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Polling Booth in Cuttack Sadar Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Cuttack Sadar

Cuttack Sadar Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Cuttack Sadar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Cuttack Sadar Assembly Constituency falls under the Cuttack Sadar Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 UttamapurAcharya Harihar Bidyapitha Uttamapur
2 UttamapurAcharya Harihar Bidyapitha Uttamapur
3 KajipatanaKajipatana Upper Primary School,Kajipatana
4 SubhadrapurSubhadrapur Primary School,Subhadrapur
5 BalikudaBalikuda U Primary School,Balikuda
6 GopalpurGopalpur Primary School (N),Gopalpur
7 GopalpurMaa Tarini Bidyapitha, Gopalpur
8 GopalpurGopalpur Primary School (N),Gopalpur
9 PaikasahiPaikasahi Primary School,Paikasahi
10 ShrikoruanShrikoruan Primary School,Shrikoruan
11 BhanapurBhanapur Primary School,Bhanapur
12 BhanapurDuladei Community CEntre, Bhanpur
13 PratapanagariPratap Nagari U.P. Nodal School
14 NuagarhNuagarh Primary School,Nuagarh
15 NuagarhNuagarh Primary School,Nuagarh
16 NayahatNayahat U.P. Primary School (E),Nayahat
17 NayahatNayahat U.P. Primary School (E),Nayahat
18 New Kacharamal Kacharamal Nodal Upper Primary School,Kacharamal
19 Old KacharamalPuruna Kacharamal Primary School,Kacharamal
20 AdhaliaAdhalia U Primary School,Adhalia
21 AmanMAnAman sasol Nodal U P School,Aman
22 SasolSasol Primary School ,Sasol
23 Sasol-1Sasol Primary School ,Sasol
24 DhanagharapadDhanagharapad Primary School,Dhanagharapad
25 Dhanagharapad-1Dhanagharapad Primary School,Dhanagharapad
26 AradaArada U.Primary School,Arada
27 NagabaliNagabali Primary School ,Nagabali
28 Khadichuan DeuliKhadichuan Deuli Primary School,Khadichuan Deuli
29 KhandeitaKhandeita Upper Primary School,Khandeita
30 SaindaSainda Nodal Upper Primary School,Sainda
31 BalisahiSainda Balisahi Primary School , Balisahi
32 NachhipurNachhipur Upper Primary School,Nachhipur
33 Nachhipur-1Nachhipur Upper Primary School,Nachhipur
34 JaripadaJaripada Nodal Upper Primary School,Jaripada
35 UraliUrali High School,Urali
36 UraliUrali GP Office,Urali
37 KadamapadaKadamapada Primary School ,Kadamapada
38 AitalangaAitalanga Primary School,Aitalanga
39 BerhampurBerhampur Primary School,Berhampur
40 BerhampurBerhampur Primary School,Berhampur
41 JhinkiriaJhinkiria Upper Primary School,Jhinkiria
42 JhinkiriaJhinkiria Upper Primary School,Jhinkiria
43 Nuapada -1Nuapada Primary School
44 NuapadaNuapada Nodal U.Primary School
45 Nuapada -2Nuapada Primary School
46 NuapadaNuapada Nodal U.Primary School
47 Nuapada -3Nuapada Primary School
48 Nuapada -4Madhusudan Municipalty High School
49 Nuapada -5Madhusudan Municipalty High School
50 Nuapada -6Madhusudan U.G.M.E School
51 Nuapada -7Madhusudan U.G.M.E School
52 Nuapada -8Madhusudan U.G.M.E School
53 NuapadaMadhusudan U.G.M.E School
54 Tinigharia-1Baleswar Primary School
55 TinighariaTinigharia Primary School
56 Tinigharia-2Baleswar Primary School
57 TinighariaTinigharia Primary School
58 PoparadaPoparad Primary School
59 SartolSartol Primary School
60 AininaharapadaAininaharapada Primary School ,Aininaharapada
61 JharakataJharakata Upper Primary School,Jharakata
62 Jharakata-1Jharakata Upper Primary School,Jharakata
63 SriramSriram Primary School,Sriram
64 DadhibamanapurDadhibamanapur Primary School ,Dadhibamanapur
65 DadhibamanapurDadhibamanapur Primary School ,Dadhibamanapur
66 BahalapadaBahalapada U. Primary School,Bahalapada
67 BadadhuleswarBadadhuleswarU.P. Primary School,Badadhuleswar
68 KhadichuandeuliDeuli Primary School,Deuli
69 Basanta KundalBasanta Kundal Primary School,Basanta Kundal
70 KulasarichuanKulasarichuan Dandasahi Primary School,Kulasarichuan
71 KulasarichuanKulasarichuan High School,Kulasarichuan
72 ChanduliChanduli Nodal Upper Primary School (W),Chanduli
73 ChanduliChanduli Nodal Upper Primary School (W),Chanduli
74 Baral J.S Bidyapitha, Baral
75 DihasarichuanDihasarichuan U. Primary School,Dihasarichuan
76 KalapadaKulakalapada Primary School,Kulakalapada
77 KalapadaDihakalapada Primary School,Dihakalapada
78 DahiganDahigan Primary School,Dahigan
79 RautarapurRautarapur U. P. School,Rautarapur
80 BentakarBentakar Primary School,Bentakar
81 EranchaErancha Primary School,Erancha
82 GobindpurGobindpur Primary School ,Gobindpur
83 SisuaSisua Primary School,Sisua
84 Paramahansa-1Paramahansa Primary School,Paramahansa
85 Paramahansa-2Paramahansa Primary School,Paramahansa
86 RaghunathapurRaghunathapur Primary School,Raghunathapur
87 KusingaKusinga Primary School,Kusinga
88 LakshminarayanapurLakshminarayanapur Primary School,Lakshminarayanapur
89 KamapurG.S. Bidyapitha
90 SidheswarapurG.S. Bidyapitha
91 KandarapurKandarapur U. Primary School,Kandarapur
92 KorapadaKorapada Primary School,Korapada
93 BamburiBamburi Upper Primary School,Bamburi
94 BamburiBamburi Upper Primary School,Bamburi
95 FakirapadaFakirapada Upper Primary School ,Fakirapada
96 FakirapadaNarayani Primary School,Fakirapada
97 DeopurDeopur Urdu Primary School,Deopur
98 BiribatiBiribati Primary School,Biribati
99 RajahansaRajahansa Primary School,Rajahansa
100 Hatasahi MatagajpurKathajodi Nodal Upper Primary School,Mattgajapur
101 HatasahiKathajodi Nodal Upper Primary School,Mattgajapur
102 Gatiraut PatanaGatiraut Patana Primary School,Gatiraut Patana
103 Gatiraut PatanaGatiraut Patana Primary School,Gatiraut Patana
104 Gatiraut PatanaDihasahi Primary School ,Dihasahi,Gatiraut Patana
105 TaanrapaTaanrapa Primary School,Taanrapa
106 NimeinsapurNuakoruaUpper Primary School
107 NimeinsapurNuakorua U. Primary School Nimeinsapur
108 AyatapurAyatapur High School,Ayatapur
109 AyatapurAyatapur High School,Ayatapur
110 DanduasipadaDanduasipada Primary School,Danduasipada
111 DamodarapurDamodarapur U. Primary School
112 DamodarapurUpper Primary School, Brahmanabad
113 DamodarapurDamodarapur U. Primary School
114 Barada -1Barada Primary School
115 Barada -2Barada Primary School
116 ChanchapadaJamekeswari Primary School Chanchapada
117 Paik SahiPaika Sahi Primary School,Paika Sah
118 DharinaDharina Primary School ,Dharina
119 ParabilParabil Primary School
120 KamarapadaKamarapada Primary School
121 KotuanKotuan Primary School ,Kotuan
122 ArchhilArchhil Primary School ,Archhil
123 RamakumarapurRamakumarapur Primary School
124 SomapurSomapur Primary School
125 Somapur-1Somapur Upper Primary School
126 ThoriapadaThoriapada Primary School
127 ThoriapadaThoriapada Primary School
128 TeladiaTeladia High School
129 TariloTarilo Primary School
130 AriloArilo Upper Primary School ,Arilo
131 BastapadaBastapada Primary School
132 JasapadaKelikadamba Upper Primary School ,Jasapada
133 JasapadaKelikadamba Upper Primary School ,Jasapada
134 KosidaV.C Upper Primary School ,Kosida
135 BarimundaBarimunda Junior Basic School
136 SagadipatnaSagadipatana Primary School,Sagadipatna
137 RamachandrapurRamachandrapurPrimary School
138 HulipurGarasuni UpperU Primary School ,Hulipur
139 SamantarapurSamantarapur Primary School ,Samantarapur
140 Kishor NagarRamachandrapur Junior Basic School,Kishor Nagar
141 Kishor NagarRamachandrapur Junior Basic School,Kishor Nagar
142 BalisukriMukteswar Primary School Balisukri
143 BalisukriMukteswar Primary School Balisukri
144 BhoipadaBhoipada Primary School
145 MallipurMallipur Primary School
146 JaganathpurJaganathpurr Primary School
147 NaradaNarda Urdhu Upper Primary School,Praharajpur
148 NardaNarda Upper Primary School
149 BodhapurBodhapur Primary School
150 BodhapurBodhapur Primary School
151 PaikanPaikan Upper Primary School
152 NanapurNanapur Primary School,Nanapur
153 ManapurManapur Primary School
154 SiuliSiuli Primary School
155 BodarAndharamani Upper Primary School
156 KalarabankaKalarabanka Upper Primary School
157 BrahmanabhuinBrahmanabhuin Primary School
158 BrahmanabhuinBrahmanabhuin Primary School
159 SainporuamChandrasekhar Upper Primary School,Ishani Brahmapur
160 PhularaPhulara Primary School, Phulara
161 Praharajapur-1Praharajapur Primary School ,Praharajapur
162 Praharajapur-2Praharajapur Primary School ,Praharajapur
163 IsanibrahmapurChandrasekhar Upper Primary School,Ishani Brahmapur
164 KhentalBalaram Primary School Khental
165 KhentalBalaram Primary School Khental
166 Brahmana KhandaSirlo Nabagrama U .P. School
167 Brahmana KhandaSirlo Nabagrama U .P. School
168 SirloSirlo Junior Basic School
169 SirloSirlo Nabagrama Upper Primary School
170 RadhanagarBankal Project U .P.. School
171 OrikantaShastri Sanskrit Schoolmruti Nodal U.P.(Orikanta)
172 BhabarachandaBhabarachanda Primary School
173 Bandhupur-1Raghunathjew Bidya Pitha Bandhupur
174 Bandhupur-2Raghunathjew Bidya Pitha Bandhupur
175 GopinathapurGopinathapur Primary School
176 BalaramapurBalaramapur Primary School
177 MaradaMarada Primary School
178 JanarddanapurJanarddanapur Primary School
179 JanarddanapurJanarddanapur Primary School
180 PurunapariPurunapari Primary School
181 KalamishriKalamishri Primary School
182 LendurabhagabanapurAnnateswar Nodal Upper Primary School,Lendeura Bhagabanpur
183 LendurabhagabanapurAnnateswar Nodal Upper Primary School,Lendeura Bhagabanpur
184 TilakanaTilakana G.P. Office
185 DemandoChandrasekhar Nodal Upper Primary School,Demando
186 BhagabanapurBhagabanapur Primary School
187 MahammadapurMahammadapur Primary School (New)
188 OdangipurMahammadpur Primary School
189 NemaloAchyutananda Bidhypitha Nemalo,(E)
190 MulasuangaAchyutananda Bidhypitha Nemalo,(E)
191 MaliganNemalo Primary School
192 SantapurSantapur Nodal Upper Primary School
193 ManikapurManikapur Primary School
194 PaladaPalada U.G.M E School
195 DuduraPalada U.G.M E School
196 BabujangaSadhu Charan Upper Primary School , Babujanga
197 BabujangaBabujanga Urdu Primary School
198 BarimulSafipur Primary School
199 PIInpurPiinpur Primary School
200 DulupurDulupur Primary School
201 UttarakulUttarakul Primary School ,Uttarakul
202 MuguraiMugurai Upper Primary School
203 OdakhandaOdakhanda Primary School
204 MehendipurMehendipur Primary School
205 ChampaChampa Primary School
206 ManijangaManijanga Primary School
207 ManijangaManijanga Primary School
208 MahammadapurMahammadapur Project Upper Primary School
209 MahammadapurMahammadapur Project Upper Primary School
210 BiswanathapurBiswanathapur Upper Primary School
211 BiswanathapurBiswanathapur Upper Primary School

Last Updated on August 11, 2014