashuli Bazar)799Basudeb Berya
117Basudebberia Hariparaprimary School868Basudeb Berya
118Uttar Pathar Beria Primary School582Jagamohan Chak
119Manikjore Stateplyan Primary School884Hansghara
120Manikjore Harijan Palli Primary School563Manikjor
121Konchak Pry.School676Manikjor
122Dakshin Patharberia Anandamoyee Balika Vidyalaya740Dakshin Pathar Beria
123Dakshin Pathar Beria Primary School791Dakshin Pathar Beria
124Khantmari Biswanathpur Primary School957Khantmari
125Laudighi Primary School662Laudighi
126Neturia Primary School847Neturia
127Champainagar S.C. Hihg School434Champai Nagar
128Udbadal Maa Basanti Ssk880Dalbadal
129Khetrapal Chakbhogi Atyayik Prathamik Vidyalaya646Kshetrapal
131Chakbhogi Prathamik Vidyalaya365Chak Bhogi
132Ballyagobindapur Board Pry.School680Balgobindapur
133Ballyagobindapur Balika Vidyalaya714Balgobindapur
134Ballyagobindapur Gnankarma Vidyapith(Uttarngsha)887Balgobindapur
135Ballyagobindapur Gnankarma Vidyapith (Dakshinangsha)563Balgobindapur
136Chandankhali Prathamik Vidyalaya740Chandan Khali
137Madanmohanpur Draupadi Sundari Prathamik Vidyalaya1103Madanmohanpur
138Panchagram Sikshaniketan931Phajelpur
139Uttar Itaberia Prathamik Vidyalaya519Uttar Itabere
140Hakimpur Prathamik Vidyalaya615Phajelpur
141Budhijore Prathamik Vidyalaya446Budhijor
142Bhubanmangalpur Prathamik Vidyalaya482Bhubanmangalpur
143Saradabarh Srihari Vidyapith544Mathura
144Pania Saradabar Ramkrishna Sikshasadan716Pania
145Mathura Prathamik Vidyalaya (Uttarangsha)986Mathura
146Mathura Prathamik Vidyalaya (Dakshinangsha)1053Mathura
147Tahalia Deulbar Prathamik Vidyalaya1039Tahalia
148Mangraj Prathamik Vidyalaya989Deulbar
149Lalua Chakrashul Board Prathamik Vidyalaya818Chakrasul
150Lalua Adarsha Prathamik Vidyalaya623Mathura
152Chakpadu Prathamik Vidyalaya1007Chak Charani
153Argoal Nankar Prathamik Vidyalaya1084Argoal
154Argoal Board Prathamik Vidyalaya808Argoal
155Jabda Vidyasagar Vidyapith (Purbangsha)1012Erabar
156Jabda Vidyasagar Vidyapith ( Paschimangsha)590Jabda
157Dakshin Lawa Pry.School588Jabda
158Kakhuria Bapuji Prathamik Vidyalaya643Kakhuria
159Paschim Lawa Ssk753Laoa
160Mangalchak Saraswati Prathamik Vidyalaya601Mangal Chak
161Khatibar Prathamik Vidyalaya566Haripur
162Nekursini Krishishilpa Siksha Sadan(Highschooll)810Baman Bar
163Taniabila Prathamik Vidyalaya777Tania Bila
164Babuidanri Prathamik Vidyalaya834Babuidanri
165Sinyari Harijan Nimna Buniadi Vidyalaya1024Sianri
166Dakshin Samaspur Special Pry. School692Brajaballabhpur
167Samaspur Bishnupriya Balika Vidyalaya(Ju:High School)663Samashpur
168Uttar Sandalpur Free Prathamik Vidyalaya866Sandalpur
169Dakshin Sandalpur Prathamik Vidyalaya901Sandalpur
170Ichchhabari Kunjabihari Special Prathamik Vidyalaya1021Ichhabari
171Kourmoishali Pry.School491Ichhabari
172Paninala Prathamik Vidyalaya639Paninala
173Satshatamal Special Prathamik Vidyalaya768Satshatamal
174Satshatamal Board Prathamik Vidyalaya994Satshatamal
175Pachahari Primary School798Pachahari
176Purbahari Ssk510Purbbahari
177Dubai Rasiknagar Vivekananda Highschool (Purbangsha)933Gazipur
178Dubai Primary School919Dubai
179Maishali Primary School871Maishali
180Jiakhali Primary School554Jia Khali
181Uttar Khamar Primary School814Uttar Khamar
182Alukaranbar Pry.School522Alukaranbar
183Panchbajari Primary School802Panch Bajari
184Purbabajari Primary School681Purbba Bajari
185Teghari Primary School620Bagdiband
186Bamanbar Primary School771Bamanbar
187Kotmukha Primary School762Kotmukha
189Jashibar Primary School770Jashibar
191Kunjapara Primary School558Bisha Dangar
192Itaberia State Plan Primary School591Ita Baria
193Itaberia Primary School(Bazar Said)Purbangsha962Ita Baria
194Asfhakulla Ssk865Ita Baria
195Haridrachak Primary School392Haridra Chak
196Kamal Nayanbar Primary School932Kamal Nayan Bar
197Uttardigha Primary School803Munda Para
198Dhaipukuria Primary School894Naya Basan Urf Dhaipukhuria
199Dhaipukuria State Plan Pry.School903Naya Basan Urf Dhaipukhuria
200Naruabila Junior Highschool706Naruya Bila
201Madhyabila Primary School382Madhya Bila
202Parulia Primary School773Uttar Mahishda
203Arjunnagar 2No Primary School639Arjjun Nagar
204Arjunnagar Msk704Arjjun Nagar
206Arjunnagar 1 No Prathamik Vidyalaya851Baharampur
207Ratnajore Primary School707Kumirajor
208Khejur Gachhia Bhoslageria Primary School826Bhoshla Gere
209Kalmichhabar Primary School647Kalmichha Bar
210Analberia Primary School538Analberia
211Nijnarua Primary School731Nijnarua
212Ichchhabari Highschool589Khalia
213Chingra Primary School760Bhaja Chauli
214Janumanu Primary Vidyalaya905Jethai Bari
215Kismat Patna Primary School654Kismat Patna
216Raghunath Junior Basic High School1035Duman Danri
217Padmatamli Primary School731Padmatamali
218Padmatamli Harijan Palli Pry.School447Padmatamali
219Bayenda Board Primary School720Dakshin Bayenda
220Dakshin Bayenda Pry. School492Dakshin Bayenda
221Ichchhapur Primary School444Ichhapur
222Panchghari Primary School875Panch Ghari
223Garabar Primary School891Gara Bar
224Keshaidighi Primary School635Keshai Dighi
226Khanjadapur Rajbangshi Primary School363Khanjadapur
227Khanjadapur Ssk957Khanjadapur
228Paschim Kalagechhiya Primary Vidyalaya815Paschim Kalagachhya
229Mugberia Gangadhar High School830Bhupati Nagar
230Bhupatinagar Kanya Vidyalaya942Bhupati Nagar
231Bhupatinagar Primary School (Pradhan Para)1011Bhupati Nagar
232Bhupatinagar Parya Para S.S.K919Bhupati Nagar
233Angarberia Primary School810Uttar Nara Basan
234Raghunathchak Junior Highschool795Kharinet
235Jiagodi Ssk390Jiagodi
236Mulda Primary School663Uttar Khas Mulda
237Kayemgeria Dmhighschooll (Purbangsha)961Kayemgeria
239Uttar Baroj Primary School983Uttar Baroj
240Dakshin Baroj 2Nd Khanda Primary School986Dakshin Baroj Part-II
241Shimulbari Primary School812Simulbari
242Diha Shimulia Primary School869Dihasimulia
243Kayemgeria Primary School1057Uttar Bamunia
244Uttar Nischinta Primary School1054Kodalbar
245Dakshin Mahishda Primary School991Dakshin Mahishda
246Dighadanri Primary School618Digha Danri
247Uttar Bijay Nagar Primary School1112Bijay Nagar
248Dakshin Bijaynagar S.S.K711Bijay Nagar
249Paunshi Annapurna Nimna Buniadi Vidyalaya648Panusi
250Pausi Baikuntha Smriti Milani Vidyamandir798Panusi
251Chirakuti Primary School847Kalikapur
252Gholbagda Primary School861Ghol Bagda
253Kutubuddinpur Primary School743Kutabuddinpur
254Madhakhali Primary School995Madha Khali
255Garania Primary School405Garania
256Gobindachak Special Kyader Primary School1085Gobinda Chak
257Sadulyachak Primary School1090Fakir Chak
258Ikshu Patrika Primary School952Ikshu Patrika
260Jukhiasitadighispecial Kyader Primaryschool988Ikshu Patrika
262Jukhia Ramhari Primary School838Jukhia
263Sita Dighi Primary School972Sita Dighi
264Bamunia Primary School674Bamunia
265Jukhia K.N.Banimandir (High School)546Bamunia
266Dhelua Primary School752Sita Dighi
267Nelua Primary School721Nelua Gopalchak
268Gopalchak Ssk495Nelua Gopalchak
269Ramchak Primary School608Baghadanri
271Ramchak New Primary School569Ram Chak Shyam Chak
272Biribari Primary School644Biri Bari
273Kantapukuria New Primary School738Kata Pukhuria
274Kantapukhuria Board Pry.School757Kata Pukhuria
275Baghadanri High School424Ektarpur
276Baghadanri Primary School812Ektarpur
278Ektarpur Primary School654Ektarpur

Last Updated on December 26, 2014