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Media Rights During Polling Day in India
Media Rights During Polling Day in India

Media houses and journalists contribute towards the participation of voters in democratic debate, particularly by guaranteeing that issues of public interest come to the fore. As guardians of democracy, journalists play a key role in guaranteeing the legitimacy and therefore the acceptance of election results, particularly in countries witnessing a transition to democracy or rising from political crisis. To carry out their task, journalists must have rights. They even have responsibilities. The right to provide information, without being pressured or threatened, brings with it the duty to provide voters with factually correct information. This is complex work, [...]Read more

What are the Voting Rights for NRIs in India
What are the Voting Rights for NRIs in India

According to the provisions of Representation of the People (Amendment) Act, 2010, an individual, who is a citizen of India and residing in any foreign country for the purpose of employment, education or other commitments is eligible to be a voter in the constituency where his residence in India is located. It is to be noted that NRIs who have acquired the citizenship of any other country are not eligible to be registered as voters. Application for the Enrollment of NRIs in Electoral Roll For the overseas Indians, the first step to get registered as a voter [...]Read more

Jammu and Kashmir : Structure of the Government
Structure of Government in Jammu and Kashmir

To begin with, Jammu & Kashmir has been receiving special and differential treatment ever since Article 370 came into effect. The fact that J&K was accorded special status under the same Article leaves its governance mainly to the state-specific laws which were framed under the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir. Unlike the other states, not all the provisions of Indian Constitution are applicable to J&K. Limited Powers of Union Government Since the state doesn’t come under complete purview of the Central Government, the union legislature has very limited jurisdiction in J&K as compared to other states. According [...]Read more

Is There Any Political Equation to Win Elections?
Is There Any Political Equation to Win Elections

The dynamism of Indian politics can be gauged by the fact that new political equations emerge at the most unexpected hour. Whether a regional party decides to get cozy with its one-time rival or an opposition leader stages a walkout and hugs the ruling party, every action is decided by the equations of electoral politics. What are Political Equations? To cite a recent example, AAP’s debut in political arena actually changed the political equations in Delhi. This is true for both politicians as well as the electorates. Shedding the long-worn loyalty towards national political parties, people had [...]Read more