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Convicted Politicians : VIP Inmates of Prisons

What happens when the high-profile politicians find themselves on the wrong side of the law? As the law mandates, they are convicted and put behind the bars. But does it actually seem like a great leveler for the tainted MPs and ministers? Not really. Unlike the common man, the politicians’ journey from home to prison doesn’t look like an ordeal. Even inside the prison, nothing substantially changes for the VIP inmate in terms of material comforts and other amenities. Politicians Who Have Been the Privileged Prisoners The recent arrest of ex-Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa is a case […]Read more

Why Indian Political System is Corrupt?
Why Indian Political System is Corrupt

Someone had rightly said that ‘Honest Politician’ is now an oxymoron in India. The anti-corruption crusade that reached its crescendo of popularity is a direct result of public anger over persistent corruption in political system. India has already earned the reputation of a scam-ridden nation where it’s almost a non-issue to have politicians with criminal past and instances of illegal party funding are hardly probed into. Causes of Corruption in Indian Political System Nexus between the politicians and the industrialists has often been exposed in the past. Mass-scale corruption prevails during elections and cash-for-votes scandal is now […]Read more