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Karnataka Election Result 2018

Tamil-nadu 2018 Elections: News and Updates

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Latest Election News and Updates

  • TTV Dinakaran Swore in as new MLA
    The newly elected MLA of R K Nagar, TTV Dinakaran, took oath as an independent MLA. He won the election by a huge margin of 40,000 votes over his AIADMK and DMK rivals. The elections came about after the death of Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa last year. Dinakaran after his victory claimed that the constituency has chosen the Amma's heir. After swearing in he also said the AIADMK has 5-6 people who had not been working for state's growth and if they didn't mend their ways, they would have to face the same fate as R K Nagar.
    2017-12-30 12:51:53 PM
  • Dinakaran Wins Chennai Bypolls

    TTV Dinakaran has won the Chennai by-poll election by a huge margin. The late J Jayalalithaa's heir was in a triple contest with E Madhusudhanan of AIADMK and N Maruthu Ganesh of DMK. After his big win, Dinakaran thanked the voters and called himself a 'true political heir' and expressed his joy by saying that people have elected the 'Amma's successor'. The newly won leader has also vowed to yank the power off from EPS-OPS government in a duration of just 3 months. The by-polls were scheduled in April earlier this year but could not take place due to controversies regarding heavy bribery to voters.

    2017-12-26 03:14:25 PM
  • Dinakaran Wins Chennai Bypolls

    TTV Dinakaran has won the Chennai bypoll election with a huge margin. The late J Jayalalithaa's heir was in a triple contest with E Madhusudhanan of AIADMK and N Maruthu Ganesh of DMK. After his big win, Dinakaran thanked the voters and called himself a 'true political heir' and expressed his joy by saying that people have elected the 'Amma's successor'. The newly won leader has also vowed to yank the power off from EPS-OPS government in a duration of just 3 months. The bypolls were scheduled in April earlier this year but could not take place due to controversies regarding heavy bribery to voters.

    2017-12-26 05:33:05 PM
  • RK Nagar by-poll counting of votes begins.
    RK Nagar by-poll counting of votes begins. DMK has won the lone postal ballot in RK Nagar by-poll. The focus is now on EVM votes. There will be 19 rounds of counting. 
    2017-12-24 08:23:35 AM
  • TTV Dinakaran is leading with around 600 votes
    TTV Dinakaran is leading with around 600 votes in RK Nagar by-election. DMK has won the lone postal ballot.  There will be 19 rounds of counting.
    2017-12-24 08:30:30 AM

  • Counting halts temporarily
    As per media reports, AIADMK supporters are creating a ruckus in counting centers. TTV Dhinakaran supporters have also been attacked due to which counting has been halted for temporarily. 
    2017-12-24 09:45:18 AM
  • RK Nagar By-poll Update
    TTV Dinakaran is still leading with E Madhusudhanan of AIADMK trailing. 
    Current Leads:
    TTV Dinakaran (Independent):10,391 
    E Madhusudhanan (AIADMK): 4,520 
    N Maruthu Ganesh (DMK): 2,323 
    K Nagarajan (BJP): 66
    NOTA: 102
    2017-12-24 10:26:52 AM
  • Dhinakaran is still leading in RK Nagar By-poll, NOTA gets more votes than the BJP.
    While Dhinakaran is still leading in RK Nagar By-poll, NOTA is getting more votes than the BJP. E Madhusudhanan of AIADMK continues to hold the second position and K Nagarajan of BJP stands sixth with just 191 votes. 
    TTV Dinakaran (Independent): 10421
    E Madhusudhanan (AIADMK) : 4520
    M Ganesh (DMK): 2323
    Naam Tamizhar Katchi: 760
    K Nagarajan (BJP): 191
    NOTA: 459
    2017-12-24 11:02:36 AM
  • RK Nagar By-poll result after third round
    At the end of the third round, TTV Dinakaran leads with 15,868 votes in RK Nagar by-election, followed by AIADMK's Madhusudhanan who has attained 7,033 votes and DMK's Maruthu Ganesh, attained 3,750 votes.
    2017-12-24 11:17:04 AM
  • RK Nagar By-poll update
    Current Leads :
    TTV Dinakaran (Independent): 15,868 
    E Madhusudhanan (AIADMK): 7,033 
    N Maruthu Ganesh (DMK): 3,750 
    Others: 2,229
    2017-12-24 11:39:53 AM
  • RK Nagar By-poll update after fourth round :
    Current Leads :
    TTV Dinakaran (Independent): 20,298
    E Madhusudhanan (AIADMK): 9,672 
    N Maruthu Ganesh (DMK): 5,091
    Others: 2,229
    2017-12-24 11:47:30 AM
  • RK Nagar By-poll result update
    TTV Dinakaran continues to lead with 29,257 votes in RK Nagar by-election. AIADMK's Madhusudhanan has 14,854 votes followed by DMK's Maruthu Ganesh, who has 7,750 votes.
    2017-12-24 01:03:36 PM
  • RK Nagar By-poll result update after seventh round
    TTV Dinakaran (Independent): 30,457 votes
    Madhusudhanan (AIADMK): 15,949 
    Maruthu Ganesh (DMK): 8364 votes
    2017-12-24 01:10:31 PM
  • RK Nagar By-poll result update after Eighth round
    TTV Dinakaran (Independent): 39,548 votes
    Madhusudhanan (AIADMK): 19,525 votes
    Maruthu Ganesh (DMK): 10,292  votes
    2017-12-24 01:44:51 PM
  • RK Nagar By-poll result update after tenth round
    TTV Dinakaran is leading with 48,594 votes in the RK Nagar by-election, followed by AIADMK's Madhusudhanan who has got 25,408 votes and DMK's Maruthu Ganesh, has gathered 12,897 votes.
    2017-12-24 02:51:22 PM
  • RK Nagar By-poll result update after eleventh round
    TTV Dinakaran is leading with 54,102 votes in the RK Nagar by-election. AIADMK's Madhusudhanan is trailing with 27,778 votes and DMK's Maruthu Ganesh has gathered 14,363 votes.
    2017-12-24 03:05:31 PM
  • RK Nagar By-poll result update after fifteenth round
    TTV Dinakaran (Independent): 68,392 votes
    Madhusudhanan (AIADMK): 36,217 votes
    Maruthu Ganesh (DMK): 18,924 votes
    2017-12-24 04:42:59 PM
  • TTV Dinakaran mathematically wins the RK Nagar bypoll
    TTV Dinakaran mathematically wins the RK Nagar by-poll. The official announcement is approx. half an hour away. After the eighteenth round, Dinakaran is ahead with 86,474 votes, AIADMK's Madhusudhanan is trailing with 47,118 votes and DMK's Maruthu Ganesh has 24,075 votes.
    2017-12-24 05:13:40 PM
  • TV Dinakaran wins by-polls to RK Nagar Assembly seat in Tamil Nadu.
    TV Dinakaran wins by-polls to RK Nagar Assembly seat in Tamil Nadu. Dinakaran who had contested as an independent candidate has scripted a historic victory on Jayalalithaa’s erstwhile seat. After nineteen rounds of counting, Dinakaran collected 89,013 votes, followed by AIADMK's Madhusudhanan who got 48,306 votes & DMK's Maruthu Ganesh, who got 24,651 votes. While 2,203 votes were polled by NOTA option, BJP candidate Karu Nagarajan received only 1,236 votes. 
    2017-12-24 05:34:07 PM
  • TTV Dinakaran is leading with 7276 votes

    TTV Dinakaran is leading with 7276 votes in RK Nagar by-election after the second round. He is being followed by AIADMK's Madhusudhanan who has 2737 votes, while DMK's Maruthu Ganesh gets 1181 votes.

    2017-12-24 09:32:21 AM
  • RK Nagar By-Poll result update
    Dhinakaran is currently leading by 5399 votes, while the AIADMK candidate E Madhusudhanan has garnered only 2737 votes till now. Interestingly, the BJP has so far collected 66 votes, while NOTA has at 102.
    2017-12-24 09:18:41 AM
  • TTV Dinakaran leads RK Nagar By-poll
    TTV Dinakaran is leading while E Madhusudhanan is trailing in the second spot. N Maruthu Ganesh holds the third spot. 
    TTV Dinakaran (Independent): 1891
    E Madhusudhanan (AIADMK): 243
    N Maruthu Ganesh (DMK): 120
    2017-12-24 09:00:09 AM
  • Counting of votes resumes : RK Nagar By-Poll
    The police and para-military have restored peace and the counting of votes for the second round has resumed.
    2017-12-24 09:59:44 AM
  • RK Nagar By-poll result update after thirteenth round
    TTV Dinakaran (Independent): 64,627 votes
    Madhusudhanan (AIADMK): 33,446 votes
    Maruthu Ganesh (DMK): 17,111 votes
    2017-12-24 03:33:08 PM
  • RK Nagar Recorded a Better Voter Turnout
    Chennai registered an increase in the number of voters from the 2015 elections when J Jayalalithaa was contesting. 1.76 lakh voters turn up to pick their choice of candidate. A 77.68% voter turn out was registered for Dr. Radhakrishnan Nagar assembly constituency (RK Nagar) by-poll which was held on Dec 21, 2017. District election officer D Karthikeyan reported that for the Chennai elections, female voter percentage was 79.21, while for males the percentage was 75.92. However, he added that the actual percentage could only be calculated on December 24,  but the numbers will not vary too much from the stated data.
    2017-12-22 10:28:51 AM
  • AIADMK candidate E Madhusudhanan confident of winning the RK Nagar by-poll
    AIADMK candidate E Madhusudhanan is confident of winning the RK Nagar by-poll which is currently underway. E Madhusudhanan is being backed by Chief Minister E Palaniswamy and deputy CM O Panneerselvam. The constituency was vacated after Jayalalithaa’s death last year. Madhusudhanan is contesting against sidelined party leader TTV Dinakaran who is contesting as an Independent candidate.  
    2017-12-21 03:18:22 PM
  • Dr. Radhakrishnan Nagar Assembly By-pool Voter turn out

    According to the Election Commission, voter turnout was recorded at 57.16% till 3 pm during the RK Nagar Assembly by-poll.

    2017-12-21 03:50:27 PM
  • RK Nagar By-Election
    The RK Nagar by-election which is being seen as an acid test for the ruling AIADMK, as it is the first election since the death of former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.Although as many as 59 candidates are contesting, the RK Nagar by-poll is mainly seen as a fight between the ruling AIADMK, its rival faction led by TTV Dhinakaran and main opposition party DMK. AIADMK candidate E Madhusudhanan, who cast his vote in the morning today, told reporters that "God and Amma's grace is with us". He said that he is confident of a win. 
    2017-12-21 04:29:39 PM
  • RK Nagar By-Election: Poll percentage at 3:00 PM
    The voting percentage recorded for the RK Nagar by-polls at 3:00 pm was 59.24%. Three polling centers recorded voting percentage of over 90. The electorate strength of the constituency is 2,28,234,  comprising 1,10,903 men, 1,17,232 women and 99 transgenders. 
    2017-12-21 05:16:22 PM
  • Voting for Chennai's RK Nagar ByPoll concludes

    Voting for Chennai's RK Nagar ByPoll concludes.  The election was the first election since the death of former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. As many as 59 candidates contested. The by-poll is mainly seen as a fight between the ruling AIADMK, its rival faction led by TTV Dhinakaran and main opposition party DMK.  

    2017-12-21 06:38:10 PM
  • EC rejects Dhinakaran plea on AIADMK Symbol Dispute

    The Election commission of India has rejected the plea of TTV Dhinakaran seeking an extension of 15 days to file affidavits pertaining to the AIADMK symbol case. As per the developments in the AIADMK party symbol dispute, the poll panel had last week set 29 September as the last date of submitting the document for all the involved parties. In the direction, the commission had asked the involved parties to submit the list of general council members and central executive committee members of the party as on 5 December 2016, which would be used to decide the party which enjoyed the majority then. The hearing is set to take place on 6 October 2017, as scheduled. As per the Madras high court order, the Election Commission is required to provide the judgment on the dispute before 31 October 2017.

    2017-09-29 02:10:29 PM
  • AIADMK Rebel MP Sasikala Pushpa's Husband Arrested

    AIADMK rebel MP Sasikala Pushpa's husband was arrested by the Tamil Nadu Police a day after the ruckus outside the party's office in Chennai in which Sasikala Pushpa's lawyers were attacked by party workers. The arrest comes on a day when the party is set to announce the successor of former Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa who passed away on 5 December this year. According to the new Election Commission rules, the general secretary of the party has to be elected before December 31.

    2016-12-29 12:00:50 PM
  • Tamil Nadu's 'Amma' Jayalalithaa No More

    Tamil Nadu chief minister and AIADMK matriarch Jayaram Jayalalitha passed away last night at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai after undergoing treatment for 73 days. She was 68. Jayalalithaa, better known as the 'Amma' to millions of her fans and followers in the state, was admitted to hospital on September 22 after complaining of fever and dehydration. Soon after doctors announced that she had recovered fully, Jayalalithaa suffered a cardiac arrest on December 4. Her conditioned remained very critical before the end came late last night.

    2016-12-06 09:59:51 AM
  • Jaya Loyalist O. Panneerselvam Sworn-In As Tamil Nadu's New CM

    Tamil Nadu Finance Minister and old Jayalalithaa loyalist O. Panneerselvam took oath as the state's next chief minister at around 1:15 A.M. on 6 December, 2016 a few hours after Jayalalithaa passed away at Chennai's Apollo Hospital. Panneerselvam placed Jayalalithaa's photograph on the dais during the oath-taking ceremony. The oath-taking ceremony happened even as Jayalalithaa's body was still at the hospital, which announced her demise a little before midnight. Six-time chief minister of Tamil Nadu J. Jayalalithaa died following a major cardiac arrest at the age of 68.

    2016-12-06 12:03:47 PM
  • TN Tense As CM Jayalalithaa Suffers Cardiac Arrest

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa suffered a cardiac arrest late on the night of December 4. She has been put on a heart assist device and is being monitored closely by doctors at Apollo Hospital in Chennai. Jayalalithaa has been in the hospital's intensive care since September 22 after she complained of fever, dehydration and congestion. It had been announced only recently that she'd recovered completely before news of her cardiac arrest came. Subbiah Viswanathan, COO of Apollo Hospitals where the chief minister is currently undergoing treatment, has informed the media that she is being treated and monitored by a team of experts, including pulmonologists, cardiologists and critical care specialists.

    2016-12-05 04:12:15 PM
  • Bypoll Results 2016: AIADMK Leading in Tamil Nadu

    The AIADMK is leading in Aravakurichi and Thirupurakundram assembly constituencies. In Thanjavur, AIADMK candidate M. Rengasamy has defeated his nearest rival from DMK by more than 26,000 votes. After five rounds of counting, AIADMK candidate in Aravakuruchi Senthil Balaji is leading his DMK rival by 7,756 votes. In Thiruparakundram, the AIADMK lead so far is 39,942 votes as against DMK’s 28,370.

    2016-11-22 12:43:53 PM
  • Campaigning Ends for By-election in Aravakurichi, Thanjavur in TN

    Campaigning for re-election in Aravakurichi and Thanjavur assembly constituencies as well as by-election in Tirupparankundram constituency has ended today. Chief Electoral Officer Rajesh Lakhoni has directed all outsiders to leave the poll-bound constituencies by that time. Elections are going to be held in these three Assembly seats on 19 November. The CEO has tightened the vigil to ensure free and fair elections this time. Release of opinion poll results would be prohibited for 48 hours starting from 5 P.M. on 17 November till 5 P.M. on 19 November. Exit polls are also banned from 7 A.M. To 5.30 P.M. on 19 November.

    2016-11-17 03:19:55 PM
  • Madras HC Sets Aside Notification for Tamil Nadu Local Body Polls

    The Madras High Court has set aside the notification for civic body polls in Tamil Nadu following a series of petitions, including those filed by main opposition DMK. The court has directed the state election commission to issue a fresh notification, ensure fair elections and wrap up the poll process by end of this year. The order was passed after taking note of election-related violence and murders in several regions of the state. Elections were to be held in two phases, on October 17 and 19, as per the original notification.

    2016-10-05 10:49:15 AM
  • Sasikala Pushpa Sacked From AIADMK

    Dramatic scenes unfolded in the Rajya Sabha yesterday after AIADMK member Sasikala Pushpa alleged that there was a threat to her life. She went on to say that she was under pressure to resign from the Rajya Sabha. Soon after she made these allegations, the AIADMK expelled her for 'bringing a bad name' to the party by slapping Tiruchi Siva who is a DMK MP.

    2016-08-02 11:15:11 AM
  • Jayalalitha to take oath as CM today

    All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) president J. Jayalalithaa will be sworn in as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu by state governor K. Rosaiah today. This is for the first time since 1987 that a party will return to power for a second consecutive term in Tamil Nadu. The oath-taking ceremony will take place at Madras University's Centenary Auditorium at 12 noon.

    2016-05-23 11:59:13 AM
  • Jayalalithaa sworn-in as Tamil Nadu CM for the sixth time

    AIADMK  general secretary J. Jayalalithaa was sworn-in as Tamil Nadu CM at the Madras University Centenary Auditorium today. It is her second consecutive term. The event was attended by union ministers, MPs and leaders of various political parties. The Governor of Tamil Nadu reportedly  approved a list of 29 ministers as a part of Jayalalithaa's cabinet.

    2016-05-23 03:13:43 PM
  • Jayalalithaa elected as AIADMK Legislature party leader, P. Vijayan to be Kerala CM

    The AIADMK Chief J. Jayalalithaa was unanimously elected as the legislature party leader after a convincing win in Tamil Nadu Assemble elections. The meeting of the MLAs was held at the party headquarters, a day after the AIADMK emerged victorious. Meanwhile, the CPI(M) leader P. Vijayan will be the next Chief Minister of Kerala.


    2016-05-21 11:33:57 AM
  • Tamil Nadu: Elections in Thanjavur, Aravakurichi delayed by 3 weeks

    The elections to Aravakurichi and Thanjavur constituencies have been deferred further by three weeks, according to the Election Commission's submission to the Madras High Court on Friday. Meanwhile, the DMK president M. Karunanidhi has demanding that the polls should be held on the scheduled day, 23 May. He told reporters that his party would lead a protest if the polls are postponed further.

    2016-05-21 11:47:50 AM
  • Tamil Nadu: Vijaykant's DMDK might lose state party status

    Dismal performance in the Tamil Nadu Assembly polls has now put a question mark on the state party status of Vijaykant's DMDK. The party has failed to meet all Election Commission guidelines on State Party status when it comes to vote share and number of seats. The party's vote share reduced to 2.4% in 2016 from 7.88% in 2011. It also failed to return a single legislator to the state Assembly.

    2016-05-21 04:39:23 PM
  • AIADMK wins 2016 Tamil Nadu assembly elections

    Jayalalithaa managed to thwart the anti-incumbency wave that has become a hall mark of Tamil Nadu politics. For the second time Jayalalithaa swept the elections. The AIADMK bagged 134 seats, while rival DMK, which was hoping to unseat Jayalalithaa, could only muster 98 votes. Jayalalithaa will assume office for the sixth time.

    2016-05-20 11:05:56 AM
  • Verdict 2016: Amma Poised to Make History, Return to Power in Tamil Nadu

    In what may seem unprecedented in the history of Tamil Nadu politics, chief minister J. Jayalalitha and her party looks set to come back in power in the state. This is quite an achievement as the AIADMK chief had everything going against her, be it the handling of the Chennai floods or the anti-incumbency factor. Having emerged victorious in the long drawn out disproportionate assets case, Amma has shown that she still reigns in Tamil Nadu.

    2016-05-19 11:04:01 AM
  • Verdict 2016: Didi Returns to Power, Set to Take Oath on 27 May

    It's celebration time outside Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee's residence in south Kolkata. The party, which defeated Left Front in the historic 2011 Assembly elections, is coming back for a second term in 2016. It's no secret that TMC has had a challenging first term. The Left Front, which sat in opposition for the first time in 34 years, was unsparing in its attack. The people of Bengal have given the verdict: they are willing to give TMC another chance. The party has bagged 219 out of the total 294 assembly seats. Mamata Banerjee and her ministers are set to take oath on 27 May.

    2016-05-19 12:51:40 PM
  • Women Voters of TN Make History

    For the first time in the history of Tamil Nadu, more women cast their vote in the state Assembly polls than men. Polling was held in 232 constituencies across the state on 16 May. The overall voter turnout was 74.26%. According to data with the Election Commission of India, of the total 4.28 crore voters who cast their vote, 2,16,28,807 were women and 2,12,44,129 were men and 738 were from the third gender. Notably, this is also the first time more women filed nominations for the state Assembly polls.

    2016-05-18 12:13:37 PM
  • Exit polls indicate anti-incumbency in Kerala and Tamil Nadu

    Going by the exit poll results for the four States and one Union territory, the people of Tamil Nadu and Kerala have voted against the ruling government, which means the LDF and the DMK are likely to come to power. Political analysts are of the opinion that people in these states turned out in large numbers to vote for change since anti-incumbency was affecting the states.

    2016-05-17 10:50:24 AM
  • Polling Begins in Tamil Nadu, Turnout 18.3% Till 9 A.M.

    Polling has begun in 232 constituencies of Tamil Nadu legislative assembly today. Voters braved inclement weather in the morning to cast their vote. The turnout was 18.3% till 9 A.M. The Election Commission has postponed polling in Thanjavur and Aravakurichi constituencies following seizure of cash hours before polling began. Polling in in these two constituencies will be held on 23 May.  Prominent figures such as M. Karunanidhi, M.K. Stalin, Vijaykanth, J. Jayalalitha and Rajanikanth have cast their vote.

    2016-05-16 09:49:57 AM
  • Tamil Nadu elections: Jayalalithaa asks voters to step out; Thanjavur polls deferred to 23 May

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa appealed to voters to turn out in huge number to exercise their franchise as the state goes to polls today. Meanwhile, the Election Commission has deferred the  polling for Thanjavur to 23 May. The move came close on the heels of the news of large-scale distribution of money among voters. Counting of votes will take place on 25 May, instead of 19 May, as scheduled earlier.

    2016-05-16 10:40:33 AM
  • Tamil Nadu elections: Two DMK workers injured in a clash with AIADMK supporters

    In a first instance of political violence in Tamil Nadu assembly elections. Clashes were reported between the supporters of the DMK and the AIADMK in the Oddanchatram constituency where the polling is underway. The AIADMK and DMK workers reportedly clashed in seventh ward in Oddanchatram. Two DMK workers are reportedly injured.

    2016-05-16 10:59:54 AM
  • TN Assembly Elections Underway; Turnout 63.7% Till 3 P.M.

    Polling got underway in 232 constituencies of Tamil Nadu legislative Assembly today. Polling in the two remaining constituencies of Thanjavur and  Aravakurichi was postponed by the Election Commission of India to 23 May following seizure of cash worth over Rs. 6 crores in these regions. Prominent candidates Karunanidhi, Stalin, Vijaykanth and Jayalalitha cast their votes within the first four hours. There were reports of clashes between DMKand AIADMK party workers in some areas and police had to step in to control the situation. Inclement weather, drained out EVM batteries, shortage of indelible ink and power cuts marred polling to some extent. Because of heavy rains, the CEO has hinted at extending polling hours in some regions. Some voters boycotted polling to register their grievances. The polling percentage was 63.70% till 3 P.M.

    2016-05-16 05:10:10 PM
  • Modi urges people of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry to vote in record numbers

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi today urged the people of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry to "vote in record numbers" in the assembly elections. In a tweet, Modi asked people across two states and the union territory to be "a part of this festival of democracy".

    2016-05-16 11:22:57 AM
  • Tamil Nadu polls: Stalin suspects Jayalaithaa's role in money distribution incident

    DMK's M.K. Stalin, on Monday, sought CBI inquiry into alleged distribution of money in Aravakurichi and Thanjavur constituencies where the election was postponed. He alleged that a senior minister, including Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, were involved in the irregularities. He said this after casting his vote in the SIET college.  

    2016-05-16 12:40:26 PM
  • 89 re-contesting MLAs doubles in five years, says ADR survey

    According to a survey by the Association for Democratic Reforms, between 2011 and 2016, the average asset of 89 re-contesting MLAs in the state of Tamil Nadu has doubled by Rs 4.27 crore. The survey further states that the asset of Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa saw an increase of over Rs 62 crore. In the year 2011, the average asset of these MLAs fielded by various parties was Rs 4,35 crore; however, by 2016, it has increased to Rs 8.63 crore. This shows an increase of 98 per cent.

    2016-05-14 10:41:52 AM
  • EC in Tamil Nadu seizes Rs 65 lakhs

    In a major haul, around Rs 65 lakhs were seized by the Election Commission on Friday across various constituencies of Tamil Nadu. Election Commission seized the cash along with the help of the income tax officials and the flying squads. Of this, around 32 lakhs were seized by the EC in Bhavanisagar constituency in Erode. The EC said that that the number of flying squads in every constituency would be increased to 25.

    2016-05-14 10:48:51 AM
  • EC stops trucks carrying Rs 570 crore in Tamil Nadu

    Three trucks carrying Rs 570 crore cash in Tiruppur district in Tamil Nadu were stopped by the Election Commission authorities. The trucks are yet to be opened; however, the drivers say that the money belonged to the State Bank of India. The drivers say that the cash was being transported to Vijayawada. Meanwhile an investigating committee has been formed by the EC to probe the matter.

    2016-05-14 02:47:01 PM
  • Tamil Nadu polls: Two magazines release poll prediction

    Two renowned magazines in Tamil Nadu have released two pre-poll surveys ahead of the May 16 election in the state. One poll has predicted DMK alliance bagging 133 seats. The ruling AIADMK alliance would get 75 seats, while the PMK and the Third Front are expected to get one seat each. The other poll says that DMK alliance would get 77 seats, while AIADMK would win 73 seats.

    2016-05-14 02:57:37 PM
  • DMDK, BJP-led alliances will not impact DMK's prospects: Karunanidhi

    The DMK Chief and the party's CM candidate for the sixth time, M. Karunandhi, said in a media interview that BJP and DMDK-led alliances would not impact his party’s prospects in the 16 May assembly elections. Not considering them as alternatives to DMK, Karunanidhi said that if the anti-incumbency vote is split, the ruling AIADMK will be affected.

    2016-05-13 10:43:15 AM
  • Jayalalithaa says DMK did little for Tamil Nadu's welfare

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa launched an attack against the DMK and its President M. Karunanidhi for not having done little for the state's welfare. While addressing an election rally in Tirunelveli, she said that every vote for DMK-Congress alliance will be a vote against people's prosperity. She highlighted DMK's inaction on Sri Lankan Tamils issue, inter-state river disputes and power generation.

    2016-05-13 11:45:02 AM
  • Tamil Nadu polls: Vijayakant says BJP, AIADMK, DMK offered him money

    The People's Welfare Front’s CM candidate and the DMDK leader Vijayakant opened up in a media interview on Thursday stating that the BJP, the AIADMK and the DMK, offered him a CM post along with the money. He summed up his party's ideology by saying that the DMDK aims at providing employment to all, pulling Tamil Nadu out of corruption and getting rid of poverty by providing food, water and shelter.

    2016-05-13 03:01:13 PM
  • Tamil Nadu elections: Cash seizure by EC crosses Rs. 100-crore mark

    With the Tamil Nadu Assembyl polls just a few days to go, the Chief Electoral Officer Rajesh Lakhoni said that Rs. 100.32 crore has been seized so far and Rs. 37 crore has been returned on production of valid documents. The total seizure by the election officials and the Income Tax Department crossed Rs. 100 crore on Thursday. More than 7,500 flying squads would be involved to look for money and other items intended for use in the elections.

    2016-05-13 05:40:52 PM
  • Tamil Nadu polls: Jayalalithaa campaigns in 16 constituencies in Chennai

    AIADMK chief Jayalalithaa campaigned for her party in 16 constituencies in Chennai on Wednesday. While addressing the crowds at 16 points, she highlighted the work done by her government in the past five years. During his 3-hour-long campaign, she stated that the AIADMK government provided uninterrupted power supply to the people of Tamil Nadu.

    2016-05-12 11:03:23 AM
  • Karunanidhi confident of DMK’s victory in Tamil Nadu polls

    Refusing to go by the opinion poll's verdict, the DMK Chief M. Karunanidhi said that unprecedented turnout of voters at his campaigns was an indication enough that his party will win the 16 May elections. According to him, there's no “lingering dissatisfaction” over the DMK's rule of 2006-2011. On the contrary, he claimed that the DMK government had secured Tamil Nadu's place in the list fo states with impressive socio-economic development.

    2016-05-12 11:28:12 AM
  • PM Modi says people of Tamil Nadu want freedom from DMK, AIADMK

    While addressing an election rally in Vedaranyam, Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused the two Dravidian parties – DMK and AIADMK – of "keeping Tamil Nadu under their control". Calling the BJP as a viable alternative since the party’s sole agenda is development, he added that people of the state want to be freed from the two dominant parties.

    2016-05-12 11:30:54 AM
  • PMK counters DMK's 'outsider' tag with performance agenda

    PMK has launched a counter-attack against the DMK after the latter described PM's CM candidate Anbumani Ramadoss as an "outsider". The PMK is promoting the "performance alone matters" slogan to woo voters by assuring them that Pennagaram constituency will receive good attention. According to a PMK leader, an insider doesn't necessarily mean that he would be able to deliver.

    2016-05-12 11:33:44 AM
  • Tamil Nadu elections: Unaccounted cash worth INR 100 crore seized so far

    Till 11 May, unaccounted cash worth INR 100 crore has been seized in Tamil Nadu. IT officials have been conducting raids at the houses of the AIADMK and the DMK cadres. According to reports, the money seized this time will be one of the highest in the history of Indian elections. According to an official, the total figure could touch INR 120 crore.

    2016-05-12 04:00:01 PM
  • Tamil Nadu elections: Alagiri says DMK will not win any seat in Madurai

    DMK leader Stalin's elder brother, MK Alagiri, was seen in Madurai when the former was holding an election rally on 7 May. According to a media report, Alagiri had asserted earlier that the DMK will not win a single seat in Madurai and he was not interested in the kind of politics going on now. He will reportedly refrain from voting for any party in the 16 May assembly elections in Tamil Nadu.

    2016-05-12 04:00:48 PM
  • Tamil Nadu polls: DMK, AIADMK hire same actor for ad campaigns

    In a major goof-up by the two Dravidian parties, both the DMK and the AIADMK hired Kasturi Paati, a 67-year-old character actor, to create endorsement videos ahead of the 16 May elections. While in the  the AIADMK's video, Kasturi Paati praised Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa for initiating "Amma Annadhanam" scheme of providing free meals at temples, she was seen deriding her for her helicopter rides to different parts of the state to portray her as arrogant and disconnected from the concerns of the  poor.  

    2016-05-12 06:13:00 PM
  • Tamil Nadu elections: 553 crorepati candidates and 283 with criminal cases

    According to a survey by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), a total of 553 crorepatis out of the 997 candidates analysed are in the fray in the Tamil Nadu elections. The survey also revealed that  283 candidates have declared criminal cases against themselves. Out of the 553 crorepati candidates, 156 are from the AIADMK, 133 from the DMK, 32 from the Congress, 64 from the BJP, 72 from the PMK and 57 from the DMDK.

    2016-05-11 11:26:37 AM
  • Vaiko rejects claims of opinion polls, says PWF will win Tamil Nadu elections

    Alleging that both the DMK and the AIDMK are corrupt parties, MDMK supremo Vaiko dismissed opinion polls in Tamil Nadu that indicated single digit seats for People's Welfare Front (PWF)-DMDK-TMC combine 16 May elections. Asking the voters to shun the two Dravidian parties, Vaiko said that if PWF came to power, total prohibition would be implemented.

    2016-05-11 10:41:46 AM
  • Karunanidhi to become CM if DMK wins Tamil Nadu elections

    The 93-year-old DMK President M. Karunanidhi said on Tuesday that he will be the Chief Minister if his party wins the 16 May assembly election. According to him, his son M. K. Stalin will have to wait "till nature does something” to him.  Karunanidhi also said that Stalin himself wants DMK President (Karunanidhi) to become Chief Minister for the sixth time.

    2016-05-11 10:42:22 AM
  • Rahul Gandhi cancels election rally in Tamil Nadu and Kerala due to health reasons

    Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi cancelled his visits to Tamil Nadu and Kerala, citing health reasons. He apologised for cancelling the visits, stating that he had been running high fever since Sunday and was advised by doctors to take rest for the next two days. He was scheduled to tour Puducherry, Tamil Nadu and Kerala ahead of the 16 May elections.

    2016-05-11 10:43:03 AM
  • Tamil Nadu polls: Congress candidate from Varkala counts on Muslim votes

    While the LDF and NDA in the Varkala constituency are trying to upstage the Congress candidate Varkala Kahar ahead of the 16 May Assembly polls, Kahar is hard-selling the development initiatives to the voters. Kahar is hopeful of consolidation of Muslim votes. He also believes that  people are going to vote for him for the work he had done for the last 15 years.

    2016-05-11 11:25:33 AM
  • Tamil Nadu polls: Stalin Attacks AIADMK for doing nothing for police personnel

    DMK treasurer MK Stalin said that his party would constitute the Fourth Police Commission if it is voted to power in the Assembly polls. He accused the AIADMK of doing nothing for the welfare of police personnel. He asserted that out of the 501 promises made in the DMK's manifesto, measures for police have also been included.

    2016-05-10 11:37:10 AM
  • Tamil Nadu polls: 10 million people to pledge for ethical voting

    The Election Commission has arranged mass pledge taking events for 10 million voters across Tamil Nadu on Tuesday. This is for the first time that such a massive programme will be launched to promote ethical voting in Tamil Nadu. The EC initiated this mass pledge event to sensitise voters against  distribution of money for voting.

    2016-05-10 11:37:55 AM
  • PM Modi addresses rallies in Kerala and Tamil Nadu ahead of polls

    Apart from one district in Tamil Nadu, PM Narendra Modi also addressed poll rallies in Alappuzha, Kasaragod and Trivandrum districts of Kerala on Sunday. He took a dig at the CPI(M) and the Congress for "insulting" the educated people of Kerala with their adjustment politics. He said that the tie-up between Congress and CPI(M) in West Bengal was an attempt to befool people of the country. Modi also said that the Congress has become synonymous with corruption.

    2016-05-09 11:09:50 AM
  • DMK government will bring Tamil Nadu economy on track: MK Stalin

    DMK treasurer and political heir of M. Karunanidhi, MK Stalin, has set his priorities if his party comes to power after Tamil Nadu Assembly polls. In an interview, Stalin said that the DMK government would work towards bringing in reforms and put the economy back on track, besides renewing investors’ confidence and reducing unemployment.

    2016-05-09 11:10:38 AM
  • Smaller parties to give tough fight to DMK, AIADMK in northern Tamil Nadu

    Apart from the PMK and the VCK, other smaller parties are opening up options for the voters in northern Tamil Nadu. The contest looks wide open with several smaller parties drumming up enough support to eat into the vote banks the Dravidian parties. These smaller parties, including Vijayakanth’s DMDK, are projecting themselves as a party above caste politics.

    2016-05-09 11:11:20 AM
  • Prannoy Roy analyses Jayalalithaa's chances of winning Tamil Nadu polls

    Leading journalist, Prannoy Roy, is of the opinion that AIADMK is likely to win the Tamil Nadu polls if we consider the historical data. However, he also makes a provision of a swing of votes in favour of the DMK's alliance. The ruling party, which would have won a vote share in the range of 38 to 44 per cent, could lose its votes to DMK-led alliance and end up being the second largest party. Roy's analysis is built on the premise that a significant third front has emerged.

    2016-05-09 11:40:31 AM
  • DMDK 's Vijayakanth says Tamil Nadu opinion polls fake

    The DMDK leader, Captain Vijayakanth, accused the DMK and AIADMK of manipulating opinion polls and described them as fake. He was campaigning for his alliance partner CPI(M)'s G Bhimrao in Tamil Nadu on Sunday when he expressed confidence about his victory. Vaijayakanth also said that Tamil Nadu needs a change in government to end corruption.

    2016-05-09 06:09:37 PM
  • Tamil Nadu polls: Jayalalithaa urges RK Nagar voters to give her a thumping majority

    AIADMK president and Tamil Nadu CM J. Jayalalithaa struck an emotional chord by addressing herself as the "beloved sister" of the people of R.K. Nagar constituency. During her election campaign, she said that both voters and herself had "great faith" in each other. Seeking an overwhelming majority in the coming elections, Jayalalithaa urged the voters to give her a chance to serve them again.

    2016-05-07 10:32:48 AM
  • Tamil Nadu polls: PM Modi says BJP is the alternative in the state

    Describing Tamil Nadu as a state steeped in corruption, PM Narendra Modi on Friday said that the  BJP is the alternative to the DMK and AIADMK parties in the state. During his first assembly election rally in Tamil Nadu,  Modi said that this election is about “who will save Tamil Nadu” and for the first time in Tamil Nadu elections, people have found "an alternative in the form of BJP".

    2016-05-07 10:35:06 AM
  • Tamil Nadu elections: Rahul Gandhi to hold joint rally with Stalin in Madurai

    Rahul Gandhi will hold a public rally in Madurai on Saturday. He will be accompanied by the DMK leader, MK Stalin. Both of them will campaign for candidates of the DMK-Congress alliance. While DMK had walked out of the UPA alliance in 2013, their alliance was revived in February, ahead of the  Tamil Nadu state assembly elections. The Congress Party will contest on 41 seats in the upcoming assembly polls.  

    2016-05-07 05:24:47 PM
  • Tmail Nadu elections: AIADMK promises free power, internet

    AIADMK supremo and Chief Minister Jayalalithaa announced several freebies and welfare measures in the party manifesto. The party chief promised to provide free cellphones to all ration card holders, free internet with free laptops for students and wi-fi in public places. She also announced 50 per cent subsidy on mopeds/scooters for women to ensure easy commute.

    2016-05-06 11:22:58 AM
  • Tamil Nadu Polls: Contest in Athoor constituency heats up

    The Athoor constituency is witnessing a fierce battle between Power Minister Natham R. Viswanathan of the AIADMK and ex-Revenue Minister I. Periasamy of the DMK. The campaigns launched by both the candidates have turned too personal and bitter at times. While DMK's Periasamy won the last election by 53,932 votes, Viswanathan is fighting for his political survival.

    2016-05-06 11:22:11 AM
  • AIADMK releases manifesto for Tamil Nadu elections

    AIADMK chief and Tamil Nadu CM, J. Jayalalithaa, released the party’s manifesto today. The manifesto, which was released at the Perundurai election rally, promised to waive off farm loans and free laptops for students. It also ensured that there will be no FDI in retail if the party returns to power. Separate manifestos have been announced for Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

    2016-05-05 06:03:51 PM
  • Tamil Nadu Polls: Amit Shah accuses Congress, AIADMK, DMK of Corruption

    The BJP President Amit Shah on Wednesday accused the Congress, DMK and AIADMK of corruption while addressing an election rally at Pattukkottai. Shah also referred to several allegations of corruption against the two Dravidian parties and the Congress. He also mentioned that senior Congress leader P. Chidambaram and his son Karti "were also facing charges" in the Aircel-Maxis deal case.

    2016-05-05 10:48:41 AM
  • Tamil Nadu Polls: 3,500 places identified as 'sensitive'; adequate security arrangements in place

    According to a top police official, about 3,500 places have been identified as 'sensitive' in Tamil Nadu and adequate paramilitary forces will take care of these areas for the 16 May Assembly elections. Apart from para military forces, ex-servicemen will also be deployed in sensitive areas.

    2016-05-05 10:49:28 AM
  • Tamil Nadu polls: Karunanidhi promises jallikattu if DMK wins

    The DMK president M. Karunanidhi promised to revive jallikattu, the banned bull-taming sport, if his party wins the polls. Responding to Jayalalithaa's accusation of betrayal by his party on the issue, Karunanidhi said that the DMK, in the past, had monitored the proper conduct of the sport and also enacted law in 2009 for regulating it.

    2016-05-05 10:50:19 AM
  • Tamil Nadu polls: Sonia, Modi, Karunanidhi, Jayalalithaa to address rallies in Chennai

    As the Tamil Nadu assembly polls is just more than a week away, the Congress president Sonia Gandhi and DMK Chief M Karunanidhi will be seen addressing a joint rally in Chennai today. Similarly, Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa will address five rallies in Chennai on Friday. It's the maximum number of rallies she has ever addressed in this election season. On the same day, PM Modi will address a BJP rally in the city.

    2016-05-05 05:47:04 PM
  • Tamil Nadu elections: PMK launches vigorous campaign in Pennagaram

    The PMK is holding multiple meetings with the voters in Pennagarama constituency in order to sway votes in the favor. With just few days left before the assembly elections are held on 16 May, the party is leaving no stone unturned to win, and that too, by a huge margin. The PMK's CM candidate, Anbumani Ramadoss, is contesting from Pennagaram.

    2016-05-04 11:14:28 AM
  • Tamil Nadu Polls: Ramachandran likely to win it for the DMK

    A former AIADMK loyalist and the present DMK cadre, K.K.S.S.R. Ramachandran is contesting 10th Assembly elections from Aruppukottai constituency. Out of seven elections Ramachandran he had won, he had won six from Sattur alone. That's why he is often referred as “Sattur” Ramachandran. According to poll observers, he has a fair chance of winning the elections owing to his leadership skills and the ability to translate wishes into deeds.

    2016-05-04 11:11:52 AM
  • Karunanidhi appeals to Modi to ensure Fair polls in Tamil Nadu

    DMK president M. Karunanidhi on Tuesday appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ensure that free and fair election is held in Tamil Nadu on 16 May. While addressing an election meeting in Madurai, Karunanidhi also expressed concern over Modi's inaction on slapping charges against all those involved in the huge cash seizures in Tamil Nadu.

    2016-05-04 11:12:28 AM
  • Tamil Nadu elections: Two opinion polls give contrasting results

    The opinion polls conducted by two vernacular TV channels and a daily – Thanthi TV , News 7 Television and Dinamalar – have come up with contrasting results when it comes to electoral gains both DMK and AIADMK are likely to receive in this Assembly elections. According to opinion poll conducted in nine districts of South Tamil Nadu by Thanthi TV, the AIADMK-front is ahead of the DMK in 22 constituencies. The survey conducted by News 7 Television shows that the DMK is ahead of the AIADMK in 30 constituencies in southern districts.

    2016-05-04 11:15:22 AM
  • Opinion poll suggests DMK ahead of AIADMK in Western Tamil Nadu

    According to an opinion poll conducted by News 7 television channel and Tamil daily Dinamalar, the DMK is ahead of the ruling AIADMK in the western districts of the state. The party is poised to win 33 seats in the region, while only 24 seats will go to the AIADMK. According to the survey, the DMDK-led third front, the PMK and the BJP are also making a significant mark in several constituencies.

    2016-05-03 11:23:10 AM
  • Tamil Nadu polls: 406 poll booths across Chennai declared sensitive

    The district election office has identified 406 polling booths across 16 assembly constituencies in Chennai as vulnerable. They will come under a tight security cordon. According to Police commissioner Ashutosh Shukla, 18 companies of paramilitary forces with 50 personnel each, will soon reach Chennai.

    2016-05-03 11:21:28 AM
  • Over 3,800 candidates to contest in Tamil Nadu elections

    According to the Election Commission, more than 3,800 candidates will contest the upcoming Tamil Nadu Assembly polls. The number was reduced on Monday after more than 300 candidates withdrew their nominations. Total 7,151 persons had filed their nomination papers and only 4,128 of them were accepted after scrutiny on 30 April.

    2016-05-03 11:22:16 AM
  • Vijayakant says DMK, AIADMK made Tamil Nadu a corrupt state

    DMDK founder and the CM face of PWF, Vijayakant has said that Tamil Nadu has become one of the most corrupt states during the rule of DMK and AIADMK in the last five decades. Addressing an election rally in Sivaganga, Vijayakant said that the DMK and the AIADMK are "poisonous plants" that should not be allowed to grow in the state.

    2016-05-03 11:46:01 AM
  • Tamil Nadu polls: Nomination of majority of candidates accepted in southern districts

    The nominations of all the registered political parties were accepted in the southern districts such as Theni, Dindigul, Madurai, Sivaganga and Ramanathapuram. It was revealed during scrutiny on 30 April. In Tirunelveli, 164 out of the 314 nominations filed by 236 candidates were accepted. The process of filing of nomination had begun on 22 April.

    2016-05-02 10:36:47 AM
  • AIADMK's Venkatasamy files nomination papers as an independent candidate

    K. Venkatasamy, AIADMK's Corporation Ward 20 unit head, has filed nomination papers. He would be contesting as an Independent candidate from Tirupur North Assembly constituency. Media reports quoted Venkatasamy as saying that though he was working hard for the party since 1972, he did not get recognition at the local level and had filed nomination only to show his dissent.  

    2016-04-30 12:18:17 PM
  • Kanimozhi says M Karunanidhi will fulfill all promises made in the party's manifesto

    Kanimozhi, DMK leader, has said that the party president and her father M Karunanidhi will fulfill all promises that were made in the party’s manifesto for the Tamil Nadu assembly polls to be held on 16 May, while addressing an election meeting in Vellore. Kanimozhi also said that Karunanidhi is the only leader capable of implementing prohibition in the state.

    2016-04-30 12:16:40 PM
  • PM Modi to address public meeting in Chennai on 6 May

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address a public meeting in Chennai on 6 May. As per media reports, the meeting will be held at YMCA grounds in Nandanam in Chennai where all BJP candidates and candidates of allies like IJK would be present. BJP national executive member and All India Coir Board chairman C P Radhakrishnan came down heavily on the DMK and AIADMK governments saying that people were fed up with corruption and bad governance.  

    2016-04-30 12:33:59 PM
  • PWF Releases Manifesto for Tamil Nadu Assembly Polls

    The People’s Welfare Front (PWF) has released its manifesto. Noticeably, the manifesto has skipped the issue of ‘Tamil Eelam’, despite the fact that two alliance members, MDMK and VCK, closely identify themselves with the Eelam cause. The PWF manifesto promises two acres of land for farm labourers. A similar scheme was announced by the DMK in 2006 but it failed miserably after the government said that there was not enough land available to provide two acres to all landless labourers. The manifesto also proposes major administrative reforms to check corruption, including the appointment of a Lokayukta and subjecting contracts to public audit.

    2016-04-29 11:44:22 AM
  • Tamil Nadu Polls: Cash Seizures Break Previous Records

    Huge amounts of cash and gold were recovered from across Tamil Nadu within five days of notification of polls in the state. The Election Commission has unearthed Rs 55 crore cash and gold since April 22 when the notification for polling was first issued. This exceeds the total cash haul of Rs 38 crore by the apex body at the time of 2011 assembly elections in the state. Apart from cash, other items like gold coins, dhotis, sarees and even liquor, meant for giving to voters, have also been confiscated across the state.

    2016-04-28 11:37:32 AM
  • Jayalalitha Repeats Promise to Increase Mullaperiyar Dam Level

    Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa reiterated her promise to work towards increasing the water level in Mullaperiyar dam to its full reservoir level of 152 feet. The AIADMK chief said this while addressing an election rally in Madurai. Jayalalithaa said that the Central Water Commission had given its approval for beginning work on dam strengthening work. Claiming credit for implementing the Supreme Court verdict to increase the level to 142 feet, she added that once the work is completed, the level of the dam would be increased to 152 feet.

    2016-04-28 11:38:57 AM
  • Tamil Nadu polls: Jayalalithaa declares assets worth Rs. 113 crore

    Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa declared Rs 113 crore as her assets and also included seized gold and shares on her affidavit while filing her nominations. The AIADMK chief declared Rs. 41.63 crore in movable assets and about Rs 72.10 crore in immovable assets. She also listed details of bank accounts frozen.  

    2016-04-27 11:11:36 AM
  • Tamil Nadu elections: BJP's manifesto indicates return of Hindutva politics

    The BJP manifesto for Tamil Nadu Polls, which was released last week, suggests that the party is again falling back on Hindutva politics. Apart from promising protection of cows, the party also went ahead and made a commitment to enact a strong anti-conversion law and remove State control of temples.

    2016-04-25 11:12:39 AM
  • Tamil Nadu elections: Jayalaithaa, Karunanidhi likely to file nominations today

    AIADMK Chief Jayalalithaa and DMK president M. Karunanidhi are likely to submit their nomination papers today (25 April). A total of 83 candidates, including seven women, submitted their nominations on the first day – Friday. No nominations were received on Saturday and Sunday. Jayalalithaa is contesting from Dr. Radhakrishnan Nagar constituency.

    2016-04-25 11:11:42 AM
  • Tamil Nadu polls: Jayalalithaa, Karunanidhi file nomination

    Both Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa and DMK chief M Karunanidhi filed their nomination papers today. While Jayalalithaa filed her nominations from R K Nagar constituency, Karunanidhi filed his nomination at his native Tiruvarur constituency today afternoon.

    2016-04-25 02:16:37 PM
  • Tamil Nadu Polls: AIADMK, DMK, 'ignoring' other political parties

    Although the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections will witness a six-cornered fight this time, the major political parties – AIADMK and DMK – are deliberately 'ignoring' other players during their poll campaign. The two parties are clearly not giving any “importance or recognition” to other major players like PMK.

    2016-04-22 11:24:26 AM
  • Tamil Nadu Polls: Two AIADMK members die of sunstroke at Jayalalithaa's rally

    Two AIADMK party workers,Pachiannan (55) and Periyasamy (62), reportedly died of sunstroke during an election rally of AIADMK chief J Jayalalithaa in Tamil Nadu's Salem district on Wednesday.According to police, their bodies are sent to the government hospital for post-mortem examination.

    2016-04-21 01:49:53 PM
  • BJP Releases Candidates' List for Tamil Nadu

    The BJP has released a fourth list of candidates for the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections which is going to be held in a single phase on 16 May. The list features candidates for 26 assembly seats. The party has also announced the name of one candidate for Kerala Assembly elections. BJP would be supporting its local alliance partner Indiya Makkal Kalvi Munnetra Kazhagam (IMKMK) candidate on the Thiruvallur seat. The IMKMK is going to contest from 24 seats. India Jananayaka Katchi (IJK), the other alliance partner, has got 45 seats. With the fourth list, the BJP has declared candidates for over 160 seats so far, out of the assembly's total 234 seats.

    2016-04-20 12:17:59 PM
  • DMDK Manifesto Pledges Foreign Excursions for Farmers, Petrol at Rs 45

    Captain Vijaykanth's party DMDK has released its manifesto for the coming Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu. The manifesto pledges to fix the price of petrol at Rs. 45 and diesel at R. 35. It also promises  foreign trips to farmers and delivery of rice and sugar at people's doorstep by state ration shops. Even though the proposals seem economically unworkable, it remains to be seen whether the promise of these unique goodies succeed in getting DMDK the people's mandate.

    2016-04-20 11:08:32 AM
  • G.K. Vasan Not To Contest Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections

    Tamil Maanila Congress (TMC) chief G.K. Vasan is not going to contest the Tamil Nadu Assembly polls to be held on 16 May. The party has released its list of 26 candidates. The list features a number of former MLAs as well as a sitting MLA. Vasan resigned from the Congress party in November 2014 with his supporters in order to revive the TMC. He has chosen not to contest the state Assembly elections this time. The former Union Minister of Shipping had not contested the 2014 general elections either. The TMC is facing the coming polls in Tamil Nadu as part of the DMDK-PWF alliance and contesting from 26 seats.

    2016-04-20 11:24:07 AM
  • Congress Announces 33 Candidates for TN Polls

    The Congress has announced names of 33 candidates for Tamil Nadu Assembly elections. The party is contesting from 41 seats. All three sitting MLAs, S. Vijayadharani (Vilavancode), J.G. Prince (Colachel) and K. Gopinath (Hosur) have been renominated. According to sources, candidates for the remaining eight seats have not been decided yet due to lack of consensus. AICC secretary S. Thirunavukkarasar’s son S. T. Ramachandran has got the Aranthangi ticket. H. Vasanthakumar, who contested the Lok Sabha polls from Kanyakumari, has been fielded from Nanguneri. The Congress had five MLAs in 2011 but two of them later left the party along with G. K. Vasan.  

    2016-04-20 12:04:00 PM
  • Tamil Nadu: Kin of Senior Party Members in DMK Candidates' List

    The DMK seems to have done away with its 'Stalin formula' while nominating candidates for the coming Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu. Party treasurer and chief of its youth wing M.K. Stalin had affixed an age limit for organisers and deputy organisers and excluded family members of senior members from positions in the party. However, sons and daughters of many party leaders have managed to get tickets this time. Prominent among them is former Union Minister T.R. Baalu’s son and sitting MLA T.R.B. Raja who will contest from Mannargudi.

    2016-04-20 10:48:21 AM
  • DMK Has Copied PMK's Manifesto: Ramadoss

    With the campaigning season heating up in election-bound Tamil Nadu, the PMK claimed that the DMK has copied its election manifesto. It alleged that the DMK has 'literally lifted' a number of provisions from the PMK's draft manifesto which was issued last year. PMK founder S. Ramadoss claimed that his party had released a draft manifesto in September last year and that the DMK has lifted 42 schemes from it. Ramadoss said this while releasing his party's manifesto for the Tamil Nadu Assembly polls to be held on 16 May. Some of the schemes allegedly lifted by M. Karunanidhi's DMK are implementation of Prohibition, setting up of Lokayukta, enacting Right to Service, appointing a panel to advise on economic affairs, waiving of cooperative farm loans, encouraging nature farming, setting up of cold storage facilities, establishing a Coconut Industrial Park at Pollachi, constituting a panel to design a CBSE-like school curriculum and giving live coverage of Assembly proceedings.

    2016-04-20 11:56:41 AM
  • Tamil Nadu Polls: Jayalalithaa accuses DMK of indulging in false propaganda

    AIADMK Supremo J. Jayalalithaa said that the opposition DMK was indulging in false propaganda as it was staring at defeat in the Assembly elections. While addressing an election meeting in Kancheepuram district, she said that the DMK was using family-controlled media to spread a false claim that government had failed to fulfill its poll promises.

    2016-04-19 11:00:24 AM
  • Tamil Nadu elections: DMDK chief to contest from Ulundurpet constituency

    DMDK chief and Tamil Nadu CM candidate Captain Vijayakanth will contest upcoming elections in Tamil Nadu from Ulundurpet constituency. Last time, Vijayakanth had won from the Rishivandhyam constituency. Vijayakanth was supposed to start campaigning after the declaration of candidates' list.

    2016-04-19 11:02:59 AM
  • Tamil Nadu Polls: AIADMK still retaining popularity among villagers

    According to media reports, AIADMK is still enjoying its popularity in rural Tamil Nadu. Despite caste violence and lack of industrial growth, the people in the rural hinterland of Tamil Nadu are happy with the AIADMK government. The Jayalalithaa government seems to have won the hearts of the people with welfare schemes, including free mhttp://www.elections.in/live-blog/news/index/addilch animals and free mixers & grinders.

    2016-04-19 10:59:35 AM
  • Tamil Nadu polls: Jayalalithaa revises AIADMK's list, replaces eight candidates

    Tamil Nadu CM J. Jayalalithaa made yet another revision to her party's candidates' list for the 16 May Assembly polls. She replaced eight candidates announced earlier and fielded three ministers and a former cabinet colleague. Minister for Higher Education,  P. Palaniappan; Minister of Rural Industries R. Mohan; and Minister of Tourism, SP Shanmuganathan found a place in the latest list.

    2016-04-18 03:15:54 PM
  • AIADMK, DMK "fooling people" in Tamil Nadu, says BJP

    The BJP accused the ruling AIADMK government and opposition DMK of indulging in "petty politics".  While addressing the media in Chennai, Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar told reporters that both DMK and AIADMK represent corrupt governance. Javadekar also said that PM Modi has presented corruption free good governance at the centre.

    2016-04-18 12:32:20 PM
  • If elected to power, education and agricultural loans would be waived, says Stalin

    DMK treasurer M.K. Stalin’s kick started the last leg of his election campaign in Madurai. Commenting that corruption was high under AIADMK, Stalin accused the ruling party of not doing any work for the people in its five years of rule. Addressing a gathering at Ottakadai, Stalin said that if the DMK was elected to power, it would waive off agricultural and educational loans.

    2016-04-16 11:34:45 AM
  • Tamil Nadu polls: Finance Minister Panneerselvam begins campaign

    Finance Minister O. Panneerselvam began his campaign on Thursday by visiting Bodinayakanur constituency in Theni district. He was seen visiting Dalit colonies and temples in a subtle bid to win their confidence ahead of the elections on 16 May. He chose Thursday to kick-start his campaign since it was both Tamil New Year’s Day and Dr. B.R. Amebdkar’s 125th birth anniversary.

    2016-04-15 10:43:42 AM
  • Tamil Nadu polls: Stalin to begin final leg of campaigning from Madurai

    The DMK party treasurer M.K. Stalin will begin his election campaign in Madurai from Friday. According to reports, he would begin his campaign around 3 pm at Othakadai and address people at different places in Madurai city. He will also extend his campaign to rural areas before moving to Theni. This is where Stalin will be seen campaigning intensely in next two days.

    2016-04-15 10:44:33 AM
  • Tamil Nadu elections: DMDK Releases Candidates List

    Vijayakanth-led DMDK released its list of candidates for 40 constituencies on Wednesday. The party, which will contest the 16 May Assembly polls in alliance with People's Welfare Front, has given tickets to several sitting MLAs, including Alagapuram R. Mohanraj – DMDK's deputy leader in the Assembly. Mohanraj will contest from Salem West once again, while sitting MLA Parthasarathy will fight from Virugambakkam.

    2016-04-14 10:55:03 AM
  • Tamil Nadu Polls: DMK releases candidate list for 173 seats

    The opposition DMK released its list of candidates for 173 constituencies. The party has allotted following umber of seats to other allies: Congress (41) IUML (5) MMK (5), Puthiya Thamizhagam (4) and Makkal DMDK (3). Out of the 173 candidates, 19 happen to be women. This time, at least 16 ex-Ministers have been given party ticket. While DMK treasurer MK Stalin will contest from Kolathur constituency, Simla Muthuchozhalan has been fielded in RK Nagar constituency where incumbent CM J. Jayalalithaa is contesting.

    2016-04-14 10:58:29 AM
  • Tamil Nadu to witness direct fight between DMK, AIADK in about 170 seats

    With the AIADMK having already announced that it would contest in 227 constituencies, and the opposition DMK planning to give three seats to its ally, Makkal DMDK, there is a high probability that 170 out of 235 constituencies will see a direct contest between AIADMK and DMK. The DMK, however, is yet to finalise its seat-sharing deal with his ally.

    2016-04-13 11:02:53 AM
  • Tamil Nadu polls: Karunanidhi to contest from Tiruvarur again

    DMK chief M. Karunanidhi, who will begin the poll campaign from Saidapet on 23 April, decides to contest from Tiruvarur once again. At the fag end of his state-wide campaign, he will return to his constituency on 12 May and end up in Chennai on 14 May. Karunanidhi will file his nomination in Tiruvarur on 25 April.

    2016-04-13 10:59:44 AM
  • Tamil Nadu Polls: DMDK releases first list of candidates

    The Vijayakanth-led DMDK announced its first list of candidates on Wednesday. According to the official release, Elangovan will contest from Omalur and Joseph Gerald will try to oust his rival  in Tiruchy West. The party has decided to field Adhilinga Perumal in Kanyakumari, Jahir Hussain from Pudukottai and Jagannathan from Padmanabhapuram.

    2016-04-13 06:16:17 PM
  • Tamil Nadu polls: Mismanagement at AIADMK rally leads to death of two people

    Two people died at an AIADMK election rally in Virudhachalam, located around 200 km from Chennai. Due to an improper planning by the AIADMK, a stampede occurred at the rally injuring at least 15 people. While CM J. Jayalalithaa was scheduled to address the rally at 3 pm on Monday, the party members had asked its supporters to come at 9 am.

    2016-04-13 11:42:01 AM
  • Tamil Nadu Assembly Polls: AIADMK, BJP Candidates Begin Campaign

    AIADMK candidates have begun their campaign amid fanfare in eight constituencies of Tamil Nadu. Candidates are focussing on the scope of various welfare schemes of the government, especially those for women. In Erode East constituency, long time AIADMK member and ex-MLA Thennarasu (55), started his campaign with a traditional ‘aarthi’ ritual. The campaign highlights for BJP candidates include the performance of the NDA government at the Centre as well as local issues. The BJP has declared candidates for four constituencies: former president of the district unit Pon Rajeshkumar will contest from Erode East, State President of BJP Advocates’ Wing N.P. Palanichamy will contest from Erode West, Sithi Vinayagam will contest from Bhavani and N.R. Palanichamy from Bhavani Sagar, which is reserved for scheduled castes.  

    2016-04-11 12:46:02 PM
  • BJP Declares Second List of Candidates for Tamil Nadu Polls

    The BJP has announced its second list of candidates for the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections. The list has been prepared after prolonged deliberations of the party's Central Election Committee. Among the 21 candidates announced by the party is president of BJP's Tamil Nadu unit, Tamilisai Soundararajan. Soundarrajan will contest the elections from Virugampakkam while Puratchi Kavidasan, who merged his party Makkal Thamizhagam with BJP, will be contesting from Gandarvakottai, which is a reserved seat for Scheduled Castes.

    2016-04-11 02:48:33 PM
  • Tamil Nadu polls: DMK manifesto promises smart phones, laptops for students

    Taking a cue from AIADMK's freebies politics, the opposition DMK is now targeting younger generation by promising waiver of education loans, laptops with 4G internet and smart phones for poor families. The DMK manifesto, which was released on Sunday, also promised a separate budget for agriculture, waiver of crop loans for small farmers and reduction of Aavin milk price by up to Rs. 7 per litre. Several other promises feature in the list released ahead of the assembly polls.  

    2016-04-11 02:51:45 PM
  • Tamil Nadu elections: DMK's Stalin launches campaign in Jayalalithaa’s constituency

    Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) treasurer MK Stalin launched the party’s poll campaign for the elections in Tamil Nadu CM's constituency, RK Nagar, in Chennai. Stalin said that the DMK had launched a door-to-door campaign against Jayalalithaa claiming that she had not delivered on many promises made to the people. Jayalaitha will begin her campaign from today.

    2016-04-09 12:37:58 PM
  • Tamil Nadu and Puducherry polls: Jayalalithaa continues to make changes in AIADMK's candidate list

    As complaints started to come against some of the party men being given seats in the first list and some prominent leaders have not been accommodated, AIADMK general secretary and Chief Minister Jayalalithaa made changes in the original list for the second successive day. The list of 227 candidates was released a few days ago. While the party chief nominated ex-minister S. Semmalai from the Mettur constituency, former MP O.S. Manian has also made a comeback.

    2016-04-07 10:46:19 AM
  • Tamil Nadu polls: TMC-AIADMK seat-sharing deal unlikely to happen

    The talks between the AIADMK and the Tamil Maanila Congress (TMC) resulted in the ruling AIDAMK asking the Congress breakaway faction to contest the all the 234 seats in assembly elections under the ‘two leaves’  party symbol. In response, the TMC president G.K. Vasan turned down the proposal and informed the leadership that the seat-sharing deal can't go through unless the TMC was allowed to contest in its own symbol.

    2016-04-07 02:40:32 PM
  • 'Captain' Expels 10 DMDK Members for Protesting Against PWF Alliance

    DMDK chief Vijayakanth expelled 10 senior leaders of his party, including three MLAs, after they   protested and questioned his decision to align with the PWF. Vijaykanth stated that those members were removed from their respective posts and primary membership of the party for violating the party discipline, 'besmirching and bringing disrepute to the the party'. Party sources said that by sacking protesting members immediately, Captain, as Vijayakanth is called by his supporters, has sent a stern message that dissent will not be tolerated. Chandrakumar, one of the most prominent faces of the party and also the DMDK whip in the Assembly, was one of the ten expelled members.

    2016-04-06 11:13:56 AM
  • Jayalalitha Releases AIADMK Candidates' List

    AIADMK matriarch and chief minister of Tamil Nadu, J. Jayalalitha, made public her party's list of candidates for the coming 2016 Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. The AIADMK will contest all 30 seats in Puducherry. It will contest 227 seats in Tamil Nadu and allocate 7 others to its alliance partners. Jayalalitha is going to contest from R.K. Nagar constituency.

    2016-04-04 02:07:29 PM
  • Opinion poll for Tamil Nadu elections indicates victory for AIADMK

    According to the opinion poll conducted for the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections, scheduled to take place next month, AIADMK chief Jayalalithaa is expected to remain in power by winning 130 seats out of a total of 234 seats. In contrast to this, DMK would be settling down at 70 seats. Additionally, as compared to the 39 per cent popular votes that are expected to be won by AIADMK; the DMK would be able to garner just 32 per cent of the vote share. The opinion poll has also emphasized the improvised fate of other parties which are expected to win 34 seats and a total seat share of 25 per cent.

    2016-04-02 12:07:15 PM
  • PWF-DMDK discussion on seat-sharing, still incomplete

    Leaders of the People’s Welfare Front (PWF) and the Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK) are still in talks regarding the seat-sharing issue. The reason for this ongoing discussion is that the constituents are still competing with each other in order to extract maximum number of seats for contesting the forthcoming Assembly polls. While PDF recently launched its campaign to serve as an alternative to other political parties in Puducherry, the DMDK led by Vijayakant entered into an alliance with PWF in Tamil Nadu- bringing a revolution in the political equation among the two parties. The DMDK is now ready to settle for more or less seven out of the 30 seats in the Indian union territory.

    2016-04-02 12:08:30 PM
  • Tamil Nadu Polls: PWF-DMDK alliance to release first list of candidates on 10 April

    After a meeting between the People's Welfare Front (PWF) and DMDK Founder Vijayakanth today afternoon, the PWF-DMDK alliance the date for announcing the first list of candidates for the 2016  Tamil Nadu assembly polls was decided. It will be announced on 10 April when the first election meeting, involving top leaders of the PWF-DMDK alliance, would be held at suburban Maamandur According to per the seat-sharing agreement, the DMDK would contest 124 seats and the PWF would share the remaining 110 seats among themselves.

    2016-04-01 04:58:40 PM
  • EC launches campaign in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu to increase voter turnout

    In a bid to increase voter turnout, the Election Commission has been doing a door to door campaign in West Bengal. In Tamil Nadu, the EC has resorted to running a campaign on Twitter and Facebook as well as shopping malls. In the last few assembly elections, Bengal has reportedly seen a heavy turnout between 75% and 84% as compared to the other states.

    2016-04-01 10:41:35 AM
  • Tamil Nadu elections: Customised van ready to help DMK Chief in poll campaigning

    The customised van, which will be used by the DMK chief Karunanidhi for campaigning, arrived at party headquarters on Wednesday. The van is complete with public address system, flash lights and facility for Karunanidhi to move in a wheelchair. This van also has amenities for taking rest in the vehicle. The 92-year-old Karunanidhi will kick-start his election campaign after seat-sharing agreement is completed with allies.

    2016-03-31 11:29:50 AM
  • Tamil Nadu Polls: DMK and Congress Close to Seat-Sharing Deal

    The DMK and the Congress appear close to clinching a seat-sharing deal ahead of Tamil Nadu Assembly elections. According to reports, the Congress is likely get about 33 seats. The party is going to get a seat in every district and also one in Chennai. Sources say that the Congress will sign the seat-sharing deal after TNCC president E V K S Elangovan discusses the matter with senior Congress members Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi.

    2016-03-30 11:34:59 AM
  • Tamil Nadu Polls: DMDK Chief's wife booked for asking people to accept cash for votes

    Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK) chief Vijayakanth's wife Premalatha has been booked for allegedly luring voters to accept money from DMK and AIADMK to vote in the Tamil Nadu assembly elections. The DMDK women's wing leader had allegedly told a gathering during a public meeting to ask Rs. 1 lakh per vote from the political parties during the elections.

    2016-03-28 10:31:06 AM
  • Tamil Nadu Elections: DMK-Congress meeting over seat-sharing remains inconclusive

    The meeting between the Congress and DMK over sharing seats for the upcoming assembly elections in Tamil Nadu remained inconclusive with senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad saying that the final decision on seat sharing is yet to be taken. The second meeting between the DMK and Congress leaders is likely to be held soon where the number of seats each party would contest would be finalised.

    2016-03-26 11:09:01 AM
  • DMK offered Vijayakanth INR 500 crore to join alliance: Vaiko

    The DMK offered DMDK’s Vijayakanth INR 500 crore and other incentives to join its alliance, according to Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhakam’s (MDMK) Vaiko. In response to Vaiko's comments, the DMK issued Vaiko a legal notice accusing him of making wild allegations and defaming M. Karunanidhi. Vaiko was also asked to withdraw his defamatory statement within seven days or face civil and criminal action.

    2016-03-26 11:14:15 AM
  • Tamil Nadu elections: Ghulam Nabi Azad to discuss seat-sharing plan with DMK chief today

    Weeks after the Congress had announced its plan to contest the Tamil Nadu elections in alliance with the DMK, the Senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad is flying to Chennai today to meet DMK chief M Karunanidhi and discuss seat-sharing for the upcoming elections. In the 2011 assembly elections, the party had contested along with DMK but secured only five out of 234 seats in the state.

    2016-03-25 10:54:35 AM
  • DMDK forms alliance with PWF ahead of Tamil Nadu elections

    Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK) and  People's Welfare Front (PWF) forged an alliance ahead of the assembly elections. According to the seat-sharing agreement, the DMDK will contest 124 seats and the PWF will contest 110 seats. The leaders of both the parties met DMDK chief Vijayakanth at his home on Wednesday to finalise their alliance for the Tamil Nadu elections scheduled to be held on 16 May.  Vijayakanth has been unanimously chosen as the chief ministerial candidate.

    2016-03-23 11:21:21 AM
  • Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections: New Faces Appear for AIADMK Interview

    Around 100 candidates appeared for an interview at Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa's residence on Monday with a hope of being included in the AIADMK's list of candidates to be fielded for the upcoming assembly elections. Candidates, who mostly hailed from Kanyakumari, Ramanathapuram, Thoothukudi and Tirunelveli, are present and former leaders of local bodies. Some of them are yet to contest any assembly elections.

    2016-03-22 10:36:27 AM
  • Karunanidhi 'hopeful' of alliance with DMDK ahead of Tamil Nadu elections

    Although the DMDK had that made it clear that the party will contest the 2016 assembly elections alone, DMK president M. Karunanidhi said that he was "still hopeful" of a DMK-DMDK alliance. His statement on Monday came as a surprise for several leaders of the party, who had thought that there won't be any headway on this. Only a day before Karunanidhi's remark, the DMDK president Vijayakant appealed voters to not to vote for the AIADMK or the DMK.

    2016-03-22 10:33:46 AM
  • Puthiya Sakthi Front Releases First List of Candidates for Tamil Nadu Polls

    The Puthiya Sakthi Front (PSF) released its first list of candidates for the Tamil Nadu assembly elections which are scheduled to be held on May 16. The PSF is a political front comprising more than 50 social organisations in Tamil Nadu, some of which are the Lok Satta party, All Tamil Nadu Students Association, Satta Panchayat Iyakkam and Ilaiya Bharatham. The first list has 11 candidates all of whom are aged between 26 and 46 years. There are a few engineering graduates as well among the candidates.

    2016-03-18 11:38:17 AM
  • Samajwadi Party to contest Assam, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal assembly elections

    The Samajwadi Party (SP) has announced its decision to contest in three of the four states going to assembly elections in April and May. The party, which is currently in power in Uttar Pradesh, wants to expand its reach beyond the state. SP leader Kiranmoy Nanda informed media that the party will contest on 25 to 30 seats in Assam and around 20 seats in West Bengal. The final list of candidates will be released by Monday. The party has decided not to contest in Kerala.

    2016-03-18 04:21:14 PM
  • Tamil Nadu Polls: DMK to Release Manifesto 'Shortly', Waiting for Seat-sharing Talks With Congress

    DMK treasurer M.K. Stalin declared that his party's manifesto for 2016 Tamil Nadu Assembly polls is in its final stages and will be released by party chief M. Karunanidhi shortly. Stalin also mentioned that the party had set up a four-member panel to hold discussions on seat-sharing and that it was waiting for coalition partner Congress to set up its own so that they can have discussions with them regarding this and other related political issues.

    2016-03-17 11:09:10 AM
  • Tamil Nadu assembly elections: BJP concerned over Vijaykanth joining DMK-led alliance

    There is a growing concern in the BJP camp ahead of the Tamil Nadu assembly polls as the party can't rule out the possibility of actor Vijaykanth-led DMDK joining the DMK-led alliance in the upcoming elections. Vijaykanth had earlier given hint that he may finally go back to the DMK-led alliance to dilute the prospects of AIADMK. After the Union Environment and Forests Minister Prakash Javadekar met with Vijaykanth in Chennai, the hope of DMDK siding with the BJP has come alive.

    2016-03-04 12:27:10 PM
  • Dates for Assam, Bengal, Kerala, Puducherry, TN assembly polls likely to be announced today

    The Election Commission is expected to announce the dates for assembly elections in Assam, Kerala Puducherry, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal today. The Election Commission is likely to hold a press conference today afternoon. According to reports, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, with 234 and 294 assembly seats respectively, are likely to have a three-phase voting. Assam, Kerala and Puducherry may have two-phase voting.

    2016-03-04 12:48:46 PM
  • EC Declares Model Code of Conduct, Announces Dates for Assembly Elections

    The Election Commission (EC) declared model code of conduct in five states with immediate effects. The Chief Election Commissioner, Nasim Zaidi, said that potographs of all candidates will be present on the EVMs to avoid confusion among voters. According to the EC 1.98 crore electorates will vote in Assam and 5.68 crore people are eligible for voting in Tamil Nadu. A total of 17 crore voters will vote in assembly elections in the five states. The EC also declared that 824 constituencies will go to polls in Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry.

    2016-03-04 03:26:41 PM
  • BJP Slams AIADMK, Likely To Ally With DMDK in TN

    In what seems to be a clear indication of the BJP not forming any alliance with the ruling AIADMK in Tamil Nadu, Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said that the state government took credit for supplying flood relief which came from the Centre's funds. Javadekar took the state government head on after finishing discussions with Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK) president Vijayakant, whom the BJP is trying to woo for the Assembly polls. The BJP Minister said he had "fruitful talks" with the DMDK chief. On being asked if the DMDK had given any commitment for an alliance, Javadekar said that the meeting went well and everything will be revealed 'next week'.

    2016-02-29 03:00:31 PM
  • No Alliance With DMK, PWF for Tamil Nadu Polls: BJP

    The BJP ruled out any possibility of an alliance with the DMK or the Vaiko-led People's Welfare Front (PWF). The party has however hinted that it is open to an alliance with other parties, including ruling AIADMK, for the forthcoming Assembly elections. BJP national executive member L. Ganesan said his party won't join either of the two fronts as Congress was a constituent of the DMK-led alliance and the Left parties were part of the PWF. Meanwhile, AIADMK matriarch and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa has said that a decision on alliance will be taken according to the circumstances, signalling that she was open for an alliance.

    2016-02-27 10:52:56 AM
  • Tamil Nadu Elections Dates to be Announced by 6 March

    The Tamil Nadu assembly polls will be held on a single day. According to media reports a meeting between the Chief Election Commissioner and two Election Commissioners will be held after 1 March. The Election Commission (EC) will announce the dates for Tamil Nadu elections and four other states next week. According to sources, the dates for elections in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Kerala, Assam and Puducherry will be announced before 6 March.

    2016-02-26 01:01:20 PM
  • DMK-Cong Alliance Will Win Tamil Nadu Polls: Elangovan

    State Congress Committee president E.V.K.S. Elangovan expressed confidence that the DMK-Congress alliance will gain victory in the approaching Tamil Nadu Assembly elections. The said alliance was officially announced in the presence of senior Congress member Ghulam Nabi Azad and DMK head M. Karunanidhi about two weeks back in state capital Chennai.

    2016-02-24 11:52:43 AM
  • Tamil Nadu: Women's Reservation Increased to 50% in Local Bodies

    The Tamil Nadu legislative assembly passed two bills guaranteeing 50 % reservation for women in all local bodies within the state. As the state goes to elections in a few months from now, the passage of these bills will be seen as an important achievement by the government in the direction of women's empowerment. The bills sought to amend the Tamil Nadu Panchayats Act, 1994 and the Municipal Corporation Acts to increase reservation for women from the present 33%. Tamil Nadu has become the 17th state to enact 50% representation for women in local bodies.

    2016-02-23 12:33:53 PM
  • TN Polls: Actor Sarathkumar Walks Out of AIADMK Alliance

    Samathuva Makkal Katchi patron Sarathkumar walked out of the AIADMK alliance in Tamil Nadu yesterday. He lost one MLA on leaving the alliance. The actor-turned politician had a hold over the powerful Nadar community votes earlier in Tamil Nadu’s southern regions. Sarathkumar was elected on a DMK ticket to the Rajya Sabha in 2001. He quit the DMK in 2006 to join the AIADMK. He formed the All India Samathuva Makkal Katchi in 2007. Tamil Nadu goes to elections later this year.

    2016-02-22 11:43:26 AM
  • PMK to Contest Tamil Nadu Assembly Polls Independently; TMC in No Hurry to Forge Alliance

    Putting speculations to rest, PMK said that it would contest the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections "independently" and will not forge any alliance with the BJP. The party, which projects itself as an alternative to AIADMK and DMK, will release the list of candidates for all 234 seats. PMK had contested the 2014 Lok Sabha elections as a part of BJP-led NDA.

    Tamil Maanila Congress (TMC), on the other hand, said that the party was in no hurry to form an alliance for the upcoming Tamil Nadu Assembly elections. The Party president GK Vasan said that he will visit all 234 Assembly segments in the state to elicit opinion of the cadres about the issue of alliance.

    2016-02-20 11:01:23 AM
  • AIADMK Likely To Ally With BJP For TN Assembly Polls

    The BJP has received affirmative signals from the ruling AIADMK party on a possible alliance for the approaching Tamil Nadu assembly elections. After the Congress and DMK announced that they are going to fight the elections together, the BJP started to look for a suitable alliance to brighten its winning prospects in the state. According to sources, Jayalalitha's AIADMK, which had earlier decided to go it alone, is worried it might lose votes because of its poor handling of the Chennai floods. Which is why, it is now warming up to the idea of allying with the BJP.

    2016-02-15 11:47:25 AM
  • EC to Review Tamil Nadu Electoral Rolls

    The Election Commission of India will start cleaning up of electoral rolls in Tamil Nadu and four other poll-bound states from February 15 to 29, Chief Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi said in Chennai yesterday. Zaidi added that electoral rolls will be updated in all other states between April 1 and August 31. The EC chief also mentioned that bank transactions and sale of liquor will be closely monitored through web-based software to check unfair practices during the elections. This announcement comes in response to protests and appeals to the Election Commission by political parties like DMK and the PMK.

    2016-02-12 11:20:13 AM
  • Ghulam Nabi Azad to Meet Karunanidhi for Congress-DMK Alliance Ahead of Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections

    In a bid to build a strong case for an electoral alliance between the Congress and the DMK ahead of the assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, the Senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad is likely to meet DMK president M. Karunanidhi this week. According to the DMK sources, Azad is expected to visit Chennai before 15 February to negotiate an electoral tie-up between the two parties. The meeting might result in the return of the Congress-DMK alliance that had lasted for nine years since 2004.

    2016-02-10 11:58:54 AM
  • Issue of Alliance To Be Decided in 10 days: BJP on TN Assembly Polls

    Senior BJP leader in Tamil Nadu L. Ganesan stated that the party would hold discussions with various other parties on formation of alliance in the run-up to Tamil Nadu assembly elections. Ganesan added that a decision on this issue will be taken by the party within 10 days. Ganesan chose not to elaborate much on Subramanian Swamy's suggestion earlier that the BJP could forge alliance with the DMK and DMDK for the state assembly polls.

    2016-02-09 11:39:22 AM
  • PWF Kicks Off Campaign for TN, Puducherry Assembly Elections

    The People's Welfare Front started its campaign for the approaching elections in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry yesterday. Stealing a march over major Dravidian parties, the PWF told in a public meeting at Cuddalore that their party will give a corruption-free and transparent government on coming to power. MDMK's Vaiko, who heads the People's Welfare Front, claimed that both the ruling AIADMK and main opposition DMK were corrupt political parties. He accused them of being solely concerned about the welfare of their leaders' families and not the people.

    2016-02-08 11:09:12 AM
  • TN Assembly Polls: Congress Keen to Form Alliance With DMK

    The Congress high command has reportedly conveyed to its Tamil Nadu unit to begin talks with the DMK for shaping a possible alliance in the state. Assembly elections are due in Tamil Nadu in the months of April-May. The Congress and DMK had parted ways in 2013 over the issue of Sri Lankan Tamils. According to sources, the two parties are now keen to renew their alliance. Sources from the DMK said that they were confident that an alliance with the Congress will come into being. The party also hopes to rope in actor Vijaykanth, who however is keeping all the major parties guessing on his political move.

    2016-02-08 12:08:34 PM
  • Tamil Nadu Assembly Polls: BJP to Use Digital Screens for Campaigning

    BJP is also set to make optimum use of technology during the campaigning for Tamil Nadu assembly elections. According to the mandate of party president Amit Shah, the Tamil Nadu BJP team will take digital screens to every nook and cranny of the state. The digital screens, which will be mounted on vans, will highlight the achievements of the BJP-led Central government and the party’s vision for the state.

    2016-02-05 12:02:31 PM
  • Modi Woos Dalits, Slams Congress in BJP's Tamil Nadu Poll Rally

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Bharatiya Janata Party's campaign for Tamil Nadu assembly elections by addressing a rally at Coimbatore yesterday. In his speech, Modi attempted to placate the Dalit community by declaring that reservation in jobs and education for them will continue. He reminded the people that his government had made grand attempts to revive the legacy of the great Dalit scholar Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and celebrated his 125th birth anniversary. Modi told the gathering that the Congress was spreading lies about his government and trying to block its reform measures in the Parliament. Interestingly, Modi did not make any reference to local heavyweights like AIADMK and DMK or state politics in his speech.

    2016-02-03 11:23:06 AM
  • Narendra Modi Kick-starts BJP's Election Rally in Tamil Nadu

    In preparation for the forthcoming assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address a rally in the state today. The party is projecting this rally as the launchpad of Bharatiya Janta Party's election campaign in the state. Prime Minister Modi was on a five-hour visit to the textile city of Coimbatore in western Tamil Nadu. Incidentally, Coimbatore is among the 20 cities chosen for the Union government's first phase of Smart Cities project. Modi will also inaugurate an ESI Medical College here. The BJP is looking to create a formidable alliance in the state for the upcoming assembly polls. Modi's public rally will be important for the party to prove its strength in the state and strengthen its bargaining power at the time of seat-sharing with possible allies.

    2016-02-02 11:35:02 AM
  • EC Panel to Visit Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry

    The Election Commission of India, which is the apex body for conducting elections in the country, will visit Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry to assess poll preparedness in these sates. The Commission’s poll panel will visit Kerala between February 3 and February 5. It will visit Tamil Nadu and Puducherry for three days in the week after that. Election officials will also meet state government representatives and political parties to form an appraisal of the situation. The Election Commission has already toured West Bengal and Assam, the other two states going to elections in 2016. Sources claimed that the Commission may declare the poll schedule for the five states in the month of March. Assembly elections to the five states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal, Assam and Puducherry are likely to be held in April-May. Key government sources stated that the central government is keen to form a consensus with other political parties on holding an uninterrupted budget session in view of the assembly elections.

    2016-02-02 12:26:48 PM
  • BJP in Talks for Poll Alliance in Tamil Nadu

    As Tamil Nadu gears up for the upcoming assembly elections, the BJP is making eager efforts to forge a strong alliance in the state. BJP national secretary H. Raja and state unit chief Tamilisai Sounderarajan told at separate instances that the final decision in this matter would be taken by the party's central leadership. Raja and Sounderarajan are in the state to oversee preparations for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit here on February 2. Modi will address a rally and attend two functions. H. Raja said that a strong alliance for Tamil Nadu assembly elections was on the cards. He claimed that the election results would dash all predictions and surveys. State party chief Sounderarajan said that BJP had emerged as a strong party in the state and that no party could form government without its support. Noticeably, the Modi government has included the names of Chennai and Coimbatore in its first list of the Smart Cities project.

    2016-01-30 03:33:38 PM
  • Prime Minister Modi to Launch BJP's Poll Campaign in Tamil Nadu

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi will start the BJP's campaign in Tamil Nadu by addressing a public meeting here on February 2. Elections to the state's legislative assembly are due in around mid-2016. Union Minister Pon Radhakrishnan made this announcement yesterday. He added that the BJP's election campaign will have an important impact on the state as some 10 lakh people of Tamil Nadu go to vote later this year. Meanwhile, a training programme was held in state capital Chennai for officials from eight districts. The election officials were trained in election management, new software in election management, providing facilities to the differently-abled besides provisioning of postal ballot for poll officials and the police.

    2016-01-29 11:19:22 AM
  • Frenetic Political Action in Poll-Bound Tamil Nadu

    As the state of Tamil Nadu heads for assembly elections a few months from now, major political parties are busy shaping alliances in order to strengthen their chances of victory. The main contenders, AIADMK and DMK, are increasingly becoming anxious to ally with new partners to fortify their respective positions in the race.

    It is estimated that the AIADMK and DMK will bag about 25% to 30%  of the total votes.  The challenge would be to rope in allies which would help them get majority. New and minor parties thus hold key in the forthcoming Tamil Nadu assembly elections.

    Among the new parties in the race, People's Welfare Front kick-started its election campaign yesterday. The party projected itself as an alternative to the 'corrupt Dravidian parties'.  

    2016-01-27 11:55:06 AM
  • AIADMK Begins Campaigning for 2016 Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections

    The All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) started its election campaign in Tirunelveli with the party taking out a rally on Wednesday to highlight the government's achievements. The AIADMK cadres appealed to the voters to back the AIADMK in the upcoming assembly polls and vote Jayalalithaa to power once again. Several party leaders took part in the rally.


    2016-01-07 12:35:25 PM
  • Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Puducherry like to go to polls in April-May

    The crucial assembly polls in Assam, Kerala, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal are likely to be held between April and May next year (2016). According to sources in Election Commission, the assembly elections to these states will be completed “well before May 24”. This new development negates the possibility of any delay in conducting Tamil Nadu polls following the recent floods. A senior official of Election Commission was quoted saying that the election machinery will be in place and much of Tamil Nadu would have recovered by then.

    2015-12-21 11:53:16 AM
  • Tamil Nadu: Jayalaithaa expels four AIADMK functionaries for anti-party activities

    AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa expelled four functionaries from the party on Friday for their alleged involvement in anti-party activities. The ruling party expelled Karur district treasurer K. Baskaran, Melapalayam panchayat secretary K. Vignesh, Karur District M.G.R. Youth Wing secretary N. Muthukumar and N. Muralidharan. It wasn't the first time in 2015 that members of AIADMK were expelled on grounds of bringing disrepute to the party. On 23 October, Namakkal District Jayalalitha Peravai deputy president K. Nallathambi was sacked for his anti-party activities. In November, the party had expelled ex-DGP R. Nataraj for the same reason.

    2015-12-19 11:08:18 AM
  • Four-party front formed in Tamil Nadu

    With Tamil Nadu's assembly polls only six months away, the CPI, CPI-M, the MDMK and the Dalit party VCK on Monday launched the four-party People's Welfare Alliance (PWA). They also released their common minimum programme. Initiated a month back as People's Welfare Front, it morphed on Monday into the PWA. MDMK chief Vaiko told the media that the PWA would agitate against the central government's economic policies like globalisation, liberalisation and privatisation as they affect the people of Tamil Nadu. The PWA promises to take steps to prevent privatisation of public sector units and FDI in critical sectors, bring a Lok Ayukta in Tamil Nadu and increase government's infrastructure spending. Source: IANS

    2015-11-03 09:37:36 AM
  • Jayalalithaa unwell, won't attend Kalam's last rites

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa on Wednesday said she won't attend the funeral of former president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in Rameswaram on Thursday owing to "health condition". "I have great affection and respect for Abdul Kalam. I would like to attend his funeral and pay my respects to him. However, owing to my health condition I am not in a position to travel," she said in Chennai. Kalam's funeral will be held in Rameswaram, around 600 km from Chennai. Finance Minister O. Panneerselvam, Electricity Minister Natham R. Viswanathan, Housing Minister R. Vaithilingam and several other ministers will attend the funeral on behalf of the Tamil Nadu government. Jayalalithaa said as a mark of respect for Kalam, Thursday would be a public holiday in the state.

    Source: IANS

    2015-07-29 10:18:15 AM
  • Jayalalithaa drops transport minister

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa on Monday dropped Transport Minister V. Senthil Balaji from her council of ministers, a Raj Bhavan statement issued here said. Industries Minister P.Thangamani has been allotted the transport portfolio. Balaji has also been stripped of his party post. He was the party's secretary for Karur district.

    Source: IANS

    2015-07-27 02:14:35 PM
  • Mamata, Naveen, Jayalalithaa skip Modi's NITI Aayog meet

    Apart from nine chief ministers from Congress-ruled states, West Bengal's Mamata Banerjee, Odisha's Naveen Patnaik, Tamilnadu's J.Jayalalithaa were among the non-NDA chief ministers who skipped the NITI Aayog meet in New Delhi on Wednesday. The meet, convened by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, had the land acquisition bill on its agenda. "Our chief ministers have not gone to attend the meeting of NITI Aayog as the party's stance on land bill is clear and it is against the legislation brought by the National Democratic Alliance government (NDA)," Congress spokesperson and former union minister R.P.N.Singh told reporters.

    Source: IANS

    2015-07-15 05:18:54 PM
  • Boycotting Niti Aayog meeting against federalism: Jaitley

    Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Wednesday said that certain non-BJP chief ministers skipping the Niti Aayog meeting in New Delhi was "against the spirit of federalism". "Those who chose to boycott (Niti Aayog meeting) must introspect whether not attending the meeting is in tune with the spirit of federalism," Jaitley said at a press conference here after the Aayog meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi concluded. Jaitley said 16 chief ministers were present at the meeting. Nine chief ministers of Congress-ruled states, Mamata Banerjee from West Bengal and Akhilesh Yadav from Uttar Pradesh were among those who boycotted the meeting of Niti (National Institution for Transforming India) Aayog.

    Source: IANS

    2015-07-15 05:28:04 PM
  • AIADMK legislator Chendur Pandian dead

    Ruling AIADMK legislator and former minister P. Chendur Pandian died in Chennai on Saturday after a prolonged illness, the party said. He was 65 and is survived by his wife, two sons and a daughter. Pandian represented Kadaiyanallur assembly constituency in Tirunelvelli district, around 650 km from Chennai. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and AIADMK general secretary J. Jayalalithaa, in her condolence message, said Pandian's death was a great loss for the party. She said Pandian joined the party during its initial years and was a hard worker.

    Source: IANS

    2015-07-11 01:46:46 PM
  • Jayalalithaa takes oath as legislator

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa on Saturday took oath as a member of the legislative assembly after winning the bye-election held for the Radhakrishnan Nagar constituency. According to a government statement, Jayalalithaa took oath in the chambers of Speaker P. Dhanapal. Jayalalithaa won the bye-election by a huge margin, with major opposition parties like the DMK, the DMDK and others boycotting the poll on various pretexts. Jayalalithaa polled 160,432 votes, while her nearest rival, Communist Party of India's C. Mahendran got just 9,710 votes -- a victory margin of a whopping 150,722 votes.

    Source: IANS

    2015-07-04 05:49:58 PM
  • Jayalalithaa condemns Stalin for 'slapping' metro passenger

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa on Thursday condemned DMK treasurer M.K. Stalin for "slapping" a co-passenger in a metro train. Jayalalithaa said in a statement that Stalin travelled in the train on Wednesday only to score political points and gain publicity. "He slapped a passenger in the train and the same has been published by the media. This is condemnable and is unbecoming of a person who is a member of legislative assembly," she said. She said Stalin should realise that in public places, everybody has equal rights and nobody is inferior to another. On Wedesday, Stalin and some DMK leaders and members took a metro train.

    Source: IANS

    2015-07-02 05:36:00 PM
  • RK nagar (Tamil Nadu) and Aruvikkaraa (Kerala) by-election results

    RK Nagar (Tamil Nadu) By-election results 2015- Jayalalitha leading in the first round with a vote count of 9562 votes followed by C Mahendram who is a CPI candidate and has won 930 votes. Arruvikara By-election results 2015- Sabarinadhan of the Congress (UDF) Leading by 2,301 votes followed by LDF - 9,539 Votes and BJP - 5,999 Votes. Source: various news reports

    2015-06-30 09:15:11 AM
  • Counting of ballots begins in five states

    The counting of votes began this morning at 8 in the six legislative assembly constituencies of five states where by-elections are taking place. The six constituencies that went for polling on 27 June are RK Nagar in Tamil Nadu, Aruvikara in Kerala, Garoth in Madhya Pradesh, Pratapgarh and Surma in Tripura and Chokpot in Meghalaya. As the early trends suggested Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and AIADMK Chief J. Jayalalitha was way ahead of the others in the RK Nagar constituency, while Congress candidate KS Sabarinandhan was leading in Aruvikara constituency of Kerala. As far as Garoth in Madhya Pradesh constituency is concerned, BJP's Chandarsingh Sisodia was leading by 1,831 votes after four rounds of counting were complete. Trends for rest of the constituencies were not declared till 10 am.

    Source: News Reports

    2015-06-30 09:50:18 AM
  • J. Jayalalitha way ahead in RK Nagar

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and AIADMK supremo J. Jayalalitha held a huge lead over other contenders as far as the RK Nagar legislative assembly constituency of the state is concerned. After four rounds of counting of votes were complete by 10 am today, Jayalalitha had 38,806 votes as compared to her nearest competitor C. Mahendran's 2,809 votes. Counting of ballots started this morning at 8 in the RK Nagar assembly constituency of Tamil Nadu that went for polls on 27 June.

    Source: News Reports

    2015-06-30 10:05:51 AM
  • Jayalalithaa thanks voters for victory

    Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa on Tuesday thanked voters for electing her to the Tamil Nadu assembly from the Radhakrishnan Nagar constituency in Chennai. She said that her sweeping victory over CPI's C. Mahendran -- her main opponent -- was an indication of what was to come in the 2016 assembly elections in the state. Jayalalithaa thanked the voters and her party colleagues for her win. None of the major parties in Tamil Nadu barring the CPI contested the by-election.

    Source: IANS  

    2015-06-30 01:56:58 PM
  • Jayalalithaa returns to assembly with massive victory

    AIADMK general secretary and Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa returned to the Tamil Nadu assembly on Tuesday by a record victory margin from the Radkhakrishnan Nagar constituency in Chennai. Jayalalithaa polled 1,60,432 votes while her nearest rival, Communist Party of India's (CPI) C. Mahendran, got just 9,710 votes -- a victory margin of 150,722 votes. The total electorate in the constituency was around 245,000, and the chief minister bagged more than 50 percent of that. As noisy celebrations erupted at the AIADMK headquarters and outside Jayalalithaa's residence, Tamil Nadu Governor K. Rosaiah congratulated her over her landslide win, an official statement said. AIADMK activists and leaders generously distributed sweets to all and sundry and burst crackers to celebrate the thumping victory -- a record of sorts for Jayalalithaa. An elated Jayalalithaa thanked voters and AIADMK supporters for her massive victory and said the result was a forerunner for the 2016 assembly elections.

    Source: IANS

    2015-06-30 02:19:58 PM
  • RK Nagar assembly constituency in Tamil Naud will go for re-polling

    Ballots will be cast again at one of the booths in the RK Nagar legislative assembly constituency of Tamil Nadu the ECI said. According to the commission officials, the reason behind the re-polling is that a poll penal observed and reported that 'a few people not duly enrolled to cast their votes' were allowed by the presiding officer at the booth. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha is contesting the seat of RK Nagar, where polling took place last Saturday.

    Source: IANS

    2015-06-29 02:14:39 PM
  • Three-tier security for EVMs in RK Nagar

    The EVMs used in RK Nagar assembly cvonstituency by-polls on 27 June have been given three-tier security and are kept in Queen Mary’s College where the counting of ballots will be done on Tuesday. Central Paramilitary Forces will be gaurding the inner perimeter of the counting hall. while around 300 personnel will directly take care of the voting machines. On Saturday, around 74.15 per cent of the ballots were cast with women scoring slightly higher than their male counterparts.

    Source: News Reports

    2015-06-29 06:11:58 PM
  • Polling in Tamil Nadu amid tight security

    Polling for Tamil Nadu's Radhakrishnan Nagar assembly constituency with Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa as one of the contestants began in Chennai at 8 a.m. on Saturday amid tight security arrangements, an official said. Around 250,000 voters are eligible to exercise their franchise where the AIADMK general secretary's main rival is C. Mahendran of the Communist Party of India (CPI). There are also 26 other independents and candidates from small parties in the fray including social activist K.R. Ramaswamy, popularly known as "Traffic Ramaswamy". The polling will close at 5 p.m. Schools and colleges in the constituency will be closed on Saturday due to the poll.

    Source: IANS

    2015-06-27 10:28:26 AM
  • Thousands vote in Jayalalithaa by-election

    Thousands voted here on Saturday in a by-election in the Radhakrishnan Nagar assembly constituency where Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa is pitted against a CPI candidate. Election officials said an estimated 35.5 percent of the some 250,000 electorate had voted across the 230 polling centres by midday. At 10 a.m., the polling percentage was 13 percent. AIADMK general secretary Jayalalithaa is seeking re-election to the assembly. While there are 28 candidates in the fray, only the Communist Party of India's C. Mahendran is viewed as a serious opponent against Jayalalithaa, who is widely expected to win.

    Source: IANS

    2015-06-27 02:12:43 PM
  • Must-win election for Jayalaltihaa ends

    An assembly by-election in Chennai that AIADMK leader J. Jayalalithaa must win to remain the Tamil Nadu chief minister ended on Saturday evening with tens of thousands voting. Polling in the Radhakrishnan Nagar constituency where Jayalalithaa is pitted against CPI's C. Mahedran ended at 5 p.m. with some 65 percent of the around 250,000 electorate exercising their franchise. The exact polling percentage would be known only when the final figures come from all the 230 polling stations, officials said. While there are 28 candidates in the fray, only Mahendran of the Communist Party of India is viewed as a serious opponent. Jayalalithaa is widely expected to win.

    Source: IANS

    2015-06-27 05:30:24 PM
  • Polling ends in by-elections in five states

    The Dr. Radha Krishanan Nagar assembly constiuency of Tamil Nadu and Aruvikkara assembly segment of Kerala witnessed over 70 percent of voter turnout on Saturday. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha was in fray who is contesting the RK Nagar seat. A little over 71 percent voter turnout was recorded in Dr. RK Nagar legislative assembly constituency of Tamil Nadu, while Aruvikkara did better with 74.15 percent of the possible ballot being cast. The other assembly constituencies where by-elections were held on Saturday are Pratapgarh (SC) and Surma in Tripura, Chokpot (SC) in Meghalaya and Garoth in Madhya Pradesh. Polling was largely peaceful at all the polling booths in all the concerned assembly constituencies.

    Source: News Reports

    2015-06-27 06:02:41 PM
  • EVMs to display images along with names, symbols

    To ensure greater transparency and avoid confusion in the minds of voters, the Election Commission has decided that electronic voting machines (EVMs) would henceforth display images of the contestants along with their names and party symbols. The new system would be operational for the first time during the June 27 byelections to six assembly constituencies in five states - Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Meghalaya, Tamil Nadu and Tripura. "Following a Supreme Court direction, the Election Commission has decided to display photos of the candidates besides their names and party symbols on the EVMs," Election Commission Secretary K.N. Bhar told IANS. The images would be displayed between the party symbol and the candidate's name. "The new mode would be applicable from now onwards in all future elections to parliament and the state assemblies," he added. Source - IANS

    2015-06-20 03:15:11 PM
  • Central government breaches apex court order: Jayalalithaa

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalaltihaa termed the central government's decision to entertain Kerala's request to approve the terms of reference for an environmental impact assessment (EIA) for a new dam as "a gross violation" of a Supreme Court order. In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi made public on Thursday, Jayalaltihaa said: "The very act of entertaining Kerala's request and considering the same by the (central) government ... is a gross violation of the order of the Supreme Court of May 7, 2014. "In fact, the government of India should have desisted from entertaining and considering the proposal and ought to have remitted the proposal back to the government of Kerala," she said.

    Source: IANS

    2015-06-11 02:23:21 PM
  • Congress won't contest Tamil Nadu by-election (Lead)

    The Congress on Monday joined the DMK and PMK in keeping itself away from contesting against Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa in the Radhakrishnan Nagar bye-election in Chennai on June 27. Tamil Nadu Congress chief E.V.K.S. Elangovan alleged that the election would not be held in a free and fair manner. The Congress did not take part in the 2011 election from Radhakrishnan Nagar seat which was won by AIADMK's Vetrivel (83,761 votes). The runner up DMK's P.K.Sekarbabu, who got 52,426 votes. Opposition parties like the DMK, PMK and MDMK have decided to stay away from the June 27 contest.

    Source: IANS

    2015-06-09 09:35:06 AM
  • By-polls in RK Nagar assembly constituency of Tamil Nadu

    The resignation of P Vetrivel, the AIADMK MLA on 17 May, prompted by-elections in the RK Nagar legislative assembly constituency. The polling in the constituency will teak place on 27 June and the results will be declared on 30 June. The nomination for the polls can be filed between 3 and 10 June, which will be scrutinised on 11 June. The last day to withdraw the nominations is 13 June.

    Source: News Reports

    2015-06-02 02:15:18 PM
  • DMK not to contest assembly by-election: Karunanidhi

    DMK president M. Karunanidhi on Wednesday said that the party would not contest the June 27 by-election to the Tamil Nadu assembly from the Radhakrishnan Nagar constituency. The assembly elections were only a year away and democratic norms would not be followed during this bypoll and hence the party would not contest the seat, Karunanidhi said in a statement issued in Chennai. The seat fell vacant with the resignation of AIADMK lawmaker P.Vetrival. AIADMK general secretary and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa is likely to contest the seat to get re-elected in the wake of the Karnataka High Court order setting aside her conviction by a lower court in a disproportionate assets case.

    Source: IANS

    2015-05-27 05:24:48 PM
  • Jayalalithaa launches 201 Amma Canteens, populist schemes

    A day after she was sworn in as chief minister, J. Jayalalithaa on Sunday inaugurated 201 Amma Canteens and various populist schemes across the state via video conferencing. She launched a scheme to sell 500 gm packets of "A" grade lentils (pigeon pea) and black gram at subsidised rates of Rs.53.50 and Rs.56, respectively. According to a statement issued by the state government, "B" grade black gram would be sold at Rs.49.50 per 500 gm packet. The pulses would be sold through state government cooperative stores. The Amma Canteen scheme is a hugely popular one. At these canteens, good quality food is sold at very cheap rates three times a day -- morning, afternoon and night.

    Source: IANS

    2015-05-25 09:43:49 AM
  • Jayalalitha to take oath as Tamil Nadu CM

    Jayalalitha who had recently been acquitted from the disproportionate assets case is all set to form the government in Tamil Nadu again. She will be taking oath as the CM at 11 AM  today at the Madra University along with her 28 Ministers. O Paneerselvam, Jayalalitha's close aide, who took over from her as the CM in her absense, will now take over as the Finance Minister of the state. 

    2015-05-23 09:15:20 AM
  • Congress not in favour of appealing against Jayalalithaa

    Karnataka's ruling Congress on Friday advised its government not to appeal against the state high court verdict, acquitting AIADMK supremo J. Jayalalithaa in a corruption case. "The role of Karnataka is administrative and not judicial. Our state is not a party in any way of the proceeding trial before the special judge or in appeal," party state unit's legal and human rights cell department chairman C.M. Dhananjaya said. The legal opinion came ahead of 67-year-old Jayalalithaa's swearing-in as the Tamil Nadu chief minister for a record fifth time on Saturday in Chennai following her unanimous election as the AIADMK's legislative party leader earlier in the day.

    Source: IANS

    2015-05-23 09:46:53 AM
  • Jayalalithaa sworn-in as TN chief minister

    AIADMK general secretary J. Jayalalithaa was sworn-in as chief minister of Tamil Nadu for the fifth time on Saturday. Jayalalithaa, 67, was administered the oath of office and secrecy by Governor K. Rosaiah at the packed Madras University Centinary Auditorium. The governor also administered oath of office to the council of ministers. Jayalalithaa would head a 29-member government in the 14th Tamil Nadu assembly. A large number of people lined on both the sides of the roads starting from Jayalalithaa's residence till the swearing-in venue. The AIADMK party won the elections in 2011 and Jayalalithaa was sworn in as the chief minister then.

    Source: IANS

    2015-05-23 01:35:27 PM
  • Panneerselvam again reverts to No.2 position

    For the second time in his political career, AIADMK leader O. Panneerselvam was Tamil Nadu's stop gap chief minister till party's general secretary J. Jayalalithaa was acquitted in a corruption case. He now reverts to the No.2 slot in the Tamil Nadu government. Last September Panneerselvam, 64, a staunch loyalist of Jayalalithaa took over as the chief minister after she was sentenced by a court in Bangalore to a four-year jail term and a Rs.100 crore fine in a disproportionate assets case. Panneerselvam operated from his office in the finance ministry to show his "reverence" to his Jayalalithaa. He also said that his government was functioning under Jayalalithaa's guidance.

    Source: IANS

    2015-05-23 01:38:17 PM
  • Jayalalithaa elected as AIADMK legislature party leader, Panneerselvam to resign

    The lawmakers of AIADMK party on Friday elected their general secretary J. Jayalalithaa as the leader of the legislature party, a party leader said. In a meeting held at the party headquarters in Chennai in the morning, AIADMK legislators unanimously elected Jayalalithaa as the leader of the legislature party, said the leader who did not want to be named. "It was a short meeting mainly to elect Amma (Jayalalithaa) as the AIADMK's legislature party leader," he said. Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam proposing Jayalalithaa's name as the leader of the legislature party, much to the clapping of all the law makers also said that he would resign as chief minister and leader of legislature party.

    Source: IANS

    2015-05-22 10:05:51 AM
  • Jayalalithaa invited to form government

    Accepting the resignation of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O.Panneerselvam and his council of ministers on Friday Governor K. Rosaiah invited AIADMK general secretary J.Jayalaltihaa to form the ministry at the earliest, a Raj Bhavan statement said. In two different statements issued, Raj Bhavan said that Rosaiah accepted the resignation of O.Panneerselvam and his council of ministers. "The Governor has requested the Chief Minister and his present council of ministers to function until alternative arrangements are made," the statement said. Rosaiah has also invited AIADMK general secretary and the leader of legislature party Jayalalithaa to form the ministry at the earliest.

    Source: IANS

    2015-05-22 10:11:09 AM
  • DMK to discuss appealing against Jayalalithaa's acquittal

    DMK president M.Karunanidhi on Tuesday said that party would deliberate at its district secretaries meeting on May 25 on whether to appeal against the acquittal of AIADMK general secretary J.Jayalalithaa by the Karnataka High Court. Speaking to reporters in Chennai, he said that a decision would be taken after deliberation and deep thinking on the issue. DMK general secretary K.Anbazhagan is one of the petitioners in the Rs.66 crore disproportionate assets case against Jayalalithaa. Last year, a trial court convicted Jayalalithaa with four years jail term and Rs.100 crore fine, but the Karnataka High Court accepted Jayalalithaa's appeal and acquitted her of all charges.

    Source: IANS

    2015-05-20 09:48:02 AM
  • AIADMK legislator resigns from Tamil Nadu assembly

    AIADMK legislator P. Vetrivel on Sunday resigned and his resignation has been accepted, the Tamil Nadu legislative assembly secretary said. A statement issued by assembly secretary A.M.P. Jamaludeen said Vetrivel - who represented the Radhakrishnan Nagar constituency - resigned from the membership of the assembly and it has been accepted. No reason for his resignation was given in the statement and Vetrivel was not available for comments. The development led to speculation that AIADMK general secretary J. Jayalalithaa may contest from Radhakrishnan Nagar constituency in north Chennai in her bid to get re-elected to the assembly.

    Source: IANS

    2015-05-18 09:43:10 AM
  • SC order on photos takes away the powers of states: DMK chief

    The Supreme Court order prohibiting the use of chief minister's photographs in government advertisements is an act to take away the powers of state governments, said DMK president M. Karunanidhi. In a statement issued in Chennai, Karunanidhi referring to the apex court's order on the subject said that the order in effect takes away the powers of state governments. The Supreme Court on Wednesday prohibited the use of photographs of political leaders, including ministers, in advertisements issued by the government and its agencies, saying that it leads to promotion of a personality cult. Karunanidhi said that as per the principle of cooperative federalism under the Indian Constitution, both prime minister and chief minister enjoy equal status.

    Source: IANS

    2015-05-14 05:36:19 PM
  • Glaring errors in Jayalalithaa verdict, claims prosecutor

    The Karnataka High Court's judgment acquitting former Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalithaa and her three aides had glaring errors in computing their assets, special public prosecutor B.V. Acharya claimed on Tuesday. "The learned judge (Justice C.R. Kumaraswamy) has given details of assets and income on page 913 of the voluminous (920 pages) judgment. As per prosecution, total assets were valued at Rs.66.65 crore, based on the argument of construction cost of properties and wedding expense of V.N. Sudhakaran," Acharya media in Bengaluru a day after the verdict was delivered. Sudhakaran is the disowned foster son of 67-year-old Jayalalithaa.

    Source: IANS

    2015-05-13 01:51:11 PM
  • Jayalalithaa acquitted in disproportionate assets case

    A special bench of the Karnataka High Court on Monday acquitted former Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalithaa in the disproportionate assets case in which she was convicted and sentenced for four years' imprisonment by a trial court on September 27, 2014. Pronouncing the verdict, single-judge bench of Justice C.R. Kumaraswamy said that all the charges on which Jayalalithaa was convicted and sentenced by the trial court were not sustainable and upheld her appeal.

    Source: IANS

    2015-05-11 11:35:03 AM
  • Tamil Nadu chief minister may resign soon

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam is expected to resign soon and Jayalalithaa may be sworn-in before May 20, a source in the AIADMK said on Monday. Once Jayalalithaa is sworn-in, she has to get elected to the assembly within six months in a by-poll. Instead of a by-poll, she may opt for a snap elections to the assembly to beat the opposition. A special bench of the Karnataka High Court on Monday acquitted Jayalalithaa in the Rs.66.65-crore disproportionate assets' case.

    Source: IANS

    2015-05-11 02:08:27 PM
  • Celebrations outside Jayalalithaa's residence

    Celebrations broke out at AIADMK general secretary and former Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalithaa's residence in Chennai in Poes Garden on Monday after the Karnataka High Court acquitted her in a disproportionate assets case. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam, ministers and several district secretaries reached Jayalalithaa's residence to chalk out next course of action. Party cadres jumped in joy, burst crackers and danced to the drum beats.

    Source: IANS

    2015-05-11 02:11:11 PM
  • Verdict in Jayalalithaa appeal on May 11

    The Karnataka High Court will deliver its judgement on the appeal filed by former Tamil Nadu chief minister J.Jayalalithaa against her conviction in the Rs.66.65 crore corruption case on May 11. The website of the Karnataka High Court states that the case has been listed for May 11 at 11 a.m. Jayalalithaa has approached the high court, challenging her conviction along with three others in disproportionate assets case by a trial court in Bengaluru on September 27 last year.

    Source: IANS

    2015-05-09 09:56:57 AM
  • Prosecutor seeks dismissal of Jayalalithaa's plea

    Newly-appointed special public prosecutor B.V. Acharya on Tuesday sought dismissal of former Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalithaa's appeal against her conviction and four-year jail sentence by a trial court in a corruption case that dragged for nearly two decades. "The trial court was right in judging that Jayalalithaa and three co-convicts did not have any other source of income and their bank transactions point to illegally gained wealth after she became chief minister for the first time in 1991," Acharya told the special court of Justice C.R. Kumaraswamy.

    Source: IANS

    2015-04-29 09:54:49 AM
  • Vijayakanth to raise Tamil Nadu-related issues with Modi

    In a sudden development, DMDK founder A. Vijayakanth on Sunday said that he would lead a team of opposition parties to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss various issues related to Tamil Nadu. Vijayakanth, who is leader of opposition in the state assembly, said that he would raise several issues pertaining to the state, including Karnataka's move to build a dam at Mekedatu, during his meeting with Modi on Monday.

    Source: IANS

    2015-04-27 09:42:32 AM
  • Jayalalitha case: DMK leader makes submission in Karnataka HC

    In line with the Supreme Court judgment on Monday in the disproportionate assets case against AIADMK general secretary J. Jayalalithaa, DMK leader K. Anbazhagan filed his written submission with the Karnataka High Court. "We have filed the written submissions before the Bangalore (Karnataka) High Court as per the directions of the Supreme Court today (on Monday). The written submission is around 80 pages," a DMK leader who is also a lawyer said, preferring anonymity. The Supreme Court on Monday ruled as bad in law Tamil Nadu's appointment of a special public prosecutor (SPP) Bhavani Singh in the hearing of Jayalalithaa's plea by the Karnataka High Court against her conviction in disproportionate assets case.

    Source: IANS

    2015-04-27 02:09:42 PM
  • SC ruling in Jayalalithaa case a big victory: Karunanidhi

    DMK president M. Karunanidhi on Monday termed the Supreme Court ruling in corruption case against AIADMK leader J. Jayalalithaa as a very big victory and justice in full. PMK founder S. Ramadoss demanded the resignation of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam over the issue. Speaking to reporters in Chennai, Karunanidhi said: "This is not only the first victory but also a very big victory. It is natural for us to feel happy when a long expected justice is obtained in full."

    Source: IANS

    2015-04-27 05:56:29 PM
  • Parrikar condoles defence PRO's death in Chennai

    Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Wednesday condoled the death of his ministry's public relation officer (PRO) from Chennai, Natesan Andavan, who passed away on Wednesday morning. Andavan, 52, died from a grievous injury that he suffered in a road accident on Monday. Expressing shock and grief at the untimely demise of Andavan, Parrikar described him as a professional communicator who excelled in every aspect of journalism and public relations. Source: IANS

    2015-04-22 04:09:21 PM
  • BJP's national executive meet begins

    A two-day strategy meet of the national executive of the Bharatiya Janata Party began in Bengaluru on Friday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP president Amit Shah, party patriarch L.K. Advani and other leaders were present. Strengthening the base of the BJP in states where it has little presence is high on agenda. According to party sources, the states identified for this include Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Kerala, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Odisha. The contentious land acquisition bill which is facing stiff opposition in parliament and outside is also likely to feature prominently at the meet. A power point presentation on the bill is expected at the national executive.

    Source: IANS

    2015-04-03 01:51:23 PM
  • Tax free budget in Tamil Nadu

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam, who also holds the finance portfolio, presented a tax-free budget for fiscal 2015-16 in Chennai on Wednesday, while announcing various concessions on value added tax (VAT). Panneerselvam said that the government had decided against imposing additional taxes despite the severe financial burden and the slow growth in the state's tax revenues. Panneerselvam exempted fishing accessories like ropes, floats, twine, fishing lamps and swivels from VAT. Similarly, mosquito nets have been exempted from VAT. Panneerselvam reduced the VAT rates on cardamom, LED lamps, air compressors, cell phones and pump sets. He said that the electricity tax on power generating plants using biomass would be withdrawn.

    Source: IANS

    2015-03-25 01:53:00 PM
  • 2G money laundering case: Statements of Raja, Kanimozhi recorded

    Former telecom minister A. Raja, DMK MP Kanimozhi and three other accused's statement were recorded by a court New Delhi on Tuesday in connection with a money laundering case related to 2G spectrum allocation. Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Special Judge O.P. Saini recorded the statement of Raja, Kanimozhi, Swan Telecom promoters Shahid Usman Balwa and Vinod Goenka, and Kalaignar TV's managing director Sharad Kumar in the case. The court on March 4 has supplied a draft copy of the questionnaire of 400 questions to the accused which they have to answer as part of their statement in the case. Raja and other accused claimed innocence in the case. The court on February 26 concluded recording of statements of prosecution witnesses. It had on October 31, 2014 framed charges of money laundering against Raja, Kanimozhi and the others.

    Source: IANS

    2015-03-25 10:02:03 AM
  • Karunanidhi sees no useful announcement in budget

    DMK president M. Karunanidhi on Wednesday said that there was no useful announcement for the people in the 2015-16 budget presented by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam. In a statement issued in Chennai, Karunanidhi said that the budget does not answer questions such as the non-availability of pulses in the ration shops, ensuing drinking water scarcity, the time when there will not be any power deficit and when the state would achieve the target of 3,000 MW solar power capacity. He said that the budget does not have anything on the payment of sugarcane arrears to farmers or the procurement price of paddy and sugarcane.

    Source: IANS

    2015-03-25 05:43:08 PM
  • Government should rethink land bill: Karunanidhi

    DMK president M. Karunanidhi urged the central government on Friday not to go ahead with the land acquisition bill and reconsider it. "All the political parties and Anna Hazare (social activist) are opposing the land bill," Karunanidhi said, addressing a rally held in Chennai by the party against the bill. The DMK president said that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has said that the land bill would not be implemented in his state. The central and state governments should rethink about the land bill, Karunanidhi said, urging them to shun arrogant attitude and learn from history. He accused the ruling AIADMK party in Tamil Nadu of changing its stance on the bill in two years and said that it extended its support to the bill owing to self-interest. The DMK held protests across the state on Friday, condemning the Bharatiya Janata Party government's attempts to pass the land bill in parliament despite stiff opposition across the country.

    Source: IANS

    2015-03-20 01:51:15 PM
  • Impartial probe needed into Udangudi power project: Karunanidhi

    DMK president M.Karunanidhi on Wednesday wondered whether the AIADMK government would examine the reasons for cancellation of tender for the Udangudi power project and called for an impartial probe into the matter. In a statement issued in Chennai, Karunanidhi said that the tenders were floated in April 2013 and the technical bids were opened in October 2013 while the price bids were opened only in November 2014 and said that the delay in opening the bids leads to several questions and an impartial probe into this tender would reveal several truths. The project initially conceived by the DMK government in 2008 was to be executed by Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL) and Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB). In 2012, the AIADMK government under J.Jayalalithaa decided to cancel the joint venture with BHEL and decided to have the TNEB go alone on the project.

    Source: IANS

    2015-03-19 10:37:50 AM
  • Rajya Sabha member expresses concern about methane exploration

    Exploration of coal bed methane and shale gas in Tamil Nadu may lead to an agrarian crisis in the state, Rajya Sabha member Kanimozhi said on Tuesday. Raising the issue during Zero Hour, Kanimozhi said that the areas where the gas exploration is to be conducted are highly fertile lands. "There is a threat to environment due to coal bed methane exploration. Research shows hydraulic fracturing leads to depletion of ground water, chemical and radio active contamination of drinking water and poses a huge threat to agriculture," the DMK member said. The member said that farmers whose lands have been taken are unaware of the potential risk involved. The Kaveri delta region is the rice bowl of Tamil Nadu. It will upset the fragile ecosystem, she said. The member said that many countries have banned hydraulic fracturing due to its environmental implications. She said that energy needs of the country should not be fulfilled by causing "irreversible damage to environment".

    Source: IANS

    2015-03-17 03:08:57 PM
  • TDMK, PMK hit out at decision to scrap power project bids

    Opposition parties in Tamil Nadu on Sunday criticised the AIADMK government following the state power utility's decision to scrap the two bids for the much delayed Udangudi power project. "The case of the Udangudi thermal power plant is an example of this government's corruption and misadministration," said DMK treasurer and former deputy chief minister M.K.Stalin on his Facebook page. He said that the project initially conceived by the DMK government in 2008 was to be executed by Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL) and Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB), but in 2012 the AIADMK government under J.Jayalalithaa decided to cancel the joint venture with BHEL and decided the TNEB would go alone. Stalin said that the project would have supplied the much needed power to Tamil Nadu at a low cost has been repeatedly delayed and an Indo-Chinese consortium that bid for the project has even gone to the court citing gross violation of tender norms.

    Source: IANS

    2015-03-16 10:32:07 AM
  • DMK to protest, AIADMK defends decision to support land bill

    DMK president M. Karunanidhi said on Friday that his party would protest across Tamil Nadu on March 20 against the NDA government's attempt to pass the land bill in parliament despite opposition while the ruling AIADMK said that it would support the legislation. Karunanidhi said that the land bill has provisions to snatch away the rights of farmers while helping multi-national companies. Though the allies of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had initially opposed the bill, they later voted in its favour in the Lok Sabha, he said. The AIADMK which also opposed the amendment bill initially, later supported the same for unknown reasons, Karunanidhi said. He said that the party would also hold protest demanding a probe by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) into the suicide of an engineer in the agricultural department last month.

    Source: IANS

    2015-03-14 10:10:52 AM
  • DMK to protest against land bill on March 20

    DMK president M. Karunanidhi said on Friday that the party would protest across Tamil Nadu on March 20, condemning the BJP government's attempts to pass the land bill in parliament despite opposition to it. The party would also demand a CBI probe into the suicide of a state government official, he said in a statement issued uin Chennai. Karunanidhi said that the land bill has provisions to snatch away the rights of farmers while helping multi-national companies. Though the allies of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had initially opposed the bill, they later voted in its favour in the Lok Sabha, he said. The AIADMK which also opposed the amendment bill initially, later supported the same for unknown reasons, Karunanidhi said. He said that the party would also hold protest demanding a probe by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) into the suicide of an engineer in the agricultural department last month.

    Source: IANS

    2015-03-13 03:20:22 PM
  • CBI raids TMC MP Tapas Paul home, 42 other Rose Valley locations

    Probing a multi-crore rupee chit fund scam, the CBI on Wednesday conducted raids at 43 locations of the Rose Valley Group across the country, including the home of Trinamool Congress MP Tapas Paul. "In an ongoing investigation, searches are being conducted at 43 locations across the country including 27 in West Bengal, 7 in Tripura and 1 location each in Odisha, Assam, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Tamil Nadu," said a CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) official. "Apart from offices, searches are being conducted at the residential premises of Rose Valley Group chairman Gautam Kundu, managing director Shibamoy Dutta and then directors of the group including Abir Kundu, Ramlal Goswami, Ashok Kumar Saha and present Lok Sabha MP Tapas Paul," added the official.

    Source: IANS

    2015-03-04 04:40:05 PM
  • Health gets Rs.33,152 crore allocation

    The government on Saturday announced a budget allocation of Rs. 33,152 crore for the health Sector. "I have allocated Rs.33,152 crore to the health sector. I urge states to utilise their enhanced resources effectively in these areas," Jaitley said while presenting the union budget in the Lok Sabha. As an initiative to boost the public health sector in the country, the government has also decided to set up six new AIIMS-like institutes in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh, Assam and Bihar.

    Source: IANS

    2015-02-28 03:11:41 PM
  • Karate master crucifies himself for Jayalalithaa's return as CM

    Karate master Shihan Hussaini on Monday got himself crucified for the return of AIADMK general secretary J. Jayalalithaa as the Tamil Nadu chief minister. The 46-year-old Hussaini, who is known for his daring acts, came out with this out-of-the-box idea -- self crucifixion for six minutes and seven seconds -- on the eve of Jayalalithaa's 67th birthday on Tuesday. "It was the most painful experience I have even undergone. I heard it was the most painful and realised that today," Hussaini said on Monday. "More than hitting the nails on the hands and legs, taking them out was extremely painful," he said. Hussaini said that he blacked out briefly and after extraction of the nails by his juniors, he was rushed to a hospital where doctors checked him thoroughly and took X-rays. The nails were hammered to his palms and legs while he was tied to the cross.

    Source: IANS

    2015-02-24 10:29:26 AM
  • Modi greets Jayalalithaa on her birthday

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted AIADMK general secretary J. Jayalalithaa who turned 67 on Tuesday. "Birthday greetings to Jayalalithaa ji. May she be blessed with a long life, filled with good health," Modi tweeted. Jayalalithaa, who normally used to visit the party headquarters on her birthday, decided to stay at her residence. However, her party men celebrated their leader's birthday by organising special prayers at various temples in the state. At the party headquarters, Tamil Nadu Electricity Minister Natham R Viswanathan released a souvenir on the occasion. A 67-kg cake was also cut and distributed to the leaders and cadres present at the party office.

    Source: IANS

    2015-02-24 02:41:08 PM
  • Eyes on by-polls results in six states

    Counting of votes for by polls in six states began at 8 a.m. on Monday. The six state assembly constituencies in fray are Liromoba in Arunachal Pradeh, Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh, Panaji in Goa, Mukhed in Maharashtra, Srirangam in Tamilnadu and Krishanganj in West Bengal. One parliamentary constituency of Bangaon in West Bengal is also in fray. As the trends suggest till 10.30 a.m., the Telagu Desam Party (TDP) is leadin by 44,000 votes in Tirupati and is ahead of Congress. The BJP has bagged the Panaji seat in Goa and Mukhed in Maharashtra with 9,989 votes and 53,733 votes respectively. The Congress came second in both these constiuencies. On the other hand the AIADMK has been able to win the Srirangam seat of Tamil Nadu assembly with 19,137 votes as compared to DMK's 6,741 votes. The Trinamool Congress (TMC) is leading in both the Krishanganj assembly and Bangaon parliamentary constituencies.

    Source: News Reports

    2015-02-16 11:01:25 AM
  • Parties share the laurels in the by polls

    The results for the by polls in six state assembly constituencies and a parliamentary constituency are declared. All the major parties won a seat or two. The Trinamool Congress (TMC) won the lone parliamentary constituency of Bangaon in West Bengal with 2,11,000 votes. The TMC also bagged the Krishanganj assembly seat as well with a margin of 37,000 votes. The BJP also won two assembly seats of Mukhed in Maharashtra and Panaji in Goa. The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) grabbed the Tirupati assembly seat with 1,16,524 votes beating Congress. Congress did not come back empty handed as it took the Liromoba assembly seat of Arunchal Pradesh with a tiny margin. The constituencies went for polls on 13 February.

    Source: News Reports

    2015-02-16 02:16:56 PM
  • AIADMK retains Srirangam seat with thumping majority

    Tamil Nadu's ruling AIADMK on Monday retained the Srirangam assembly constituency in the bye-election with a huge margin over archrival DMK. AIADMK candidate S.Valarmathi polled 151,561 votes while DMK's N.Anand secured 55,045. Valarmathi was in a comfortable lead right from the beginning as counting began this morning. The assembly seat was earlier held by former chief minister J.Jayalalithaa and the bye-election was necessitated following her disqualification after her conviction in a corruption case and sentence of four years in jail. In a statement issued in Chennai, Jayalalithaa thanked the voters of Srirangam for electing her party's candidate.

    Source: IANS

    2015-02-16 05:56:53 PM
  • By-polls in six state assembly constituencies today

    By-polls in six state assembly constituencies are underway today. The assembly constituencies of Liromoba in Arunchal Pradesh, Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh, Panaji in Goa, Mukhed in Maharashtra, Srirangam in Tamil Nadu and Krishanganj in the state of West Bengal are in fray. The balloting in these constituencies began at 8 a.m. The counting of votes will be done and the results of the election will be announced on February 16.

    Source: News Reports

    2015-02-13 09:47:12 AM
  • Jayalalitha hopes to return to Srirangam seat

    Srirangam, a small temple town in Tamil Nadu, is going for polls for the high profile bye-election today. The assembly seat was earlier held by former chief minister J.Jayalalithaa and the bye-election necessitated following her disqualification after her conviction in a corruption case and sentence of four years in jail. Around 270,000 voters are expected to queue up at the polling stations to elect their assembly representative out of 29 contestants. However, the contest is amongst the AIADMK, DMK, the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Communist Party of India-Marxist. The ruling AIADMK has worked hard to retain the prestigious seat with several ministers and senior leaders campaigning in the constituency. Votes will be counted on Feb 16.

    Source: IANS

    2015-02-13 10:20:47 AM
  • Bye Elections in 6 state assemblies on 13th Feb 2015

    Bye Elections will be held on 13th Feb 2015 in assembly constituencies of 6 states. Assemblies having bye polls are- Liromoba constituency in Arunachal Pradesh; Tirupati constituency in Andhra Pradesh; Panaji constituency in Goa; Mukhed constituency in maharashtra; Srirangam constituency in Tamil Nadu; Krishanganj constituency in West Bengal.

    2015-02-12 06:34:40 PM
  • Jayalalithaa, Karunanidhi woo Srirangam voters

    Arch rivals - AIADMK general secretary J. Jayalalithaa and DMK president M.Karunanidhi - on Wednesday indulged in a war of words through their statements while seeking support for their party candidates in the Srirangam by-election. In a statement issued Chennai, Jayalalithaa said that the by-election was forced on the people due to conspirators who were not able to tolerate the growing support for her and the AIADMK party. "Srirangam is my motherland. Srirangam is my own house. Srirangam is the holy land, where my ancestors lived," Jayalalithaa, who had earlier held the seat, said. Citing the development work being done by the AIADMK government in Srirangam, Jayalalithaa sought the voters' support for her party's candidate in the Feb 13 poll.

    Source: IANS

    2015-02-12 10:28:19 AM
  • By-poll for Tamil Nadu's Srirangam seat Feb 13

    Bye-election for Tamil Nadu's Srirangam assembly constituency, which was held by former chief minister J. Jayalalithaa, will be held on Feb 13, the Election Commission announced on Monday. "The model code of conduct shall come into force with immediate effect in the districts of Tiruchirappalli and Pudukkottai, in which the whole or any part of Srirangam assembly constituency going for bye-election is included, as per the instructions issued by the Election Commission," said that the state's chief electoral officer in a statement issued in New Delhi. The bye-election was necessitated following the disqualification of Jayalalithaa, who was convicted in a corruption case and sentenced to four years in jail.

    Source: IANS

    2015-01-13 10:19:03 AM
  • Special high court bench to hear Jayalalithaa case on Jan 5

    A special bench of the Karnataka High Court will hear, from Jan 5, the corruption case against former Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalithaa and her three aides on a daily basis. Though the case came up for hearing on Friday before Justice H. Billappa, Jayalalithaa's counsel sought its postponement to Monday, as Justice C.R. Kumaraswamy, who has been appointed to hear it, is on leave till Saturday. Chief Justice D.H. Waghela on Thursday set up the single judge bench, as directed by the Supreme Court on December 18 to hear the appeals of Jayalalithaa and her three associates to expeditiously decide their plea within three months.

    Source: IANS

    2015-01-03 10:01:56 AM
  • Tamil Nadu to release 30 Sri Lankan fishermen Dec 22

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam on Tuesday said that it would release 30 Sri Lankan fishermen and their 19 boats on Dec 22 so that they can celebrate Christmas with their families. In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the text of which was released to the media in Chennai, Panneerselvam said: "Ordinarily, we would have expected the government of India to have supported the government of Tamil Nadu's stand and prevailed upon the Sri Lankan government to arrange a simultaneous release of fishermen and their boats." According to Panneerselvam, this possibility has been ruled out by the central government. Panneerselvam requested Modi to ensure that the government of Sri Lanka also releases the 66 Tamil Nadu fishermen and their 81 boats it has from custody at the same time so that they can also return home for Christmas.

    Source: IANS  

    2014-12-16 03:49:53 PM
  • Political parties condemn power tariff hike in Tamil Nadu

    Political parties in Tamil Nadu on Friday strongly opposed the power tariff hike averaging around 15 percent and demanded its withdrawl by the state government. "The second hike by the AIADMK government should be fully withdrawn," DMK president M.Karunanidhi said in a statement issued in Chennai. Citing reports, Karunanidhi said the hike does not seem to have the unanimous approval of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission (TNERC) and appears to have been announced under the government's compulsion. PMK leader S.Ramadoss in a statement condemned the power tariff hike to mobilise around Rs.5,447 crore by the state power utility.

    Source: IANS

    2014-12-12 05:39:36 PM
  • PMK condemns police attack on journalists in Andhra

    PMK party founder S. Ramadoss on Wednesday condemned the attack and arrest of journalists from Tamil Nadu by Andhra Pradesh Police in Tirupathi. The journalists had gone to cover the Tirupathi temple visit of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa. In a statement issued in Chennai PMK (Pattali Makkal Katchi) founder Ramadoss said: "Without any reason the Andhra Pradesh Police attacked the Tamil Nadu journalists and arrested them." He said the Andhra Pradesh government should take severe action against the police officials who attacked the media persons.

    Source: IANS

    2014-12-10 12:20:41 PM
  • Reconsider scrapping of kerosene supply through PDS : Panneerselvam

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam on Saturday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reconsider the central government's decision to scrap the supply of subsidised kerosene through the public distribution system (PDS). The chief minister also requested Modi to restore kerosene allocation to the state to 65,140 kilo litres per month. In a letter to Modi, text of which was released to the media in Chennai, Panneerselvam referred to reports about the decision to scrap the supply of subsidised kerosene and said: "Such a harsh and punitive measure, it would impose considerable hardship on the people of Tamil Nadu." Source : IANS

    2014-12-06 01:58:57 PM
  • DMK chief not to attend assembly over seating arrangement

    DMK president M. Karunanidhi on Thursday said he was not attending the state assembly session as there was no proper seating arrangement for the people like him, who were unwell. Karunanidhi said that he came to the assembly after Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam issued a statement asking him to attend the assembly session. The 90-year-old, who is always in his wheel chair, said he came to the assembly expecting at least a seat but found that he could not even enter the assembly. Karunanidhi said he had expected at least a separate chair for him to sit after several requests but it was not there."It seems the ruling party does not want me to participate in the assembly proceedings," he said. Karunanidhi said the assembly should discuss issues like change in the state's chief minister, Karnataka's decision to build two dams across Cauvery river, Mullaperiyar dam, continuing power cuts, and hike in milk prices.

    Source: IANS

    2014-12-04 05:06:20 PM
  • Third of schemes announced by Jayalalithaa complete: CM

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam on Thursday said that of the 666 schemes announced by former chief minister J. Jayalalithaa, 218 schemes have been completed and 317 are being implemented. He was replying to a calling attention motion in the assembly on a complaint that the schemes announced by Jayalalithaa remain on paper and are not implemented. Jayalalithaa had announced these schemes in the assembly between 2011-12 and 2014-15. According to Panneerselvam, government orders have to be issued for 121 schemes, while eight schemes are pending with the central government and two have not been taken up for implementation as they are in the courts.

    Source: IANS

    2014-12-04 05:16:06 PM
  • Jayalalithaa disqualified for 10 years: Tamil Nadu Govt. issues notification

    AIADMK chief Jayalalithaa has been disqualified from contesting elections for ten years, said the Tamil Nadu government . "Consequent upon the conviction of Selvi J Jayalalithaa, Member of the Legislative Assembly, she stands disqualified for being a Member of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly from the date of conviction, i.e., the 27th day of September, 2014 for the period of her sentence (four years)," the gazette notification issued by Speaker of the Tamil Nadu Assembly P Dhanapal. It also said that she "shall continue to be disqualified for a further period of six years since her release in terms of the existing Section 8 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951." The notification also stated that Srirangam Assembly Constituency, represented by Jayalalithaa shall be deemed to have become vacant from the date of her conviction, September 27. (News Reports) 

    2014-11-13 01:02:10 PM
  • G K Vasan Quits

    In the continued list of misery's which the INC is facing. Former union minister GK Vasan has quit congress after 14 long years. Leading to split in the Tamil Nadu congress .  G K Vasan ia said to revive the Tamil Maanila Congress, founded by his late father G K Moopanar.(News Reports)

    2014-11-03 12:43:05 PM
  • Congress heading for split in Tamil Nadu

    The Tamil Nadu Congress appeared to be heading for a split with former Union minister G K Vasan giving enough indications of reviving the Tamil Maanila Congress, founded by his late father G K Moopanar. The indications came  within hours of the Congress high command appointment of former TNCC president E V K S Elangovan as head of the state unit , in place of G K Vasan loyalist B S Gnanadesikan, who quit on last week accusing the central leadership of ignoring him. (News Reports)

    2014-11-02 08:28:20 AM
  • Order on framing of charges in 2G money laundering Oct 31

     A special court on the 2G spectrum case Monday said it will deliver  its order on the framing of charges over alleged laundering of money against former telecom minister A. Raja, among others, Oct 31.The The court is headed by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Special Judge O.P. Saini 

     DMK MP Kanimozhi, and DMK chief M. Karunanidhi's wife Dayalu Ammal, are among the co-accused. Charges have already been filed against them, as also Swan telecom promoters Shahid Usman Balwa and Vinod Goenka, Kusegaon Fruits and Vegetables directors Asif Balwa and Rajiv Agarwal, Bollywood producer Karim Morani, and Kalaignar TV directors Sharad Kumar and P. Amirthan.  

    2014-10-20 11:47:35 AM
  • Jayalalithaa to be released from jail today

     Former Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalaithaa, who secured bail from the Supreme Court, will be released from the central jail here today after the special court issues order on paying surety.

    "As the special court has not received the Supreme Court order granting Jayalalithaa interim bail till evening, the judge (John Michael D'Cuna) could not issued the order to release her from jail Friday," Karnataka's Deputy Inspector General (prisons) P.M. Jaisimha  said. A three-judge apex court bench headed by Chief Justice H.L. Dattu stayed Jayalalithaa's four-year jail term in a corruption case that dragged on for 18 years and granted an interim bail till Dec 18.  The special court Sep 27 convicted Jayalalithaa in the Rs.66 crore disproportionate assets case and sentenced her to four years simple imprisonment, with a fine of Rs.100 crore. When the Karnataka High Court rejected her bail petition Oct 7, Jayalalithaa approached the apex court Oct 9. In a related development, police imposed prohibitory orders in 1km radius of the central jailat Parappana Agrahara in the city's southern suburb by deploying an additional 1000 personnel to maintain law and order. "We are prohibiting assembling of five or more people 1km around the prison for security reasons and prevent any untoward incident. The ban order will be in force till Jayalalithaa leaves the jail premises," Joint Commissioner of Police Alok Kumar said. (IANS)  

    2014-10-18 11:25:48 AM
  • Jayalalithaa released from Bangalore prison

     Former Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalithaa was released from the central jail here after a Bangalore special court ordered her release today, a day after the Supreme Court granted her bail. "Jayalalithaa has left the jail... after completing the formalities," Karnataka Inspector General of Prisons (IGP) K.V. Gagandeep said. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O. Pannerselvam, a few cabinet ministers and the ruling AIADMK's lawmakers were at the prison to receive her. Hundreds of fans and party cadres gathered near the jail to greet her. She will drive down to the old airport in the city's eastern suburb to fly back to Chennai, about 350 km from here. Earlier, Jayalalithaa's lawyers submitted to the judge a certified copy of the apex court order suspending her four-year jail term and granting interim bail till Dec 18. The special court on Saturday ordered her release. (IANS)  

    2014-10-18 04:27:14 PM
  • SC grants bail to Jayalalithaa, AIADMK celebrates

    The Supreme Court today granted bail to former Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalithaa, convicted of possessing assests disproportionate to her known sources of income.

    Alongwith Jayalalithaa, her aide Sasikala Natarajan and two others have also been granted bail. Jayalalithaa is presently in a Bangalore jail after her conviction in the disproportionate assets case. The former chief minister was awarded four-year prison term and a fine of Rs.100 crore. Jayalalithaa, along with her aide Sasikala Natrajan, V.K. Sudhakaran and J. Ilavarasi, Oct 7 were refused bail by the Karnataka High Court which held that there were no grounds for granting bail. AIADMK cadres erupted in joy Friday after the Supreme Court gave bail to the jailed former Tamil Nadu chief minister .

    "It is Diwali day for us," a party cadre said outside the AIADMK headquarters here.  

    2014-10-17 01:59:29 PM
  • Jayalalithaa bail plea adjourned

    A special bench of the Karnataka High Court Wednesday adjourned the criminal revision petition of jailed former Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalithaa for suspension of sentence and bail and posted it to be heard by a regular bench of the high court Oct 7. Source: IANS

    2014-10-01 12:08:36 PM
  • Court lists Jayalalithaa bail plea for hearing Tuesday

    A criminal revision petition, moved Monday by jailed former Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalithaa for bail, has been listed for admission Tuesday before the vacation bench of the Karnataka High Court here. "The criminal revision petition (CRP) has been listed for admission Tuesday before the vacation bench of Justice Rathnakala," a counsel for Jayalalithaa told IANS here. Source: IANS

    2014-09-30 09:54:57 AM
  • Jayalalithaa bail plea adjourned to Oct 6

    The criminal revision petition of jailed former Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalithaa for suspension of her sentence and bail was Tuesday adjourned to Oct 6 by the judge of a vacation bench of the Karnataka High Court here. Source: IANS

    2014-09-30 12:13:18 PM
  • Jayalalithaa moves Karnataka High Court

    Jailed former Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalithaa Monday filed a criminal revision petition in the Karnataka High Court here, seeking suspension of the four-year jail sentence and bail in the corruption case. Source: IANS

    2014-09-29 01:58:36 PM
  • Life limps back to normalcy in Tamil Nadu

    Life is limping back to normalcy in Tamil Nadu Sunday, a day after clashes broke out following Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa's conviction and sentencing in a corruption case. Buses and shops were open for business in some cities, while bus services in Salem, Cuddalore, Villupuram and some other cities did not operate, as per reports reaching here. Normal life was hit in the state Saturday after Jayalalithaa was sentenced to four years imprisonment and Rs.100 crore fine in the disproportionate assets case by a special court in Bangalore.Upset at the verdict, AIADMK workers across the state went on a rampage forcing shopkeepers to down their shutters. Bus services were stopped putting normal life out of gear. Source:IANS

    2014-09-28 01:11:57 PM
  • Panneerselvam is Tamil Nadu chief minister

    AIADMK legislators Sunday elected Tamil Nadu Finance Minister O. Panneerselvam to succeed the jailed J. Jayalalithaa as the state's new chief minister. The decision was made known after a meeting of the legislators in the party headquarters in the heart of Chennai. A party leader told IANS that Panneerselvam would call on Governor K. Rosiah later in the day. The expected development followed a meeting Jayalalithaa had with Panneerselvam and some other senior AIADMK functionaries at the Bangalore Central Jail earlier Sunday. Panneerselvam had become chief minister in similar circumstances in 2001 for a brief period.

    2014-09-28 05:23:17 PM
  • New Tamil Nadu CM began in humble circumstances

    Tamil Nadu Finance Minister O. Panneerselvam, who was Sunday elected by AIADMK legislators to succeed the jailed J. Jayalalithaa as the state's new chief minister, used to run a tea stall, which is now looked after by his relatives. Panneerselvam, 63, representing the Bodinayakanur constituency, is a farmer from Theni district. OPS, as he is known in the party, maintains a low profile and is a staunch loyalist of Jayalalithaa. He entered politics in 1996 and became the head of a local body. In 2001, he was elected to the assembly from Periakulam and became the minister for public works department. Panneerselvam was the first person from the Thevar community to become the chief minister of Tamil Nadu in 2001. Source: IANS  

    2014-09-28 07:35:54 PM
  • Jayalalitha held guilty in 66.65 crore disproportionate assets case

    A special session court in Bangalore today convicted Tamil Nadu CM J. Jayalalithaa in 66.65 crore disproportionate assets case. Special judge John Michael Cunha pronounced the order in a special court set up in the central jail. The quantum of punishment will be made at 3 pm. If she gets a sentence for two or more years, she will need to resign from the post of CM. 

    2014-09-27 03:09:25 PM
  • Big setback for Jayalalithaa: BJP leader

    A special court verdict Saturday, holding Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa guilty, is a big political setback for her and her party AIADMK, a BJP leader said. "It is a big setback for Jayalalithaa and the AIADMK party. She may not be an AIADMK electoral candidate for a long time. The disqualification will be effective for six years," BJP secretary H. Raja told IANS. He said it gives an opportunity for Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Tamil Nadu to provide an alternative. Source: IANS

    2014-09-27 04:01:48 PM
  • Jayalalithaa first CM to face disqualification

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa Saturday became the third leading politician and the first sitting chief minister to face disqualification as a legislator after being convicted in a disproportionate assets case. A trial court in Bangalore Saturday convicted her in a disproportionate assets case filed by the former DMK government in 1996. Source: IANS

    2014-09-27 04:48:58 PM
  • Jayalalithaa sentenced to four-year jail term

    A trial court here Saturday sentenced Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa to a four-year jail term in the Rs.66-crore disproportionate assets case. Special judge John Michael Cunha pronounced the sentence, hours after he convicted her. Source: IANS

    2014-09-27 05:42:54 PM
  • Jayalalithaa suggests two-tier tax machinery

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa has suggested to the central government to delegate the levy, collection and appropriation of tax substitutes for value added tax (VAT), central excise and service tax by the state. She said the central government tax machinery can focus on inter-state taxation while calling for a consensus on key and contentious issues like dual rate bonds, taxation threshold and others and setting up of independent compensation mechanism.

    Source: IANS

    2014-08-18 12:29:49 PM
  • AIADMK's Maitreyan relieved from party post

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa today relieved Rajya Sabha member V. Maitreyan as the chief of the party's medical wing. In a brief statement issued, Jayalalithaa - who is also the AIADMK general secretary - said Maitreyan was relieved from his post.

    Source: IANS

    2014-08-18 01:53:26 PM
  • Sethusamudram project: Gadkari to visit Tamil Nadu

    Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari is expected to visit Tamil Nadu soon for discussions with different parties to find an amicable solution to the issue of the Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project, officials said today. The BJP earlier, headed by Gadkari, was against the project in its current form. Even Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa has termed the Rs.2,400 crore project as useless and ill-planned.

    Source: IANS

    2014-08-16 05:16:55 PM
  • Contribute to peace, progress: Tamil Nadu governor

    Tamil Nadu Governor K. Rosaiah today called for contributing to "peace, progress and prosperity" in his message to the nation on the eve of Independence Day Aug 15. In a statement issued, Rosaiah said: "Let us on this auspicious occasion resolve to dedicate ourselves to strengthen our national fabric and shoulder the responsibility of taking our nation to greater heights."

    Source: IANS

    2014-08-14 12:31:35 PM
  • Review transmission reliability margin: Jayalalithaa

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa today requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to direct the power ministry and Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. (PGCIL) to review transmission reliability margin fixed at 750 mw. In a letter to Modi, the text of which was released, Jayalalithaa requested for his urgent intervention to advise the power ministry and the PGCIL to consider the long-term access application of power suppliers to Tamil Nadu for transmission capacity at the earliest.

    Source: IANS

    2014-08-14 03:59:26 PM
  • Modi meets BJP MPs from southern states

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi met BJP parliamentarians from the southern states at his residence, and told them to propagate the achievements of the government with self-confidence. A Bharatiya Janata Party release said Modi met the parliamentarians from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu.

    Source: IANS

    2014-08-08 09:43:05 AM
  • Rajya Sabha disrupted over derogatory article

    The Rajya Sabha was disrupted today as AIADMK members protested against a derogatory article on Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As soon as the upper house met, AIADMK members were on their feet raising slogans. Despite repeated pleas from Chairman M. Hamid Ansari, the members trooped near the chairman's podium.

    Source: IANS  

    2014-08-04 12:53:13 PM
  • Colombo apologises to Modi, Jayalalithaa over article

    Sri Lanka tendered an "unqualified apology" to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa after an objectionable article was posted on its defence ministry web site -- and then deleted in a hurry. "An article titled 'How meaningful are Jayalalitha's love letters to Narendra Modi?' appeared on our web site along with a graphical portrayal of (Modi and Jayalalithaa)," said a statement hosted on the very same defence ministry web site.

    Source: IANS

    2014-08-02 09:44:24 AM
  • TN parties furious over article on Jayalalithaa

    Tamil Nadu political parties are furious at an article titled 'How meaningful are Jayalalithaa's love letters to Modi' on the Sri Lankan defence ministry's web site, saying it denigrates the Tamil Nadu chief minister. In a statement issued, PMK founder S. Ramadoss said: "The article title and the accompanying picture of Jayalalithaa thinking of Modi while writing the letter makes everybody with a conscience to boil."


    Source: IANS

    2014-08-01 04:48:19 PM
  • Take up fishermen issue with Sri Lanka: Jayalalithaa to PM

    Expressing anguish at the arrest of 50 Tamil Nadu fishermen by the Sri Lankan Navy, Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take up the issue with the island nation through diplomatic channels. Jayalalithaa said she was deeply anguished to bring to Modi's notice the arrest of 50 fishermen from Tamil Nadu by the Sri Lankan Navy.


    Source: IANS

    2014-07-30 09:47:11 AM
  • Increase Hajj seat quota: Jayalalithaa

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to increase the Hajj quota for the state owing to a large number of applicants. She said the Tamil Nadu State Hajj Committee has received 13,159 applications from pilgrims for Hajj 2014.

    Source: IANS

    2014-07-26 02:06:34 PM
  • Jayalalithaa announces Rs.2,325 crore road projects

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa today announced road and bridge projects across the state involving an outlay of Rs.2,325 crore. Speaking in the assembly, Jayalalithaa said her government is taking every effort to better the roads in the state. She said highways passing through the expanded area of Chennai Corporation would be expanded and footpaths would be laid.


    Source: IANS

    2014-07-25 03:11:47 PM
  • PM urged to secure fishermen's release from Sri Lanka

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene and secure the release of Indian fishermen and their fishing boats from Sri Lankan custody. In a letter to Modi Tuesday, text of which was released to the media here on Wednesday, Jayalalithaa said: "I once again request your immediate intervention to secure the release of the 43 Indian fishermen from Tamil Nadu and their 55 fishing boats, including the 46 mechanised fishing boats, that are already under Sri Lankan custody."  

    Source : IANS

    2014-07-23 12:12:02 PM
  • Tamil Nadu parties against CBSE's Sanskrit Week celebration

    Political parties in Tamil Nadu including the allies of the BJP are now up in arms against the celebration of "Sanskrit week" in Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) schools, terming the move a conspiracy to imposing another language. In a statement issued on Thursday, MDMK leader Vaiko, taking strong exception to the statement in the CBSE circular that Sanskrit is the mother of all languages said: "It is condemnable that such a poison is being injected in the minds of students in a country that comprises of different languages, culture."

    Source : IANS  

    2014-07-18 10:15:52 AM
  • Justice delivered over Mullaperiyar issue: Jayalalithaa

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa on Friday said downing the shutters of the Mullaperiyar dam to increase the water level to 142 feet is justice delivered to the people of the state. The shutters were lowered on Thursday as directed by the Supreme Court. "The downing of the dam shutters to increase the storage levels is a victory for Tamil Nadu and its people. More than the victory it is justice that has been rendered to the people of Tamil Nadu," Jayalalithaa said in the state assembly here. Source : IANS

    2014-07-18 04:19:17 PM
  • Law soon to protect Tamil culture: Jayalalithaa

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa on Wednesday said an appropriate law would be enacted to prevent clubs from acting against Tamil culture, days after a club here denied entry to a dhoti-clad judge.She told the state assembly that the law would be passed during this session itself and the licence to those clubs acting against Tamil culture would be revoked. The Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) Club July 11 denied entry to Justice D. Hariparanthaman of the Madras High Court and two senior advocates for wearing dhoti. They went to the club on an invitation to attend a book release function. Source : IANS

    2014-07-16 02:01:15 PM
  • Uproar in Tamil Nadu house over club barring judge

    The denial of entry to a sitting judge of the Madras High Court and two senior advocates by the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) Club for wearing a 'dhoti' was raised in the state assembly on Monday. Members across party lines condemned the incident and urged the government to take legal action against the club. Speaking on the issue, DMK's M.K.Stalin said such a practice is followed by many clubs like the Gymkhana Club, MCC Club and the Boat Club. Source : IANS

    2014-07-14 04:55:54 PM
  • Tamil Nadu CM writes to Modi over kerosene

    Expressing her disappointment at the quantity of kerosene allocated to Tamil Nadu, Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa has sought Prime Minister Narendra Modi's intervention to undo the injustice. In a letter to Modi text of which was released to the media on Saturday, Jayalalithaa said: "We were hopeful that the trend of arbitrary and unjust reductions in kerosene allocation would be reversed and some of the cuts imposed by the previous UPA government would be restored. 

    Source: IANS

    2014-07-12 04:44:22 PM
  • Union budget has many welcome features: Karunanidhi

    DMK president M.Karunanidhi said the 2014-15 budget presented by union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has a number of welcome features. In a statement issued here, Karunanidhi said: "Overall the central government's budget majorly contain welcome features." According to him, the setting up of National Institute of Ageing, a mega textile park, and a solar power project in Tamil Nadu are welcome measures. Karunanidhi said the duty reduction on picture tube would make the televisions cheaper.

    Source : IANS

    2014-07-11 12:46:40 PM
  • High speed train from Mystore to Chennai

    A high speed train would be introduced from Mysore to Chennai via Bangalore by upgrading the present rail network, Railway Minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda said on Tuesday. "While bullet trains would require new infrastructure, higher speed for existing trains will be achieved by upgrading the present network. Source: IANS

    2014-07-08 03:17:48 PM
  • Jayalalithaa seeks decisive action on fishermen's issue

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa hoped the Centre under Prime Minister Narendra Modi would take an "early and decisive action" to resolve the issue of Sri Lankan naval attacks on the Indian fishermen. She requested the Centre to "initiate immediate efforts to find a permanent and pragmatic solution to this livelihood issue of our fishermen." In a letter to Modi July 6, text of which was released here on Monday, Jayalalithaa referred to the arrest of 20 fishermen in four mechanised boats from Tamil Nadu by the Sri Lankan Navy July 5. Source : IANS

    2014-07-07 12:09:21 PM
  • Jayalalithaa wants 'decisive action' against Sri Lanka

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa wants the central government to take "early and decisive action" to end attacks by the Sri Lanka Navy on Indian fishermen. In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she urged his government to "initiate immediate efforts to find a permanent and pragmatic solution to this livelihood issue of our fishermen". "I confidently look forward to early and decisive action by the government of India under your leadership to resolve this long-standing issue," the chief minister said in the letter made public on Monday. Source : IANS

    2014-07-07 03:26:08 PM
  • Jayalalithaa hopes for higher water level at Mullaperiyar

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa on Wednesday expressed hope that the Mullaperiyar Dam supervisory committee will restore the dam's water storage level to 142 feet during the current monsoon period. In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday, text of which was released to the media, Jayalaltihaa thanked Modi for constituting the supervisory committee to implement the order of the apex court for increasing the water storage level at Mullaperiyar Dam to 142 feet. Source : IANS

    2014-07-02 01:00:22 PM
  • Centre's stand on Katchatheevu shocking: Jayalalithaa

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa said she was appalled at the Centre's stand that Indian fishermen had no traditional fishing rights around Katchatheevu island. In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the text of which was released to the media here, she urged him to review the matter. She said a counter-affidavit filed on behalf of the external affairs ministry before the Madras High Court "comes as a rude shock". Source : IANS

    2014-07-02 06:11:27 PM
  • Tamil Nadu Governor Rosaiah in-charge of Karnataka too

    Tamil Nadu Governor K.Rosaiah will hold the additional charge of governor of Karnataka from Sunday, as the five-year term of incumbent H.R. Bhardwaj ends today. "Rosaiah to discharge the functions of the governor of Karnataka, in addition to his own duties, until regular arrangements are made in place of Bhardwaj, who completes his tenure onJune 28," a Rashtrapati Bhavan communique said.

    Source: IANS                       

    2014-06-28 05:46:51 PM
  • Karunanidhi objects to Centre's directive on Hindi

    DMK president M. Karunanidhi opposed the central government's directive to its employees and employees of other government undertakings to give preference to the use of Hindi language in social media. In a statement issued here, Karunanidhi said such an official directive contrary to an individual's wish is the beginning of imposition of Hindi. He was referring to a news report that the central government has directed its employees and employees of central undertakings and banks to use Hindi or both Hindi and English on their official web pages in social media like Twitter, blogs, YouTube, Facebook and Google. Source : IANS

    2014-06-20 10:00:57 AM
  • Jayalalithaa urges government to modify Hindi order

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa on Friday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to instruct the home ministry to modify its directive on Hindi to ensure the use of English in social media. In a letter to Modi, Jayalalithaa referred to a home ministry order that officials should now use only Hindi or Hindi and English with the former getting prominence on social media like Facebook, Twitter and blogs. "This makes the use of Hindi mandatory and English optional," she said.

    2014-06-20 03:41:29 PM
  • Jayalalithaa thanks Modi for Mullaperiyar Dam panel

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the union cabinet's decision to set up the supervisory committee for Mullaperiyar Dam. In a letter to Modi, the text of which was released to the media here, Jayalalithaa said: "I thank you for the decision of the union cabinet which met  and approved the constitution of the Supervisory Committee for the Mullai Periyar dam as mandated by the Supreme Court in its judgement dated May 7." Source : IANS

    2014-06-19 09:24:17 AM
  • India must protect Sri Lankan Muslims: Karunanidhi

    DMK president M. Karunanidhi on Wednesday urged the central and Tamil Nadu governments to protect Muslims who have been attacked by Buddhist radicals in Sri Lanka. Karunandhi said in a statement: "At a time when Muslims are being attacked, the central and state governments should come forward with their views to protect them." He said the US had condemned the attacks on Muslims in some parts of Sri Lanka. Other countries too had denounced the attacks. Source: IANS

    2014-06-18 05:51:32 PM
  • Jayalalithaa condoles death of Cardinal Lourdusamy

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa today condoled the death of Cardinal Duraisamy Simon Lourdusamy, saying he was a "pillar of the Catholic community". Cardinal Lourdusamy, 90, passed away in Rome June 2. Jayalalithaa said: "I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing away of Cardinal Duraisamy Simon Lourdusamy, a pillar of the Catholic community."

    Source: IANS

    2014-06-05 02:07:42 PM
  • Intervene to secure Indian priest's release: Jayalalithaa to Modi

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to personally intervene to secure the release of Father Alexis Prem Kumar, who has been abducted in Afghanistan. In a letter to Modi, text of which was released to the media, Jayalalithaa said: "I would be grateful if you could kindly intervene personally and take up the matter at the highest level in Afghanistan so that the local authorities redouble their efforts to secure the safe and early release of Father Alexis Prem Kumar."

    Source: IANS

    2014-06-05 03:40:07 PM
  • Jayalalithaa seeks huge central investment, assistance for Tamil Nadu

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa presented Prime Minister Narendra Modi a memorandum listing projects and schemes involving central investment and assistance running into several thousands of crores of rupees. Jayalalithaa submitted the memorandum when she met Modi at his office in New Delhi. According to the memorandum, copies of which were distributed to the media, Jayalalithaa sought a comprehensive special package for the fisheries sector involving a sum of Rs.1,520 crore and a recurring grant of Rs.10 crore per annum.

    Source: IANS


    2014-06-04 11:02:37 AM
  • Jaya writes to Modi, demands action against SL

    Following the arrest of 29 Indian Fishermen by the Lankan Navy, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister has written to Narendra Modi, demanding action. In here letter, Jayalalithaa demanded strong action against Sri Lanka to end such incidents. Remember the arrest of the 29 fishermen comes less than a week after Rajapaksa's visit to India. The Tamil Nadu CM had boycotted Modi's swearing-in ceremony due to the invitation to Rajapaksa.

    2014-06-01 05:43:25 PM
  • SL Navy arrests 29 Tamil Fishermen

    Less than a week after Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa visited India, Sri Lanka has once again arrested Indian Fishermen. 29 people from Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu were arrested by the Lankan Navy & 6 boats also detained for allegedly crossing the International maritime boundary. Talks between Indian & Sri Lankan negotiators had ended in a deadlock last month on the fishermen issue. The negotiators are scheduled to meet again this month 

    2014-06-01 04:51:17 PM
  • Amma Canteens chain to be expanded in Tamil Nadu

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa on Sunday announced the setting up of 360 new Amma Canteens - subsidised food outlets - across the state taking total number to 654 outlets. With the expansion of Amma Canteen, lakhs of poor people would be benefited because of the low-cost food sold at these outlets, Jayalalithaa said in a statement here. The 360 new outlets would come up in Chennai, government hospitals located in district headquarters - barring Madurai, Vellore, Tirunelveli and Tuticorin - and other places. Source:IANS

    2014-06-01 01:06:28 PM
  • Invite to Rajapakse stirs controversy

    According to sources Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa may skip the swearing-in ceremony of Narendra Modi. The Tamil Nadu CM, who is said to be close Modi, may skip the ceremony because of the invitation Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse . It's not just Jaya, even BJP's allies in Tamil Nadu are opposed to Sri Lankan President's participation in the event as his presence could hurt the feelings of Tamil people.

    2014-05-22 10:35:10 AM
  • Stalin gives up party post

    DMK treasurer M.K. Stalin and son of party president M. Karunanidhi has given up his party post accepting moral responsibility for the party's election rout, a senior leader said. Speaking to IANS on the condition of anonymity, the DMK leader said: "He (Stalin) has resigned from the post." The move follows the DMK's washout in the Lok Sabha election in Tamil Nadu. Of the state's 39 seats, the ruling AIADMK bagged a whopping 37 and the BJP and PMK won one each. Source: IANS

    2014-05-18 02:39:10 PM
  • AIADMK tops three years in power with massive poll win

    Massive advertisements greeted people in their dailies in Chennai on Sunday morning, highlighting the three-year-old J. Jayalalithaa government's achievements in Tamil Nadu, just two days after her AIADMK notched spectacular win in the Lok Sabha elections. The multi-crore advertisements also reminded people of the milestones that might have slipped their minds in the din of the general elections. 

    2014-05-18 12:47:31 PM
  • Stalin resigns, then withdraws resignation

    Following the complete whitewash in Tamil Nadu, DMK treasurer MK Stalin today first resigned from his party post, only to withdraw it later. Reports suggest that he withdrew his resigntion after Karunanidhi refused to accept it. Stalin who had run the party's campaign in these elections, reportedly resigned taking responsibility for the party's rout

    2014-05-18 05:46:10 PM
  • Modi assures Jaya of full co-operation

    PM designate Narendra Modi today assured TN Chief Minister Jayalalithaa of utmost co-operation between the new Center & her state. Modi spoke to Jayalalithaa over the phone, lauding her for AIADMK's performance in the general elections. Earlier the Tamil Nadu CM had written a letter to Modi, congratulating him for his victory in 2014 Lok Sabha elections

    2014-05-18 04:09:44 PM
  • Congress scores zero in several states, mauled in many others

    BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's prediction that Congress would not be able to open its account in several states came true with the party failing to secure a single Lok Sabha seat from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand as votes were counted. Congress leaders said that it was unprecedented for the party not to score seats across regions in a general election.

    Source: IANS

    2014-05-17 09:34:33 AM
  • 38 Congress candidates forfeit deposit in Tamil Nadu

    The Congress party not only drew a blank in the 39 constituencies of Tamil Nadu but the deposits of 38 of its candidates were forfeited. Only H. Vasantha Kumar, the party's candidate in Kanyakumari district, was able to save his deposit, being runner-up to BJP's state president Pon Radhakrishnan. The Congress secured 17,51,123 votes in Tamil Nadu, translating to 4.3 percent vote share in the state. Source: IANS

    2014-05-17 05:25:55 PM
  • Jayalalithaa wave sweeps across Tamil Nadu

    Tamil Nadu's ruling AIADMK rode a Jayalalithaa wave that swept away all opponents to the effect that there will be no Congress or DMK representative from the state in the Lok Sabha for next five years. The AIADMK is leading in 37 of the 39 Lok Sabha seats in the state and the BJP led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is leading in two, as per the trends available till afternoon.

    Source: IANS

    2014-05-16 03:35:22 PM
  • DMK's A. Raja defeated

    Telecom scam tainted A. Raja of the DMK party lost his Nilgiris Lok Sabha seat in Tamil Nadu to AIADMK's Gopalakrishnan by a margin of over 1,04,000 votes, said an official.


    Source: IANS  

    2014-05-16 07:17:50 PM
  • Repoll in one Tamil Nadu polling station today

    The Election Commission announced that repolling in a polling station in Salem parliamentary constituency will be held today. In a statement issued, the chief electoral officer said repoll was ordered in polling station no. 254 of Edappadi assembly segment. The repoll was ordered as the electronic voting machine displayed the message "Unknown Mode" and as such the result recorded in the machine cannot be retrieved during the counting of votes.

    Source: IANS


    2014-05-15 10:11:34 AM
  • Re-poll in two polling stations in Tamil Nadu on Saturday

    Following representations from contesting candidates for more time, the Election Commission has decided to postpone the re-poll in two polling stations in Tamil Nadu to Saturday. In a statement issued, the state's chief electoral officer said representations were received from candidates seeking at least 48 hours notice before re-poll is held. Source: IANS

    2014-05-08 12:03:44 PM
  • BJP candidate charges AIADMK with rigging in Chennai South

    BJP leader and Chennai South parliamentary constituency contestant L. Ganesan charged Tamil Nadu's ruling AIADMK with booth capturing and bogus voting. In a statement issued, Ganesan said polling was largely peaceful till 1 p.m. and after that the AIADMK cadre and leaders resorted to booth capturing and bogus voting in the constituency. Source: IANS

    2014-04-25 10:33:22 AM
  • Voting begins in Tamil Nadu

    Voting for all 39 Lok Sabha seats in Tamil Nadu and one state assembly seat has begun. Over 55 million voters, including 27 million women, are eligible to vote. Nearly 13 percent of the voters are in the age group of 18-25 years.

    Source: IANS

    2014-04-24 07:52:20 AM
  • Voting begins for 117 Lok Sabha seats

    Voting is under way for 117 Lok Sabha seats across 11 states and one union territory in the sixth phase of the General Elections 2014.

    2014-04-24 07:48:49 AM
  • Tamil Nadu will vote for all 39 Lok Sabha seats

    Over 55 million voters will today decide the fate of 845 candidates in Tamil Nadu's 39 Lok Sabha constituencies. For the first time, the state will see a multi-cornered fight with six political fronts in the fray. While the Congress will be fighting alone, the BJP will go with a six-party alliance. Among the key candidates whose fate will be decided today is Dayanidhi Maran of DMK, 

    2014-04-24 07:37:38 AM
  • Rajnikant Votes

    Southern Superstar Rajnikant cast his vote at a polling booth near his residence in Chennai.Voting for all 39 Lok Sabha seats in Tamil Nadu and by-poll for one state assembly seat is underway.

    2014-04-24 10:13:44 AM
  • Heavy Voter turnout in North Chennai

    Heavy voter turnout was seen in North Chennai constituency. More than 300 people were queuing up at a polling station in Royapuram in the constituency.12% voter turnout has been recorded in the constituency till 10 am

    2014-04-24 10:52:30 AM
  • 14.31% voter turn out till 9 am in Tamil Nadu

    Till 9 am , Tamil Nadu voter turn out is recorded at 14.31%. Voting for 39 Lok Sabha in Tamil Nadu are going on today. 

    2014-04-24 10:31:20 AM
  • Tamil Nadu records 35% turnout till 11 am

    35 % voting is recorded in Tamil Nadu till 11 am. Voting for 39 Lok Sabha seats underway in Tamil Nadu which will continue till 6 pm.

    2014-04-24 12:12:42 PM
  • 60 percent polling in Tamil Nadu

    Sixty percent voter turnout was registered in the 39 Lok Sabha constituencies of Tamil Nadu in the 2014 general elections, the Election Commission said. According to the poll panel, the total number of votes cast till 3 p.m. was 60.52 percent of the over 55 million voters in the state. Officials added that the polling has been peaceful with no untoward incident reported from the state.

    Source: IANS

    2014-04-24 06:37:18 PM
  • 70 percent polling in Tamil Nadu

     Up to 70 percent electors voted in Tamil Nadu's 39 Lok Sabha constituencies with the election coming to an end at 6 p.m., said the Election Commission. According to election officials, voters already in the queue would be allowed to vote while nobody will be allowed to join the line new.

    Source: IANS

    2014-04-24 08:29:07 PM
  • Millions vote in seventh phase of Indian election

    Barring the Kashmir Valley, millions voted across a dozen states in India to elect 117 MPs even as the BJP's prime ministerial nominee Narendra Modi filed his nomination in Varanasi, turning the Hindu holy city into a sea of saffron. About 40 percent of the 180 million eligible to vote Thursday had exercised their franchise by 3 p.m. -- in the eight hours since balloting started -- in 201,735 polling centres in 11 states and Puducherry.

    Source: IANS

    2014-04-24 06:45:14 PM
  • NDA now a major player in Tamil Nadu: Advani

    Senior BJP leader L.K.Advani Monday said his party-led NDA has altered the election battle scene in Tamil Nadu. Addressing an election rally in this Tamil Nadu town around 140 km from Chennai, he said the people are seeing the BJP-led alliance as a major combatant in the state where traditionally it rivals were AIADMK or the DMK.

    Source: IANS

    2014-04-22 10:29:53 AM
  • It's national vs local issues in Tamil Nadu

    In a multi-cornered election contest in Tamil Nadu, the campaign strategy of various formations is based on national versus local issues. AIADMK general secretary and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa with prime ministerial ambitions talks largely about national issues, while her opponents talk about the local - bijli (electricity), sadak (road) and paani (water) problems. Source: IANS

    2014-04-21 12:23:49 PM
  • NDA's economic policy to focus on job creation, says Modi

    BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi Thursday hit out at a Congress woman minister from the state for stalling infrastructural projects in Tamil Nadu, and promised an economic policy that would provide jobs to the youth. Addressing an election rally in Erode town, known for its textiles and turmeric, around 400 km from Chennai, the Bharatiya Janata Party leader said: "The economy would be reoriented with job creation at the centre."

    Source: IANS

    2014-04-18 10:13:01 AM
  • Thundering Thursday for poll rallies in Tamil Nadu

    It was a thundering Thursday in Tamil Nadu with political leaders carrying out no holds barred oral fights on the election arena. Retaliating to BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's constant jibe at him as "recounting minister", union Finance Minister P.Chidambaram, who is not contesting himself and has fielded his son in the election, termed Modi an "encounter minister" referring to the alleged staged killings by police in Gujarat.

    Source: IANS

    2014-04-18 10:29:23 AM
  • In Sivaganga, BJP and AIADMK take on Chidambaram Jr

    Finance Minister P. Chidambaram is no more the Congress candidate here, but his son Karti is. And both the BJP and the AIADMK are determined to worst him in the Lok Sabha battle. Of the 39 Lok Sabha constituencies in Tamil Nadu, Sivaganga is attracting the most attention.Chidambaram, the outgoing MP, has opted out to pave the way for the political rise of his son, Karti P. Chidambaram, who is in a six-cornered contest involving a total of 27 candidates.

    Source: IANS

    2014-04-18 03:32:50 PM
  • BJP cadres want action on nomination fiasco in Nilgiris

    The BJP leaders and cadres are seething with anger at the party candidate from Tamil Nadu's Nilgiris constituency failing to file his nomination papers properly, and are demanding that responsibility be fixed for the fiasco. The party members are not willing to accept the reason touted by S. Gurumurthy - vehicle break-down - for filing his nomination papers very late as the BJP's candidate for the high-profile Nilgiris constituency.

    Source: IANS

    2014-04-15 12:10:08 PM
  • Raja instrumental in country losing Rs.2 trillion revenue: Jayalalithaa

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa Thursday charged DMK MP A.Raja of not doing anything to his constituency but being instrumental in the country losing around Rs.2 trillion in the allocation of telecom spectrum.


    Source: IANS

    2014-04-11 10:55:06 AM
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