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Polling Booth in Kadipur Assembly Constituency

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Kadipur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Kadipur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kadipur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.P. Rihayakpur1054Rihayakpur
2P.P. Bhojpur1307Karahtha Gosarpur
3P.P. Sukhaupur Asrafpatti657Sukhaoopur Asaraf Patti
4P.P. Bharthua Katch No.11249Bharthuaa
5P.P. Bharthua Katch No.2477Bharthuaa
6P.P. Gangoopur Saraykarta957Barwa
7P.P. Naramadhaipur1323Naramadhaipur
8P.P. Babhangavan Katch No. 11009Khalispur Dingur
9P.P. Babhangavan Katch No. 21015Khalispur Dingur
10Dhanaupur1015Dhanau Pur
11P.P. Kaithawan1385Kaithawa
12J.H.S. Dostpur Katch No. 1815Dostpur (NP)
13J.H.S. Dostpur Katch No. 2905Dostpur (NP)
14J.H.S. Dostpur Katch No. 31014Dostpur (NP)
15J.H.S. Dostpur Katch No. 4974Dostpur (NP)
16Kanya J.H.S. Dostpur Katch No. 1907Dostpur (NP)
17P.P. Devapur Katch No. 1640Dostpur (NP)
18P.P. Devapur Katch No. 21176Dostpur (NP)
19P.P. Dostpur1393Dostpur (NP)
20P.P. Islamiya School Dostpur1428Dostpur (NP)
21P.P. Shahpur683Saray Samdkh
22P.P. Narsinghpur381Narsinghpur
23P.P. Bethra Katch No. 11447Bathara
24P.P. Bethra Katch No. 21395Bathara
25P.P. Bheelampur819Bhilampur
26P.P. Basha707Basaha
27P.P. Katghara Katch No. 1594Tenduwakaji
28P.P. Katghara Katch No. 2892Katghara
29P.P. Rohiyawan573Rohiyawa
30P.P. Jalalpur Bakhra997Jalalpur Bakhra
31P.P. Jalalpur Rohiyawan748Jalapur Rohiyawan
32P.P. Dulhapur Katch No. 1946Dullhapur
33P.P.Dulhapur Katch No. 2851Dullhapur
34P.P. Dulhapur Katch No. 3999Dullhapur
35P.P. Gangapur Bhuliya513Gangapur Bhuliya
36P.P. Kuhi Dadiya Katch No. 1762Kumhidadiya
37P.P. Kuhi Dadiya Katch No. 2819Kumhidadiya
38P.P. Ranepur355Ranepur
39P.P. Mustfabad Saraiya Katch N0. 11340Mustafabad Saraiya
40P.P. Mustfabad Saraiya Katch N0. 21325Mustafabad Saraiya
41P.P. Paliya Golpur Katch No. 11215Paliyagolpur
42P.P. Paliya Golpur Katch No. 2965Paliyagolpur
43P.P. Beramarufpur Katch No. 11183Beramarufpur
44P.P. Beramarufpur Katch No. 2634Beramarufpur
45P.P. Dhaturaha843Dhaturaha
46P.P. Makhdoompur Kala1050Makhdoompur Kala
47Trilochan Shatri Inter Collage Katgharapatti Katch No.-1986Katghara Patti
48Trilochan Shatri Inter Collage Katgharapatti Katch No.-2732Katghara Patti
49Trilochan Shatri Inter Collage Katgharapatti Katch No.-31199Katghara Patti
50Trilochan Shatri Inter Collage Katgharapatti Katch No.-4402Katghara Patti
51P.P. Amrethu Dadiya Katch No. 1987Amrathuo Dadiya
52P.P. Amrethu Dadiya Katch No. 21101Amrathuo Dadiya
53P.P. Rampur Khurd804Rampur Khurd
54P.P. Kakna1464Kakana
55Kanya P.P. Malikpur Nonra Katch No. 11246Malipurnunra
56Kanya P.P. Malikpur Nonrakatch No. 21194Malipurnunra
57P.P. Karpi1032Karopi
58P.P. Hamjapur Pathan Katch No-1979Hamjapur Pathan
59P.P. Hamjapur Pathan Katch No-2563Hamjapur Pathan
60P.P. Malapur Jagdishpur Katch No. 11246Malapur Jagdishpur
61P.P. Malapur Jagdishpur Katch No. 2790Malapur Jagdishpur
62P.P. Andaraypur Katch No. 1964Andaraypur
63P.P. Andaraypur Katch No. 2957Andaraypur
64P.P. Lakshmanpur Katch No. 1996Laxmanpur
65P.P. Lakshmanpur Atrikt Katch No. 2525Laxmanpur
66P.P. Lakshmanpur Katch No. 3491Laxmanpur
67P.P. Lauhara763Lauhara
68P.P. Kotiya440Kotiya
69P.P. Heegungaura898Higungapur
70P.P. Budhana1008Budhana
71P.P. Ganapur Hirawanpur433Ganapur Hiramanpur
72J.H.S. Katsari Katch No. 11473Katsari
73J.H.S. Katsari Katch No. 2933Katsari
74P.P. Katsari 1896Katsari
75P.P. Katsari 2898Katsari
76P.P. Barwaripur Katch No.1815Baruaaripur
77P.P. Barwaripur Katch No. 2814Baruaaripur
78P.P. Barwaripur Katch No. 31290Baruaaripur
79P.P. Katghara Narayanpara1213Katghar Mutarwahi
80P.P. Bacchapara573Khijarabad
81Rajkeeya Kanya Madhyamik S. Kadipur Kala Katch No. 1959Kadipur (NP)
82Rajkeeya Kanya Madhyamik S. Kadipur Kala Katch No. 21251Kadipur (NP)
83J.H.S. Kadipurkala Katch No. 11116Kadipur (NP)
84J.H.S. Kadipurkala Naya Bhawan Katch No-1655Kadipur (NP)
85P.P. Kadipurkala Katch No. 1639Kadipur (NP)
86P.P. Kadipurkala Katch No. 21063Kadipur (NP)
87P.P. Ranipur Kayasth Katch No. 11201Ranipur Kaysth
88P.P. Ranipur Kayasth Katch No. 2557Bhaluaahi
89P.P. Daulatpur832Daulatpur
90P.P. Gopalpur Namajgarh Katch No. 11144Gopalpur Nemajgarh
91P.P. Gopalpur Namajgarh Katch No. 2937Gopalpur Nemajgarh
92P.P. Bankegav Katch No. 1961Bankegan
93P.P. Bankegav Katch No. 2607Bankegan
94P.P. Bankegav Katch No. 3914Bankegan
95P.P. Bankegav Katch No. 4656Bankegan
96P.P. Bankegav Katch No. 51427Bankegan
97P.P. Mithanepur Katch No. 11163Nasirpur Saidan
98P.P. Mithanepur Katch No. 2848Kishundaspur
99P.P. Jalalpur Katch No. 1901Kishundaspur
100P.P. Jalalpur Katch No. 2951Jalalpur
101P.P. Saray Kalyan936Saraykalyan
102P.P. Mohamdabad1084Mahmadabad
103P.P. Khateevpur701Khatiwpur
104P.P. Aldemau Noorpur943Aldamaoo Noorpur
105P.P. Kadipur Khurd Katch No. 11186Kadipurkhurd
106P.P. Kadipur Khurd Katch No. 2976Kadipurkhurd
107P.P. Sarayrani Katch No. 11038Sarayani
108P.P. Sarayrani Katch No. 2976Sarayani
109P.P. Padela Katch No. 1895Pandela
110P.P. Padela Katch No. 21257Gaura Bibipur
111P.P. Padarpur Shrirampur Katch No. 11256Paharpur Shrirampur
112P.P. Paharpur Shrirampur Katch No. 2836Paharpur Shrirampur
113P.P. Prannathpur Kala403Prannathpur Kala
114P.P. Jafarpur1048Jafarpur
115P.P. Narottampur687Narottam
116P.P. Trilokpur Newada981Tailokpur Newada
117P.P. Pakadpur Ii1234Pakarpur
118Dev Narayan Uttchatar Madhyamik School Pakadpur Katch No.-11353Pakarpur
119P.P. Pakadpur Katch No. 11414Pakarpur
120P.P. Pakadpur Katch No. 2563Pakarpur
121P.P. Dharupur580Dharoopur
122P.P. Nagnathpur955Nagnathpur
123P.P. Patnapawaropatti1108Nagnathpur
124P.P. Shodhanpur942Shodhanpur
125P.P. Gudra1446Umarapur
126P.P. Haripur Katch No. 11055Haripur
127P.P. Haripur Atirikt Katch No. 2550Haripur
128P.P. Kammarpur935Magarsand Khurd
129P.P. Prannathpur Kayasth428Prannathpur Kayasth
130J.H.S. Aslahuddinpur480Asalhuddinpur
131P.P. Tahirpur958Tahirpur
132P.P. Paharpurkala Katch No. 11122Paharpur Kalan
133P.P. Paharpurkala Katch No. 21183Paharpur Kalan
134P.P. Hinduabad Pratham Katch No. 11442Hinduaabad
135P.P. Hinduabad Pratham Katch No. 21251Hinduaabad
136J.H.S. Bahauddinpur407Bahauddinpur
137P.P. Turkauli Bahauddinpur1287Bahauddinpur
138P.P. Sarsi558Sarsi
139P.P. Jalalpur Kewtan Amremau1484Amaramaoo
140J.H.S. Amremau720Amaramaoo
141P.P. Shukulpur816Sukolpur
142P.P. Devrajpur759Dawrajpur
143P.P. Ramnagar Poorehardas852Daudpur
144P.P. Boodapur Katch No. 1929Birwal
145P.P. Boodapur Katch No. 2415Pratap Sulempur
146P.P. Katgharkhas502Katghar Khas
147P.P. Karaudikala1268Karaudi Kalan
148J.H.S. Katgharpoore Chauhan Katch No. 11172Katgharpoore Chauhan
149J.H.S. Katgharpoore Chauhan Katch No. 21186Katgharpoore Chauhan
150P.P. Sakarde1312Sakarde
151P.P. Bhatauta Tulsipatti1209Bharauta Tulsipatti
152J.H.S. Shahabuddinpur Katch No. 11378Shahabuddinpur
153J.H.S. Shahabuddinpur Katch No. 2947Shahabuddinpur
154P.P. Ramsapur575Ramsapur
155P.P. Bangarkhurd Katch No. 11126Bangarkhurd
156P.P. Bangarkhurd Katch No. 2631Bangarkhurd
157P.P. Gajaienpur1344Gajainpur
158Uttchatar Madhyamik School Rawaniya Katch No. 1446Mubarakpur
159Uttchatar Madhyamik School Rawaniya Katch No. 2848Rawniyan
160P.P. Amiliya603Amiliya
161P.P. Amnikpur1050Amnaikpur
162P.P. Salarpur399Salarpur
163Kanya P.P. Dasgarpara Katch No. 11049Dasgarpara
164Kanya P.P. Dasgarpara Katch No. 2936Dasgarpara
165P.P. Rampur Dubayal Katch No. 11368Rampur Dubayal
166P.P. Rampur Dubayal Katch No. 2665Rampur Dubayal
167P.P. Kekarchaur929Kekarchor
168P.P. Bangarkala Katch No. 1821Bangarkalan
169P.P. Bangarkala Katch No. 2944Bangarkalan
170P.P. Udharanpur564Udharanpur
171P.P. Hajipur Baruwaar710Hajipur Baruar
172P.P. Parasrampur1226Parasrampur
173J.H.S. Baudiyabalmau859Baurhiya Balmaoo
174P.P. Chaturbhujpur Katch No. 1939Chaturbhujpur
175P.P. Chaturbhujpur Katch No. 2706Chaturbhujpur
176P.P. Narayanpur Nagnathpur772Narayanpur Nagnathpur
177P.P. Gangapur Kala648Gangapur Kala
178P.P. Mevpur Barchauli Katch No. 11166Mewpur Barchauli
179P.P. Mevpur Barchauli Katch No. 2649Mewpur Barchauli
180P.P. Kashipur681Kashipur
181P.P. Magarsandkala1025Magarsand Kalan
182Purv Madhyamik School Samda529Samuda
183P.P. Gopalpur Saraykhoja1442Gopalpur Saray Khwaja
184P.P. Khalispur Gopalpur Katch No. 1929Khalispur Gopalpur
185P.P. Khalispur Gopalpur Katch No. 2765Khalispur Gopalpur
186P.P. Gauratikari Katch No. 21405Gauraytikari
188P.P. Pokhardaha1242Pokhadaha
189P.P. Vijathiarajapur Katch No. 1922Bijethuaa Rajapur
190P.P. Vijathiarajapur Katch No. 21293Bijethuaa Rajapur
191P.P. Bhatpur Narayanpur589Bhatpura Narayanpur
192P.P. Bhoopatipur Katch No. 11080Bhoopatipur
193P.P. Bhoopatipur Katch No. 21013Bhoopatipur
194P.P. Kalikapur812Kalikapur
195P.P. Ledua533Lendua
196P.P. Magrava1092Mangrawa
197P.P. Saraiya Kamaura740Saraya Kamaura
198P.P. Khandaura781Khandaura
199P.P. Tawakkalpurnagra Katch No. 11339Taukalpur Nagara
200P.P. Tawakkalpurnagra Katch No. 21300Taukalpur Nagara
201P.P. Bhawanipur841Bhawanipur
202P.P. Kumahi Hamjapur769Kumaihamjapur
203P.P. Bhiti Pahadpur805Bhiti Paharpur
204P.P. Kamrava1122Kamrawan
205P.P. Majhgavan Katch No. 11079Majhgawan
206P.P. Majhgavan Katch No. 21122Majhgawan
207Panchayat Bhawan Hajipur Biri1497Hajipur Biri
208P.P. Hajipur Biri1063Hajipur Biri
209P.P. Misirpur Jalalpur1303Misirpur Jamalpur
210P.P. Hasanpur Taini1095Hasanpur Taini
211P.P. Maruikisundaspur Katch No. 1921Maruikishun Daspur
212P.P. Maruikisundaspur Katch No. 2643Maruikishun Daspur
213Sraswati Inter Collage Umari1418Umari
214P.P. Anuruddhpur871Aniudhapur
215P.P. Losda409Losdha
216P.P. Paudhanrampur Katch No. 11114Paudhanpur
217P.P. Paudhanrampur Katch No. 2731Paudhanpur
218P.P. Balua953Baluaa
219P.P. Mudiladeeh Katch No. 11143Mudaladin
220P.P. Mudiladeeh Katch No. 21172Khalispur Mubarakpur
221P.P. Bacchiya409Bachhaia
222P.P. Uduri Katch No. 11256Udari
223P.P. Uduri Katch No. 2323Paharpur Sarpur
224P.P. Hameedpur1053Hamidpur
225P.P. Vari1013Bari
226P.P. Paharpur Vashya Katch No. 1757Paharpur Basya
227P.P. Paharpur Vashya Katch No. 2849Sizilpur
228P.P. Domapur1284Domapur
229P.P. Rampur Jariya733Rampur Jariya
230P.P. Paliya Devapur Katch No. 1924Palidawapur
231P.P. Paliya Devapur Atirikt Katch No. 2604Palidawapur
232Hayar Secondery School Kumhi Katch No. 11464Kumhi
233Hayar Secondery School Kumhi Katch No. 21321Kumhi
234P.P. Harthua Babhanpur1171Harthuaa Babhanpur
235P.P. Jaunra913Jaunara
236P.P. Mauna362Mauna
237P.P. Saraiya Mubarakpur906Saraiyamubarakpur
238P.P. Biraipur Bhatpur Katch No. 11153Biraiepur Bhatpura
239P.P. Biraipur Bhatpur Katch No. 2535Biraiepur Bhatpura
240P.P. Tajuddinpur Katch No. 11187Tazddinpur
241P.P. Tajuddinpur Katch No. 21322Tazddinpur
242P.P. Loknathpur Balchandpatti Katch No. 11046Lokhathpur Balchandpatti
243P.P. Loknathpur Balchandpatti Katch No. 2745Golhanpara
244P.P. Masuran Katch No. 11409Masuran
245P.P. Masuran Katch No. 2916Loknathpur Balchandpatti
246P.P. Kaithi Jalalpur Katch No. 1978Jalalpur Kaithi
247P.P. Kaithi Jalalpur Katch No. 2879Sahigia
248P.P. Sansarpur963Sansarpur
249P.P. Bahorapur973Bahorapur
250P.P. Pratappur Katch No. 1502Pratappur
251P.P. Pratappur Katch No. 2871Sarajasar
252P.P. Kohara598Kohraa
253P.P. Bamhrauli596Bramhrauli
254Panchayat Bhawan Badauli1416Badhauli
255Inter Collage Paharpur Bastipur Katch No. 11116Paharpur Bastipur
256Inter Collage Paharpur Bastipur Katch No.2743Paharpur Bastipur
257Inter Collage Paharpur Bastipur Katch No. 3901Paharpur Bastipur
258Inter Collage Paharpur Bastipur Katch No. 4789Paharpur Bastipur
259P.P. Gorai1212Gorail
260P.P. Narayanpur Kala1307Naranpur Kalan
261P.P. Dadupur485Dadoopur
262P.P. Pasiyapara Katch No. 1900Bhagati
263P.P. Pasiyapara Katch No. 2808Pasiyapara
264P.P. Kundabhairopur Katch No. 1959Kundabharopur
265P.P. Kundabhairopur Katch No. 2714Kundabharopur
266P.P. Selhupara811Salhoopara
267P.P Baksra697Baksara
268Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Ratanpur722Ratanpur
269P.P. Phareedpur Katch No.11360Faridpur
270P.P. Phareedpur Katch No.21237Faridpur
271P.P. Phareedpur Katch No.3389Jafarpur
272P.P. Dharmapur589Dharmapur
273P.P. Kalyanpur694Kalyanpur
274P.P. Vari Sahijan849Barisahija
275P.P. Nagri Katch No. 11129Nagari
276P.P. Nagri Katch No. 2576Nagari
277J.H.S. Hakeempur726Hakimpur
278P.P. Bangavandeeh1464Banganwadih
279Panchayat Bhawan Bangawandeeh995Banganwadih
280P.P. Lorpur1006Lorpur
281P.P. Dasaupur Katch No. 11154Dasaoopur
282P.P. Dasaupur Katch No. 2508Dasaoopur
283P.P. Gopalpur475Gopalpur
284J.H.S. Beharabhari Katch No. 11008Behrabhari
285J.H.S. Beharabhari Katch No. 2732Behrabhari
286P.P. Jahiruddinpur282Jarauddinpur
287P.P. Alauddinpur1005Alaauddinpur
288P.P. Jagdishpur800Jagdishpur
289P.P. Alimuddinpur1172Alimuddinpur
290P.P. Hajipur335Hajipur
291P.P. Alipur Kapa1416Hajipur
292P.P. Gidhauna909Gidhauna
293P.P. Bahauddinpur568Bahauddinpur
294P.P. Sarawan1253Saranwa
295P.P. Misirpur Dhekaha898Misirpur Dhekaha
296P.P. Bhairopur Dubey432Bhairopur Dube
297P.P. Tikari666Tikari
298P.P. Ahirifirojpur Katch No. 1912Ahirifiroj Pur
299P.P. Ahirifirojpur Katch No. 21117Ahirifiroj Pur
300P.P. Unurkh Katch No. 11114Undorkha
301P.P. Unurkh Katch No. 2887Undorkha
302P.P. Mahmadpur1358Mahmoodpur
303P.P. Piparipatti1075Pattipipari
304P.P. Jamalpur683Jamalpur
306P.P. Brahimpur Katch No. 1952Brahimpur
307P.P. Brahimpur Katch No. 2879Brahimpur
308P.P. Patjupaharpur Katch No. 11234Pajjoonpaharpur
309P.P. Patjupaharpur Katch No. 2683Pajjoonpaharpur
310P.P. Sekhauli367Sekhauli
311P.P. Narwari1106Narwari
312P.P. Parabasupur836Parabasoopur
313P.P. Prannathpur Bacchediya Katch No. 11042Prannathpur Bachhariya
314P.P. Prannathpur Bacchediya Katch No. 2708Prannathpur Bachhariya
315P.P. Pasna592Pasna
316P.P. Badaurakhojapur Katch No. 11029Baraura Khwajapur
317P.P. Badaurakhojapur Katch No. 2786Baraura Khwajapur
318P.P. Rupaipur Katch No. 11095Rupaipur
319P.P. Rupaipur Katch No. 2921Rupaipur
320P.P. Khusamadpur577Khushamadpur
321J.H.S. Khanpur Pilai1102Khanpur Pilai
322P.P. Sahatpur1011Sahatpur
323P.P. Patarkhas Katch No. 11231Patarkhas
324P.P. Patarkhas Katch No. 2466Patarkhas
325P.P. Ghatampur846Ghatampur
326P.P. Harpur Katch No. 11104Harpur
327P.P. Harpur Katch No. 21206Harpur
328P.P. Kalwari Bandh242Kalwari Bagh
329J.H.S. Sajampur1038Sajampur
330P.P. Banbahasirkhinpur1151Banbahasirkhinpur
331P.P. Pailipur Banbahasirkhinpur1214Banbahasirkhinpur
332P.P. Raipur Katch No. 11138Raypur
333P.P. Raipur Katch No. 2524Raypur
334P.P. Karai Katch No. 1866Karai
335P.P. Kanakpur1208Ramnagar
336P.P. Muradabad1056Muradabad
337P.P. Baramadpur Katch No. 11247Kotiya
338P.P. Baramadpur Katch No. 21316Baramadpur
339P.P. Chamrupur399Chamaroopur
340P.P. Bhelara Katch No. 11115Bhelara
341P.P. Bhelara Katch No. 21251Bhelara
342P.P. Meerpur Pratappur -I1340Mirpur Pratappur
343P.P. Makribrahimpur Meerpur Pratappur1359Mirpur Pratappur
344J.H.S. Meerpur Pratappur Katch No. 11268Mirpur Pratappur
345J.H.S. Meerpur Pratappur Katch No. 2778Mirpur Pratappur
346P.P. Faijullahpur471Fajullapur
347Kanya J.H.S. Belwai Madhaupur1368Belwaiamadhaupur
348P.P. Bhiura748Bhelara
349P.P. Kalan1189Kalan
350P.P. Chauraha Raypur Kalan1019Kalan
351P.P. Maharupur527Mahroopur
352P.P. Mustfabadkala1444Mustafabad Kala

Last Updated on December 19, 2014