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Features of Indian Constitution: Focus on Electoral Process
Features of the Indian Constitution

The Constitution of India lays down the framework pertaining to every political procedure. It defines the policies, rights, duties and powers to be bestowed upon the government institutions and common people. Similarly, the constitution meticulously explains the fundamental rules for the electoral processes. Article 324 of Indian Constitution: Duties and Powers of Election Commission The Constitution grants Election Commission the authority to take decisions and direct the end-to-end electoral process. Be it the Parliamentary polls or the elections to State Legislatures, the commission has to perform the task of scrutinising the process of preparing electoral rolls. The […]Read more

What is Article 370?

The entire country is divided in its opinion about repealing Article 370. The new government wants to revoke it as it believes that the article has been a “psychological barrier” that has done “more harm than good “. Chief Minister of Kashmir and other political leaders are of the opinion that revoking this article will endanger the security and integrity of the nation. According to them, it would “further alienate the people of the state.” The war of words between the two schools of thoughts has escalated in the past few days. In such a scenario, it […]Read more