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Nagaland 2018 Elections: News and Updates

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Latest Election News and Updates

  • Northeast Results Caused Alliance between SP and BSP
    According to the UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the SP and BSP have joined hands in the upcoming bypolls of Lok Sabha prompted by the impressive performance of the saffron party in the north eastern states. He also labelled their alliance as opportunistic. He slammed the government for being corrupt and the one which was protecting criminals. He also urged the people to vote for Upendra Shukla, a BJP candidate. The bypolls are scheduled on March 11 in UP's Phulpur and Gorakhpur constituencies.
    2018-03-09 04:53:41 PM
  • Neiphiu to Take Oath Today
    The new Chief Minister of Nagaland, Neiphiu Rio (NDPP) will swear-in today at Kohima. The oath would take place at a public function in Kohima Local Ground. The place is historically significant since the statehood for Nagaland was announced here in 1963 by Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the then President of India. The ceremony would take place in the presence of BJP president Amit Shah and Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh. The NDPP is in alliance with BJP, JDU and 1 Independent candidate, which makes for 32 MLAs in the Assembly House.
    2018-03-08 03:04:51 PM
  • BJP Most Likely to Form Government in Nagaland
    The BJP-NDPP(Nationalist Democratic Progressive Alliance) alliance would most likely form the government in Nagaland, as it jointly has 29 seats. JDU which won just 1 seat has also agreed to support the BJP alliance, despite its earlier claims of supporting NPF (Naga People's Front). One victorious independent candidate too has pledged to support the party, which would make the alliance total count to be 31 in the 60 seat House. NPF despite winning the largest number of seats(29) has to concede to BJP alliance, as it has 2 more seats than the ruling NPF. BJP, which won 12 seats this time, has shown a considerable growth from the last time where it won only 1 seat.
    2018-03-05 04:46:58 PM
  • BJP Confident of Forming Government in Nagaland despite Low Seat Count

    While the saffron party could only manage 11 seats in Nagaland’s 60 seat House, it is still confident of forming a stable government in the state. The party which was in pre-poll alliance with NDPP (Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party) has expressed confidence of making inroads in the north-eastern state. Ram Madhav, BJP general secretary, has stated that the party has roughly a majority when seat count for both the parties is combined. The total seat count for the alliance turns out to be 27, as NDPP won 16 seats. Madhav added that the alliance would soon stake claim for forming the next government in a coming few days.


    2018-03-04 02:32:07 PM
  • Therie: Congress Would Fail in Nagaland
    Kewe Khape Therie, the Nagaland Congress president, stated that the party would “draw a blank” in the Assembly polls conducted on February 27. He described the party candidates as people on the abandoned ship. He also added that the AICC general secretary-in-charge, C P Joshi, should resign as he blamed him for the Congress' failure in the northeastern state. He also added that Joshi had only visited the state just once in the time frame of two and a half years and he also stopped Rahul Gandhi from visiting the state.
    2018-03-01 03:36:05 PM

  • Kharkongor: Polling in Meghalaya was Peaceful 1 Killed during Nagaland Polling

    Starkly contrasting with the peaceful polling process in Meghalaya, Nagaland has witnessed the murder of one person on the polling day. There were two warring rival groups which ended up in one person getting shot dead. Police even had to use gunfire to cease the fight between the two. The people involved in the groups were supporters of BJP and NPF (Naga People's Front). The victim has been recognised to be an NPF supporter, as reported by Rupin Sharma, the Nagland's Director General of Police. Police are also looking for evidence for the blast happened near the Myanmar border.

    2018-02-28 12:41:02 PM
  • Polling underway in Nagaland and Meghalaya

    Polling has begun in approximately all of the booths in Nagaland and Meghalaya. According to Nagaland CEO, polling has kicked off in 1,732 out of the total 2,156 booths for the first hour. And in Meghalaya, polling has started in 2,221of the total 3,025 booths.

    2018-02-27 10:00:51 AM
  • Nagaland CM TR Zeliang took to Twitter to urge people to vote
    Nagaland chief minister TR Zeliang took to Twitter to urge people to vote. He tweeted: In queue to cast my vote. I appeal everyone to come out and exercise their rights and decide the future of Nagaland for the next 5 years. Participate ethically and be responsible and law abiding citizens. #NagalandElection2018
    22% voting has been recorded for Meghalaya by 9.30 AM.
    2018-02-27 10:03:33 AM
  • Meghalaya and Nagaland Election Update
    Ampareen Lyngdoh, the Congress candidate from East Shillong, has cast her vote at a polling station in Laitumkhrah. She is also the IPR Minister.
    A poling station which falls on the border of Assam-Nagaland has witnessed a halt in the voting process due to some tension. The booth is located in the Longleng district.
    2018-02-27 10:12:30 AM
  • Bomb blast before Nagaland polling
    Abhijit Sinha, the Nagaland's Chief Electoral Officer, has reported that a blast took place at a polling booth in Mon district. The bomb had exploded an hour before the voting began. No one got hurt except for one person, who suffered minor leg injuries.
    2018-02-27 11:46:10 AM
  • Nagaland Election might be over by 3 PM
    In some of the booths in Nagaland, voting would be closed by 3 PM. But the voters who have been in queue outside the polling stations would be provided with coupons and they would continue to vote even after the closing of the polling.
    2018-02-27 02:41:01 PM
  • 57 percent Voters Turnout Recorded

    In Nagaland, the total turnout has been recorded to be 57% by 1 PM. The polling is expected to continue up till 4 PM. For some remote areas in the state, the polling might continue till just 3 PM.

    2018-02-27 02:46:33 PM
  • End of Campaigning in Meghalaya, Nagaland
    The campaigning has been ended in both the poll-bound states of Nagaland and Meghalaya with just one day remaining in the polls. Leading parties like BJP and Congress have campaigned extensively for the polls in both the states. In Meghalaya, while Congress has made efforts to continue its rule in the state, BJP has made strides to expand its footprint in the north-eastern state. The congress is ruling the state for the last 10 years. BJP also involved all the party dignitaries as star campaigners, such as Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Information and Broadcasting Minister Smriti Irani, party president Amit Shah, and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself.
    2018-02-26 11:34:19 AM
  • Ghulam Nabi Azad: BJP is anti-Christian
    Ghulam Nabi Azad, the leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha, has stated that the special interest PM Narendra Modi was showing in the north-eastern states is targeted to increase the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) base there. He further said that the saffron party wanted to implement the ideology of Hindutva there. He also compared the situation to that in Kashmir. He also compared BJP with the Congress party stating that it has always believed in preserving the tribal identity the north-eastern states have. He also labelled the saffron party anti-Christian.
    2018-02-26 05:44:16 PM
  • Nagaland Election: Modi Promises to Resolve Naga Issue within Months
    PM Narendra Modi has promised that if BJP got voted to power, the Naga issue would get solved within a time frame of a few months. In his speech, Modi stated that the government is having parleys with a number of organisations and groups. He added that this would also strengthen democracy. The PM also slammed the ruling NPF (Naga People’s Front) for causing changes in the government frequently. He said that the government did not contribute towards stability as, during the last four years, the government had taken the oath four times. He also urged the mass to help form the stable government in the state. 
    2018-02-23 01:52:55 PM
  • BJP Geared for Welfare of Northeast
    On Thursday, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Meghalaya and Nagaland in order to campaign for the saffron party. The rally took place in Tuensang, approximately 360 km from Kohima. The PM also stated that the party's focus is on northeast as it wanted to enhance the prosperity in the region. The PM also added that the saffron party aimed to change the situation, once mentioned by the Rajiv Gandhi that only 15 paise of a rupee reached for the upliftment of the poor. He added that the vision of the party is to bring transformation by transportation.
    2018-02-23 02:56:28 PM
  • NPF president Warns Naga People of 'Outside Forces'
    Dr. Shurhozelie Liezietsu, the NPF (Naga Peoples Front) president, has urged the masses to stay firm and stand united in order to preserve and protect the identity of Naga people. He warned the public that a day might come when the faith and identity of Naga people could be destroyed by the hands of political forces which are alien to the Naga culture. He stated that the political parties always attack other parties in order to gain public support. He also said it was up to Naga people to not fall into the trap of political parties and choose the government of their choice. He further added that the current polls were not only a contest between the political parties but also a contest between outside forces and Naga people.
    2018-02-22 04:39:20 PM
  • Nagaland Polls: Report Released on Candidates' Information
    A report revealing the particulars of as many as 193 candidates, which would contest in the Nagaland Assembly polls, has been released by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and Nagaland Election Watch (NEW). The report contains an analysis of financial, criminal background and education of the candidates. The information has been gathered from the Election Commission of India's website. As per the report, 14% of the candidates are graduated while 19% of the candidates are unlettered. 27 candidates (accounting to 14%) have not revealed their income source. Also, 3 candidates are yet to be analysed as the affidavits on the website are unreadable.
    Nagaland election result will be declared on March 3, and the election will be held on Feb 27.
    2018-02-22 04:44:29 PM
  • Nagaland Polls: Neiphiu Assured that BJP is Secular
    The chief ministerial candidate for the BJP-NDPP (Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party) alliance, Neiphiu Rio, has defended the alliance against the allegations that it is anti-Christian. He stated that if the party got elected to power, it would preserve the culture and protect the religion of all the citizens in the state, although the saffron party has a Hindutva-based ideology. His response came a day after the Church body in the state questioned the secular credentials of the party. The body has also raised doubts about party's intentions in the poll-bound state, which has Christian-majority.
    2018-02-20 05:24:44 PM
  • 5 Women Candidates File their Nominations for Nagaland Polls
    Nagaland is a state which has not witnessed much of the women's presence in the political arena. Since the establishment of the Assembly in the state in 1963, Nagaland has not had a single woman candidate in the House. The woman candidates who contested in the polls have also been always minimal. In 2013, only 2 women filed their nominations for the polls. However, this year had a total of 5 women filing their candidature, the highest recorded in the state so far. The 2 of them are from NPP and one each from BJP and NDPP. The remaining one is an Independent candidate. Nagaland Election will be held on Feb 27, and results will be declared on March 3.
    2018-02-20 05:32:35 PM
  • Religion Factor Might Drift Nagaland Poll Results
    Ahead of the Nagaland polls, religion has taken the center stage in the state and is considered to be a major factor in influencing the poll results. The Church body in the state has openly urged the voters to not poll in favour of the saffron party. The body also labeled the saffron party as communal. BJP, which has recently formed a coalition with the NDPP(Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party) finds support in the alliance. Neiphiu Rio, the CM candidate of the coalition, has come forward in defense of the saffron party. He told the media that the party was not a religious one. He added that the party's only agenda is development.
    2018-02-19 12:29:53 PM
  • BJP, Congress Release Manifesto in Nagaland
    Ahead of the Nagaland polls, both the leading parties, BJP and Congress had their manifestos released on Friday. According to the manifesto, the saffron party would send 50 lucky people to Jerusalem free of cost. The people would be selected on the basis of a lucky draw. The Congress too has made a promise of the similar sorts, but the promise is directed towards the minority community, with a fare set at subsidised costs. Other than the visit, all parties are focused on bringing development in the state and working towards the Naga solution.
    2018-02-19 03:39:00 PM
  • Nagaland Election: NPF President Warns People of BJP
    Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu, the NPF president, has slammed BJP and asked the Naga people to protect the Christian culture, faith and identity. He pointed out that under the saffron party's rule, many Christians had suffered. Addressing the election rally at Chedema village, he urged the crowd to stand firm for Christianity. He also warned the present mass there about the BJP's ideology. He also shed light on the atrocities the Christian community has faced under the saffron party's government.
    2018-02-19 05:32:00 PM
  • Administration Told to Give its Best for Polls in Northeastern States
    Om Prakash Rawat, the Chief Election Commissioner(CEC), has urged the official poll machinery of all the poll-bound states, Tripura, Nagaland, and Meghalaya, to stay unbiased and neutral in order to conduct polls fairly. The CEC told the press that each of the northeastern states had its own peculiarity and the commission had taken all the measures to ensure fair and free polls. He also stated that discharge and conduct of duties by the officials would be closely watched by the Commission. He further added that the administration had been asked to step up its security measures.
    2018-02-17 02:14:48 PM
  • Nagaland Election: NPP Candidate Attacked ahead of Polls
    A violent attempt has been made on a candidate of National People’s Party in Nagaland. The party worker T Chalukumba Ao was attacked by an unidentified person. Luckily, the whole attempt was thwarted by Chalukumba's bodyguard. The incident took place in the Mokokchung district. According to Raguramarajan, the Superintendent of Police, the incident took place when he stopped to make a purchase at the district's market. He reported that there had been a few suspects but no one was arrested. He stated that the matter was still under investigation when asked if that was an attempt on life.
    2018-02-17 02:26:44 PM
  • Nagaland Election: NNPG Upset with Political Parties Betrayal
    A total of 6 Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) working committee has announced that the political negotiations with the government at the centre would resume once the state is through with the Assembly polls. It also urged the Nagaland mass to stay calm and do away with violence in the state. It added that whatsoever party came to power, all the members would work towards an acceptable solution between the government and the NNPGs. The NNPG has also expressed unhappiness over the fact that a number of parties signed the agreement for boycotting the elections but all eventually participated in the elections.
    2018-02-17 04:02:04 PM
  • ECI: 14 Clashes reported in Nagaland
    Ahead of the Nagaland Assembly election, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has reported a total of 14 clashes in the state. According to the Chief Election Commissioner, O P Rawat, 96 FIRs have been filed so far. The report was presented by the ECI officials in the conference held in Kohima on February 15. The 14 clashes reported do not take into account the cases related to seizures. The CEC has also reported that the officials of the commission had met the party representatives in order to understand their concerns and issues. He added that most of the parties had been satisfied with the poll arrangements. He also revealed the suggestions made by the political parties, such as more proactive Observers and a translated versions in local languages for guidelines related to elections.
    2018-02-16 02:47:18 PM
  • BJP: Don't Mix Religion with Politics
    Kiren Rijiju, the Union minister in Nagaland, has urged the people in the state to keep religion and politics separate. The statement came about after the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) warned the people in the state of the apparent invasion of Hindutva forces. Rijiju, who is also in charge of party's election affairs in the state, has launched the campaign for the newly formed alliance between BJP and National Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP), at Mon town in the state. He added that the party is not anti-Christian, as being labelled by the Congress. He clarified that the Congress held no ground in the state and therefore had took to defaming the saffron party.
    2018-02-16 02:52:38 PM
  • BJP Declares CM candidate for Nagaland Polls
    The BJP and its ally NDPP (Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party) has named Neiphiu Rio as their CM candidate. On the occasion, Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu, the NPF president, said that the upcoming Nagaland polls would also be a contest between the Naga people and the outside forces, rather than just being a poll contest between the political parties. Neiphiu Rio is the NDPP leader and has also held the position of the Nagaland CM. Earlier, he has fought from the Angami-II constituency 3 times and was elected unopposed. However, TR Zeliang, the current CM of the state, is confident of staying in the power.
    2018-02-15 02:56:58 PM
  • Poll Campaigning Gains Momentum in the Northeastern States
    PM Narendra Modi is slated to address two rallies in the poll-bound state of Tripura today. He would visit Agartala and Santir Bazar for the rallies. The other poll-bound northeastern state, Nagaland, has also been witnessing a rise in poll campaigning. The newly formed coalition between BJP and NDPP has also started campaigning. The ruling party in the state, NPF, too has kicked off the election campaign. The Election Commission is gearing up for the polls in the state as well. O P Rawat, Chief Election Commissioner, has visited Kohima to overview the poll preparations.
    2018-02-15 04:16:30 PM
  • Church Warns against Voting for BJP
    A manifesto has been released by a Nagaland church in order to warn the Christians and Muslims against voting for the saffron party. The manifesto has been released in both the poll-bound states of Tripura and Nagaland by the Baptist church and a group of mullahs. The document since its release is raising eyebrows and is viewed as a move to interfere with the polling system of the country. The manifesto also implies the notion of "Christians first" and "then voters". The fatwa also raises questions on BJP's interest in the Naga issue.
    2018-02-14 02:57:56 PM
  • OP Rawat to Visit Meghalaya, Nagaland
    According to the officials of the Election Commission (EC), the Chief Election Commissioner OP Rawat would visit the poll-bound states Nagaland and Meghalaya in that order, along with 2 commissioners, in the coming three days. Their schedule includes interacting with state government officials, political parties representatives, officials involved with poll planes and law and order. Both Nagaland Election and Meghalaya Election would be held on 27 February. The result date is set to be March 3.
    2018-02-14 11:26:46 AM
  • NPCC Election Manifesto Released
    Capt Praveen Dawar, All India Congress Committee (AICC) observer, has released the manifesto of the party in Nagaland, ahead of the polls. K Therie, Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) president, stated on the occasion that the Assembly did not fulfill its purpose of discussing issues with the people. He also lamented the fact that people were giving more weight to the money power than the issues which haunt the state. He alleged that the state did not benefit from the Plan/non-Plan fund other than the 14th Finance Commission award. He also added that the state is suffering from the deficit of more than Rs 2,000 crore.
    2018-02-13 02:57:56 PM
  • Rijju: BJP-NDPP Coalition Won't Come in the Way of Naga Accord
    Kiren Rijiju, Union Minister of State for Home in Nagaland, has assured that the coalition between the NDPP and BJP would not hinder the implementation of the Naga accord. However, he did not comment on whether the party, if voted to power, would support the Nagaland Assembly's dissolution in order to smoothly implement the accord. He also stated that no political party would act as a resistance in the Naga insurgent group NSCN(IM) peace deal. He added that the central government was looking forward to the solution for the 7 decade-old insurgency in the state.
    2018-02-13 03:03:37 PM
  • Northeastern States: A Tough Battle for Congress
    The Congress, although, is being seen as a powerful political force in the state of Meghalaya, has been considered only a side player in the poll-bound states of Nagaland and Tripura. The party's campaigning too has been taking a backseat in the northeastern states. The quivering base in the northeastern states started with the defeat in Assam polls in 2016. The party also faced defeat in Manipur and had a poor show in Sikkim as well. Congress also faces a challenge from the regional political parties in the states. Currently, the party is only left with Mizoram under its rule in the eastern part of the country. While Tripura election will be held on this Sunday, Meghalaya and Nagaland Election will be held on Feb 27. Results of all the three states will be declared on March 3.
    2018-02-12 11:54:32 AM
  • Nagaland Polls: CEO Declares Valid Number of Nominations
    Abhijit Sinha, the Nagaland's Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), declared that out of all the total 257 nominations filed, 227 have been considered valid. The nomination papers' scrutiny was carried out in 53 offices across the state under strict security. He also reported that a total of 29 candidates have been rejected and 1 nomination is adjourned until 10 February. In 2013, the number of nominations filed was 231 in number. Nagaland Election will be held on Feb 27 and results will be declared on March 3.
    2018-02-09 04:18:21 PM
  • Nagaland Polls: Nominations Filed in Bulk on Last day
    Over 253 candidates have filed their nominations for the Nagaland Assembly election despite a number of Naga groups calling for the boycott of the elections. Among the prominent Naga groups were Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs), Naga outfit NSCN (IM) and a few Naga Civil Society groups. By February 6, only 22 candidates had filed their nominations and on the last date of the nominations, February 7, a total of 231 candidates filed their nominations. On February 6, the candidates filed their nominations for only 17 of the total 60 constituencies. TR Zeliang, the Nagaland Chief Minister, has filed his nomination for the 7 Peren constituency.
    2018-02-09 05:03:49 PM
  • NPCC Declared Manifesto in Nagaland
    The NPCC has finally released its manifesto for the upcoming Nagaland polls. The manifesto contains a total of 16 pages. It states “This Election is also an occasion for Nagas to cherish the past and claim the future by electing a secular party to govern”. The manifesto declares 33% reservation for women in order to enhance their participation. The manifesto also promises a Special Economic Development Plan for the eastern Nagaland areas. The party has also pledged to take necessary steps to restrict corruption and electoral malpractices.
    2018-02-09 05:50:29 PM
  • Parties Gearing up for Polls in NE States
    Election fever is rising in the northeastern states as a number of parties are preparing for the upcoming Assembly polls in the states of Nagaland, Tripura, and Meghalaya. Parties like the Congress, BJP and others are all involved in chalking out the poll strategy. For instance, the saffron party is doing its best to oust the Left Front in Tripura. PM Modi would visit the states for 2 rallies, one in Sonamura and the other in Kailashnagar. The rallies are scheduled for February 8. The party is also heavily relying on its star candidates. It has also ended the 15-year-old coalition with the Naga People's Front.
    2018-02-08 11:32:48 AM
  • Congress Looking for Coalition with the NPF
    According to sources, Congress may hold talks with NPF (Naga People’s Front) for some informal agreement on the seats in the upcoming Nagaland Assembly elections. The NPF has declared that it would contest on the 58 of the total 60 seats in the state. Congress has released a list which contains the names of 23 candidates who would contest in the election. The saffron party is already in an alliance with the NDPP (Nagaland Democratic Progressive Party) and has already filed for 20 seats. The last date for nomination withdrawal is February 12.
    2018-02-08 05:30:03 PM
  • Nagaland Polls: Nominations Poured in on Last Date
    On the last date of nomination filing in Nagaland, the state witnessed a total of 231 nominations for the upcoming Assembly polls. The poll date for the state is February 27 and the results would be out on March 3. BJP too filed nominations for as many as 20 candidates on February 3. The north eastern trio states that are poll-bound are Tripura, Nagaland, and Meghalaya. All the states have 60 seats.
    2018-02-08 05:36:01 PM
  • 2 MLAs Resign from NPF
    Just a few days ahead of the Nagaland election, Naga People’s Front (NPF), the current ruling party of Nagaland, witnessed 2 of its sitting MLAs resigning from the party. In addition, 6 independent candidates have also resigned from the House. Their resignations have been accepted by the House speaker, Imtiwapang Aier. The seats have also been declared vacant, as per the notification by the Nagaland Commissioner. Those who left the NPF were G Kaito Aye, Roads and Bridges Minister and Neiphrezo Keditsu. In another setback to the party, Bihar CM's Nitish Kumar's JD(U), which was in coalition with NPF, is now contesting the polls on its own.
    2018-02-07 12:18:38 PM
  • NPF Manifesto Released
    Ahead of the Nagaland Election, the NPF (Naga People’s Front) released the election manifesto on Tuesday. The NPF president Dr. Shurhozelie Liezietsu presented the manifesto at NPF Central Office. The manifesto is named as ‘Mission Transform Nagaland'. The president also implied that the manifesto was not merely a wish list but was something that they could actually implement in the state. Addressing the Naga issue, the manifesto declares that it supported the 'solution before election' call. The manifesto also ensures that party would work towards the Naga issue.
    2018-02-07 04:44:31 PM
  • First Batch of Nominations Pour in for Nagaland
    Nagaland has finally had nominations pouring in for Nagaland assembly election. A total of 22 candidates have filed their nominations, as reported by the state chief electoral officer (CEO). As stated by him, out of the 22 nominations, 7 were from NPF, 8 from NDPP, 6 from BJP and 1 from JD(U). The nomination filing began on 31 January but all parties stayed away from filing as Civil Organisations (CCNTHCO) and the Core Committee of Nagaland Tribal Hohos appealed to the political parties to refrain from the polls. The parties pulled back in a fear of being labelled “anti-Naga”. Except for the BJP, all parties agreed to refrain from polls.
    2018-02-07 04:48:37 PM
  • Last Day for Nomination Filing in Meghalaya, Nagaland
    Today is the last date of nomination filing for the upcoming Assembly polls in the states of Meghalaya and Nagaland. The scrutiny for the nominations would be held tomorrow. The last date for nomination withdrawal is February 12.
    Tripura, Nagaland, and Meghalaya are the first three states that would go to Assembly polls for the year 2018. Later on, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Rajasthan would too participate in the polls. The date of polling for Nagaland and Meghalaya is February 27, while for Tripura, it is February 18. For all the three states, the elections would be conducted in a single phase.
    2018-02-07 06:11:17 PM
  • Manipur CM Confident of BJP Win in Northeast
    BJP CM expressed confidence of winning Nagaland and Tripura polls. Manipur CM, Nongthombam Biren Singh, asserted the high possibility of BJP's government formation in the poll-bound states. About Meghalaya, however, he was not as sure as he was about the previous two. He told the press that the Left front would face defeat, mainly due to the anti-incumbency factor. He further stated that the efforts made by Ram Madhav, BJP General Secretary and Himanta Biswa Sarma, Northeast Democratic Alliance (NEDA) convenor would ensure the party's win in Tripura assembly election. On the Nagaland issue, he hoped that the solution before the election would soon be found.
    2018-02-06 04:18:22 PM
  • Nagaland Polls: No Nominations yet, but Centre is Hopeful
    Nagaland has not seen any nomination filing by the candidates yet, but the Centre is hopeful that the nominations would pour in within 24-48 hours. Last Monday, there was a declaration signed by as many as 11 political parties, which stated that they would not participate in the elections, keeping the interest of the Naga people in mind. If elections in the state would get deferred or cancelled, it would mark the first instance in the country as polls have never been postponed or cancelled after the issuance of notification by the Election Commission. The last date for nomination filing is February 7.
    2018-02-06 05:26:50 PM
  • Assembly Poll Protest: 12 Hour Bandh in Nagaland
    The bandh in the state of Nagaland was called in the wake of Assembly polls in the state. The 12-hour bandh took place on February 1 amid tight security. It was called as a sign of protest against the EC notification to conduct the polls on February 27. The bandh was called by the Civil Organisations (CCNTHCO) and Core Committee of Nagaland Tribal Hohos, which are in favor of solving the Naga issue prior to conducting polls. Nagaland Election is scheduled to be held on Feb 27 and results will be declared on March 3.
    2018-02-02 05:31:02 PM
  • Parties Decided to Boycott Nagaland Polls
    The demand to solve the Naga issue ahead of the polls in Nagaland has finally been met. All regional parties, national and regional, have finally decided to boycott the upcoming Assembly polls after a number of civil and tribal bodies showed discontent towards conducting of the polls. The parties have decided not to file nominations and let the seven-year-old Naga problem get solved before the polls. A joint statement was also issued regarding the same by the political parties.
    Parties which are boycotting the polls include BJP, Nagaland Congress, Aam Aadmi Party, Nagaland Democratic People's Party, Naga People's Front (NPF), Janata Dal (United) and more.
    Nagaland Election is scheduled to be held on Feb 27, and result declaration on March 3. 
    2018-01-30 02:42:24 PM
  • Nagaland: Candidates Cautioned Against Nomination Filing
    Several of Naga Nationalist Political Groups have cautioned people against filing for candidature in the upcoming polls in the state. The political parties in the state have also considered the people's demand to find the Naga solution for the state before the polls. A declaration has been issued by the National Socialist Council of Nagaland - Isak Muivah, stating the support for the decision of finding the Naga solution ahead of the elections. Keeping the peace of the state in mind, several other organisations like Core Committee of Nagaland Tribal Hohos and Civil Organisations have also urged the Election Commission to postpone the elections. While the election is dated to be held on Feb 27, Nagaland Election Result will be declared on March 3.
    2018-01-29 04:38:20 PM
  • NSCN(IM) Labels Polls as an Imposition
    After the Election Commission gave green light to holding Nagaland Assembly Election, the NSCN(IM) labelled the elections as an imposition and found them unacceptable. The group also described them as an obstacle which would pose a hurdle in the talks between the government and the group to find an early political solution.
    Various other organisations in the state like Eastern Naga People’s Organisation (ENPO), Naga Hoho, Central Nagaland Tribes Council (CNTC), Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) and Against Corruption & Unabated Taxes (ACAUT) are also in favour of deferring the elections.
    2018-01-24 01:56:18 PM
  • Congress Screening Committee Decided for Poll-bound North-eastern States
    The screening committee for Congress has been announced for all the three north-eastern poll-bound states: Meghalaya, Nagaland, and Tripura. Senior Congress leaders like Kumari Selja, Oscar Fernandes and Mukul Wasnik will be the head of the committee in Nagaland, Meghalaya and, Tripura. Amitabh Chakravarty and Shakeel Ahmed Khan would form the members of the Tripura screening committee. For the Meghalaya screening committee, Meenakshi Natarajan and Tamra Dhwaj Sahu will be part of the team. For the Nagaland one, Mausam Noor and Gaurav Gogoi will form the committee. The polling date for Tripura Assembly Election is announced to be February 18 and for Nagaland Assembly Election and Meghalaya Assembly Election, the date is February 27. Results of all the three states' assembly election will be declared on March 3.
    2018-01-23 03:33:24 PM
  • Nagaland goes to poll on Feb 27
    The Election Commission of India has announced the schedule of Nagaland Assembly Election 2018. As per the declaration polls in the state will be held on Feb 27, along with Meghalaya Assembly Election. Votes will be counted on March 3. 
    2018-01-18 02:30:47 PM
  • Nagaland: Tribal bodies to oppose Polls
    The most prominent tribal body of Nagaland, Naga Hoho, has decided to boycott the Nagaland assembly election in the state. Naga National Political Groups committee also warned of the ramifications if the polls were held. The group, however, seemed positive on reaching a negotiation with the government and coming to an acceptable and honorable solution on the Naga issue. The group was also of the view that conducting polls when negotiations were at an early stage would have a negative impact on them.
    The Union Home ministry, however, assured that the Assembly elections would take place as per the schedule.
    2018-01-15 12:21:43 PM
  • AAP to Contest Polls for All North-Eastern States
    Despite not getting much success in expanding its rule in the country, AAP has decided to fight the polls in all the north-eastern states that will go in polls in coming months. As confirmed by Habung Payeng, an AAP leader, the party will fight in all the elections including, Nagaland election, Meghalaya election, and Tripura election. Mizoram, which will go to polls later this year, is too on party's election campaigning list.
    The move looks inspired by it earlier contesting on a number of seats in Punjab. AAP won 20 seats after contesting on 29 seats in the state. The party has also planned to fight future polls in Karnataka, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.
    2018-01-15 04:23:38 PM
  • Nagaland: EC Declares Electoral Rolls
    The Election Commission has finally declared the electoral rolls but the records show a dip in the number of voters as compared to the last elections held in 2013. The total number of voters this year are 11,89,264, but in 2013, it was 11,92,377. Abhijit Sinha, Nagaland chief electoral officer, clarified the decrease in the number, stating the reason as removal of multiple entries in the rolls. Talking about the sex ratio of voters, there are 6,00,536 male voters while female voters are 5,88,728.
    There is also a demand for postponing the Nagaland assembly election elections until the government announces the Naga solution.
    2018-01-12 04:32:09 PM
  • Congress likely to Go on with Soft Hindutva Image
    The Congress is likely to continue to pull the same card as it did in the Gujarat Assembly elections last year. The soft Hindutva image adopted by the party did work for it as the results showed a substantial improvement in the number of votes garnered by them.
    Rahul Gandhi during the campaigning in the western state was seen visiting a string of temples and gave a clear indication that INC has moved over its old chestnut of appeasing just Muslims. The Gandhi scion is expected to campaign in the state after January 20 and is expected to cover Belgaum, Mysore, and Bellary, as reported by KC Venugopal, Congress' Karnataka general secretary-in-charge. He is likely to visit Sringeri Sharada Peetha, Chikkamagaluru as Meghalaya Election, Tripura Election and Nagaland Election are slated to be held early this year. 
    2018-01-11 01:59:12 PM
  • Nagaland factions enabled to come into mainstream: Modi

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said different factions in Nagaland have been enabled to join the national mainstream after the signing of the peace accord between the central government and the NSCN-IM. "I want to talk about Nagaland," Modi said addressing 50,000 cheering expatriate Indians at the Dubai Cricket Stadium in Dubai on the second day of his two-day visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). "Less than a month ago, we moved ahead successfully with different factions of Nagaland after 60-70 years of insurgency (in that northeastern state)," Modi said referring to the peace accord signed on August 3 between the government and the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (Isak-Muivah).

    Source: IANS

    2015-08-18 09:52:14 AM
  • Nagaland CM met PM two days before peace accord inked: BJP

    The BJP on Saturday dismissed the Congress' allegation that the central government did not consult any stakeholder on the Naga peace accord, saying the Nagaland chief minister met the prime minister two days before it was inked. "Nagaland chief minister (T.R. Zeliang) with all party delegations led by the speaker of Nagaland assembly met Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) two days before the Naga peace accord was signed," BJP leader and union minister Nirmala Sitharaman said in New Delhi at a press conference. "The chief minister has been continuously in dialogue with the prime minister and he met him even today (Saturday)," she added. The Naga peace accord, between the central government and the NSCN-IM, was signed on August 3 in the presence of the prime minister. Sitharaman also accused former Congress prime ninisters of not taking any stakeholders into confidence before signing various accords.

    Source: IANS

    2015-08-08 05:51:00 PM
  • Sonia, Rahul flay failure to consult states on Naga pact

    Congress president Sonia Gandhi and party vice president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday attacked the government for failing to consult the chief ministers of three northeastern states before signing the Naga peace accord. "We are really shocked that the prime minister (Narendra Modi) didn't even think of taking into confidence the chief ministers of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh which are the directly affected states," Sonia Gandhi told reporters in parliament complex. "It is the arrogance on the part of this government. How can an accord be signed without consulting the chief ministers that are directly affected even if the accord is being termed as historic?" she asked.

    Source: IANS

    2015-08-06 05:54:35 PM
  • Modi speaks to Sonia, Mulayam after Naga accord

    Reaching out after signing of historic peace accord between government and Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagaland NSCN (I-M), Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday spoke to leaders of various political parties including Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav. According to an official press release, Modi also spoke to former prime ministers Manmohan Singh and H.D. Deve Gowda. The release said that the prime minister spoke to Nagaland Governor Padmanabha Acharya, state Chief Minister T. R. Zeliang, Leader of Congress in Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge and Janata Dal-United chief Sharad Yadav. He also spoke to Communist Party of India-Marxist leader Sitaram Yechury, Bahujan Samaj Party leader Mayawati, Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, and DMK leader M. Karunanidhi.

    Source: IANS

    2015-08-04 10:12:32 AM
  • Congress leader elected Nagaland deputy speaker, BJP walks out

    Imtikumzuk Longkumer of the Congress was on Tuesday elected unopposed as the new deputy speaker of the Nagaland assembly. However, BJP legislators supporting the Naga People's Front-led Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) staged a walkout following the party directive not to vote for the Congress candidate. Speaker Chotisuh Sazo declared Longkumer elected as the new deputy speaker of the 60-member house since there were no other contenders. Longkumer replaced independent legislator Levi Rengma, who was elevated to the rank of parliamentary secretary on April 27. Four BJP legislators led by legislature party leader P. Paiwang Konyak walked out before the speaker's declaration. "We cannot support the Congress candidate as the party (BJP) leadership does not agree to the decision of the coalition partner (NPF). Therefore, we staged the walkout sticking to our party principle and directive," BJP legislator Mmhonlumo Kikon told media.

    Source: IANS

    2015-07-22 09:47:25 AM
  • People of Nagaland weary of insurgency: Jitendra Singh

    Union Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) Minister Jitendra Singh on Friday said the people of Nagaland were weary of insurgency and their resolve for peace remains unshaken. Singh, who was in Nagaland on a day-long visit, met Chief Minister T.R. Zeliang. The two later attended a joint meeting of the state cabinet and senior officers, according to an official statement. The union minister also met different social and political groups and civil society representatives including from the Naga Mothers' Association, the Naga Hoho, the Eastern Naga Peoples' Organization, the Eastern Naga Women's Organization, Nagaland GB Federation, Naga Students Federation and Eastern Naga Students Federation.

    2015-06-13 10:21:14 AM
  • Dimapur lynching raised in Rajya Sabha

    The lynching of a rape accused in Nagaland's Dimapur town was raised in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday with MPs questioning the state government's inability to prevent the crime. Raising the issue during zero hour, Janata Dal-United MP Sharad Yadav questioned why police could not stop a mob of 10,000 people entering into the jail. "What is the difference in Taliban, IS and this?" Yadav asked. Syed Farid Khan, a 35-year-old second-hand car dealer, was accused of raping a 20-year-old Naga woman on February 23 and 24 at different locations. Police arrested Khan on February 25 and a lower court sent him to judicial custody. On March 5, an irate crowd dragged him out of jail and lynched him.

    2015-03-10 06:02:05 PM
  • PM wishes Nagaland CM on his birthday

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday conveyed his wishes to Nagaland Chief Minister T. R. Zeliang on his birthday. "Spoke to Nagaland CM T. R. Zeliang and conveyed my good wishes on his birthday," the prime minister said. Zeliang's party Naga People's Front is a member of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA). Zeliang was born on Feb 21, 1952.

    Source: IANS

    2015-02-21 12:26:20 PM
  • 160 northeast youths to join Delhi Police: Rijiju

    Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju on Tuesday announced that 160 youths from northeast states would be inducted into Delhi Police. Rijiju made the announcement while attending a meeting with senior officials at Delhi Police headquarters, considering the increasing number of racial attacks against people from northeastern states in Delhi. Rijiju said that 10 male and 10 female police officers will be inducted in Delhi Police from Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and Sikkim. At pPresent, only 39 policemen from northeastern states are serving with Delhi Police. Of these policemen, 10 are Indian Police Service officers while the rest are either constables, head constables or inspectors.

    Source: IANS

    2014-12-30 04:53:12 PM
  • BJP loses assembly by-election in Nagaland

    The BJP Monday lost the assembly by-election to its coalition partner Naga People's Front (NPF) candidate in Nagaland.

    Neiphrezo Keditsu, the NPF candidate retained the Northern Angami-II assembly constituency, held by former chief minister Neiphiu Rio, who vacated the seat after being elected to the Lok Sabha. "Neiphrezo Keditsu defeated BJP candidate Visasolie Lhoungu by 3,045 votes," W. Honje Konyak, Kohima returning officer said. The BJP, which is supporting the Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) government headed by T.R. Zeilang, has only one member in the 60-member Nagaland assembly. ( IANS).

    2014-10-20 05:39:21 PM
  • Northeast CMs' meet to decide roadmap for development

    DoNER Minister Gen. (retd) V.K. Singh would meet the chief ministers of all eight northeastern states in Guwahati Aug 21-22 to decide a roadmap for the development of the region, an official said. This would be the Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) minister's first meeting with the chief ministers of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Nagaland, Manipur and Sikkim.

    Source: IANS

    2014-08-18 04:21:58 PM
  • Assam-Nagaland border still tense, Gogoi seeks PM's intervention

    Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to personally intervene to restore peace in Uriamghat area along the Assam-Nagaland border where 11 persons were killed and seven injured in major violence on August 12 and August 13. Despite night curfew continuing, tension continues to grip the areas along troubled B sector on the Assam-Nagaland border. 

    Source: IANS

    2014-08-16 05:14:18 PM
  • Nagaland CM condemns Manipuri man's killing in Delhi

    Condemning the killing of a 29-year-old Manipuri man in Delhi, Nagaland Chief Minister T.R. Zeliang urged the personal intervention of Home Minister Rajnath Singh to ensure that the guilty do not go unpunished. "It is indeed unfortunate that such incidents of discrimination and physical assault against people of the northeastern region residing in national capital region of Delhi continue to recur without any sign of reduction," Zeliang said in a missive to Rajnath Singh.

    Source : IANS

    2014-07-23 09:29:44 AM
  • Ashwani Kumar quits as Nagaland governor

    Nagaland Governor Ashwani Kumar submitted his resignation but it was not immediately clear if the resignation has been accepted, an official here said. He is the third UPA-appointed governor to quit after his counterparts in Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh -- B.L. Joshi and Shekhar Datt, respectively -- tendered their resignation last week. "He (Ashwani Kumar) has submitted his resignation to President Pranab Mukherjee but there is no confirmation if his resignation has been accepted," a senior government official told IANS on condition of anonymity. Source : IANS

    2014-06-26 12:07:17 PM
  • Nagaland governor meets Modi

    Nagaland Governor Ashwani Kumar Friday called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister's Office said. "It was a courtesy call," said an official statement. Source : IANS

    2014-06-20 12:59:58 PM
  • Modi congratulates new CM of Nagaland

    Prime Minister designate Narendra Modi on Saturday congratulated newly sworn-in Nagaland Chief Minister T.R. Zeliang."Congratulations to T.R. Zeliang on taking oath as Nagaland chief minister. My best wishes and support in Nagaland's development journey," Modi said in a tweet. Zeliang of Naga People's Front was on Thursday appointed as the new chief minister of the state following the resignation of Neiphiu Rio who won the lone Lok Sabha seat in Nagaland. Source:IANS

    2014-05-24 01:04:55 PM
  • Zeliang sworn in as Nagaland CM

    Leader of Naga Peoples Front (NPF), TR Zeliang, sworn in as the chief minister of Nagaland on Saturday. The oath was administered by Governor Ashwani Kumar. Zeliang along with 11 members of council of ministers took the oath at the Rajbhavan. He inducted six new cabinet ministers and have retained five ministers. NPF's top leaders and senior govt officials also attended the swearing-in ceremony.

    2014-05-24 01:10:53 PM
  • Nagaland CM Neiphiu Rio heading for victory

    Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio was heading for victory as he was leading by around 2,68,000 votes in the lone Lok Sabha constituency in the state against Congress candidate K.V. Pusa. Counting of the votes is in progress in the state.

    Source: IANS

    2014-05-16 12:22:19 PM
  • Nagaland CM Neiphiu Rio leading

    Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio is leading by around 30,000 votes in the lone Lok Sabha constituency in the state against Congress candidate K.V. Pusa. Counting of votes is in progress.

    Source: IANS

    2014-05-16 10:15:47 AM
  • Zeliang to be Nagaland's new chief minister

    Senior Naga People's Front (NPF) leader and Minister T.R. Zeliang will be the next Nagaland chief minister replacing Neiphiu Rio, a party leader said today. "They (NPF legislators) have chosen Zeliang as chief minister after Noke Wangnao (public health engineering minister) withdrew himself from the race (for the post of chief minister)," Rio told IANS. Source: IANS

    2014-05-14 12:16:59 PM
  • Voting begins peacefully in Nagaland

    Voting for the lone Lok Sabha seat in Nagaland began Wednesday for the second phase of India's general elections, official said. The Lok Sabha election for the Nagaland parliamentary seat will be webcast to keep a tab on the voting process in 84 polling centers. This is the first election in India's northeastern states to be webcasted.

    Source: IANS

    2014-04-09 07:59:53 AM
  • Estimated 20.9 per cent polling in Nagaland till 10 am

    An estimated 20.9 per cent of the electorate cast their votes in the first three hours of polling for the lone Lok Sabha seat in Nagaland today. Around 20.9 per cent of the total 11,77,572 voters have turned up to cast their vote in the first three hours. Voting started at 7 AM.

    Source: PTI

    2014-04-09 11:41:16 AM
  • Over a third of votes polled in Nagaland

    More than 35 percent votes had been cast till noon on Wednesday in the lone Lok Sabha constituency in Nagaland, an official said. An Election Commission official said that little over 35 percent of the electorate had cast their votes till 12 p.m. No untoward incident was reported from the state, which borders Myanmar.


    2014-04-09 12:52:18 PM
  • Over 60 percent polling in Nagaland till 2 p.m.

    Clear weather encouraged enthusiastic voters in Nagaland's lone Lok Sabha constituency on Wednesday, with more than 60 percent of the ballots cast till 2 p.m., an official said. An Election Commission official said there was no report of any untoward incident from anywhere in the northeastern state, bordering Myanmar.


    2014-04-09 03:23:42 PM
  • Over 82 percent turnout in Nagaland

    Around 82 percent of the one million plus electorate in Nagaland cast their votes Wednesday for the state's lone Lok Sabha constituency, an official said. An Election Commission official said that at least 82 percent of the 1,182,903 electorate had cast their votes as polling ended at 4 p.m.. No single untoward incident reported from anywhere in the northeastern state, which borders Myanmar.


    2014-04-09 05:30:28 PM
  • Manipur, Nagaland head to polls Wednesday

    Two northeastern states - Manipur and Nagaland - go to the polls Wednesday, marking the second phase of the staggered nine-phase elections in India. The Election Commission has deferred the balloting to the lone Lok Sabha seat in Mizoram to April 11 considering the three-day shutdown and poll boycott call by NGOs and students' organizations. The polling in the state was earlier scheduled to be held April 9.


    2014-04-08 02:03:55 PM
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