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Shazia Ilmi Biography and 2014 Election Result

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Shazia Ilmi and Captain Gopinath quit Aam Aadmi Party
May 24, 2014 02:23 PM
Shazia Ilmi and Captain Gopinath have resigned from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Shazia blamed the party for lack of democracy in her resignation.  She says  "There is no internal democracy in the party. AAP did not follow swaraj in the party itself. There is no collective decision making in the party”. Captain Gopinath also said that he respects Arvind kejriwal but feels that the recent actions of the AAP leaders were disappointing.
Warrant against Shazia Ilmi
May 24, 2014 12:48 PM
A Delhi Court has issued bailable warrant against AAP leader Shazia Ilmi for not appearing in a defamation case filed by Amit Sibbal, son of Kapil Sibbal. Amit Sibbal filed a complaint against Prashant Bhushan, Shazia Ilmi and Arvind Kejriwal for alleging that Kapil Sibbal had a conflict in seeking a revision of tax demand of telecom major Vodafone. Kejriwal had attacked Kapil Sibbal on Vodafone tax case earlier calling him corrupt.
Shazia Illmi to resign from AAP
May 24, 2014 10:25 AM
Reports pouring in since morning suggest that AAP leader Shazia Illmi is likely to resign from the party over political differences. According to media reports, Illmi is unhappy with the party leadership over certain issues, like the choice of her Lok Sabha seat - Ghaziabad, from where she ran a disastrous campaign. Illmi who is founder member of the party, will be the first big casualty of AAP's disastrous 2014 campaign, if she resigns
Vote BJP, Congress, face inflation, warns Kejriwal
April 07, 2014 02:10 PM
AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal lambasted the BJP and the Congress, and warned people they will face unprecedented inflation if either of the parties are voted to power in the general election. Kejriwal was addressing a public meeting in Vasundhara area of Ghaziabad in support of Aam Aadmi Party candidate Shazia Ilmi.   Source: IANS
General waging psychological campaign: AAP's Ilmi
April 03, 2014 06:09 PM
AAP leader and candidate Shazia Ilmi, pitted again former Indian Army chief Gen V.K. Singh in the Lok Sabha polls, has accused the BJP of waging a "psychological campaign" against her party. A former journalist, Ilmi said this was the reason why Gen Singh, Ghaziabad's Bharatiya Janata Party candidate, called the Aam Aadmi Party "anti-national". Source:IANS

Shazia Ilmi

Shazia Ilmi

DOB :In the year 1970
Education Qualifications :
  • Schooling at St. Mary’s School in Kanpur and Nainital
  • Diploma in journalism and broadcasting diploma in journalism and broadcasting from the University of Wales in Cardiff.
  • Course in mass communication from at Jamia Millia Islamia, in 1994
  • Diploma holder in 16 mm Film Production from the New York Film Academy.
Previous profession before joining politics :She was a television journalist and anchor at Star News.
Life on Personal front :
  • Born, at Kanpur in middle class Muslim family.
  • Her father was editor of Siyasat Jadid, the largest selling Urdu paper in Kanpur.
  • Siblings comprise of 4 brothers and 2 sisters among whom Shazia Ilmi is the youngest
Shazia Ilmi's HusbandSajid Mallik an investment banker, who is a half-Tamil Iyer and half-Gujarati Muslim.
Achievements on professional as well as personal front :
  • Shazia Ilmi directed the first television series titled ‘Women at Work’ that was produced by an entirely female crew for DD International.
  • She played an active role in India against Corruption movement, led by Anna Hazare in 2011 and 2012, as spokesperson of the movement.

Shazia Ilmi Losing Ghaziabad

Shazia Ilmi, a AAP leader lost to the BJP candidate General V K Singh, a former Army Chief from the Ghaziabad constituency in Uttar Pradesh. She was contesting again political bigwigs like Raj Babbar, a INC candidate contesting from UP.

V K Singh bagged a whopping 7,58,482 votes, while the INC candidate Raj Babbar secured 1,91,222 votes, having won with a margin of around 5,67,260 votes. BSP's Mukul Upadhyay stood at the third position with 1,73,085 votes, and AAP's Shazia Ilmi was at the fifth position having bagged only 89,147.

Shazia Ilmi is a journalist and a television anchor, as well as a social activist turned into a politician. After being actively involved in the presentation of the Anti-corruption movement, she subsequently joined the Aam Aadmi Party.

She has been in the midst of controversies. She was caught on video in an alleged sting operation accepting funds for the party, along with Kumay Vishwas, another AAP leader. The reports of which were denied by the party. According to media reports, in a meeting, she was also found accusing BJP's Narendra Modi of being an agent of industrialists.

Who is Shazia Ilmi

Shazia Iilmi, an Indian politician, is one of the National Executive Members of the newly formed Aam Aadmi Party. She is a social activist who was formerly a television journalist, correspondent and anchor with renowned names like Star News, Zee News, Times Group, and the likes. During 2011 and 2012 she got actively involved with the India Against Corruption movement led by veteran social leader Anna Hazare and became the spokesperson of the movement. To institute the Jan Lokpal Bill, she led a media campaign which saw widespread acceptance among millions of Indians across the nation. In December 2013 Shazia Ilmi will be contesting for the Delhi Vidhan Sabha elections for the first time from Rama Krishna Puram constituency under the candidature of the Aam Aadmi Party.

Personal background of Shazia Ilmi

Shazia Ilmi was born on 1970 to a Kanpur Muslim family. Her father was the founder and editor of Siyasat Jadid, the oldest Urdu daily which was also the largest-selling Urdu paper in Kanpur. She is the youngest of four brothers and two sisters. Ilmi did her schooling from St. Mary’s School at Kanpur and also in Nainital. She was a student of St. Bede’s College at Shimla. Thereafter she pursued a course in mass communication from the Jamia Millia Islamia University at Delhi in 1994 and a diploma in journalism and broadcasting from the University of Wales in Cardiff. She is also a diploma holder in 16 mm Film Production from the New York Film Academy.

Her family has links with the Congress party. One of her uncles held ministerial office in Kanpur and was an Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly member for over two decades. Her brother-in-law Arif Mohammed was a former politician and minister of the Indian National Congress party, and is at present a member of the Bahujan Samaj Party. Her husband, Sajid Mallik, is a half-Tamil Iyer and a half-Gujarati Muslim. By profession he is an investment banker.

Shazia Ilmi professional background before entering politics

Shazia Ilmi is a well established prime-time television anchor and political correspondent who is the first working woman in her family. Her fifteen years of experience in media is diverse in the field of documentary production and television news. "Desh Videsh" the popular news show of Star News featured in prime time, was produced, anchored and hosted by Shazia Ilmi. Several shows on current affairs and documentaries highlighting issues on gender bias and rights of minority groups in India were produced by her. One of her shows, "Dr. Kans", featured sting operations on doctors involved in illegal female foeticide. The aftermath of the operation witnessed suspension of medical licenses of such doctors. This was a first of its kind in the medical history of India. Apart from Star News she has also been associated with other renowned news mediums such as Zee News and The Times of India. Shazia Ilmi conducts workshops on Broadcast Journalism and Television Production in the School of Media and Communication under Pondicherry University, where she is an adjunct faculty member.

How did Shazia Ilmi enter politics

Shazia Ilmi played an active role from the very initial stage in the India Against Corruption Movement led by the protagonist Anna Hazare. As a ‘media strategist’, her experience in media was suitably utilized during the movement when she became the spokesperson of the movement.

A point came when Arvind Kejriwal, a former civil servant officer and one of the eminent supporters of the movement, had a difference of opinion with Anna Hazare. While Anna Hazare wanted the movement to be politically neutral, Kejriwal was of the opinion that it was necessary to directly get involved in politics since no progress was attained through talks with different political parties. India Against Corruption, an organisation, conducted a survey on this issue using social networking site, the result of which indicated support for politicization. Shazia Ilmi was one of those renowned people who supported the move of Kejriwal.

On 26 November 2012, a new party was launched in Delhi under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal. The party was named the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), where "Aam Aadmi" means "the common man". Shazia Ilmi became a member of the Aam Aadmi Party. The party contested in elections for the first time on 4th December 2013 for the Delhi Legislative Assembly, and Ilmi contested for the Delhi Vidhan Sabha elections for the first time from the Rama Krishna Puram constituency under the party candidature.

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Activities and achievements of Shazia Ilmi

  • In 2005 Ilmi reported the details of elections held in Maharashtra and Bihar in a program that was titled ‘Maratha Express’ She became a member of the International Association of Women in Radio and Television.
  • She did a film titled P.O. 418 Siyasat Kanpur on the struggle and survival of a newspaper in the Urdu language. The film was screened in 2011 at the IAWRT film festival.
  • In 1996 Ilmi co-directed a documentary along with Radha Hola on the eco-feminist Vandana Shiva. This film was named Daughter of the Earth - Portrait of Vandana Shiva and was shown by different television broadcasters, including the Discovery Channel.
  • She directed a documentary called The Stolen Harvest, which was based on Dr. Vandana Shiva’s book on Food Security and Seed Patenting under the World Trade Organization.

  • She was among the initial proponents who supported the realization of the Jan Lokpal Bill movement that was initiated by Anna Hazare.
  • Shazia Ilmi directed the first television series titled ‘Women at Work’ that was produced by an entirely female crew for DD International.

Shazia Ilmi Recent Controversy

Shazia Ilmi was accused of accepting money for the AAP through illegal means. A sting operation conducted showed her, along with some other leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party, allegedly accepting money. The Election Commission has passed order to inquire into the legitimacy and authenticity of the video. The Aam Aadmi Party has alleged conspiracy and has rejected Shazia Ilmi’s offer to withdraw her candidature from the Delhi Assembly Elections to be held in the month of December, 2013.

Shazia ilmi Elections result

YearConstituency State Status
2014GhaziabadUttar PradeshLose
Shazia Ilmi likely to contest against Sonia Gandhi

Speculations are rife that Shazia Ilmi will be contesting the Lok Sabha polls against the Congress President Sonia Gandhi. If confirmed by the Aam Aadmi Party, the development is sure to sent shivers down the spine of the Congress, which saw a dramatic loss of Shiela Dikshit to Kejriwal in the Delhi assembly elections. The AAP said, "In Delhi, we don't require a name as we already have supporters here. However, when we are taking on a strong candidate like Sonia Gandhi, we do require a known name."

However, the odds are square against Ilmi, who lost her assembly seat on AAP ticket, given that Rae Bareli is considered a Congress stronghold. That said, taking on the goliaths of Indian politics is perhaps the best strategy the ‘clean’ party could have adopted.

Status of Shazia Ilmi and his opponent candidates against from Ghaziabad Parliamentary Constituency in Uttar Pradesh

The table below shows the status of Shazia Ilmi and candidates contesting against him from Ghaziabad lok sabha seat with their party names and symbols along with the votes secured by each candidate.

Candidate NamePolitical PartySymbolStatusvotes
Shazia Ilmi AAP AAP Runner up 89147
Ramphal ShakyaINDINDLostN.A
Raj Babbar INC INC Lost 191222
Mukul UpadhyayBSPBSPLostN.A
Naresh GautamBMPLostN.A
Rinku Kumar TyagiINDINDLostN.A
Keshav ChoudharyINDINDLostN.A
Suresh PalBSKPLostN.A
Sanjeev KumarINDINDLostN.A
Vinod Kumar TyagiINDINDLostN.A
V.K. Singh BJP BJP  Winner 758482
Sudhan KumarSPSPLostN.A
Saleem MalikINDINDLostN.A

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