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Polling Booth in Dhanaura Assembly Constituency

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Dhanaura Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Dhanaura

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dhanaura Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Frist689Rusulpur Bhawer Mustqam
2Primary School1234Mhasanpur Urf devipura
5Junior High School811Paharpurinayat
9Primary School Ashikpura Majra Azampur1054Chandra Must
10Adarsh Junior High School723Patti Khader Majra Aajampur
20Primary School Room 1771Nekpur
20Primary Schhol Room 2771Bhutpura
21Primary Schhol864Tajpur Mjara Lahdbar
32Janta Uchtar Madhyamik Vidyalaya414Rafatpura
45Primary School Room 2879Kalalee
50Junior High School Room 1850Basantpur Must.
51Junior High School Room 3797Basee Ahat.
51Junior High School Room 2797Bastora Rani
52Junior High School Room 4864Sherpur Ahatmali
68Kanya Ucchtar Madhyamik Vidyalaya949Tomra
72Rashtriya Inter College Room 1 Dhanaura1283Dhnaura
72Gandhi Inter College Room 11283Shahbajpur Gujar
72Gandhi Inter College1283Akbarpur Khurd Shumali
72Gandhi Inter College Room 31283Madeia Dhnauri
73Gandhi Inter College Room 4874Dhanaura (NPP)
74Girls Junior High School906Dhanaura (NPP)
75Girls Junior High School Room 31006Dhanaura (NPP)
77Primary School No 21117Dhanaura (NPP)
78Primary School No 2 Room 2833Dhanaura (NPP)
79Girls Primary School No 3724Dhanaura (NPP)
80Girls Primary School No.1939Dhanaura (NPP)
82Primary School No. -11236Dhanaura (NPP)
88Primary School Room 01524Dhanaura (NPP)
89Junior High School Bachhraon1290Dhanaura (NPP)
90Junior High School Bachhraon Room 21048Dhanaura (NPP)
91Junior High School Bachhraon Room 31371Dhanaura (NPP)
92Municipality Office Bachhron Room 1763Dhanauri Khurd Shumali
93Indrawati Government Girls Inter College Bachhraon934Bachhraon (NPP)
94Indrawati Government Girls Inter College Room 21248Bachhraon (NPP)
95Primary School Cham Coti Room 11001Bachhraon (NPP)
96Primary School Chaman Coti Room 21448Bachhraon (NPP)
97Cooperative Store Association Room 0 11219Bachhraon (NPP)
98Kanya Schoolno. Room 1536Bachhraon (NPP)
99Primary School Number-11485Bachhraon (NPP)
100Primary School Number-1 Room 21435Bachhraon (NPP)
101Primary School Number-1 Room 3712Bachhraon (NPP)
102Abbasiya School Room 11040Bachhraon (NPP)
103Abbasiya School Room 21379Bachhraon (NPP)
104Abbasiya School Room 31314Bachhraon (NPP)
105Cooperative Union Office Bachhraon1185Bachhraon (NPP)
106Primary School Bandoorkhana Room 11173Bachhraon (NPP)
107Primary School Bandoorkhana Room 2751Bachhraon (NPP)
142Primary School Room 3484Daranagar Must.
163Primary School Room 41094Moharka
163Cooperative Society Allipur Bhud Room 11094Saidampur
163Cooperative Society Allipur Bhud Room 21094Rasulpur Khadar
164Cooperative Society Allipur Bhud Room 31093Moharka
165Junior High School Allipur Bhud Room 11251Bansle
166Junior High School Allipur Bhud Room 21340Gajraula (NP)
167Primary School Allipur Bhud Room 21402Gajraula (NP)
168Primary School Allipur Bhud Room 31476Gajraula (NP)
170Primary School First Room 2868Gajraula (NP)
171Primary School Gajraula First Room 21308Gajraula (NP)
172Junior High School Gajraula Room 1965Gajraula (NP)
173Junior High School Gajraula Room 21285Gajraula (NP)
176Girls Junior High School Room 3Gajraula1070Gajraula (NP)
177Primary School Gajraula Second819Gajraula (NP)
178Gyan Bharti Inter College Room 1 Gajraula1129Gajraula (NP)
179Gyan Bharti Inter College 768Gajraula (NP)
180Gyan Bharti Inter College Room 2 Gajraula798Gajraula (NP)
181Gyan Bharti Inter College Room 6461Gajraula (NP)
182Gyan Bharti Inter College Room 31282Gajraula (NP)
183Gyan Bharti Inter College Room 4 Gajraula1079Gajraula (NP)
184Gyan Bharti Inter College Room 71217Gajraula (NP)
185Rajkiya Degree College Gajrula693Gajraula (NP)
186Shiv Inter Collage Gajrula Room 11460Gajraula (NP)
187Shiva Inter College Gajraula Room 71148Gajraula (NP)
188Shiva Inter College Gajraula813Gajraula (NP)
189Shiva Inter College Gajraula Room 61113Gajraula (NP)
190Shiva Inter College Gajraula Room 3942Gajraula (NP)
191Shiva Inter College Gajraula Room 4766Gajraula (NP)
192Shiva Inter College Gajraula Room 81167Gajraula (NP)
193Primary School Tigria Bhud Room 1500Gajraula (NP)
194Primary School Tigria Bhud Room 21135Gajraula (NP)
195Primary School Naipura Khadar Room 11100Gajraula (NP)
196Primary School Naipura Khadar Room 3407Gajraula (NP)
215Ambedkar Park491Md.Pur Patti
219Girls Primary School534Budhpura
223Purva Madhyamik Vidyalaya Room 1543Meethanpur
224Purva Madhyamik Vidyalaya Room 21489Chuchaila Kalan
225Girls Primary School Room 1792Chuchaila Kalan
281Kisan Adarsh Junior High School581Bairampur Bhur
337Manki Khurd1014Chak Naugaba Taga
338Manki Kalan1064Khedka

Last Updated on December 19, 2014