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Major Challenges Confronting India
Major Challenges Confronting India

India is grappling with some of the fundamental challenges that should be taken up on a priority basis. The basis indicators of growth are not at par with the aspirations of the common people and a genuine willingness to set things straight is still missing. The national issues that continue to hold India back from achieving its development goals have not emerged recently. From corruption to unemployment and lack of healthcare services to infrastructure gap, the problematic issues had been eating into the holistic health of the country for long. Lack of Quality Education Radical reforms in [...]Read more

Books on Indian Politics
Books on Indian Politics

Indian politics is one stimulating subject that has motivated authors to delve deep into the past, chronicle the events of yesterday and pen down the revelations based on years of research. Be it the pre-independence era or the post-colonial politics, some exceptionally well-documented and insightful books have created an enduring place in the readers’ heart. Books on Post-Independent Indian Politics Tumult, frequent change of leadership and political pandemonium pretty much sum up the first few decades of Indian independence. There are a handful of books that aptly captured the mood and the discourse of the period. “Jinnah: [...]Read more

Can Corruption be Removed from India?
Can Corruption be Removed from India

Corruption is a persisting phenomenon and it has been a major impediment to India’s success story. With instances of scams and scandals surfacing at an alarming rate, it becomes even more obvious that the taxpayers’ money is being wasted. This is exactly what India can’t afford. When the country should be working towards transforming its status from a ‘developing’ to a ‘developed’ nation, its resources are being wasted and misused. Although, the recent ire is directed against the politicians and their kin, it has to be borne in mind that this anathema has spread its roots deep [...]Read more

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