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Polling Booth in Goshainganj Assembly Constituency

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Goshainganj Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Goshainganj

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Goshainganj Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Ps Rajaura North779Rajaura
2Ps Rajaura South780Rajaura
3Ps Jalalpur Bhaggu1352Jalalpur Bhaggu
4Ps Maurawan681Maurawan
5Ps Dehariyawan North653Dehariyawan
6Ps Dehariyawan South690Dehariyawan
7Ps Askaranpur North1171Askaranpur
8Ps Askaranpur South913Askaranpur
9Ps Sahajpur768Sahajpur
10Ps Bankat1381Bankat
11Kanya Ps Marui Sahaysingh North1229Marue Sahay Singh
12Kanya Ps Marui Sahaysingh South936Marue Sahay Singh
13Ps Safipur480Safipur
14Ps Geenja335Gija
15Kanya Jhs Dayaljot731Badanpur
16Jhs Mohammadpur918Mohammad Pur
17Kanya Ps Devapur538Dewapur
18K. K. A. D. Inter College Mazruddinpur East1240Mejruddeenpur
19K. K. A. D. Inter College Mazruddinpur West1220Mejruddeenpur
20Ps Bhawanipur (Tajpur)977Mejruddeenpur
21Jhs Konccha North1197Kochha
22Jhs Konccha South1231Kochha
23Jhs Konccha Center1160Kochha
24Ps Sonversa Musalmeen1279Sonvarsa Musalmin
25Ps Kodra Musalmeen684Kodra Musalmin
26Ps Mumarijnagar1029Mumarijnagar
27Ps Amawan659Amawa
28Ps Saraykhargi North868Saray Khargi
29Ps Saraykhargi South911Saray Khargi
30Ps Shivtar1267Shivtar
31Ps Asrewa Room No. 11144Asarewa
32Ps Asrewa Room No. 21293Asarewa
33Ps Harvanshpur206Haribansh Pur
34Jhs Mangari1236Mangari
35Ps Ramnagar East427Ramnager
36Ps Ramnagar West1373Ramnager
37Ps Nuwawa Baidra1259Nuawa Baidra
38Ps Bhairopur Tikra North987Bhairopur Tikra
39Ps Bhairopur Tikra South931Bhairopur Tikra
40Ps Bodahri864Bodahari
41Ps Kororaghavpur East1392Kororaghawpur
42Ps Kororaghavpur West1249Kororaghawpur
43Ps Mau1146Mau
44Ps Rampur Ahrauli1210Rampur Ahirauli
45Ps Benigaddopur North849Beni Gaddau Pur
46Ps Benigaddopur South764Beni Gaddau Pur
47Panchayat Bhavan Benigaddopur876Beni Gaddau Pur
48Ps Rasoolpur Amad Sultanpur North224Rasulpur Aosultanpur
49Ps Rasoolpur Amad Sultanpur South854Rasulpur Aosultanpur
50Ps Pratappur Urf Barhupur1006Pratappur Urf Barhupur
51Ps Khiddirpur East1165Khiddarpur
52Ps Khiddirpur West728Khiddarpur
53Ps Paroma East1030Paroma
54Ps Paroma West1021Paroma
55Ps Salhipur East809Salahipur
56Ps Salhipur West783Salahipur
57Ps Salhipur Extra Room797Salahipur
58Ps Parsuhi1305Parsuhi
59Ps Lakshmanpur Grant362Laxmanpur Grant
60Jhs Jasarpur North1182Jasarpur
61Jhs Jasarpur South1187Jasarpur
62Ps Johan North1427Johan
63Ps Johan South1204Johan
64Ps Johan Extra Room386Johan
65Ps Nandauna501Nadauna
66Ps Shankarpur778Shankarpur
67Ps Shankarpur Extra Room782Shankarpur
68Ps Kanavan1293Kanauwa
69Ps Gangapur Mu. Ramaupur640Gangapur Mu.Ramieypur
70Ps Bhulaipur Nidhiyawa979Bhulaipur Nidhiyawa
71Jhs Benipur608Benipur
72Ps Jamolikhurd East843Jamoli Khurd
73Trilokinath Inter College Bharhukhata1109Bharai Khata
74Ps Chaurechandauli North1236Churechandauli
75Ps Chaurechandauli South1342Churechandauli
76Ps Rndauli Pachchimpali1253Randolipalipsrim
77Ps Manjha Sonaura862Manjha Sonaura
78Ps Ahirani Gopalpur446Ahiranigopalpur
79Ps Baitikala North1078Bainti Kala
80Ps Baitikala Extra Room633Bainti Kala
81Ps Baitikala South516Bainti Kala
82Ps Baitikala West1200Bainti Kala
83Jhs Sarsavan626Sarsanwan
84Ps Nunapurab1104Newnapurab
85Ps Rauhari North992Rauhari
86Ps Rauhari South656Rauhari
87Ps Sinhoria755Sihoriya
88Ps Gothaura631Godhaura
89Ps Palipurab1253Pali Purb
90Nayanraji Umv Hathigo Room No. 11408Hathigo
91Nayanraji Umv Hathigo Room No. 2923Hathigo
92Nayanraji Umv Hathigo Room No. 3674Hathigo
93Avdhesh Lmv Jajwara Room No. 1837Jajwara
94Avdhesh Lmv Jajwara Room No. 3795Jajwara
95Ps Baisupali1025Baisu Pali
96Ps Parahathigo1089Para Hathigo
97Ps Arsath342Arsath
98Shri Bhagwan Bvm Savardheer809Sabar Dhir
99Ps Ariyasi339Ariyasi
100Ps Rampur Pratap Room No. 1905Rampur Pratap
101Ps Rampur Pratap Room No. 2586Rampur Pratap
102Ps Garauli1067Gurauli
103Ps Panchgawan871Gurauli
104Panchayat Bhawan Dhamhar1302Dhamhar
105Jhs Purabpatti1311Purabpatti
106Ps Gauhanikhurd East860Gauhani Khurd
107Ps Gauhanikhurd West864Gauhani Khurd
108Jhs Ramwakala375Ramwa Kala
109Ps Pararam North989Para Ram
110Ps Pararam South440Para Ram
111Ps Thariyakala Room No. 11083Thariya Kala
112Ps Thariyakala Room No. 2943Thariya Kala
113Ps Thariyakala Extra Room934Thariya Kala
114Ps Ankari556Ankari
115Adarsh Inter Collage Pachiyana East904Pachhiyana
116Adarsh Inter Collage Pachiyana Middle1230Pachhiyana
117Adarsh Inter Collage Pachiyana West1397Pachhiyana
118Shri Anant Inter Collage Khaparadeeh North1304Khapra Dih
119Shri Anant Inter Collage Khaparadeeh South502Khapra Dih
120Ps Katauna642Katauna
121Ps Haiderganj East1105Haidar Ganj
122Ps Haiderganj West475Haidar Ganj
123Ps Haiderganj New East829Haidar Ganj
124Ps Haiderganj New West796Haidar Ganj
125Ps Jana North919Jana
126Ps Jana South1043Jana
127Panchayat Bhawan Jana1161Jana
128Kanya Ps Jana Room No. 11314Jana
129Kanya Ps Jana Room No. 2491Jana
130Ps Sahsipur1344Sahasipur
131Ps Belgara North1033Bela Gara
132Ps Belgara South1052Bela Gara
133Ps Kewlapur Urf Takminganj East743Kewlapur Urf Takminpur
134Ps Kewlapur Urf Takminganj West980Kewlapur Urf Takminpurganj
135Ps Dharmpur Mu. Paragaribshah446Kewlapur Urf Takminpurganj
136Ps Bara617Tarun
137Ps Kakrahi798Kakrahi
138Ps Charawan1176Charawan
139Ps Samda826Samda
140Ps Barawn East1372Barawan
141Ps Barawn West1319Barawan
142Ps Unchgaon1104Ucha Gaon
143Ps Netwari Chaturpur Room No. 1747Netwarichaturpur
144Ps Netwari Chaturpur Room No. 2798Netwarichaturpur
145Ps Paragaribshah1348Paragarib Shah
146Ps Fakharpur820Phakharpur
147Ps Kesharuwa Bujurg North1054Keshruwa Bujurg
148Ps Kesharuwa Bujurg South863Keshruwa Bujurg
149Ps Maahanmau984Mahan Mau
150Pancham Prasad Audyogik Vidya Mandir Inter Collage Parsawan Mahola Room No. 171080Parsawa Mahola
151Pancham Prasad Audyogik Vidya Mandir Inter Collage Parsawan Mahola Room No. 181053Parsawa Mahola
152Ps Dandupur438Dandu Pur
153Ps Vijayanpur Sajahara East688Vijaypurshajahara
154Ps Vijayanpur Sajahara West1222Vijaypurshajahara
155Ps Nagpali991Nagpali
156Ps Kanakpur Jhagrauli1258Kanakpur Sagrauli
157Ps Mijhauli Kisundaspur710Majhauli Kishundaspur
158Ps Chakrasenpur930Chaksenpur
159Ps Ramdaspur1263Ramdaspur
160Ps Tardeeh East954Tardih
161Ps Tardeeh West792Tardih
162Jhs Gayaspur North1391Gayaspur
163Jhs Gayaspur South1064Gayaspur
164Ps Gaura1216Gaura
165Kisan Inter Collage Bankata East298Mahrai Mommadpur
166Kisan Inter Collage Bankata West1024Mahrai Mommadpur
167Ps Dilippur537Dilippur
168Ps Chandpur Mu. Ghuritikar445Dhuritikar
169Ps Ghuritikar North1063Dhuritikar
170Ps Ghuritikar Extra Room523Dhuritikar
171Ps Ghuritikar South508Dhuritikar
172Ps Khemipur Nidhiyawa East999Khemipur Nidhiyawan
173Ps Khemipur Nidhiyawa West949Khemipur Nidhiyawan
174Ps Kakoli North1051Kakauli
175Ps Kakoli South687Kakauli
176Ps Baharpur883Bahrpur
177Ps Purushottampur1065Purshottampur
178Ps Balapur695Purshottampur
179Janta Inter Collage Jaisinghmau Room No.-1794Jaysinghmai
180Janta Inter Collage Jaisinghmau Room No.-2793Jaysinghmai
181Ps Nasratpur1369Nasaratpur
182Ps Dariyapur1153Dariyapur
183Ps Daudaha880Dariyapur
184Ps Saraisagar387Sari Sagar
185Ps Agaganj Room No. 1692Kalyanpurchhtauna
186Ps Agaganj Room No. 21184Kalyanpurchhtauna
187Ps Ballikripal Pur1026Ballikripalpur
188Ps Tarun North1380Tarun
189Ps Tarun South1049Tarun
190Ps Narayanpur1156Narayanpur
191Ps Kichhuti Kishundaspur868Sonauragaupur
192Ps Sonouragaupur East1030Sonauragaupur
193Ps Sonouragaupur West1465Sonauragaupur
194Ps Fatehpur Kamasin East1284Fatehpurkamasin
195Ps Fatehpur Kamasin West1340Fatehpurkamasin
196Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel Jhs Karnaipur Mu0 Paragaribshah458Karanpur Mu. Paragribashah
197Ps Bibipur Pedra145Bibipur
198Ps Yadavpur1128Yadav Pur
199Ps Bhadarkhurd Bujurg North458Bhadarkhurdbuzurg
200Ps Bhadarkhurd Bujurg South1180Bhadarkhurdbuzurg
201Ps Kelalalkhan North706Kela Lal Khan
202Ps Kelalalkhan South1110Kela Lal Khan
203Ps Maiharkabeerpur663Maihar Kabirpur
204Ps Imiliya1366Imliya
205Ggic Saraimanodhar Room No. 1710Sarai Manodhar
206Ggic Saraimanodhar Room No. 2941Sarai Manodhar
207Ps Sihipur Room No. 11104Sihipur
208Ps Sihipur Room No. 21384Sihipur
209Ps Bela1393Bela
210Ps Bhopaduhiya North989Bhopa Duhiya
211Ps Bhopaduhiya South682Bhopa Duhiya
212Ps Rakhauna787Rakhona
213Ps Nagaipur (Umarni)555Umarani
214Ps Kuwandand East852Kuan Dada
215Ps Kunwadand West298Kuan Dada
216Ps Karaundi860Karaundi Mu. Haidarganj
217Ps Malawan Room No. 1886Malawan
218Ps Malawan Room No. 2905Malawan
219Ps Karnaipur Mu. Bhiti850Karani Pur Mu. Bhiti
220Ps Dostgrampur925Dostgram Pur
221Ps Niyajpur1079Niyaj Pur
222Ps Odiratnathpur1067Aodiratnathpur
223Ps Husainpur1044Husainpur
224Ps Dhaurahrakuti813Dhaurharakuti
225Jhs Mugishpur709Mugispur
226Ps Gopalpur (Bhaisauli)620Bhaisauli
227Ps Paliachalpur East970Paliachalpur
228Ps Paliachalpur West1298Paliachalpur
229Sadhna Lmv Chitawan Room No. 1957Chitawan
230Sadhna Lmv Chitawan Room No. 21244Chitawan
231Ps Barehta East859Barehata
232Ps Barehta West913Barehata
233Ps Rajaura Mu. Tikri827Rajaura Mu. Tikari
234Ps Bedapur899Bedapur
235Ps Pichhaura988Pichhaura
236Ps Tikri North959Tikri
237Ps Tikri South260Tikri
238Ps Tarapur871Tarapur
239Ps Gurauli576Gurauli
240Ps Birampur Kakaraha South660Chachikpur
241Jhs Kumhiya North1014Kurmihaya
242Jhs Kumhiya South884Kurmihaya
243Ps Bhoya Extra Room889Bhoya
244Ps Amauni646Amauni
245Ps Mahrajipur728Amari
246Jai Kisan Inter College Arwat1018Arwat
247Ps Jagdishpur943Jagdishpur(Arwal)
248Ps Malkhanpur890Malkhan Pur
249Ps Mednipur762Mednipur
250Ps Haiderpur575Haidar Pur
251Ps Kalyanpur Brauli North504Kalyanpur(Barauli)
252Ps Kalyanpur Barauli South711Kalyanpur(Barauli)
253Ps Rauva Lohangpur1167Rawa Lohagpur
254Jhs Pamparpur826Pampar Pur
255Jhs Bikapur774Bikapur
256Ps Benwan1045Benawa
257Ps Rampur Bujurg504Rampur Buzurg
258Baba Doodhnath L.M.V. Nevkabir Pur1174New Kabirpur
259Ps Parsauli Majre Alnabhari East857Alnabhari
260Ps Parsauli Majre Alnabhari West706Alnabhari
261Ps Mujbhariya (Keshavpur)767Keshwpur
262Ps Beraspur1054Beraspur
263Ps Durgapur Rampurva816Durgapur Rampurwa
264Ps Sarangpur778Sarang Pur
265Ps Targauhan588Targauhan
266Ps Chhatara951Chhatra
267Ps Baraipara858Barie Para
268Ps Damoderpur309Damodar Pur
269Ps Kajipur632Rakaura
271Ps Nakatwara676Nakatwara
272Ps Rampur Puwari Uprhar First1093Rampur Puwari Uparhar
273Ps Rampur Puwari Manjha Second696Rampur Puwari Manjha
274Ps Kajipur Manjha East753Kazipur Biswa
275Ps Ishasarai677Isha Saray Uparhar
276Jhs Dalpatpur East922Dalpatpur Uparhar
277Jhs Dalpatpur Middle804Dalpatpur Uparhar
278Jhs Dalpatpur West976Dalpatpur Uparhar
279Kanya Ps Dalpatpur903Dalpatpur Manjha
280Adarsh Ps Aalapur East554Alapur Uparhar
281Adarsh Ps Aalapur West923Alapur Machha
282Ps Raghunathpur1092Raghunathapur
283Jhs Jarahi Khchha Sankhya Room No. 11172Jarhi
284Ups Jarahi Khchha Sankhya Room No. 2583Jarhi
285Ps Jarahi569Sarai Berisal
286Ps Devasuryabhan Pur1035Dewasuryabhanpur
287Ps Babuapur1071Babuapur
288Ps Jajvat674Jajwat
289Ps Maya Bhikhi North1086Maya Bhikhi
290Ps Maya Bhikhi South940Maya Bhikhi
291Ps Ratanpur603Ratanpur
292Ps Kanakpur North1025Kanakpur
293Ps Kanakpur South740Kanakpur
294Ps Silauni1158Siloni
295Ps Sraisagar1364Sarai Sagar
296Ps Rampur Maya1055Rampur Maya
297Ps Jagdishpur Tanduali667Jagdishpur Tandeli
298Ps Mohammadpur Kasba1163Mohammad Pur Kasba
299Ps Dilasiganj Uttari1363Kasba
300Ps Dilasiganj Dakchhri910Kasba
301Ps Kaudilla543Kaudilla
302Ps Baihari868Baihari
303Ps Alhadipur1213Rampur Baihari
304Ps Sonaura420Sonora
305Jhs Devra Daudpur1417Dewaradaudapur
306Ps Samantha North1030Samantha
307Ps Samantha South500Samantha
308Ps Tanduali North857Tandauli
309Ps Tanduali South858Tandauli
310Ps Rajpaliya1411Rajpaliya
311Ps Gangapur Grant1420Jamuni Pur
312Ps Kajipur Gadar1486Kazipur Gadar
313Ps Pakraila1311Pakraila
314Ps Ramnagar Mishrauli1001Sarraiya
315Ps Rasoolpur First668Rasulpur Pratham
316Ps Rajapur887Rajapur
317Subhash Inter College Saraiya West1470Sarraiya
318Subhash Inter College Saraiya East1449Sarraiya
319Ps Manapara West1319Pacharukhawa
320Ps Mainpur553Manpur
321Ups Gokulpur1394Gokulpur
322Ps Pausara Uttari1326Pausara Uparhar
323Ps Pausara Dakchhri1259Pausara Majha
324Ps Kadipur658Kadipur
325Ps Hardi1103Hardi
326Ps Lalpur East1118Lalpur Uparhar
327Ps Lalpur West1129Lalpur Uparhar
328Ps Lalpur Extra Room845Lalpur Manjha
329Ps Uniyar1055Uniyar Uparahar
330Ps Mahboobganj1288Bhiripur Uparhar
331Ps Shervaghat East900Sharwa Uparhar
332Ps Shervaghat West955Sharwa Majha
333Ps Ishapur705Saraiyarewari
334Ps Devapur North750Dewapur
335Ps Devapur South802Dewapur
336Ups Ruhiyawan East1359Ruhiyawan
337Ups Ruhiyawan West1278Ruhiyawan
338Ps Saraiya Revari413Saraiyarewari
339Ps Bhitaura North917Bhitaura
340Ps Bhitaura South1033Bhitaura
341Ps Revri1475Rewri
342Janseva Ashram Umv Bandanpur North949Bandan Pur
343Janseva Ashram Umv Bandanpur South936Bandan Pur
344Ps Gauhaniya North1406Gohaniya
345Ps Gauhaniya South1209Gohaniya
346Ps Samada East1238Samda
347Ps Samada Extra Room272Samda
348Ps Samada West1105Samda
349A.N.D. Inter College Goshaiganj971Belwari Khan
350Ggic Goshaiganj West1407Gosaiganj
351Ggic Goshaiganj East Middle1139Gosainganj (NP)
352Ggic Goshaiganj East742Gosainganj (NP)
353Ggic Goshaiganj Southern East1003Gosainganj (NP)
354Ggic Goshaiganj Southern North757Gosainganj (NP)
355Ps Goshaiganj East1469Gosainganj (NP)
356Ps Goshaiganj North1090Gosainganj (NP)
357Rbn Inter College Goshaigan Northern East1172Gosainganj (NP)
358Rbn Inter College Goshaigan Eastern Middle953Gosainganj (NP)
359Rbn Inter College Goshaigan Middle 21468Gosainganj (NP)
360Rbn Inter College Goshaigan East1186Gosainganj (NP)
361Rbn Inter College Goshaigan Middle East 3446Gosainganj (NP)
362Rbn Inter College Goshaigan Southern West1163Gosainganj (NP)
363Ps Gaddopur Hardaspur863Gaddopur Hardaspur
364Ps Chirkitha697Chirkitha
365Ps Dharupur528Dharupur
366Ps Ramapur Purvi1129Rampur
367Ps Ramapur Pashchimi1348Rampur
368Ps Devgiriya827Trilok Pur
369Ps Rehdi785Trilok Pur
370Panchayat Bhawan Aanapur Sraiya935Bodhi Pur
371Ps Veershahpur847Bodhi Pur
372Ps Khirauni1077Dharupur
373Ps Bera727Amsin
374Ps Trilokpur849Amsin
375Ps Bodhipur590Bodhi Pur
376Jhs Bodhipur Parmanpur640Parman Pur
377Ps Jaita601Jaita
378Devkinanadan Rangnarain Jhs Amsin East1187Amsin
379Devkinanadan Rangnarain Jhs Amsin Middle1345Amsin
380Ps Dahlawa Amsin1052Amsin

Last Updated on November 15, 2014