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Polling Booth in Bithoor Assembly Constituency

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Bithoor Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bithoor

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bithoor Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Jr. H. School Mohammadpur1482Mohammadpur
2Pr.Vidhyalaya Rishikul Bithoo?Bithoor (NP)
3Poorv M. Vidhyalay Near Police Station Town Area Bithoor1299Bithoor (NP)
4Ram Janki Inter College Town Area Bithoor850Bithoor (NP)
9Pr. School Ramel Bangar?Ramelbangar
11Pr. School Paigupur Bangar?Paigupur Bangar
12Pr. School Barhat Bangar?Barhat Bangar
13Pr. Pathshala (Saksupurwa) Barhat Kachhar677Barhat Bangar
14Jr. H. School Bakunthpur1464Baikunh Pur
17Pr. School Ishwariganj1173Ishwarikhera
18Pr. School Hrideypur791Hadaipur
19Pr. School Chiran638Hadaipur
20Pr. School Khyora Katri1209Khyora Katari
22Pr. School Katri Lodhwa Khera?Katarilodhwakhera
24Pr. School Sambharpur895Hindupur
25Pr. School Hindupur591Mohan Pur
27Pr. School Pratappur Hari1233Pratappur Hari
28Jr. H. School Singhpur Kachhar?Singhpur Kachhar
30Pr. Vidyalay Ghambhirpur Kachhar?Gambhirpur Kachhar
31Pr. School Hora Kachhar1155Hora Kachhar
32Jr. H. School Bagdaudhi Bangar1642Bagdodhi Bangar
36Pr. Vidyalay Mandhna (I)513Bagdodhi Bangar
39Pr. School Pargahi Bangar813Bagdodhikachhar&Pargahi Kachha
41Pr. School Hora Bangar1287Hora Bangar
42Pr. School Lodhar?Lodhar
43Pr. School Kursauli749Kursauli
44Pr. School Maqsoodabad?Maksooda Bad
46Pr. School Naurangabad?Naurangabad
47Pr. School Lohar Khera?Lohar Khera
48Jr. H. School Tikra?Tikra Kanpur
50Pr. Vidyalaya Naseniya?Bahera
51Poorv M. Vidyalay Raikepur1171Raikepur
52Pr. Vidyalay Niwari?Raikepur
53Pr. Vidhyalay Jharkhara533Rautepur
54Jr. H. School Rautepur?Rautepur
61Kanya Pr. Pathshala Dool?Dool
62Pr. Vidyalay Hetpur?Dool
63Pr. School Bhool?Dool
64Pr. School Mangalipur?Dool
65Jr. H. School Bhisijarigaon1197Bhisi Jargaon
66Pr. School Naktu1411Nakatoo
67Pr. Pathshala Dharmangadpur1236Dharmangad Pur Kanpur
69Pr. Pathshala Katra Ghanshyam1223Kataraghan Shyam
70Pr. Pathshala Pakri886Pakari
71Pr. School Bhisar1009Bhisar
73Pr. School Sachendi (Ii)?Sachendi
75Pr. Vidyalay Singhpur?Sachendi Urf Chacheri
76Pr. School Sachendi (I)1186Sachendi
78Jr. H. School Sachendi?Sachendi
83Pr. School Chakarpur?Sachendi
84Pr. School Jugrajpur?Sachendi
86Pr. School Bhauti Pratpur1294Bhautipratappur
89Pr. Vidyalay Mahendra Nagar (Bangali Coloney)1182Bhautipratappur
90Pr. School Panka Bahadur Ngar?Pankabahadur Nagar
91Pr. Vidyalay Chheetepur947Chhitepur
92Pr. School Bhauti Khera?Bhautikhera
93Pr. School Bhailamau?Bhailamau
94Basic Pr. School Kala Ka Purwa?Rampur Bhimsen
97Jr. H. School Rampur Bheemsen?Rampur Bhimsen
99Pr. School Sona?Sona
101Pr. School Garhi Kanpur781Garhi Kanpur
102Kanya Jr. H. School Binaur985Binaur
105Pr. Pathshala Katra Bhaisore?Binaur
106Jr. H. School Ishwariganj M. Binaur951Binaur
107Pr. School Pandey Khand Binaur?Binaur
108Pr. School Bhagwantpur Khand Binaur445Binaur
109Jr. H. School Hari Singh Dev Ka Purwa1159Binaur
111Pr. School Gopalpur1424Gopal Pur
112Pr. Pathshala Singhpur Kathar?Partappur
113Poorv M. Vidyalay Patarsa?Patarsa
114Pr. School Ram Singh Ka Purwa (Rampur Khas)469Rampur Khas
116Jr. H. School Bhairampur?Bhairam Pur
118Pr. Pathashala Dadhhiya?Bhairam Pur
119Pr. Pathshalal Sakatpur?Bhairam Pur
120Pr. School Palra1248Palara
121Pr. School Ainti869Aiti
122Poorv M. Vidyalay Lalhepur?Udayapur
123Paha. Vidya Mandir Inter College Sapai1060Sapai
124Paha. Vidhyalay Mandir Inter College Sapai716Sapai
125Pr. Vidhyalay Keeratpur702Sapai
126Pr. Vidhyalay Babipurwa796Sapai
127Jr. H. School Udaypur1282Udayapur
129Pr. School Sirhi?Sidhi
131Pr. School Lalupur719Sidhi
132Pr. School Itara633Itara
134Pr. School Itara Dwitiy (Ganesh Purwa)541Itara
135Jr. H. School Kaindha?Kaindha
138Pr. Pathshala Patehuri1176Patehuri
139Pr. Pathshala Ghambhirpur Dakshin?Gambhir Pur Dakshin
140Pr. Pathshala Meharban Singh Ka Purwa665Meharban Singh Ka Purva
141Pr. Pathshalal Mardanpur1206Mardanpur
143Pr. School Pipauri1057Pipauri
145Pr. School Fattepur Dakshin?Fatehpur Dakshin
146Pr. Pathshala Sen Paschimpara?Senpashchim Para
149Poorv M. Vidyalay Bagaha1155Senpashchim Para
150Jr. H. School Sen Poorabpara291Senpashchim Para
152Pr. Pathshala Orchhi789Senpashchim Para
153Pr. School Kurauna Bahadur Nagar655Kurauna Bahadur Nagar
154Pr. Pathshala Durjanpur?Durjanpur
155Pr. School Garhhewa Mohsinpur766Gadhewa Majhawan
156Pr. Pathshala Baijipurwa M. Dade Ka Purwa?Dande Ka Purwa
157Pr. School Nyori699Neori
158Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru Inter College Jamu810Jamoo
161Pr. Vidyalay Kushalpur717Jamoo
164Pr. School Dalanpur M. Jamrehi?Jamarehi
165Jr. H. School Kathara?Kathara
169Pr. Vidyalay Badera458Kathara
170Pr. Vidyalay Kursui563Kathara
171Pr. Vidhyalay Singhpur427Kathara
172Pr. Vidyalay Gajapur387Kathara
173Pr. Vidyalay Bharatpur546Kathara
174Pr.Vidyalay Champatpur573Kathara
175Pr. School Khadesar .1314Khadesar
176Pr. School Dharhara?Dharahara
177Pr. Pathshala Arkhaiya230Dharahara
178Pr. School Kadri Champatpur1005Kundari Champatpur
179Pr. School Akdariya423Kundari Champatpur
180Pr. School Bakauli1013Bakauli
181Pr. School Daheli Ujagar837Daheliujagar
183Jr. H. School Shambhua?Shambhuwa
185Pr. Pathshala Hirdaypur?Shambhuwa
186Pr. Pathshala Dheerpur425Shambhuwa
187Pr. Vidyalay Bharthipurwa?Shambhuwa
188Pr. Pathshala Chhattapurwa915Kathara
189Pr. School Katherua?Katheruwa
190Pr. School Hadaha886Haraha
191Jr. H. School Khersa?Khersa
194Kanya Jr. H. School Bidhnu?Khersa
196Pr. Pathshala Kathui1238Kathui
198Pr. Pathshala Kakori695Kakori
199Pr. School Oriyara?Uriyara
200Pr. School Aundha390Uriyara
201Poorva Madhyamik Vidyalay Kathongar1159Kathogar
202Pr. Pathshala Kumhaupur635Kumhau Pur
203Jr. H. School Kasigawan1144Kasigawan
204Pr. School Imlipur1438Imalipur
205Pr. School Pipargawan?Pipar Gawan
207Pr. Pathshala Dhobinpurwa?Pipar Gawan
208Pr. School Karauli1092Kulhauli
209Pr. School Bharu900Bharu
210Pr. School Bajpur1192Bajpur
211Chacha Nehru Inter College Majhawan967Majhawan
217Pr. School Jagdishpur?Jagdishpur
218Pr. School Hajipur1302Hajipur
219Pr. School Takseempur226Taksimpur
220Pr. School Hardauli1024Hardauli
221Pr. School Teekarmaghai??
222Pr. School (Mirzapur) Atwa514Tirma
223Pr. School Tirma894Tirma
224Pr. Pathshala Majhpati?Tirma
225Pr. School Budhera?Budhera
226Pr. School Kurhigaon676Kulgaon
227Pr. School Kishunpur Majhawan?Harbanspur
228Pr. School Harbashpur1243Harbanspur
229Jr. H. School Shivganj Chaurai?Chaurai
231Pr. School Lakshmanpur M. Surauli972Ramkhera
232Pr. School Chhaunki?Chhauki
233Pr. School Dalelpur1063Dalelpur
234Pr. Pathshala Dalelpur?Dalelpur
235Pr. School Kulahauli809Kulhauli
236Pr. School Sengrapur524Segarapur
237Pr. School Matiyara839Matiyara
238Pr. Pathshala Afzalpur?Afjalpur
239Pr. School Rautara?Rautara
240Pr. School Magrasa1394Magrasa
241Kanya Jr. H. School Ramaipur1069Ramaipur
243Pr. Vidyalaya Ramaipur (Ii)?Ramaipur
246Pr. School Khwajgipur1072Khwajagipur
247Pr. School Bambi Bhitari?Babibhitari
248Pr. School Palhepur?Palhepur
249Pr. School Behta Sakat950Behatasakat
250Pr. School Naraura?Naraura
251Pr. School Baradari1182Baradhari
252Pr. School Seniya1153Seniya
253Pr. School Shahpur Majhawan ????0 ?????? ?0 2 ?0 ?0 3 ?????Shahpur
254Lala Kalika Prasad I.C. Tilsahri Khurd1427Tilsahri Khurd
256Pr. School Tajpur771Tajpur
257Pr. School Garhi Narwal?Garhinarwal
258Pr. School Mandhana838Mandhana
259Pr. School Tusaura851Tusaura
260Jr. H. School Pali865Palibhogipur
262Pr. School Pali Khurd728Palibhogipur
263Pr. School Bhukhnahi?Bhukhnahi
264Pr. School Sawaijpur?Sawaijpur
266Kanya Pr. School Khujauli?Khujauli
267Pr. Pathshala Semruva?Semarua
268Pr. Pathshala Para?Para
269Pr. School Nagwan925Nagawa
271Pr. School Parsauli?Parsauli
272Pr. School Koriyan890Koriya
273Pr. School Ghuruwa Khera1275Jarkalan
274Pr. Pathshala Rawatpur858Rawatpur Station Yard (OG)
276Pt. Beni Singh Bharat Inter College Bari Bheetargaon?Bhitargaon
282Pr. Pathshala Siroh1392Siroh
283Pr. Pathshala Behta Bujurg1253Behta Bujurg
285Pr. Pathshala Bhelsa838Bhelsa
286Pr. Pathshala Malkhanpur?Malkhanpur
287Pr. Pathshala Birsinghpur1286Birsinghpur
288Naya Pr. Pathshala Devsarh1329Devsarh
289Naya Pr. Pathshala Chhatrapur?Chhatrapur
290Pr. Pathshala Kutiyarampur742Kutia Rampur
291Pr. Pathshala Gauri Kakra1203Gauri Kakra
292Pr. Pathshala Behta Gambhirpur?Behta Gambhirpur
294Pr. Pathshala Banjari337Banjari
295Jr. H. School Kundauli?Kundauli
296Pr. Pathshala Semra?Kundauli
297Pr. Pathshala Kortha1203Koratha
299Pr. Pathshala Palpur?Palpur
300Pr. Pathshala Madepur1043Madepur
301Pr. Pathshala Guja?Guja
302Pr. Pathshala Soolpur?Sulpur
303Pr. Pathshala Tajpur507Tajpur
304Pr. Pathshala Sikuhla775Sikahula
305Jr. H. School Bauhar1260Bauhar
307Pr. Pathshala Haskar1161Haskar
308Pr. Pathshala Hajipur Pakra?Hajipur Pakara
309Pr. Pathshala Nevada Bharthuva441Nevada Bharthuva
310Pr. Pathshala Aseniya?Aseniyan
311Pr. Pathshala Maholiya?Maholia
312Pr. Pathshala Birhar?Birhar
314Pr. Pathshala Shahpur766Shahpur
315Pr. Pathshala Beri Khera730Beri Khera
316Kanya Pathshala Gopalpur Narwal?Gopalpur Narwal
318Pr. Pathshala Karchulipur?Karchulipur
319Shri Pathik Inter College Sarh?Sarh
322Pr. Pathshala Daulatpur Narwal?Daulatpur Narwal
323Pr. Pathshala Itarora544Itaura
324Pr. Pathshala Rasoolpur Jajmau670Rasulpur Jajpur
325Pr. Pathshala Rajepur854Rajepur
326Pr. Pathshala Chirli?Chirli
328Pr. Pathshala Sachauli656Sachauli
329Pr. Pathshala Teliyawar907Tiliyawar
330Jr. H. School Amaur1073Amaur
333Pr. Pathshala Baraigarh812Akbarpur Barui
337Pr. Pathshala Ratepur823Ratepur
339Pr. Pathshala Akbarpur Barui?Akbarpur Barui
340Pr. Pathshala Mohammadpur Narwal?Mohammadpur Narwal
341Pr. Pathshala Gauri Narwal?Gauri Narwal
342Pr. Pathshala Sundar545Sunderpur
343Pr. Pathshala Rasoolpur Umra834Rasulpur Umra
344Pr. Pathshala Devpura860Mohsinpur
345Pr. Pathshala Hajipur Kadeem?Hajipur Kadim
347Pr. Pathshala Mehrauli1106Mehrauli
348Pr. Pathshala Uttari Bhag Nevada Ujagar575Nevada Ujagar
349Pr. Pathshala Dakshin Bhag Nevada Ujagar315Nevada Ujagar
350Pr. Pathshala Chhateruva?Chhate Ruwa
351Pr. Pathshala Dhooharpur?Dhuharpur
352Pr. Pathshala Baijupur?Baijupur
353Pr. Pathshala Gazipur1244Gajipur
354Pr. Pathshala Chaturi Khera1107Chaturi Khera
355Pr. Pathshala Keeasa Khera?Kisa Khera
356Jr. H. School Kurni1471Kudni
358Pr. Pathshala Narainpur Sarh?Narainpur Sarh
359Panchayat Ghar Aranjrai453Aranj Rai
360Pr. Pathshala Aranjhami?Aranj Hami
361Pr. Pathshala Jarsara?Jarsara
362Pr. Pathshala Aranjram592Aranj Ram
363Pr. Pathshala Veeran Khera866Viran Khera
364Pr. Pathshala Shah794Shah
365Pr. Pathshala Bhadevna1318Bhadevna

Last Updated on November 15, 2014