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How Political Parties Manage the Election Expenditure
How Political Parties Manage the Election Expenditure

From the day a candidate’s name is announced, the ball of poll expenditure starts rolling as fighting elections is an expensive affair. Sheer display of money power has been the trademark of Indian elections. The more the merrier. It takes years of experience and skills to manage the election expenditure on the part of political parties. Rules as per the Election Commission for Election Expenditure The recent amendment to the Rule 90 of the Conduct of Election Rules has increased the upper limit of expenses as applicable to candidates for Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha (Legislative Assembly) [...]Read more

Can Corruption be Removed from India?
Can Corruption be Removed from India

Corruption is a persisting phenomenon and it has been a major impediment to India’s success story. With instances of scams and scandals surfacing at an alarming rate, it becomes even more obvious that the taxpayers’ money is being wasted. This is exactly what India can’t afford. When the country should be working towards transforming its status from a ‘developing’ to a ‘developed’ nation, its resources are being wasted and misused. Although, the recent ire is directed against the politicians and their kin, it has to be borne in mind that this anathema has spread its roots deep [...]Read more