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Polling Booth in Barabati-Cuttack Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Barabati-Cuttack

Barabati-Cuttack Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Barabati-Cuttack Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Barabati-Cuttack Assembly Constituency falls under the Barabati-Cuttack Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Orissa.

Polling Booth NoPolling Booth AreaAddress
1 Bidanasi-1Bidanasi Primary School
2 Bidanasi-2Bidanasi Primary School
3 Bidanas-3Bidanasi High School
4 Bidanasi-4Bidanasi Primary School
5 Bidanasi-5Bidanasi Primary School
6 Bidanasi-6Bidanasi HIgh School Eight
7 Bidanasi-7Bidanasi HIgh School Eight
8 Bidanasi-8Bidanasi Primary School
9 Bidanasi-9Bidanasi Primary School
10 Tulasipur-1Tulasipur Police Colony Primary School
11 C.D.A-1Executive E. Office, C.D.A
12 C.D.A-2Saraswati Shishu Bidyamandir C.D.A., Sector-6
13 C.D.A-3Executive E. Office, C.D.A
14 C.D.A-4Executive E. Office, C.D.A
15 C.D.A-5Executive E. Office, C.D.A
16 C.D.A-6D.A.V. Public School, C.D.A
17 C.D.A-7D.A.V. Public School, C.D.A
18 C.D.A-8D.A.V. Public School, C.D.A
19 C.D.A-9D.A.V. Public School, C.D.A
20 C.D.A-10D.A.V. Public School, C.D.A
21 C.D.A-11D.A.V. Public School, C.D.A
22 C.D.A-12D.A.V. Public School, C.D.A
23 C.D.A-13D.A.V. Public School, C.D.A
24 C.D.A-14Saraswati sishubidya Mandir,C.D.A sector-9
25 C.D.A-15D.A.V. Public School, C.D.A
26 Tulasipur-2Tulasipur Police Colony High School
27 Tulasipur-3Tulasipur Police Colony High School
28 Tulasipur-4Deula Sahi U.G.M.E. School
29 Tulasipur-5Deula Sahi U.G.M.E. School
30 Tulasipur-6Tulasipur Gorakabar Primary School
31 Tulasipur-7Tulasipur Gorakabar Primary School
32 Tulasipur-8Tulasipur Police Colony Primary School
33 Tulasipur-9Indiragandhi Womens College
34 Tulasipur-10Indiragandhi Womens College
35 Tulasipur-11Tulasipur U.G.M.E. School IV-C
36 Tulasipur-12Tulasipur U.G.M.E. School IV-C
37 Tulasipur-13Tulasipur Police Colony High School
38 Tulasipur-14Tulasipur Police Colony High School
39 Tulasipur-15Tulasipur U.G.M.E. School IV-C
40 Sheltar Chaka -1Sanat Nalini Girls School -VI
41 Sheltar Chaka -2Sanat Nalini Girls School -VI
42 Sheltar Chaka -3Sanat Nalini Girls School -VI
43 Sheltar Chaka -4Sanat Nalini Girls School -VI
44 Ramagarh -1Mansinghpatana Municipal High School
45 Ramagarh -2Mansinghpatana Municipal High School
46 Ramagarh -3Ramagarh Primary School H No -1
47 Ramagarh -4Ramagarh Primary School H No -1
48 Dagarpada-1Dagarpada U.G.M.E School H- No -2
49 Mansingpatana -1Mansingh Patana Primary School
50 Mansingpatana -2Mansingh Patana Primary School
51 Stonyroad -1Anathaashram Primary School H- No-1
52 Stonyroad -2Anathaashram Primary School H- No-1
53 Dagarpada-2Dagarpada U.G.M.E School H- No -2
54 Dagarpada-3Dagarpada U.G.M.E School H- No -2
55 Dagarpada-4Dagarpada U.G.M.E School H- No -2
56 Dagarpada-5Baria Urdhu Primary School
57 Dagarpada-6Baria Urdhu Primary School
58 Chandinchowk-1Chandinchowk Primary School
59 Chandinchowk-2Chandinchowk Primary School
60 Kacheriroad -1Ravenshwa Collegiatet School IX-A,
61 Kacheriroad -2Ravenshwa Collegiatet School IX-A,
62 Kacheriroad -3Ravenshwa Collegiatet School IX-A,
63 Kacheriroad -4R.N.T Campus P.G. Girls School
64 Kacheriroad -5R.N.T Campus P.G. Girls School
65 Shekh Bazar-1Practising Urdu Training School
66 Khatabin Sahi-1Khatabin Sahi Special Primary School
67 Khatabin Sahi-2Khatabin Sahi Special Primary School
68 Khatabin Sahi-3Khatabin Sahi Special Primary School
69 Shekh Bazar-2Janata Bidya Pitha Lalamatha
70 Shekh Bazar-3Janata Bidya Pitha Lalamatha
71 Khatabin Sahi-3Bhakta Madhu Bidya Pitha
72 Kazi Bazar-1Govt. Girls High School Room No.1
73 Kazibazar-2Govt. Girls High School, Kazibazar
74 Tulasipur-16Tulasipur Gorakabar Primary School
75 Tulasipur-17Tulasipur Gorakabar Primary School
76 Tulasipur-18Tulasipur Gorakabar Primary School
77 KilafortDurga P.W.D Office
78 Tulasipur-13Tulasipur Gorakabar Primary School
79 Kilamaidan -2Reserve Police Law U.G.M.E School
80 Cantenment -1Cantenment Primary School
81 Cantenment -2Cantenment Primary School
82 Kilamaidan -1Chirst College
83 Ganga MandirSri Gurjar Bidya Nikaten
84 Dewan Bazar-1Dewan Bazar Andhru Primary School
85 Dewan Bazar-2Dewan Bazar Andhru Primary School
86 Dewan Bazar-3Dewan Bazar Andhru Primary School
87 Dewan Bazar-4Oriya Bazar Muslim Girls School
88 Dewan Bazar-5Oriya Bazar Muslim Girls School
89 Dewan Bazar-6Oriya Bazar Muslim Girls School
90 Ganga Mandir-1Ganga Manadir Primary School
91 Mission Road--1MiSanskrit Schoolion High School
92 Mission Road--2Stewart School
93 Mission Road--3MiSanskrit Schoolion High School
94 Mission Road--4MiSanskrit Schoolion High School
95 Patapola-1Gandhi Bidyapitha
96 Patapola-2Gandhi Bidyapitha
97 Patapola-3Baxibazar Madrasa Sultana
98 Sutahat-1Sutahat U.G.M.E School H-No1
99 Sutahat-2Sutahat U.G.M.E School H-No1
100 Mission Road--5MiSanskrit Schoolion High School
101 Beparisahi-1Balibhagat Primary School
102 Beparisahi-2Balibhagat Primary School
103 Beparisahi-3Cantonment Primary School
104 Manisahu Chhaka -1Hadibandhu High School
105 Badheisahi -1Bastarithakura Primary School
106 Mangalabag RoadMahamaya Upper Primary School House No -2
107 Mangalabag Road-1Mahamaya Upper Primary School House No -2
108 Sayad Seminar ChhakaSayad Seminary High School
109 Mangalabag Road-2Mahamaya Upper Primary School House No -2
110 Manisahu ChhakaHadibandhu High School
111 Thoria Sahi -1Municipality Girls High School
112 Thoria Sahi -2Municipality Girls High School
113 Thoria Sahi -3Municipality Girls High School
114 Thoria Sahi -4Municipality Girls High School
115 Thoria Sahi -5Municipality Girls High School
116 Jaganath Road -1Secondary Board High School
117 Jaganath Road -2Secondary Board High School
118 Jaganath Road -3Secondary Board High School
119 Sayed Seminari Chhak-1Sayad Seminary High School
120 HaripurHaripur Primary School
121 Sayed Seminari Chhak-2Sayed Seminari Primary School
122 Rausa Patana -1Rausa Patana Primary School
123 Rausa Patana -2Rausa Patana Primary School
124 Haripur-1Haripur Primary School
125 Haripur-2Rausa Patana Primary School
126 Dolomundai Chhaka -1Baba Sagar Das U.G.M.E. School H.No.1
127 TinikoniabagichaP.M. Academy High School H. No -1
128 Meria Bazar -1Meria bazar Primary School
129 Meria Bazar -2Meria bazar Primary School
130 Darghabazar Hatipokhari Urdhu Primary School
131 Mangalabag Road-3C.T Mahila Mahabidyalaya
132 Mangalabag Road-4C.T Mahila Mahabidyalaya
133 Mangalabag Road-5C.T Mahila Mahabidyalaya
134 Sutahat-3P.M. Academy High School H. No -1
135 Sutahat-4P.M. Academy High School H. No -1
136 Gourisankar Park ChoudhuribazarChoudhury Bazar Ravenswa Girls School X-A
137 Gourisankar Park Choudhuribazar-1Choudhury Bazar Ravenswa Girls School X-A
138 Oriyabazar -1Netaji Seva Sadan
139 Oriyabazar -2Netaji Seva Sadan
140 Chandinchowk-3Lalbag Primary School H.No.-1
141 Chandinchowk-4Lalbag Primary School H.No.-1
142 Mahamadia BazarChaitanya Matha Primary School
143 Biswanath LaneBiswanath Lane Hindi Bidyapitha
144 BalubazarMarwari High School
145 Town Hall RoadRamachandraBhaban
146 Town Hall Road-1Municipal High School, Choudhurybazar
147 BakharabadBakharabad Primary School
148 BhandarisahiBhandarisahi Primary School
149 Radhanatha RoadRadhanath Traning College
150 Choudhuri Bazar-1Municipal Model High School
151 Choudhuri Bazar-2Municipal Model High School
152 Choudhuri Bazar-3Municipal Model High School
153 Jholasahi -1Municipal Gowan House
154 Gourisankar Park Choudhuribazar-2Padhiary Pathagara
155 Darghabazar-1Darghabazar Primary School ClaSanskrit School IV
156 Gourisankar Park Choudhuribazar-3Choudhury Bazar Ravenswa Girls School
157 Sayad Seminar Chhaka-2Sayad Seminary High School
158 Darghabazar -2Darghabazar Primary School ClaSanskrit School IV
159 Darghabazar -3Darghabazar Primary School ClaSanskrit School IV
160 Jholasahi-2Jhola Sahi Girls Primary School
161 Bangali Sahi -1Ramakrishna Cottage H.No.1
162 Bangali Sahi -2Ramakrishna Cottage H.No.1
163 Bangali Sahi -3Ramakrishna Cottage H.No.1
164 Telenga BazarChandra Sekhar Primary School
165 Telenga Bazar-1Chandra Sekhar Primary School
166 Matha Sahi-1Matha Sahi Gandhi Pathagara
167 Matha Sahi-2Matha Sahi Primary School
168 Bamphi Sahi -1Bamphi Sahi U.G.M.E.
169 Bamphi Sahi -2Bamphi Sahi U.G.M.E.
170 Rajabagicha -1Rajabagicha High School (N)
171 Rajabagicha -2Rajabagicha High School (N)
172 Janjhirmangala -1Jhanjirmagal Primary School
173 Janjhirmangala -2Jhanjirmagal Primary School
174 Pithapur -1Pithapur Primary School
175 Pithapur -2Pithapur Primary School
176 Janjhirmangala -3Jhanjirmagal Primary School
177 Bhagatpur-1CLASanskrit School-3 Gopabandhu kakshya Rajabagicha primary School.
178 Bhagatpur-2ClaSanskrit School-5 Netaji Kakshya Rajabagicha Primary School.
179 Labour Colony -1Labour Colony U.G.M.E. School
180 Nima Sahi -1Nima Sahi Municipal Primary School
181 Nima Sahi -2Nima Sahi Municipal Primary School
182 Nima Sahi -3Nima Sahi Municipal Primary School
183 Jhola Sahi-3Jhola Sahi Girls Primary School
184 Jhola Sahi-4Jhola Sahi Girls Primary School
185 Jhola Sahi-5Pithapur Primary School
186 BidyadharpurBidyadharpur Upper Primary School
187 Bidyadharpur-1Bidyadharpur Primary School
188 SandhapurSandhapur U.G.M School
189 BrajabihariputBrajabiharipur Primary School.

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