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Why Politicians Need Security in Their Area?

At a time when women safety is getting noticed as a widely used agenda of politicians and paucity of staff in police force is being discussed, the huge investment made for the security of politicians needs to be questioned. The security provided to the President, Prime Minister and Chief Ministers of the states is understood, but we do see instances wherein politicians who are not in power or who are facing legal charges also enjoying government-sponsored security. Is it Security or Status Symbol for Indian Politicians? Security for VVIPs is essential, but more often it translates into […]Read more

Politics and Common Problems in India

When one of our union ministers remarked that India needs more toilets than temples, it was perhaps a moment of epiphany for those who have been conveniently dodging the pressing issues affecting the common man. Lack of proper sanitation is just a single piece in the puzzle. The nation is battling a plethora of other problems which are throwing it out from the track of development. Common Problems in India Uneven distribution of wealth and the ever-widening gulf between the rich and poor have been gnawing at the concept of social equality. At least 25% of the […]Read more

Do We Need Educational Criteria to Become a Politician?

Our PM has the distinction of being an alumnus of both Cambridge and Oxford University. Our Finance Minister is an MBA from Harvard University. At the same time, we also have an IITan as a Chief Minister and a couple of other politicians who are proud products of Ivy League institutions. However, a probing look on the flip side would make us realize that except a handful of literate lords of Indian political system, most other stakeholders remain uneducated and uninitiated. Educational Criteria for Indian Politicians Doesn’t Exist Previous political experience is the only thing that gets […]Read more

Do We Need a Code of Conduct For Politicians?
Do We Need a Code of Conduct For Politicians

If not for anything else, 2014 Lok Sabha elections will surely be remembered for personal attacks, snide remarks and hate speeches made at the expense of taking political discourse to its nadir. In a bid to assert their superiority over the rest, some political leaders went overboard and blurred the line between public and private lives. Some even threatened voters with dire consequences if they are not voted to power. To ensure civility in political speeches and expressions, establishing code of conduct for politicians is mandatory. Model Code of Conduct for Politicians Our existing Model Code of […]Read more

Why Celebrities Are Joining Politics in India?
Why Celebrities Are Joining Politics in India

In a star-struck country like India, it’s almost a norm to see actors, sportsmen, singers and the others belonging to the celebrity tribe using their ‘charm offensive’ to make a place in politics. From Olympics medal-winner Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore to former Miss India, the spectrum of celebrities who have joined politics is quite large. While some celebrities made it big in politics, the track record of the majority is dismal. Yet, our fascination with celebrities has somewhat overshadowed the power of reasoning and we tend to ignore the non-performing factor. Reasons Why Celebrities Join Politics In the […]Read more

Indian Democracy or Monarchy of Politicians
Indian Democracy or Monarchy of Politicians

To define democracy in simplest terms, it is a form of government in which people choose their leaders by voting. A country, which is ruled by democracy, will necessarily have a political environment where everyone is treated equally and has equal rights. Although Indian constitution has enumerated and confirmed the democratic functioning of the government, there are aberrations which make us believe that the nation might be gradually slipping into disguised monarchy. Lack of Internal Democracy in Political Parties As far as the general sentiment goes, Indian Congress is the first political party that ignited and implemented […]Read more