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Polling Booth in Chandausi Assembly Constituency

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Chandausi Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Chandausi

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Chandausi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary School Khera Khaas1498Khera Khas
2Primary School Behata Sahu823Behta Sahu
4Primary School Alawalpur694Alawalpur
5Primary School Saray Sikander1065Ratanpur Seondara
7Primary School Bhataur567Bhataur
8Sardar Singh Inter College Narauli816Narauli (NP)
12Naya Nagar Panchayat Bhavan Narauli1333Narauli (NP)
13Basic Primary School Narauli1413Narauli (NP)
17Primary Kanya Pathshala Narauli1244Narauli (NP)
18Primary Kanya Pathsala Narauli782Narauli (NP)
20Primary School Faridpur Khas1422Faridpur Khas
21Primary School Pachaak948Pachak
23Primary School Ramraipur421Ramraypur
24Primary School Nasirpur Naroaui527Manakpur Narauli
25Wali Mohammad Sevak Samaj Juniour High School Gumthal1015Gumthal
29Primary School Gumthal899Gumthal
31Primary School Bhulawai876Bhulawai
32Primary School Bhulawaee685Bhulawai
34Primay School Devarkhera868Dewar Khera
35Primar School Devarkhera748Dewar Khera
36Primary School Devarkhera1543Dewar Khera
37Primary School Akbarpur Chitauri748Akbarpur Chiteri
39Primary School Maulagarh1174Maulagarh
41Primary School Maulhagad1209Maulagarh
43Kanya Primary Pathshala Maulagarh1231Maulagarh
48Primary School Mohammadgunj1081Mohammadganj
49Primary School Mohammadpur Kashi1355Mohammadpur Kashi
50Juniour High School Aata1260Ata
52Primary School Nehta1048Nehta
54Primary School Mau Assu1035Mau Assuo
56Primary School Janeta1017Janaita
58Prmary School Janheta1092Janaita
60Purv Madhymik Vidalaya Janeta749Janaita
62Kanya Primary School Janeta1039Janaita
65Primary School Azeemgunj805Azimganj
66Primary School Sainjani1113Sainjni
67Primary School Majhawali1070Majhola
69Primary School Jairoee Hayatnagar1140Jairohi Hayat Nagar
71Primary School Pura1259Pura
73Juniour High School Budh Nagar Khandua1363Budh Nagar Khandwa
75Juniour High School Budh Nagar Khanduvaroom 3652Budh Nagar Khandwa
76Primary School Saidpur767Jairohi Hayat Nagar
77Primary School Adampur1189Adampur
78Primary School Kaithal First1462Kaithal
81Primary School Kaithal Second748Kaithal
83Aganwari Kendra Kaithal833Kaithal
84Juniour High School Kaithal949Kaithal
86Primary School Aintol503Kaithal
87Primary School Barraee1167Barai
88Primary School Kareli818Kareli
90Primary School Rustamgarh Ugiya1143Rustamgarh Ughiya
91Primary School Patrauaa1020Patrauwa
93Kanya Juniour High School Maee859Mai
96Kanya Juniour High School Maei675Mai
97Primary School Pathra1346Pathra
99Primary School Wakarpur Bahtari1079Baqarpur Behtri
100S.M.Digree College Bigyan Bhavan Chandausi876Chandausi (NPP)
101S.M.Digree College Vigyan Bhavan Chandausi998Chandausi (NPP)
104S.M.Digree College Chandausi1423Chandausi (NPP)
107Govind Ballabh Pant Juniour High School Candaus I1010Chandausi (NPP)
108S.M.Inter College Chandaus I910Chandausi (NPP)
109S.M.Inter College Chandausi964Chandausi (NPP)
114I.T.I. Chandausi1333Chandausi (NPP)
116I.T.I.Chandausi849Chandausi (NPP)
117I.T.I Chandausi1181Chandausi (NPP)
119F.R.Inter College Chandausi Romm 11019Chandausi (NPP)
120F.R.Inter College Chandausi1044Chandausi (NPP)
123Office Nagar Palika Parishad Chandausi1486Chandausi (NPP)
124Office Palika Parishad Chandausi Romm 2862Chandausi (NPP)
125Ravindra Nath Tagore Primary School Chandausi755Chandausi (NPP)
126F.R.Primary School Chandausi Romm 11153Chandausi (NPP)
127F.R. Primary School Chandausi665Chandausi (NPP)
130F. R. Primary School Chandausi824Chandausi (NPP)
132Primary School Luxmangunj Chandausi1156Chandausi (NPP)
134Nanak Chand Adarsh Inter College Cahndausi1283Chandausi (NPP)
138Nanak Chand Adarsh Inter College Chandausi921Chandausi (NPP)
139Rampyari Inter College Chandausi803Chandausi (NPP)
141Luxmibaee Primary School Chandausi846Chandausi (NPP)
143Sanskrit Mahavidalaya Raghunath Ashram Chandausi1016Chandausi (NPP)
150Chandausi Inter College Chandausi1035Chandausi (NPP)
154Akrurji Inter College Chandausi1051Chandausi (NPP)
156Akrurji Inter Collge Chandausi1187Chandausi (NPP)
157Nehru Primary School Chandausi1064Chandausi (NPP)
158Sarojani Naydu Juniour High School Chandausi1302Chandausi (NPP)
164Sanatan Dharm Kanya Inter College Chandausi960Chandausi (NPP)
166Kanya Inter Collage Chandaushi884Chandausi (NPP)
167Lajpatray Primary School Chandausi1018Chandausi (NPP)
168Lajpatrai Primary School Chandaushi845Chandausi (NPP)
169Lajpatray Primary School Cahndausi596Chandausi (NPP)
170B.M.G.Digree College Chandausi834Chandausi (NPP)
171B.M.G.Digree College Chandasui1080Chandausi (NPP)
175B.M.G.Inter College Chandausi931Chandausi (NPP)
180Kanya Primary School Purvi Asalatpur Jaraee1019Ashlatnagar Jarai
184Primary School Mohammad Nagar Kasba1099Mohamadpur Kasba
186Juniour High School Raholi1004Raheli
189Primary School Berikhera793Beri Khera
190Primary School Alhedadpur Chammu1172Alehdadpur Chammu
191Primary School Fatehpur Dal1298Fatehpurdal
192Primary School Alampur Kudaiya1165Alampur Kudeya
193Primary School Nagala Purva1124Nagla Purwa
194Sahkari Beej Bhandar Khateta933Khetapur
195Primary School Paltha Mithanpur697Paltha Mithanpur
196Primary School Kanthri493Kanthri
197Primary School Kokabas1117Kokabans
199Janta Inter College Akrauli1301Akrauli
203Primary School Baniyakhera950Baniya Khera
205Primary School Banyiakhera946Baniya Khera
207Primary School Manakpur Narauli1430Manakpur Narauli
208Primary School Rasoolpur Kaili737Rasulpur Kaili
210Primary School Taharpur Simraua828Taharpur Simraua
211Primary School Fazalpur Near Hindoli889Sarai Sikandar
212Primary School Kaili967Kaili
214Higher Secondry School Raghunathpur Majhra Aurangpur Sileta1015Sarai Sikandar
216Primary School Dhnaita Sotipura735Behta Sahu
217Primary School Ghosipura431Mau Assuo
218Primary School Nagala Khokar805Sarai Sikandar
219Primary School Aincholi1006Encholi

Last Updated on November 15, 2014