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Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018 – Will Sachin pilot be the CM Face for congress in Rajasthan after results?

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Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018 - Sachin pilot

Rajasthan might come as a big relief for Congress after Punjab. Right now, the atmosphere and the history both are in favour of Congress and so is the vibe in political corners.

The bigger question is who will be the face for Chief Minister for Rajasthan. Will it be Ashik Gehlot, CP Joshi, Sachin Pilot?

The Congress late Thursday night released its first list of 152 candidates for the December 7 Rajasthan Assembly elections, where former chief minister Ashok Gehlot is contesting from Sardarpura and state party president Sachin Pilot from Tonk seat.

Gehlot has already taken the bigger role and always appears with Rahul Gandhi in a decision-making meeting. The chances are low that he takes the Chief Ministers position again. Sachin Pilot as a young politician has a huge following in Rajasthan among youth. Other senior names from Jaat community in Rajasthan Congress like Nathu Ram Mirdha, Paras Ram Maderna, Balram Jakhar and Sir Ram Ola didn’t manage to make their mark for CM post.

The balance has been tried to be made in the first Congress list where both Pilot and Gehlot camps fought hard to get tickets for their supporters.

Both of them are candidates for chief ministership. But if Congress wins with a clean majority, the credit should go to Sachin Pilot and its team C.P. Joshi did the same in 2008 for congress but this time it’s about Sachin pilot show. Rejecting Sachin Pilot will not be easy for Congress and can have serious implications after elections .

Sachin Pilot Political activities and achievements

  • In 2004, elected to the 14th Lok Sabha.
  • Became the youngest MP in India (at the age of 26).
  • Defeated Kiran Maheshwari (BJP) in 2009.
  • In 2004, became a member of the Standing Committee of Lok Sabha on Home Affairs.
  • In 2006, became a member of the Consultative Committee in the Ministry of Civil Aviation.
  • In 2009, became Union Minister of State for Communications and IT.
  • In 2012, became Union Minister of State for Corporate Affairs.
  • The consortium of Investigative Journalists| International Consortium of Investigative Journalism]] cited his name in the list of politicians named in “Paradise Papers” allegations.
  • Set up Citizens’ Alliance, an advocacy group against malnutrition and unceasing hunger in India.
  • Member of the Prime Minister’s team of youth brigade.
  • Congress – State Party President

Sachin Pilot Elections result

Year Constituency State Status
2014 Ajmer Rajasthan Lose
2009 Ajmer Rajasthan Won

Status of Sachin Pilot and his opponent candidates against from Ajmer Parliamentary Constituency in Rajasthan

The table below shows the status of Sachin Pilot and candidates contesting against him from Ajmer Lok sabha seat with their party names and symbols along with the votes secured by each candidate.

Candidate Name Political Party Status votes
Sachin Pilot INC 465891
Jagdish BSP N.A
Mukul Mishra ABHM N.A
Bhanwar Lal Soni IND N.A
Krishna Kumar Dadhich IND N.A
Sanwar Lal Jat BJP 637874
Ramlal AKBAP N.A
Surendra Kumar Jain IND N.A
Jagdish Singh Rawat IND N.A
Sanwar Lal NCP N.A
Narain Das Sindhi IND N.A
Anita Jain IND N.A