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Polling Booth in Amanpur Assembly Constituency

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Amanpur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Amanpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Amanpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Pr.Path Baghela Pukhta1105Baghelapukhta
2Jr.HN.AChandpura Gaupura
4N.N.Pr.Path Datlana Room No. 1919Datalana Kham
5N.N.Pr.Path Datlana Room No. 2713Datalana Kham
6Prpath Udhair Pukhta Room No. 11021Udher Pukhta
7Prpath Udhair Pukhta Room No. 21022Udher Pukhta
8Pr.Path. Tumaria934Tumaria
9Pr.Path. N.Ramchandra M.Tumaria914Tumaria
10Gangeshwar Jr.H.S.Manpur Nagria Room No. 11461Manpur Nagria
11Gangeshwar Jr.H.S.Manpur Nagria Room No. 2928Manpur Nagria
12Gangeshwar Jr.H.S.Manpur Nagria Room No. 3707Manpur Nagria
13Sherwani Inter College Neoli Room No. 11267Manpur Nagria
14Sherwani Inter College Neoli Room No. 21259Manpur Nagria
15Pr.Path.Mirzapur M. Manpur Nagria1389Manpur Nagria
16Pr.Path. Maujampur Husainpur Room No.1989Mozampur Husan Pur
17Pr.Path. Maujampur Husainpur Room No.2703Mozampur Husan Pur
18Jr.H.S.Gadharpura M.Basupura Room No.1974Basupura
19Jr.H.S.Gadharpura M.Basupura Room No.2610Basupura
20Pr.Path. N.Kaiyan M.Basupura683Basupura
21Pr.Path. Malhar Nagar Room No.11410Mallah Nagar
22Pr.Path. Malhar Nagar Room No.2592Mallah Nagar
23Pr.Path. Malhar Nagar Room No.31165Mallah Nagar
24Pr.Path Patna M. Raipurpatna1050Raipur Patna
25Pr.Path Raipur M. Raipurpatna1189Raipur Patna
26Pr.Path Gudgudi1296Gudgudi
27Pr.Path. Bharatpur532Bharat Pur
36Navnirmit Pr.Path. Bajnagar Safed1208Baznagar Safed
42Pr.Path. N.Ishwari M. Roshan Nagar.595Roshan Nagar
46Pr.Path. Gadia Himoli623Garhiya Himoli
47Pr.Path. Tarapur742Tarapur
48Pr.Path. Alhedinpur898Alahdinpur
49Uchh Pr.Vidyalay751Khalikpur
50Pr.Path. Bhiloli Room No.1824Bhiloli
51Pr.Path. Bhiloli Room No.21020Bhiloli
52Pr.Path. Tali M.Lakhmipur Sundar Singh Room No.11117Lakhmipur Sundersingh
53Pr.Path. Tali M.Lakhmipur Sundar Singh Room No.21457Lakhmipur Sundersingh
54Pr.Path. Yakutganj M.Lakhmipur Gopal Singh Room No.11208Lakhmipur Gopalsingh
55Pr.Path. Yakutganj M.Lakhmipur Gopal Singh Room No.2748Lakhmipur Gopalsingh
56Pr.Path. Faridpur M.Lakhmipur Gopal Sing1316Lakhmipur Gopalsingh
57Pr.Path. Hansi M.Mirapur946Meerapur
58Pr.Path. Rajpura429Rajpura
59Pr.Path. Badari Kala817Badhari Kalan
60Janta U.M.Vidyalay577Bhanupur Kayasthan
61Pr.Path. Shekhpur Narrai961Shekhpur Narai
62Pr.Path. Lalupura869Laloopura
63Pr.Path. Chandi799Chandi
64Pr.Path. Nawawganj811Nawabganj
65Amarguru J.H.School Nawawganj Room No.11054Nawabganj
66Amarguru J.H.School Nawawganj Room No.2787Nawabganj
67Pr.Path.Badagaon Room No.11173Badagaon
68Pr.Path.Badagaon Room No.21215Badagaon
69Pr.Path.Partappur Mohammad Khan806Pratap Pur Muhammad Khan
71Pr.Path. Jamalpur Room No.11152Jamalpur
72Pr.Path. Jamalpur Room No.21166Jamalpur
73U. Pr.Vidyalay Bondar Room No.11298Bonder
74U. Pr.Vidyalay Bondar Room No.2673Bonder
75Pr.Path. Madia M. Bondar638Bonder
76Pr.Path. Sahawar Room No.1877Sahawar (NP)
77Pr.Path. Sahawar Room No.2745Sahawar (NP)
78Kanya Pr.Path. Sahawar Gate Ke Samne Room No.1867Sahawar (NP)
79Kanya Pr.Path. Sahawar Gate Ke Samne Room No.2928Sahawar (NP)
80Islamia Inter College1363Sahawar (NP)
82Gandhi Inter College1253Sahawar (NP)
86Vikas Khand Karyalay1026Sahawar (NP)
87Meeting Hall Vikas Khand Karyalay Sahawar899Sahawar (NP)
89Town Area Karyalay Sahawar1128Sahawar (NP)
90Kshetriya Sahkari Samiti Sahawar Sa Baramde Mai1505Sahawar (NP)
91Pr.Path. Gunar1168Gunar
92Pr.Path. Tajpur1168Tajpur
93Pr.Path. Johri767Johri
94Pr.Path. Kanoi Room No.11349Kanoi
95Pr.Path. Kanoi Room No.2990Kanoi
96Pr.Path. Sadiqpur1128Sadiqpur
97Pr.Path. Rayon910Rayon
98Jr.Hith School678Chhitoni
99Pr.Path. Rara1278Rara
100Pr.Path. Fatehpur Ta.Mohanpur810Fatehpur Taluka Mohanpur
101Pr.Path. Mau M.Bastarmau940Bastarmau
102Pr.Path. Nagla Devi M. Bastarmau612Bastarmau
103Pr.Path. Bastar M. Bastarmau1123Bastarmau
104Pr.Path. Jalalpur M. Bastarmau419Bastarmau
105Pr.Path. Kharpara981Kharpara
106Pr.Path. Baharpur850Bhahar Pur
107Uchh Pr.V.Jethar955Jaidhar
108Pr.Path. Lahra432Lahra
109Pr.Path. N. Ummed M. Lahra447Lahra
110Pr.Path. N. Laxman M. Lahra446Nagla Laxman
111Pr.Path. N.Nensukh828Nagla Nainsukh
112Pr.Path. Padarathpur884Padarathpur
113U.P.V.Gadka Room No.11141Gadhaka
114U.P.V.Gadka Room No.21484Gadhaka
115Pr.Path. Hasanpur M. Pithanpur1060Pithanpur
116Pr.Path. Vikrampur M. Pithanpur467Bikrampur
117U.Pra.V.Sewanpur Room No.11195Pithanpur
118U.Pra.V.Sewanpur Room No.21189Pithanpur
120Pr.Path. Ganeshpur604Ganeshpur
121Pr.Path. Nathupur994Nathupur
122Pr.Path. Naupti M.Nathupur771Nathupur
124Pr.Path. Khitoli Room No.11277Khitauli
125Pr.Path. Khitoli Room No.21305Khitauli
126Pr.Path. Sarsawa473Sahawar
127Pr.Path. N.Mohan M. Sarsawa860Sahawar
128Pr.Path. Faroli Room No.1807Farauli
129Pr.Path. Faroli Room No.2710Farauli
130Pr.Path. Khudatal M.Faroli848Badanpur
131Pr.Path. Sainti284Saiti
132Pr.Path. Binpur Kala Uttari1421Binpur Kalan
133Pr.Path. Binpur Kala Dakshini934Binpur Kalan
134Pr.Path. Nagla Tali396Binpur Kalan
135Pr.Path. Amirasa529Amirsa
136Pr.Path.Ramnagar M. Amirasa580Amirsa
137Pr.Path.Nagaria M. Boda Nagaria513Bodha Nagaria
138Uchh Pr.Vi.N.Bhoorh M Boda Nagaria557Bodha Nagaria
139Pr.Path. Kaliyanpur M.Boda Nagaria553Bodha Nagaria
140Pr.Path. Itwarpur1384Etwarpur
141Ch.Inter College776Jahangirpur
142Pr.Path. Imlia M.Khojpur1042Khojpur
143Pr.Path. Khojpur786Khojpur
144Pr.Path. Hirapur M. Khojpur Room No.11279Khojpur
145Pr.Path. Hirapur M. Khojpur Room No.2554Khojpur
146Pr.Path. Banjari M. Khojpur668Khojpur
147Pr.Path. Bahapur M. Khojpur1143Khojpur
148Pr.Path. Nagla Nahar M. Khojpur356Khojpur
149Pr.Path. Udranpur M. Khojpur658Khojpur
150Uchh Pr.Vi. Midol Bujurg855Mindaul Buzurg
151Pr.Path. Dhakpura M.Midol Bujurg724Mindaul Buzurg
152Pr.Path. Bhujpura491Bhujpura
154Pr.Path. Sarothi347Saronthi
155Pr.Path. N.Kundan450Nagla Kundan
156Pr.Path. Sarsai Naru1122Sarsai Naru
157Pr.Path. Rampur1307Rampur
158Pr.Path. Thara Chitra1195Tharachitara
159Pr.Path. N.Hathi M.Bhaderi379Bhadairi
161Pr.Path. Kachhela Sherpur Room No.1935Kachela Sherpur
162Pr.Path. Kachhela Sherpur Room No.21133Kachela Sherpur
163Pr.Path. Budthra M. Kachhela Sherpur1171Kachela Sherpur
164Pr.Path.Sherpur M. Kachhela Sherpur423Sherpur
165Pr.Path.Yadgarpur989Yadgar Pur
166Pr.Path.Basawanpur665Basawan Pur
168U.Pr.V.Behta Room No.11065Behata
169U.Pr.V.Behta Room No.2476Behata
170Pr.Path.Sujanpur540Sujan Pur
171Pr.Path.Mubarikpur466Mubarik Pur
172Pr.Path.Badari Khurd835Badharikhurd
173Pr.Path.Majidpur398Majid Pur
175Pr.Path.Rekhpur851Rekh Pur
176Pr.Path.Selai Room No.1829Sailai
177Pr.Path.Selai Room No.2745Sailai
178Pr.Path.Kishorpur1040Kishor Pur
179Pr.Path.Daruapur800Darua Pur
180Pr.Path.Nagla Sahjan M. Munawwarpur741Munabbar Pur
181Pr.Path.Nagla Kothi M. Kasimpur Mihari792Nagla Kothi
182Pr.Path.Mihari M.Kasimpur Mihari1052Kasimpur M. Kasim Pur Maihari
183Pr.Path.Dihari M.Kasimpur Mihari485Vihari
184Pr.Path.Nagla Samas M.Bari Khera1304Barikhera
185Pr.Path.Suratpur M.Khushkari1251Rajpura
186Pr.Path.Arharpur M. Khushkari604Arharpur
187Sa.U.M.Vi.Babupur M.Khushkari827Khush Kari
188Pr.Path.Nagla Katila M.Khushkari441Khush Kari
189Pr.Path.Lakhmipur M.Khushkari464Lakhmipur
191Pr.Path. Firojpursani604Firozpur Sani
192Panchayat Ghar Maheshpur482Maheshpur
193Jr.H.School Nagla Maiya M.Gendupura Gobardhan902Gendupura Goberdhan
194Pr.Path. Gaindupura Padam Singh490Gendupura Padam Singh
195Pr.Path. Mahdaba Room No.11196Shekhpur Khurd
196Pr.Path. Mahdaba Room No.21139Mahdawa
197Pr.Path. Karsana Room No.11025Karsana
198Pr.Path. Karsana Room No.2616Karsana
199Pr.Path. Kamalpur M. Karsana1296Karsana
200Pr.Path. Todarpur M.Karsana626Karsana
201Pr.Path. Devri898Dewari
203Pr.Path. Lodhipur M. Samaspur Dengri617Shamas Pur Dengari
204Nav.Pr.Path.Samaspur Dengri1251Shamas Pur Dengari
205Pr.Path. Hunda M.Shekhepur Hunda1018Shekh Pur Hunda
206Jr.H.School605Shekh Pur Hunda
207Pr.Path. Jakha799Jakha
208Panchayat Lakhmipur999Lakhmipur
209Pr.Path. Chopara697Chaupara
210Pr.Path. Amanpur Room No.11158Amanpur (NP)
211Pr.Path. Amanpur Room No.2476Amanpur (NP)
212Makhanlal Inter College Room No.11319Amanpur (NP)
213Makhanlal Inter College Room No.2684Amanpur (NP)
214Makhanlal Inter College Room No.3828Amanpur (NP)
215Makhanlal Inter College Room No.41373Amanpur (NP)
216Makhanlal Inter College Room No.5348Amanpur (NP)
217Makhanlal Inter College Room No.61110Amanpur (NP)
218Makhanlal Inter College Room No.7756Amanpur (NP)
219Pr.Path. Banupura Bakalan707Banupur Bakkalan
220Pr.Path. Bara Nagar1106Baranagar
221Pr.Path. Sarsai Ban1220Sarsaivan
222Pr.Path. Sarset996Sarsait
223Pr.Path. Ranamau1293Ranamau
224Pr.Path. Bhagupura825Anandpur
225Pr.Path. Baddupur512Baddupur
226Pr.Path. Anandpur758Anandpur
227Pr.Path. Nagla Khari543Nagla Khari
228Pr.Path. Devpur635Devpur
229Pr.Path. Kondha429Kaundha
230Pr.Path. Virpur809Veerpur
231Pr.Path. Partappur656Pratap Pur
232Pr.Path. Bachmai825Bachhmai
233Pr.Path. Wayli364Bayali
234Pr.Path. Wikora451Bikora
235Pr.Path. Ishepur M.Jatau Ashokpur586Jarau Ashokpur
236Pr.Path. Munir Nagar M.Jatau Ashokpur451Jarau Ashokpur
237Pr.Path. Ashokpurm.Jatau Ashokpur653Jarau Ashokpur
238Pr.Path. Jatau M.Jatau Ashokpur720Jarau Ashokpur
239Uchh Pr.Vi.Nagla Yadkaran M. Jatau Ashokpur453Jarau Ashokpur
240Pr.Path. Nagla Bans M.Rasalua Sulahpur754Rasalua Sulahpur
241Pr.Path. Pransukhm.Rasalua Sulahpur615Rasalua Sulahpur
242Pr.Path. Dorra733Dorra
243Pr.Path. Siqandrabad520Sikandra Bad
244Pr.Path. Jawaharpur M.Siqandrabad408Sikandra Bad
245Pr.Path. Bhiragubasini938Bhraguwasini
246Pr.Path. Majhola702Majhola
247Pr.Path. Abhaypura1485Abhaypura
248Pr.Path. Fakota1393Fakota
249Pr.Path. Sherpur543Sherpur
250Pr.Path. Nadarmai Room No.1785Nadar Mai
251Pr.Path. Nadarmai Room No.21056Nadar Mai
252Pr.Path. Barsora1082Barsoda
253Pr.Path. Jigan419Jhingan
254Pr.Path. Narrai560Narrai
255Uchh Pr.Vi.Nagla Maharji M.Narrai635Narrai
256Pr.Path. Amratpur M. Narrai473Narrai
257Subash Inter College844Naugaon
258Pr.Path. Lachhimpur451Lachhim Pur
259Pr.Path. Jarai1301Jarai
260Pr.Path. Tikuria374Tikuria
261Jr.H.School Allipur831Allipur
262Uchh Pr.Vi.Sewka1417Devinagar
263Pr.Path. Surjai885Sujrai
264Pr.Path. Baniyani M.Sujrai742Sujrai
265Ra.Jr.H.Nagla Kishan M.Arjunpur Nauabad480Arjunpur Nauabad
266Pr.Path. Nagla Indrajit M.Arjunpur Nauabad683Arjunpur Nauabad
267Pr.Path. Shahpur M.Arjunpur Nauabad670Arjunpur Nauabad
268Pr.Path. Arjunpur Kadim1258Arjunpur Qadim
269Uchh.Pr.Vi. Bhawani M. Arjunpur Kadim705Arjunpur Qadim
270Pr.Path. Thanpur497Thanpur
271Pr.Path. Semra Morcha658Semra Morcha
272Pr.Path. Harrarjpur508Harraj Pur
273Pr.Path. Hanshpur592Hanspur
274Pr.Path. Nagaria545Nagaria
275Pr.Path. Uncha Gaon1000Unchagaon
276Pr.Path. Mandanpur776Mandanpur
277Pr.Path.Basai Room No.11027Basai
278Pr.Path.Basai Room No.2773Basai
279Pr.Path. N.Patwarian824Sirsaul
280Pr.Path. Gopalpur1141Gopalpur
281Pr.Path. Alampur335Alampur
282Pr.Path. N. Kothi666Nagla Rayampur
283Pr.Path. Sirsaul787Sirsaul
284Baratghar Sinothh1068Sinauth
285Pr.Path. Karmpur942Karampur
286Pr.Path. Mizkhuri1051Mijkhuri
287Pr.Path. Ranjeetpur547Ranjeetpur
288Pr.Path. Dhubiyai1130Dhuviyae
289Pr.Path. Bahoranpur1372Dhuviyae
290Pr.Path. Sikhra Room No.11160Sikahara
291Pr.Path. Sikhra Room No.2807Sikahara
292Pr.Path. Dharikpur444Dharikpur
293Pr.Path. Bansi495Bansi
296Pr.Path. Rajmau634Rajmau
297Pr.Path. Tajpur Purv1029Tajpur
298Pr.Path. Tajpur Pashchim684Tajpur
299Pr.Path. Daheli Bujarg1414Daheli Bujurg
300Pr.Path. Alhedadpur614Alahadadpur
301Pr.Path. Singhpur1032Singpur
302Pr.Path. N. Khanjan732Singpur
303Pr.Path. Gilauli645Gilauli
304Pr.Path. Akhatumangdpur1028Akhtau Mangadpur
305Pr.Path. Mangdpur906Akhtau Mangadpur
306Jr.H.S. Mohanpur Room No.1684Mohanpur (NP)
307Jr.H.S. Mohanpur Room No.2873Mohanpur (NP)
308Jr.H.S. Mohanpur Room No.31348Mohanpur (NP)
309Pr.Path. Mohanpur646Mohanpur (NP)
310Pr.Path. Matena764Mataina
312Pr.Path. N.Bheemsen862Nagala Bhimsen
313Pr.Path. Pilkhuni Uttar991Pilkhuni
314Pr.Path. Pilkhuni Pashchim666Pilkhuni
315Pr.Path. Madhupura355Madhupura
318Jr.H.S.Balharpur Ta.Pithanpur302Balharpur Taluka Samothi
319Pr.Path. Bhogpur791Bhogpur
326Pr.Path.Magthara Room No.1922Magthara
327Pr.Path.Magthara Room No.2707Magthara
328Pr.Path. Memdan779Chandpura
329Pr.Path. Chandpur976Chandpur Menmarha
330U.P.V. Bakawali Room No.1896Bakawali
331U.P.V. Bakawali Room No.2816Nagla Potha M. Mankai
333Pr.Path.Jalilpur Shyampur1231Jalil Pur Shyam Pur

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