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Various Sessions of the Parliament in India
Role of Parliament Sessions in India

A stormy budget session over Land Acquisition Bill has once again garnered attention for wrong reasons. Frequent disruptions of parliament and loss of business hours have often been highlighted as a major concern. On this note, let us find out what do these sessions of parliament actually mean for the country. To start with the obvious, around 790 members of the supreme legislative body in India meet thrice a year. The period during which the parliamentarians convene and conduct the business of each House is referred to as session. Every year, the Parliament of India conducts three [...]Read more

Political Privileges for Members of Parliament
Political Privileges for Members of Parliament

Political Privileges for Members of Parliament History bears witness to the fact that India has taken cue from the British Parliament when it comes to enumerating the privileges of its parliamentarians. The “powers, privileges and immunities” of each member of the parliament are akin to those of the House of Commons of the UK Parliament. Legal immunity is one of the important privileges enjoyed by members of both the houses of parliament. That is what distinguishes an MP from a common man. Every parliamentarian receives protection against civil or criminal charges for activities or statements made during [...]Read more

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