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Polling Booth in Patti Assembly Constituency

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Patti Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Patti

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Patti Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.V. Saray Jamuari K.S.11115Saray Jamuari
2P.V. Saray Jamuari K.S.21051Saray Jamuari
3P.V. Gangehati861Gagehati
4Panchayat Bhawan Nevra780Nevara
5P.V. Sakra K.S.1824Sakara
6P.V. Sakra K.S.2914Sakara
7P.V. Devkali K.S.1466Devkali
8P.V. Devkali K.S. 2658Sakara
9P.V. Narayanpur1441Chaubepur
10P.V. Dharauli Mufrid1325Dharauli Mufarid
11P.V. Barha946Baraha
12P.V. Hardoi852Hardoi
13P.V. Sikri Kanupur1336Sikari Kanupur
14R.U.P.V. Bhiti Kala456Bhiti Kalan
15P.M.V. Parsanda893Parsanda
16P.V. Vari Kalan K.S. 11104Barikala
17P.V. Varikalan K.S.21185Barikala
18P.V. Pure Kishungiri1220Sheshapur Adharganj
19P.V. Gothava322Gothava
20P.V. Asthra968Asthara
21P.V. Darchhut K.S. 11162Darchhut
22P.V. Darchhut K.S. 21046Narsinghpur
23P.V. Sarsidih968Sarsidiha
24P.V. Saray Sagar359Saray Sagar
25P.V. Sarsikham K.S.1984Sarsi Khama
26P.V. Sarsikham K.S.2849Sarsi Khama
27P.V. Rampur Kanpa821Rampur Kapa
28P.M.V. Itavan712Etava
29P.V. Kahainiya545Kahainiya
30P.V. Dehri Digar630Dehari
31Purv M.V. Beega688Biga
32P.V. Mehadiya789Mehdiya
33P.V. Goglapur605Gogalapur
34P.M.V. Para427Para
35P.V. Umarpur K.S. 1903Umarpur
36P.V. Umarpur K.S. 2479Padri Mustki
37P.V. Utaras1385Utaras
38P.V. Pure Devjani1230Pure Deojani
39P.V. Magraura K.S.1921Magraura
40P.V. Magraura K.S.2602Magraura
41P.V. Bahupur K.S.1873Bhaupur
42P.V. Bahupur K.S.21047Bhadauna
43P.V. Bhiwanee960Bhevani
44P.V. Purebhikha678Pure Bhikha
45P.V. Kansaapatti K.S.1990Kasha Patti
46P.V. Kansapatti K.S. 2632Bhaidpur
47P.V. Raygarh939Raygarh
48P.V. Barahupur1314Barahupur
49H.S. School Barahupur1481Barahupur
50P.V. Chaumari K.S.1713Chaumari
51P.V. Chaumari K.S. 2436Pendra
52P.V. Amuvahi K.S. 11205Amuahi
53P.V. Amuvahi K.S. 2616Chandapur
54P.V. Chintamanipur K.S.1571Chinta Mathipur
55P.V. Chintamanipur K.S. 2686Andevari
56P.V. Rampur Bela K.S. 11193Rampur Bela
57P.V. Rampur Bela K.S. 21470Rampur Bela
58P.V. Maraha620Maraha
59P.V. Ranipur496Ranipur
60P.V. Bela1422Bela
61P.V. Narangpur530Narangpur
62P.V. Pahalamapur K.S. 1683Majithi
63P.V. Pahalamapur K.S. 2590Jaitapur
64P.V. Sirnathpur1107Sary Mhesh
65P.V. Mahadaha K.S. 11064Mahadaha
66P.V. Mahadaha K.S. 2313Mahadaha
67P.V. Itahara670Itahra
68P.V. Mariyampur659Mariyampur
70P.V. Nadi642Nadi
71P.V. Kanja Saray Gulami K.S. 11099Kanja Sarai Gulami
72P.V. Kanja Saray Gulami K.S. 2977Kanja Sarai Gulami
73P.V. Kukuvar K.S. 11309Kuvkavwar
74P.V. Kukuvar K.S. 2774Bari Khurd
75P.V. Kohrav K.S. 11249Raghunathpur
76P.V. Kohrav K.S. 2780Dasrath
77P.V. Bibipur Bardih K.S.1771Bibipur Baradih
78P.V. Bibipur Bardih K.S.2772Bibipur Baradih
79Kanya P.V. Patti K.S. 11376Patti (NP)
80Kanya P.V. Patti K.S. 2538Patti (NP)
81P.V. Patti Pratham K.S.1458Kodhiyar
82P.V. Patti Pratham K.S.2836Patti (NP)
83Ramraj Inter Coll Patti971Patti (NP)
84Lekhpal K. Hall Pati992Patti (NP)
85P.G. College Patti R.N.1813Patti (NP)
86P.G. College Patti R.N.2781Patti (NP)
87Karyalay Sichai Vibhag Nahar Patti891Patti (NP)
88P.V. Kaliyanapur552Patti Khas
89P.V. Kundanpur628Patti Khas
90P.V. Purebabu761Pure Babu
91P.V. Dhuti718Dhuti
92P.V. Sarvjeetpur519Sarwajeetpur
93P.V. Antapur692Antpur
94P.V. Bhaisauni838Bhaisauni
95P.V. Loniyapur K.S. 1612Loniyapur
96P.V. Loniyapur K.S. 2605Tardaha
97P.V. Anapur601Anapur
98P.V. Parmi Patti356Parmi Patti
99P.V. Pure Khirodhar519Bhanaipur
100P.V. Sarsatpur1396Sarsatpur
101P.V. Raipur K.S. 11078Raipur
102P.V. Raipur K.S. 2869Raipur
103P.V. Pure Bodhram K.S. 1407Pure Bodhram
104P.V. Pure Bodhram K.S. 2634Bhel Sandi
105P.V. Sumatpur469Sumatpur
106P.V. Asurhi K.S. 1782Asuti
107P.V. Asurhi K.S. 2391Akhowa
108P.V. Chandua Patti875Gadauri Kalan
109P.V. Gadauri Khurd949Gadauri Khurd
110J.H. Charaiya981Charriya
111P.V. Ashokpur413Ashokpur
112P.V. Pure Sukhchain484Pure Sukhchain
113P.V. Hoshiyarpur1085Hosiyarpur
114P.V. Ramkola997Sonwat
115P.V. Bahuta K.S. 11041Bhuta
116P.V. Bahuta K.S. 2851Bhuta
117P.V. Birauti K.S. 11418Birauti
118P.V. Birauti K.S. 2876Birauti
119P.V. Nevada K.S. 11115Nevada
120P.V. Nevada K.S. 21155Nevada
121P.V. Fatehpur762Fatehpur
122P.V. Govindpur770Gobindpur
123P.V. Bhopalpur601Bhopalpur
124P.V. Babhanpur590Babhanpur
125P.V. Roor556Ruer
126P.V. Bharokhan782Babhanpur
127Sadhan Sahakri Samiti Atraura650Atarara
128P.V. Umardiha748Umardiha
129P.V. Shobhava K.S. 1457Subhaha
130P.V. Shobhava K.S. 2397Derhava
131P.V. Bhadavachh553Bhadvachh
132P.V. Bhatikhurd698Bhati Khurd
133P.V. Bhatikala830Bhati Kalan
134P.V. Dhadhar K.S. 1923Dhandhar
135P.V. Dhadhar K.S. 2674Dhandhar
136P.V. Sapaha Chhat699Sapaha Chhat
137P.V. Upadhyayapur971Sapaha Chhat
138P.V. Arjunapur453Arjunpur
139P.V. Amapur Bahar Patti1167Amapur
140P.V. Pipri Mutkarpur788Amapur
141P.V. Aurain K.S. 11272Aurain
142P.V. Aurain K.S. 21040Bibipur Aurain
143P.V. Akripur Tiwran1229Akaripur
144P.V. Lakhipur Kapsa1098Lakhnipur
145P.V. Mujahi Bajar K.S. 11058Beend
146P.V. Mujahi Bajar K.S. 21174Bhushar
147P.V. Banpurva K.S. 1659Banpurva
148P.V. Banpurva K.S. 2376Raipur
149P.V. Bhitar542Bhitar
150P.V. Maharupur790Maharupur
151P.V. Dhindhui K.S. 11163Bhatpatti
152P.V. Dhindhui K.S. 21371DHINDHUI
153P.V. Araila K.S. 1660Araila
154P.V. Araila K.S. 2542Pardaha Sumer
155P.V. Bhantpatti626Bhatpatti
156P.V. Saurai789SAURAI
157P.V. Gausapur547SAURAI
158P.V. Suruvarpur940Naurangabad
159P.V. Raychandra Patti K.S. 1978Ram Chandra Patti
160P.V. Raychandra Patti K.S. 2356Bajid Pur
161P.V. Saradih1087Sardeeh
162P.V. Lakhanipur579Lakhnipur
163P.V. Srinathpur456Sirnathpur
164P.V. Bhavsaranpur1012Bhausaranpur
165P.V. Saifabad K.S. 11337Saifabad
166P.V. Saifabad K.S. 21283Saifabad
167P.V. Harai Patti K.S. 11157Harrai Patti
168P.V. Harai Patti K.S. 2550Augapur
169P.V. Parvatpur Suleman K.S. 1994Parbatpur Suleman
170P.V. Parvatpur Suleman K.S. 2885Parbatpur Suleman
171P.V. Dhaurahara K.S. 1913Daurahra
172P.V. Dhaurahara K.S. 2415Keman Patti
173P.V. Semradih524Semra Deeh
174P.V. Tivipur1016Tibipur
175P.V. Dhanepur1260Dhaneypur
176P.V. Behata1337Behta
177P.V. Lakhnudih539Lakhanudeeh
178Panchayat Bhavan Vijhala711Bijhla
179P.V. Bhaupur527Bhaupur
180P.V. Laveda K.S. 1867Labeda
181P.V. Laveda K.S. 2889Labeda
182P.V. Dhansar K.S. 11074Dhansar
183P.V. Dhansar K.S. 2331Dhansar
184Anganvadi Kendra Gaura Saifabad505Deepapur
185P.V. Rasulpur Haidarpur750Rasoolpur Haidarpur
186P.V. Vibharpur469Bibhapur
187P.V. Nachraula K.S. 11219Nacharaula
188P.V. Nachraula K.S. 21279Nacharaula
189P.V. Manapur K.S.11180Manapur
190P.V. Manapur K.S. 2979Manapur
191P.V. Ahopur911Ahopur
192P.V. Gahvara863Gahbara
193P.V. Ramganj Dwitiya K.S. 11492Ramganj
194P.V. Ramganj Dwitya K.S. 2610Ramganj
195Shyam Shankar Inter Coll. Ramganj K.S.1917Ramganj
196Shyam Shankar I.C.Ramganj K.S. 2911Barchauli
197P.V. Sangramganj894Sangram Ganj
198P.V. Sailakha1055Shailkha
199P.V. Bibipur Mustarka593Bibipur Mustarka
200P.V. Diyava774Diyawa
201P.V. Umara572Umar
202P.V. Sonpura K.S. 11423Sonpura
203P.V. Sonpura K.S. 21019Sonpura
204P.V. Gopalpur Mustarka408Gopalpur Mustarka
205P.V. Devrakha1128Deorakha
206P.V. Turkauli591Turkhauli
207U.P.V. Pura K.S. 11151Pura
208U.P.V. Pura K.S. 21310Pura
209P.V. Ibrahimpur1077Barahimpur
211P.V. Ataraura Meerpur K.S. 2717Atraura Ramierpur
212P.V. Atraura Meerpur K.S. 3414Sultanpur
213P.V. Mahdaura K.S. 1806Mahdaura
214P.V. Mahdaura K.S. 2712Mahdaura
215P.V. Rattipur805Rattipur
216P.V. Saray Bhikhari732Sarai Bhikhari
217P.V. Kilai K.S. 1283Kaushal Patti
218P.V. Kilai K.S.21079Kadipur
219P.V. Hari Ka Pura532Bhairopur
220P.V. Bhairopur570Hari Ka Pura
221P.V. Bhula Chandauki1063Rauja
222P.V. Banveerpur548Banbeerpur
223P.V. Ishanpur K.S. 11205Nagar
224P.V. Nagar K.S. 2930Chhatuna
225P.V. Nima929Nimha
226P.V. Vinaika K.S. 11098Binaika
227P.V. Vinaika K.S. 2922Binaika
228P.V. Daudpur1107Daudpur
229P.V. Dharauli1509Dharauli
230P.V. Kevtali K.S.1576Keotali
231P.V. Kevtali K.S. 2528Keotali
232P.V. Navin Bhavan Bhikhampur K.S.11205Bhikhampur
233P.V. Navin Bhavan Bhikhampur K.S.2877Bhikhampur
235U.P.V. Ashpur Devsara K.S.1978Aspur Devsara
236U.P.V. Ashpur Devsara K.S.2896Aspur Devsara
237U.P.V. Ashpur Devsara K.S.3849Aspur Devsara
238P.V. Rampur Bavariha K.S. 11101Rampur Bauriha
239P.V. Rampur Bavariha K.S. 2615Govindpur
240P.M.V. Kabirpur900Kabirpur
241P.V. Pure Dalpat Shah1063Purey Dalpat Shah
242P.V. Sadha K.S.1838Sadaha
243P.V. Sadha K.S. 2693Sadaha
244P.V. Pachauri K.S. 1620Pachauri
245P.V. Pachauri K.S. 2665Gauhani
246P.V. Sonvarsa804Soon Barsa Patti
247P.V. Dahi K.S.1790Dahi
248P.V. Dahi K.S. 2565Dahi
249P.V. Atraura (Damadi)734Damrih
250P.V. Majhgava1082Maghigawa
251P.V. Setapur1150Setapur
252P.V. Amargarh910Udai Shahpur
255P.V. Karaudaha K.S. 1561Karaudha
256P.V. Karaudaha K.S. 2503Pahalmapur
258P.V. Godalpatti619Godal Patti
259P.V. Baijalpur K.S. 1979Baijalpur
260P.V. Baijalpur K.S.2972Baijalpur
261P.V. Teliyani593Teliyani
262P.V. Elahi635Alahi
263P.V. Gaura Mafi1106Gaura Mafi
264????0??0 ???????402Lakhipur
265P.V. Pithapur K.S. 1911Pithapur
266P.V.Pithapur K.S. 2876Pithapur
267P.V. Pithapur K.S.3551Patra
268P.V. Mahuli K.S. 11199Mahuli
269P.V. Mahuli K.S. 21078Mahuli
270P.V. Margupur652Margupur
271P.V Ramgarha841Ramghar
272Purv Kanya U.M.V. Ramgarha602Ramghar
273P.V. Pure Dhani501Purey Dhani
274P.V. Kotiya1105Kotiya
275P.V. Chilava Naya Bhavan950Chilava
276P.V. Umapur868Umapur
277P.V. Marhramau1039Marhra Mau
278P.V. Bhanaipur1157Bhanaipur
279P.V.Parhat (Kashipur K.S.1390Kashipur
280P.V. Parhat (Kashipur) K.S.2595Parhat Khas
281P.V. Parhat (Kashipur) K.S.3454Surangpur
282P.V. Dafara1066Dafra
283J.H.School Gadhiyava K.S. 1702Gadhiyawa
284J.H.School Gadhiyava K.S. 2567Gadhiyawa
285P.V. Molnapur975Molanapur
286P.V. Redigarapur K.S.1925Garapur Reri
287P.V. Red Garapur K.S. 2912Garapur Reri
288P.V. Dhui K.S. 1682Dhuie
289P.V. Dhui K.S. 2301Bhavapur Dubey Patti
290P.V. Pure Banshidhar1035Purey Vansi Dara
291P.V. Veerapur Khurd632Birapur Khurd
292P.V. Pathkhauli443Usrauli
294P.V. Parsad540Parsadh
295P.M.V. Thanepur Gopapur K.S. 11157Thneypur Gopapur
296P.M.V. Thanepur Gopapur K.S. 2497Dedhuha
297P.V. Usrauli760Usrauli
298P.V. Salahpur K.S. 11058Salahpur
299P.V. Salahapur K.S. 21045Salahpur
300P.V. Amisarai Saif Khan1008Amisarai Saif Khan
301P.V. Besar990Besar
302P.V. Majhauli761Majhauli
303P.V. Daudpur K.S. 1845Daudpur
304P.V. Daudpur K.S. 2719Daudpur
305P.V. Pahada Murar Patti585Pahara Murar Patti
307P.V. Haripur Bardaita1182Haripur Bar Daita
308P.V. Sarai Madhai1393Sarai Madhi
309P.V. Sarma829Sarma
310P.V. Deidih Dhaurahara K.S. 1981Deyi Dee Dhaurahara
311P.V. Deidih Dhaurahara K.S. 21117Udaiyadih
312P.V. Dohari1182Dohari
313P.V. Ragaspur899Pargashpur
314P.V. Amsauna K.S. 11091Atarara
315P.V. Amsauna K.S. 2542Jaitipur
316P.V. Jogipur1309Jogipur
317P.V. Payagpur Aurista1119Payagpur Aurehta
318P.V. Sheshanpur K.S. 1411Sheshanpur
319P.V. Sheshanpur K.S. 2794Gutauli
320U.M.V. Ashalpur975Asalpur
322P.V. Ishanpur K.S. 2751Ishanpur
323P.V. Ishanpur K.S. 3453Ishanpur
324P.V. Shetlaganj K.S. 1890Karanpur Kuhi
325P.V. Shetlaganj K.S.21163Karanpur Kuhi
326P.V. Veer835Biramau Madhau
327P.M.V. Karmahi797Karmahi
328P.V. Khujhikala K.S. 1935Khujhi Kala
329P.V. Khujhikala K.S. 2916Khujhi Kala
330P.V. Yahiyapur K.S. 11154Yahiyapur
331P.V. Yahiyapur K.S. 21073Yahiyapur
332P.V. Golapur1097Golapur
333P.V. Viviyakaranpur K.S. 1887Bibiya Karanpur
334P.V. Viviyakaranpur K.S. 21111Bibiya Karanpur
335P.M.V. Sonai K.S. 1841Sonahi
336P.M.V. Sonai K.S. 2431Sonahi
337P.V. Jagdishgarh1199Jagidshgarh
338P.V. Pure Pandey1448Pure Pandit
339P.V. Manaitapur728Manaitapur
340P.V. Gahri Chak K.S. 1522Gahari Chak
341P.V. Gahri Chak K.S. 2459Kapahari
342Panchayat Bhavan Narsinghpur1208Narsinghpur
343P.V. Rudapur K.S. 1484Rudapur
344P.V. Rudapur K.S. 2506Maulani
345P.V. Rudapur K.S. 3518Dalapur
346P.V. Vijahara K.S. 1500Vijhara
347P.V. Vijahara K.S. 2585Puredhana
348P.V. Vijahara K.S. 3452Nevada
349P.M.V. Saray Bhimsen (Parsani)1212Parsani
350P.V. Bani602Bani
351P.V. Sarai Bhimsen483Saray Bhimsen
352P.V. Lauvar1205Lauwar
353P.V. Jolahapur845Jolhapur
354P.V. Jaisinghgarh1326Jaisingh Garh
355P.V. Amhara1146Amarha
356P.V. Jalalpur K.S. 1835Jalalpur Kithauli
357P.V. Jalalpur K.S. 2869Keotali
358P.V. Dharampur466Dharampur
359P.V. Sarkhelpur K.S. 1933Sarkhelpur
360P.V. Sarkhelpur K.S. 2924Sarkhelpur

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