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Latest Election News and Updates

  • Rahul Visits HP for Post Poll Review

    Rahul Gandhi after twin loss in the assembly elections in Gujarat and assembly election Himachal Pradesh visits the hill state to review the party candidates' performance. The Congress president made a similar visit to Gujarat as well, post polls. The party could only win 21 seats, while BJP won 44 seats out of 68 seats in HP. Congress put up a mighty fight against the saffron party but still failed to hold on power in the state. During the visit Gandhi will also be holding a meeting in the state capital, seeking views and opinions of the party workers.

    2017-12-29 03:04:47 PM
  • Himachal Pradesh CM to Swear in Today
    Himachal Pradesh's newly elected CM Jai Ram Thakur is to take oath today, December 27, at the historic Ridge Maidan. PM Modi, BJP president Amit Shah, Home Minister Rajnath Singh, former deputy PM LK Advani and several other state's chief ministers and union ministers are expected to grace the event with their attendance. The ceremony will take place at 11 AM. Thakur stated earlier that people have shown faith in him and he would try his best to meet the expectations. Huge security arrangements have been made at the venue for the swearing-in ceremony.
    2017-12-27 10:43:08 AM
  • BJP is leading in 8 seats while Congress leads in 3

    BJP is leading in 8 seats while Congress leads in 3 in Himachal

    2017-12-18 08:50:04 AM
  • 2017 Himachal Pradesh Elections: 0.9 percent choose NOTA

    In Himachal Pradesh, the BJP is ahead in 43 seats and the Congress in 21 seats. Meanwhile, in the state elections, 25,000 voters or around 0.9 percent chose None of the Avobe (NOTA) option.


    2017-12-18 02:35:58 PM
  • HP to go to BJP, exit polls predict

    Exit polls conducted on Dec 14 said that BJP would oust congress and form government in Himachal Pradesh. The Times Now-VMR and Zee News-Axis opinion polls forecasted that the BJP would win 51 of the total 68 Assembly seats. 16 seats would be won by Congress as per TimesNow and 17 seats as per the Zee News-Axis poll would go to Congress.There are a total of 68 seats in Himachal Pradesh, elections to which were held on November 9. As per Aaj Tak-Axis exit poll, 47-55 seats would go to the saffron party, 13-20 to the Congress and 0-2 to others. Among other exit polls, the News X survey predicted that the BJP would gather 42-50 seats and Congress will gather 18-24. A party needs 35 seats to be able to form a government. The final results will be out on December 18.

    2017-12-16 12:38:40 PM

  • HP BJP Expresses Confident on Winning Majority of Seats
    Himachal Pradesh BJP, according to media reports, appeared confident of winning  Himachal Pradesh election 2017. The party seems sure to win at least 50  out of 68 seats in Himachal Pradesh legislative assembly. BJP's core committee held a meeting at Hamirpur to discuss the after-election situation closely. According to Himachal Pradesh BJP chief Satpal Singh Satti, a clear conclusion was derived, after studying the feedback from the field, that BJP would easily win a majority of seats. He added that despite undercutting in some places, overall election results won't be altered hugely and BJP is likely to form a stable government in the state.
    2017-11-21 03:24:36 PM
  • Himachal Pradesh, highest poll recorded, 74 % till 5 PM
    Himachal Pradesh Election was held yesterday. The polling saw the highest percentage of voters turn-out in the state with the percentage of votes recorded being 74, until 5 PM. While the percentage of poll recorded in the previous election in the year 2017 was 23.69, the percentage polls on 2007 assembly election were 71.61.
    2017-11-10 09:56:27 AM
  • Himachal Pradesh election currently underway
    Himachal Pradesh has gone for poll today. The polling started at 8:00 AM in the morning. The major parties contesting are the BJP and the Congress. More than 50 lakh voter will decide the fate of the parties. To form a government a party needs 35 seats of the total of 68 seats in the state. In the previous election held in the year 2017, BJP had come 2nd while the Congress had succeeded in securing 36 seats. In the present assembly, the Congress has 35 members while the BJP has 28.  The number of polling stations set up for this election is 7,525, around 37,605  polling personnel have been appointed. 
    2017-11-09 09:53:43 AM
  • Himachal Polls 2017 – Prem Kuma Dhumal VS Virbhadra Singh

    All 68 constituencies of Himachal Pradesh have gone to polls today. The Polling started at 8:00 AM today. It remains to be seen the BJP or the Congress will come to power in the state. While the BJP chooses Prem Kumar Dhumal as their Chief Ministerial candidate the Congress as chosen its incumbent CM Virbhadra Singh to fight Dhumal.

    2017-11-09 10:01:12 AM
  • Virbhadra Singh and Prem Kumar Dhumal Casts their vote
    Virbhadra Singh the Congress Chief Ministerial candidate has cast his vote along with his son Vikramaditya Singh from Shimla Constituency. Prem Kumar Dhumal, the BJP CM candidate has also as with BJP MP from Harimpur,  Anurag Thakur.  
    2017-11-09 10:30:02 AM
  • Virbhadra Singh confident of winning Himachal Polls
    Virbhadra  Singh after casting vote says that the Congress is confident of winning Himachal Election. The incumbent CM of the state stated that the Congress will form the government again in the state.
    2017-11-09 10:46:50 AM
  • Narendra Modi's urge to Himachal Pradesh Voters.
    Narendra Modi, in a tweet, has urged the people of Himachal Pradesh to come out and vote in record numbers. While the voting is currently underway the first two hours has seen 13.72% of voting. 
    2017-11-09 11:12:50 AM
  • Himachal Election 2017 - VVPAT failure
    The VVPAT machine in Ree polling booth of Hamirpir's Sujanpur is not working. HP is the first in the country to have VVPATs being used across all polling booths. The machine which is used along with EVMs fetches a receipt for the vote cast by an elector, thus confirming his vote to the desired candidate. 
    2017-11-09 11:38:23 AM
  • Himachal Pradesh Election 2017 - Poll Progress
    As polling for Himachal Pradesh Assembly seats is ongoing in the state, good voter's turn out has been noted. In polling so far recorded in the first two hours is 16 %  in  Shimla, 22% in Kasumpti, 18 % in Rampur and 15 % in Chaupal. 
    2017-11-09 11:48:59 AM
  • Over a dozen VVPATs found to have glitches.
    While VVPAT machine in the Ree polling booth of Hamirpir's Sujanpur was not working it is being heard that over a dozen of  VVPAT are being found to have glitches across the state. 
    2017-11-09 11:58:41 AM
  • Himachal Elections, Women in rural areas turning out in large numbers
    The women of rural areas have come out in large numbers to cast their vote. While in the beginning of the polls their strength seemed to be low, the number of women voting in rural areas is seeing a rise in time. 
    2017-11-09 12:18:14 PM
  • Country's first voter casts his vote in HP election
    Countries First voter, Shyam Saran Negi has cast his vote in the Himachal Pradesh assembly elections. He was the first person of independent Indian to cast vote when the country went for its first election after independence. Negi then was 35 years old and today as he cast his vote in the Himachal Assembly Elections he is 105 years old.  
    2017-11-09 12:31:33 PM
  • HP Election in Sirmaur district delayed.
    Himachal Pradesh assembly election was delayed in Sirmaur district. The delay occurred due to faulty VVPAT machines. Technical glitches so far have been found in around a dozen of VVATs. The election in Sirmaur was delayed by 15 to 20 minutes.
    2017-11-09 12:43:24 PM
  • Himachal Pradesh Election 2017 - Poll Progress
    While in the first two hours the poll recorded in HP elections was 13.72 %, the percentage of poll recorded by 12 PM is 28.8.%. An increase in the number of women voters in rural areas has also been noted.
    2017-11-09 12:50:21 PM
  • As the polling continues congress highlights its achievements
    As the Himachal Pradesh Assembly election continues, Congress highlights is achievements through social media. In a tweet from the state, Congress said to have kept Himachal away from the epidemic of unemployment as widespread elsewhere. 
    2017-11-09 01:55:12 PM
  • Kinnaur achieves the highest poll record
    The Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh has seen its highest ever polling record. The polling in the district as recorded by 12 PM is 35%. The poll percentage of the entire state till 12 PM stands 28.8%.
    2017-11-09 02:09:13 PM
  • Himachal Pradesh Election 2017 - Poll Progress, 54.9 % votes recorded
    54.9% of voters have cast their vote in the Himachal Pradesh State assembly election today till 2:00 PM. The percentage of votes till 12 PM was 35.
    2017-11-09 03:06:30 PM
  • Tibetans divided on Voting in Himachal Pradesh

    Tibetans residing in Dharamshala region of Himachal Pradesh might be divided on practicing voting rights. While some tibetians feel excercising voting rights might weaken their fight for freedom others feel that participating in polling wouldn't stop them from fighting for freedom. Dharamshala has around 1000 voters and the largest number of contestants in the fray, therefore parties cannot ignore this segment. 

    2017-11-09 03:45:47 PM
  • HP Poll Progress, 64.8 % votes recorded
    64.8% votes have been recorded till 4:00 PM in Himachal Pradesh Elections. The poll recorded till 2:00 PM was 56%. The election had begun at 8:00 AM in the morning and around 50 Lakh voters are participating in the election.  
    2017-11-09 05:16:01 PM
  • HP Poll Closes
    Polling for Himachal Pradesh closes. Only those standing in the queue can cast their vote now.
    2017-11-09 05:25:46 PM
  • HP Polls recorded till 4:00 PM
    Polls recorded in HP elections till 4:00 PM – 66% in Shimla, 62% in Shimla Rural, 61 % in Kasumpti, 70 % in Chopal, 75% in Jubbal Kotkhai, 71% in Theog, 66 % in Rampur, 67 % in Chamba, 66 % in Doon and 80 %  in Nalagarh. 
    2017-11-09 05:40:26 PM
  • Himachal Pradesh Election - First two hour of polls.
    As the state of Himachal Pradesh goes to polls today, the first two hours of the polling has seen a good voters turnout. The polling had started at 8:00 AM in the morning and so far around 13.72% of polling has been recorded in the first two hours today. Both the CM candidates of Congress and BJP are among the voters to have cast their votes so far. 
    2017-11-09 10:53:18 AM
  • Himachal Polls to be held tomorrow
    The state legislative election of Himachal Pradesh will be held tomorrow i.e. Nov 09, 2017. The major parties going to the polls are Bharatiya Janata Party and Indian National Congress. In the last election held in the year 2017, the Congress had emerged victorious winning 36 out of 68 seats. The BJP remained in the opposition with 26 seats. Among the other major party contesting the election is the CPIM. While the BJP and the Congress are contesting from all 68 constituencies, the CPIM will be contesting from 13 constituencies. The result to the Himachal Election will be declared on the same day as of Gujarat Election i.e. on Dec 18, 2017.
    2017-11-08 04:48:30 PM
  • Himachal Pradesh election 2017 -19 women out of 388 candidates.

    The Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections going to the polls tomorrow has only 19 women candidates out of the total of 388 candidates contesting. The information was given by the Election Commission on Tuesday. The election panel also said that among the total candidates around 112 are independents. The major national parties, the BJP and the Congress are contesting from all 68 constituencies and Bahujan Samaj is contesting from 42 seats. While CPIM from 13 seats, CPI is contesting from three. The Samajwadi and Nationalist Congress party is contesting for two seats each. In the election tomorrow, a total of over 50.2 lakh voters, consisting of over 25.68 lakh males and 24.57 lakh women, will be exercising their rights to vote. The number of polls for the election is 7,525.

    2017-11-08 05:18:59 PM
  • Exit poll barred in Himachal and Gujarat

    Exit polls related to Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat Elections have been barred by the Election Commission. The prohibition, which starts on  November 7, 2017, at 8:00 AM, will continue until Dec 14, 6:00 PM. The prohibition has been called as per section 126A of the Representation People's Act, 1951. Observing the violation of the rule by certain TV Channels, the commission has warned them of punishment leading to imprisonment up to two years or fine or both.  

    2017-11-08 05:50:05 PM
  • Public processions and campaigns to be forbidden after 5 PM today
    The public processions and campaigns related to the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections will be prohibited from 5 PM onwards today. As per the election rule, the law forbids public meetings and processions 48 hours before the polls. The law provides that no person shall convene, hold, attend, join or address any public meeting or procession in connection with an election. The person shall also not display to the public any election matter by means of cinematograph, television or other similar apparatus and shall not propagate any election matter to the public by holding or by arranging the holding of, any musical concert or any theatrical performance or any other entertainment or amusement with a view to attracting the members of the public thereto. 
    On the last day of campaigning, Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh of the Congress will address a rally in Pachhad and Haroli constituencies. Congress candidates Virbhadra Singh (CM Candidate) and his son Vikramaditya Singh will address rallies in their respective constituencies. The BJP CM candidate, Prem Kumar Dhumal will address a rally in Jogindernagar. Rajnath Singh will address the public in Chamba and Barsar, and Smriti Irani will be a part of the rallies in Darang and Bhoranj. The Chief Minister of Uttrakhand will also be addressing rallies in Rohru. The state will go the polls on November 9, and results will be declared on Dec 18, 2017. 
    2017-11-07 04:34:40 PM
  • Himachal Pradesh Elections 2017: Dhumal blames Congress for weakening law and order
    Prem Kumar Dhumal, the 73-year-old chief ministerial candidate for Bhartiya Janata Party for the upcoming Himachal Pradesh elections in an interview said that if voted to power, the focus area for him would be to restore law and order in the state. The leader who blamed the Congress for weakening the law in the state in last five years said, "I have to protect life, property, and honor of the people. This is my top priority". The leader also prophesied that BJP would hand a massive defeat to the ruling Congress and will win 60 sets out of the total 68 seats from all constituencies in the state. The state will go to polls this week on Thursday i.e Nov 09, 2017 and the results will be declared on December 18, 2017, along with the result of Gujarat assembly election
    2017-11-06 12:43:41 PM
  • BJP's Manifesto focuses on re-establishing law and order in the state
    The Bhartiya Janta Party in its vision document for Himachal Pradesh elections 2017 lists to end the Mafia Raj, foster women safety and provide free pilgrimage to senior citizens as some of the key points in the manifesto. The party has given a strong priority to law an order situation in the hill state, promising 24 hours helpline number in the chief minister's office for reporting of all types of crimes. The senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley claimed that the BJP government would have to do 10 years work in five years as the present Congress government did not take up any developmental work while re-establishing the credibility of the government would be a challenge. The manifesto promises eradication of corruption in the state along with safe drinking water to every house, emergency medical services in the rural and remote areas, road connectivity to all villages, raising of compensation of the lands acquired by the government for developmental projects, social security projects and Chardham yatra for senior citizens. The manifesto also includes free laptops, free wifi, job fairs for the youths, free education for BPL families up to graduation, promotion of homestay tourism and public declaration of the total assets of BJP legislators to ensure more transparency in the state.  
    2017-11-06 01:51:14 PM
  • Congress releases its manifesto for Himachal Pradesh elections
    Congress on Wednesday released its manifesto for the upcoming Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections. In the manifesto, the Congress has promised to provide farmer loan up to Rs 1 lakh with zero percent interest rate and as much as 50,000 laptops with 1 GB data to school students. In its manifesto, the Congress has also promised to provide 1.5 Lakh jobs if voted to power. The manifesto document has been prepared by Kaul Singh as mentioned by Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh. The leaders of the party also mentioned that Congress has kept 95 percent of its promises made in the last five years. The manifesto promises appointment of staffs in newly opened schools and colleges in Himachal Pradesh. 
    2017-11-01 06:08:16 PM
  • BJP chief visits Himachal Pradesh ahead of polls

    BJP Chief Amit Shah is on a visit to the poll-bound state, Himachal Pradesh. During his visit, Shah is expected to address his first public meeting before elections. The two-day visit is suspected to encompass 15 meetings, with four being public meetings and other including party meetings with BJP's core group. As per the source, Shah will address the people of the state in Banikhet and Chalwara. The party aims to defeat the incumbent Congress in power in the state with full majority.

    2017-10-30 05:30:17 PM
  • 21 new faces and 14 first timers in BJP's candidate list for Himachal Pradesh election 2017

    21 new candidates have been given tickets by the Bhartiya Janta Party for 2017 Himachal Pradesh Election. Out of these 21 new candidates, 14 are first-time contestants. As mentioned by the state president of BJP, Satpal Singh, the party doesn't want any generation gap and wants a healthy relationship between the youth and elder leaders. BJP leaders mention having selected the candidates based on ability to win elections, balancing a mix of youth and experience in the list. Among the various other candidates, BJP has deployed six women while Congress has deployed three. Among the prominent women, candidates are Vijay Jyoti Sain, who is the sister-in-law of Pratibha Singh, the wife of chief minister Virbhadra Singh and Indu Gauswamy, the president of the BJP’s state Mahila Morcha. The Pary has not announced any Chief Ministerial candidate yet. On the part of Congress, the current CM would be the face of the election. The state will go to polls on November 9th, with results on December 18th, 2017.

    2017-10-27 04:54:06 PM
  • Pool of Armed Forces to be deployed for Himachal and Gujarat Elections
    In the election season for Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, a pool of forces are expected to be deployed. For Gujarat election as many as 32,000 central forces (CRPF and BSF) are expected to be stationed along with around 55,000 forces of state police. For Himachal Pradesh polls the number of personnel from central armed forces to be deployed is expected to be around 10,000 while those deployed from Himachal state police may range up to 14,000 personnel. The assembly session of both the states ends in January 2018. The polling date of Himachal is Nov 09, 2017 with counting on Dec 18, 2017. Gujarat elections will be held in two phases, with the election for 89 constituencies (Phase I) on Dec 09, 2017 and election for rest 93 constituencies (Phase II) on Dec 14, 2017. The counting date of Gujarat same as of Himachal, i.e. Dec 18, 2017.
    2017-10-26 05:11:20 PM
  • No nomination on the first day for Himachal Pradesh elections
    As per the formal notification issued by Pushpendra Rajput, CEO Himachal Pradesh, the filing of nominations for upcoming Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections officially commenced on Monday this week. No nomination was filed on the first day with major competing parties, BJP and Congress yet to release their candidate list. As per BJP chief Satpal Singh Satti, candidates for most of the seats have been finalized. The Congress has also cleared names for 35 of 68 seats and these names have been forwarded to the Congress's high command. As per the schedule, the last date for filing nominations is October 23, with the date for scrutiny of papers on October 24. The last date for withdrawal of nominations is 26th October and the date of polling is November 9.
    2017-10-17 06:03:37 PM
  • Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections on November 9
    As per the Election Commission of India, assembly elections in Himachal Pradesh will be held on 9 November. Around 49.05 lakh voters in the state would be exercising their franchise. Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly's term will end on 7 January, 2018. The number of  constituencies in Himachal Pradesh are 68 where election will be held in November.
    Key dates for Himanchal Assembly Election
    Date of Notification of election: Oct 13, 2017 Last date of nominations: Oct 23, 2017 Scrutiny of nominations: Oct 24, 2017 Last date for withdrawal of nominations: Oct 26, 2017 Voting: Nov 9, 2017 Counting on Dec 18, 2017
    2017-10-12 05:26:30 PM
  • Muskan, the Visually-impaired girl is 'youth icon' for HP polls

    The election commission of India with its aim to generate awareness on the importance of voting and encourage the youth to vote has selected a visually-impaired woman from Himachal Pradesh as the 'youth icon' for the forthcoming Assembly election in the state. The chosen girl, Muskan, is a post graduate student of music from Himachal Pradesh University. Muskan, who comes from a remote area Chirgaon, which lies in Shimla District, is a meritorious student and was also awarded a laptop form the government for coming in merit in class 12th examination under a scheme of the government. Muskan has also been a runner-up in Voice of Himachal (Junior Category) and has also been an outstanding performer in HMU festival and twice a winner as well. The honor made by the election commission of India will boost the youth towards taking part in the election process and exercising their right.

    2017-09-26 06:07:32 PM
  • Himachal Pradesh electoral revision: 78,000 new voters added

    In the revised electoral rolls, 78,000 new voters have been registered. As announced by Chief Electoral Officer, Puhpender Rajput, a total of 1,25,556 voters have been registered in the special revision out of which 40,567 voter lies in the age bracket of 18-19 years and 84,989 above 19 years. A total of 47,523 were deleted from the list for reasons of death, change in address and double registration. Now with the current revision, the state stands with a total of 49,05,677 voters of whom 24,98,174 are men and 24,07,503 are women. 

    2017-09-20 02:59:56 PM
  • Bollywood stars and Sports persons to endorse elections in Himachal Pradesh
    Ahead of the Himachal Pradesh polls due this year the Election Commission in the state has decided to rope in Bollywood stars and Sports persons to influence the voters and thus increase the polling percentage. Shyam Saran Negi, the first person to vote in the country's maiden election held in October 1951, has been removed from the brand ambassador's list due to illness. The Election Commission has approached a number of Bollywood stars hailing from Himachal Pradesh for the brand ambassadorship. The stars include Kangana Ranaut, Preity Zinta and admired payback singer Mohit Chauhan. All the three stars hail from Bhambla village in Mandi district, Jubbal in Shimla, Nahan in Sirmaur district, respectively. 
    Apart from the B-starts, the commission has also reached out to the acclaimed wrestler and sportspersons, Dalip Singh Rana, Aka Great Khali who belongs to Nanidhar panchayat in Sirmaur district and Vijay Kumar the Olympian who bagged a silver in the individual rapid fire pistol event at 2012 summer Olympics. Vijay Kumar hails from Hamirpur district. The Commission is also planning to rope in the 11-year-old visually impaired girl, Payal Thakur, who made to the top three singers in a reality show on a national TV channel.
    2017-09-20 03:06:25 PM
  • VVPAT for Himachal Pradesh Elections 2017

    In preparation for the upcoming Himachal Pradesh assembly election, the Election Commission of India held a meeting with district magistrates and police superintendents. Post meeting it was announced by the commission that VVPAT electronic voting machines are set to be used in the upcoming assembly elections in the state. The Commission is planning to make optimum use of latest information technology enabling efficient management and coordination in all aspects of the election. Eying the goal of making election system more translucent, the Deputy Chief Election Commissioner also mentioned the adoption of social media for election management and information dissemination to the electorates.

    2017-09-11 12:52:24 PM
  • Himachal Pradesh Polls : Virbhadra Singh meets Sonia Gandhi in New Delhi, discussed political developments in HP

    Amidst differences between Himachal Pradesh Congress' chief and Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, the chief minister has threatened to not contest the state assembly elections to be held later this month. Virbhadra Singh met the Congress' President Sonia Gandhi, on August 31st along with her political secretary Sonia Gandhi. As per the sources, Shri Virbhadra Singh wants the Himachal Pradesh Congress' chief Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu to be removed. Virbhadra Singh is the longest serving four-time chief minister of Himachal Pradesh. A Congress leader even informed that Virbhadra Singh, who has a letter of support from 27 legislators, even threatened to withdraw from assembly elections if organizational changes were not made.

    2017-09-02 05:25:21 PM
  • Himachal Pradseh Assembly Election : Congress MLA's not to fight elections under Sukhwinder Singh Sukhi

    Differences are brewing among the members of the Congress Party in Himachal Pradesh. In the race for the Assembly elections in Himachal Pradesh, 25 Congress MLA's have expressed their displeasure by passing a resolution pledging their support to Virbhadra Singh over the existing State President Sukhwinder Singh Sukhi. The resolution has been signed by 27 out of 34 MLA's including the CM and senior leaders of the party. In the meeting, the CM clearly expressed his and the supporting MLA's decision of not participating in the forthcoming election process under the leardeship of Sukhwinder Singh. A duplicate of the signed resolution has also been sent to Sonia Gandhi. Even earlier this month a letter concerning the malfunctioning of the party in the state was addressed to Sonia by Virbhadra Singh who is being deemed as the most suitable leader to win the election by the memebers.

    2017-08-30 10:55:53 AM
  • Chand Gehlot to be BJP's election in-charge for Himachal Pradesh Assembly election 2017

    The safron party doesn't wish to take any chances in the upcoming Assembly Eections. Hence, BJP chief Amit Shah on Thursday appointed BJP's election in-charge for Himachal Pradesh. The tenure of the present Assembly ends on January 7, 2018, and elections are speculated to be held by the end of this year. Social justice minister Thawar Chand Gehlo has been named the election in-charge by BJP Chief Amit Shah.

    2017-08-26 06:38:10 PM
  • Himachal cabinet expansion on Thursday

    The second cabinet expansion of the nearly three-year-old Congress government in Himachal Pradesh will take place in the state capital on Thursday, with the likely induction of former minister Karan Singh, an official said. Karan Singh is a legislator from Banjar in Kullu district. With his induction, the strength of the cabinet, including Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, would go up to 12 - the maximum sanctioned strength. The last expansion took place on March 2, 2013, when former union communications minister Sukh Ram's son Anil Sharma was inducted as a minister. Source: IANS

    2015-08-26 04:44:03 PM
  • New governors of Bihar, Himachal appointed

    President Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday appointed Ram Nath Kovind and Acharya Dev Vrat as the governors of Bihar and Himachal Pradesh respectively, an official said. Kovind, a lawyer by profession, was a former president of the BJP Dalit Morcha and also a two-time Rajya Sabha member. Source: IANS

    2015-08-08 03:35:23 PM
  • Virbhadra accused of corruption; he cries vendetta

    Senior BJP leader and union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Thursday accused Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh of receiving bribe from a private company in the garb of an unsecured loan. However, Virbhadra Singh described the allegations as "political vendetta". Addressing a press conference in Delhi, the union minister for communications and information technology said that Virbhadra Singh snipped off crores of rupees as unsecured loan. "Venture Energy Technology Private Limited, whose project was revived by Virbhadra Singh...and after a while, the owner of the company gave Rs.1.5 crore as unsecured loan to the chief minister's wife and Rs.2.4 crore to the chief minister," he said.

    Source: IANS

    2015-07-24 10:05:51 AM
  • Himachal panel seeks details of Priyanka Vadra's land deal

    The local administration of Shimla has been told to provide within 10 days information about the land purchase by Congress chief Sonia Gandhi's daughter Priyanka Vadra near this popular hill station, the Himachal Pradesh Information Commission has ruled. "Provide information about Priyanka Vadra's land deal at Mashobra (near Shimla) within 10 days to an RTI activist. The decision to impose penalty on the officials who failed to provide information within stipulated timeframe would be decided on July 23," the commission said on Monday. The order by the full bench comprising Chief Information Commissioner Bhim Sen and Information Commissioner K.D. Batish came after an application of Right to Information activist Devashish Bhattacharya came up for hearing.

    Source: IANS

    2015-06-30 10:59:58 AM
  • Six new IIMs to come up across India

    The union cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Wednesday approved the proposal to set up six new Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) across the country. The new IIMs would come up at Vishakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh), Bodh Gaya (Bihar), Sirmaur (Himachal Pradesh), Nagpur (Maharashtra), Sambalpur (Odisha) and Amritsar (Punjab). Source: IANS

    2015-06-24 05:29:48 PM
  • Sonia, Priyanka on private visit to Shimla

    Congress president Sonia Gandhi, her daughter Priyanka Vadra and her grandchildren on Sunday reached the Himachal Pradesh capital on a three-day private visit, officials said. Sonia Gandhi and her family visited Charabra where Priyanka Vadra's cottage is being constructed amid forests of pine and cedar, a government official said. After inspecting the construction work for about an hour, the family left for Wildflower Hall, a luxury resort on the outskirts of Shimla. "They spent the entire day at the resort," the official said.

    Source: IANS

    2015-05-18 10:08:28 AM
  • Sink differences, Shah tells Himachal BJP leaders

    BJP national president Amit Shah on Friday asked the party leaders of Himachal Pradesh to sink their differences and work as a team in Himachal Pradesh. "The party could never be individual centric. The only face in your mind should be that of 'Mother India'. Bury the hatchet and work as a team to regain power in the next assembly elections," Shah said while addressing the concluding function of a two-day state BJP executive meeting in Dharamsala. Shah asked the BJP cadre to strengthen the party to such an extent that next time when the BJP formed government in the state it stayed for long time in power like in some other states.

    Source: IANS

    2015-05-02 10:02:03 AM
  • Himachal keen to route Mansarovar yatra: CM

    Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh on Thursday said that his government was pursuing with the central government the option of routing the Kailash Mansarovar pilgrimage in China through this hill state. In a written reply, he informed the state assembly that a missive to Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar by Chief Secretary P. Mitra on February 24 took up the development of an alternate route for the Kailash Mansarovar pilgrimage through Shipkila pass in Kinnaur district. The issue was earlier raised by the chief minister with the prime minister on September 25, 2014.

    Source: IANS

    2015-04-09 05:54:40 PM
  • Himachal assembly passes Rs.30,185-crore budget

    The Himachal Pradesh assembly on Tuesday passed the general budget for 2015-16 and the related appropriation bill, authorising the government to spend Rs.30,185.77 crore from the consolidated fund. With Speaker B.B.L. Butail applying the guillotine before the house was adjourned for the day, the bill was moved by Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, who also holds the finance portfolio. Cut motions moved by the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party were defeated in the house. Not satisfied with the replies relating to health and education, the main opposition party twice staged a walkout from the assembly. The chief minister had presented the populist but deficit budget with no new taxes on March 18.

    Source: IANS

    2015-03-31 05:20:17 PM
  • Himachal CM blames SFI for violence

    Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh on Friday blamed the Students Federation of India (SFI) for inciting violence in Shimla, resulting in a police raid on its office and arrest of its activists. "A SFI delegation came to meet me in my office over its demands. After they (SFI members) left the office, they started pelting stones at police," the chief minister informed the assembly. Raising the issue after question hour, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) member Suresh Bhardwaj said that SFI activists were beaten up by police (on Wednesday) and some of them received injuries during their protest outside the assembly against fee hike. The chief minister said that when they came to meet him they were carrying rucksacks filled with stones and flags. "There was a clash (between SFI activists and police) and the CPI-M office is located near the spot. Three activists entered into the office after the clash. Police entered into the CPI-M office to arrest them," he said.

    Source: IANS

    2015-03-20 02:37:47 PM
  • CPI-M condemns raid on Shimla office

    The CPI-M on Thursday condemned the police raid on its office in Shimla and the arrest of more than a dozen people. The CPI-M said that the police broke open the door of its state committee office, damaged furniture and arrested more than a dozen people, including SFI national president Sivadasan. "Those arrested were beaten in police custody," a Communist Party of India-Marxist statement said. It demanded their release. It said that the police action followed the "severe lathicharge" on a student protest organised by the Students Federation of India outside the assembly against fee hike.

    Source: IANS

    2015-03-19 02:47:18 PM
  • Himachal CM dances in assembly

    Amid pandemonium in the assembly created by the main opposition BJP, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh on Thursday found a unique way of jeering at the rivals. He literally swayed his hips in the assembly in a movement of dance to the rhythms of slogans being raised against him over the reported clash between the Bharatiya Janata Party and chief minister's son Vikramaditya Singh-led Youth Congress activists in Shimla on January 29 during a demonstration against the central government's land acquisition ordinance. In a celebration mode after his daughter's wedding just five days ago, the traditional Himachali dance by the chief minister took everyone by surprise. During the session, even Leader of Opposition Prem Kumar Dhumal missed no opportunity to talke a jibe at his bete noire for his Punjabi connections. "I know Punjabi; I am now sure you might be well versed with it now."

    Source: IANS

    2015-03-12 04:02:37 PM
  • Himachal CM presents supplementary demands

    Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh on Wednesday presented supplementary demands of Rs.7,753.60 crore for this fiscal on the first day of the budget session that began in Shimla. After Governor Kalyan Singh's address, the chief minister, who also holds the finance portfolio, tabled the supplementary demands for grants. Out of the total grants, Rs.6,078 crore was under non-plan schemes, Rs.269 crore under the plan and Rs.1,405 crore under centrally-sponsored schemes. Under the non-plan expenditure, the major grants included Rs.5,782 crore for ways and means advance from the Reserve Bank of India; Rs.63 crore for police and allied organisations; Rs.28 crore for social security pension; Rs.18 crore for rural development; and Rs.12 crore for natural calamities. The month-long session that has 22 sittings will conclude on April 10.

    Source: IANS

    2015-03-11 03:09:27 PM
  • Health gets Rs.33,152 crore allocation

    The government on Saturday announced a budget allocation of Rs. 33,152 crore for the health Sector. "I have allocated Rs.33,152 crore to the health sector. I urge states to utilise their enhanced resources effectively in these areas," Jaitley said while presenting the union budget in the Lok Sabha. As an initiative to boost the public health sector in the country, the government has also decided to set up six new AIIMS-like institutes in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh, Assam and Bihar.

    Source: IANS

    2015-02-28 03:11:41 PM
  • Education must for growth of society: Himachal CM

    Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh on Sunday said that education was an essential requisite for the growth and development of the society. "For the last two-and-half months, I am visiting every nook and corner of the state and particularly Kangra, Una, Kullu and Chamba regions to personally see the pace of development," Virbhadra Singh said while addressing a public meeting in Kangra district. Earlier, he laid the foundation stones for and inaugurated various projects to the tune of Rs.25 crore in Kangra district. He said: "Education is the foremost need for growth and development of an individual and any society. The present state government has opened 17 colleges -- and that too in rural areas -- besides many schools." "Our motto is to educate the girl child," the chief minister said. He said that at present all the district headquarters have regional hospitals and many educational institutions.

    Source: IANS

    2015-02-16 10:31:56 AM
  • Kalyan Singh takes additional charge as Himachal governor

    Rajasthan Governor Kalyan Singh on Wednesday was sworn-in as the Himachal Pradesh governor. He will be holding additional charge and succeeds Urmila Singh who retired on Jan 26 on completing her five-year term. "Kalyan Singh was administered oath of office and secrecy by High Court Chief Justice Justice Mansoor Ahmad Mir," a Raj Bhavan official said. He arrived in Shimla on Tuesday evening. Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, his cabinet colleagues, Leader of Opposition and BJP two-time chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal, besides legislators and senior government functionaries were present at the swearing-in ceremony.

    Source: IANS

    2015-01-28 01:53:17 PM
  • Create more job opportunities: Himachal CM

    Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh on Monday asked the government departments to revise their policy to enable creation of additional job opportunities for youths. "I feel youths need quality and certified skills to tap the vast potential of skilled manpower requirements," he said at a workshop Shimla. The chief minister said that the state has approached the National Skill Development Corporation to set up four "centres of excellence" in automobile, retail, hospitality and information technology for skill development. "The state intends to set up a website-based complete database of youths, who will get skilled in various sectors and to track their future employment," Singh said.

    Source: IANS

    2014-12-22 05:08:52 PM
  • Peshawar killings brutal massacre: Himachal CM

    Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh on Wednesday described the attack on a school in Pakistan as a "brutal cold-blooded massacre". The Pakistani Taliban on Tuesday slaughtered 141 people, 132 of them children, in a brazen terror attack on an army-run school in Peshawar city. "Spraying bullets at innocent children is the most savage act of terrorists which shows their depravity and fear," he said in a statement. "This was the most brutal cold-blooded massacre of adolescent school children and the terror should be dealt with heavy hand and total unforgiving crackdown on terrorists groups," Singh said. The chief minister said: "We mourn the loss of young lives and pray for the peace of departed souls." He hoped that Pakistan would take a tough stand to root out terrorists from its soil.

    Source: IANS

    2014-12-17 05:51:12 PM
  • Himachal assembly pays tributes to soldiers killed in Kashmir

    The Himachal Pradesh assembly on Saturday paid tribute to soldiers and others killed in a string of brazen militant strikes in Jammu and Kashmir. Revenue Minister Kaul Singh, who moved a resolution in the absence of Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, said the attacks were "desperate attempts". The house unanimously adopted the resolution. "We would request the central government to talk to Pakistan to stop ceasefire violations and stop sending militants across the border," he said. Leader of Opposition and BJP leader Prem Kumar Dhumal said the attacks were an attempt to stall the democratic process in Jammu and Kashmir. Source : IANS

    2014-12-06 03:27:43 PM
  • Modi failed to fulfil promises on black money: Himachal Congress

    Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee president Sukhvinder Sukhu on Saturday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has failed to fulfil poll promises on black money, corruption and unemployment. "It seems it's their well thought-out plan to gain power through misleading statements on issues pertaining to the country," he said at a public rally in Shillai in Sirmaur district. "Even the Parliamentary Affairs Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu, during a debate in parliament on black money issue, said the BJP never promised to bring back black money in 100 days. Such statements lead us to believe that all poll promises on corruption, black money and unemployment were just a ploy to befool the people," he said. "Making promises and tall claims and running a country is quite different and so far Modi and the BJP do not seem keen to fulfil its promises made during the Lok Sabha elections," he said. Source : IANS

    2014-11-29 04:58:37 PM
  • Himachal CM income tax case: Court summons records

    The Himachal Pradesh High Court Tuesday directed the income tax department to produce all the records related to transfer of cases of investigations into the income tax returns of Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh and his family members.The chief minister and his family have challenged the transfer of their income tax return cases to Chandigarh.A division bench comprising Chief Justice Mansoor Ahmad Mir and Justice Tarlok Singh Chauhan, while passing these orders, listed the matter for next hearing Nov 24.In the last hearing of the case Oct 15, the high court had decided to expedite hearing of the writ petitions.The income tax commissioner, in his orders, had said the agricultural income of Virbhadra Singh and his family had dramatically increased in the revised return, which was an apparent attempt to justify the investments made in the purchase of insurance policies. (IANS)

    2014-11-19 10:08:49 AM
  • Himachal BJP demands CM's resignation

    A day after the central government claimed that a case of money laundering was prima facie made out against Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, the opposition BJP Thursday created ruckus in the assembly demanding his resignation. As the house assembled in the morning, BJP members Mohinder Singh and Rajeev Bindal asked Speaker B.B.L. Butail about the fate of their notice for an adjournment motion.

    Source: IANS  

    2014-08-07 05:53:31 PM
  • Himachal court stays order to transfer CM's income tax case

    In a major relief to Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh and his family, the Himachal Pradesh High Court stayed an order of the income tax commissioner of Shimla to transfer their cases relating to investigations into the income tax returns to Chandigarh. A division bench of Chief Justice Mansoor Ahmad Mir and Justice Tarlok Singh Chauhan passed these orders on the petitions filed by the chief minister and his family members.

    Source: IANS

    2014-08-05 10:12:55 AM
  • Shimla gets Himachal's first water-dispensing ATM

    Now, you can buy drinking water by using an ATM card in this Himachal Pradesh capital, the first in the state and perhaps in the country. Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh Monday opened the innovative water dispensing system at the Ridge to provide clean water to tourists and locals. The machine will dispense a litre of water for 50 paise.


    Source: IANS

    2014-07-28 01:54:46 PM
  • Himachal deserves priority in disaster management: Virbhadra

    Himachal Pradesh should get preference in the union budget for disaster management, organic farming and tourism development, Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh said. "The budget is disappointing as the government has failed to show how it would strengthen the Indian economy," the chief minister said in a statement. Moreover, he said, the budget is silent on steps to check price rise. The chief minister said the target of reducing the fiscal deficit of 4.1 percent has now increased to 4.5 percent, which would mean more borrowings resulting in further increase in prices. Source : IANS  

    2014-07-11 11:17:37 AM
  • Himachal fixes limit on stocking onions, potatoes

    Himachal Pradesh has fixed a limit on the quantity of onions and potatoes traders can stock with them to check hoarding, a minister said here on Wednesday. "The government has limited the stockholding of onions and potatoes in the state to check hoarding," Food and Civil Supplies Minister G.S. Bali told reporters here. He said a trader could now store maximum 10 quintal of onions and 20 quintal of potatoes. "This would help checking the further spike in prices of both the commodities," Bali said. The action came in the wake of the central government's decision to bring onions and potatoes under the purview of the Essential Commodities Act of 1955. Source : IANS

    2014-07-09 06:01:58 PM
  • Rail budget disappointing: Himachal CM

    Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh Tuesday termed the railway budget a "disappointment" for the state. "The railway budget neither contains the proposal of extensions of rail lines nor the conversion of existing rail tracks into broad gauge," he said in a statement. Source: IANS

    2014-07-08 06:00:19 PM
  • Himachal seeks central funds for modernisation of airports

    Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Board vice-chairman Vijay Singh Mankotia sought central funds for modernisation of airports and starting regular flights in the state, an official statement said. Mankotia, who called on union Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju here, stressed the need for modernisation of the airports and starting regular and adequate flights for the state to serve the needs of high-end tourists. Source: IANS  

    2014-06-20 11:14:34 AM
  • From Golden Temple to Delhi, Punjab families pray for Iraq hostages

    Scores of families and relatives of men from Punjab who have been held hostage or are stuck in strife-torn Iraq are offering prayers and reaching out to officials and ministers to ensure the safe return of their loved ones. At least 40 Indian construction workers, mostly from Punjab, have been abducted by Sunni insurgents from Iraq's Mosul town. The Punjab government has confirmed the names of 78 men from the state who are stuck in Iraq. Source : IANS

    2014-06-20 11:23:16 AM
  • Ex-Himachal chief minister Dhumal booked

    The Himachal Pradesh vigilance and anti-corruption bureau has registered a case against former chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal for alleged misuse of position when he held office in 2007, an official said .The Bharatiya Janata Party leader was booked under the Prevention of Corruption Act for favouring an Indian Police Service (IPC) officer, A.N. Sharma, who is now retired, the official said. Sharma, who is also named in the first information report (FIR), had applied for voluntary retirement from the police service to contest the 2007 assembly elections on the BJP ticket. But he did not get the ticket from the BJP. Source : IANS

    2014-06-19 10:26:47 AM
  • 40 Indians abducted in violence-hit Iraq, no trace or ransom call

    India said its 40 nationals working for a Turkish construction company have been abducted in violence-hit Iraq's Mosul area, which has been taken over by Sunni militants. The government is monitoring the situation, with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj holding consultations with senior officials. The abduction is a major crisis for the Narendra Modi government that took office less than a month ago. Source : IANS

    2014-06-19 11:07:56 AM
  • Himachal Congress leaders gun for Virbhadra

    The daggers are once again out against Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh for the Congress party's drubbing in the Lok Sabha election. A section of Congress leaders, including legislators, has demanded that the chief minister should accept responsibility for the defeat and resign. Source: IANS

    2014-05-18 03:20:53 PM
  • Congress scores zero in several states, mauled in many others

    BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's prediction that Congress would not be able to open its account in several states came true with the party failing to secure a single Lok Sabha seat from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand as votes were counted. Congress leaders said that it was unprecedented for the party not to score seats across regions in a general election.

    Source: IANS

    2014-05-17 09:34:33 AM
  • BJP leading on all four seats in Himachal

    The opposition BJP in Himachal Pradesh led in all four Lok Sabha seats in the first six rounds of vote count. Congress leader and Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh's wife and sitting MP Pratibha Singh trailed BJP's Ram Swaroop in Mandi. Source: IANS


    2014-05-16 11:26:38 AM
  • Himachal CM's wife defeated

    In an embarrassment for Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, his wife and Congress candidate from Mandi Lok Sabha seat Pratibha Singh was defeated by BJP's Ram Swaroop Sharma. Sharma defeated Pratibha Singh by a margin of 39,796 votes, an election official told IANS. Source: IANS

    2014-05-16 02:23:51 PM
  • Brisk balloting in Himachal

    Brisk balloting is taking place in Himachal Pradesh for its four Lok Sabha seats and in the by-poll for one assembly seat, officials said. As many as 38 candidates are in the fray for the parliamentary election from Kangra, Mandi, Hamirpur and Shimla constituencies.

    Source: IANS

    2014-05-07 12:27:26 PM
  • 37.03 percent polling till 1 pm in Himachal Pradesh

    Nearly 37.03% polling was recorded in Himachal Pradesh till 1 pm. As many as 38 candidates are in the fray for the parliamentary election from Kangra, Mandi, Hamirpur and Shimla constituencies.

    2014-05-07 02:07:47 PM
  • 49.14 percent polling till 3 pm in Himachal Pradesh

    Nearly 49.14% polling was recorded in Himachal Pradesh till 3 pm. As many as 38 candidates are in the fray for the parliamentary election from Kangra, Mandi, Hamirpur and Shimla constituencies.

    2014-05-07 05:20:11 PM
  • Two-thirds vote in Himachal Pradesh

    Almost 66 percent of the 4.8 million electors exercised their franchise in Himachal Pradesh where balloting for the four Lok Sabha seats was held peacefully on Wednesday. The state had polled 58.43 percent in the 2009 polls while it was 59.71 percent in 2004. Source: IANS

    2014-05-07 07:55:35 PM
  • Complaint against Himachal BJP candidate

    The Congress lodged a complaint with the Election Commission against sitting MP and BJP candidate Anurag Thakur for allegedly concealing financial details in his election affidavit and demanded that he be debarred from contesting the polls. Thakur, who is re-contesting from Hamirpur Lok Sabha constituency, has declared his details of investments and deposits in Sant Valves Private Ltd, Jai Aditya Holdings Private Ltd and Sant Online Systems Private Ltd. Source: IANS

    2014-05-06 11:14:24 AM
  • Himachal polls a test for Congress

    The parliamentary elections in Himachal Pradesh will be a test for the Congress government - which is just less than two years in power in the hill state - as the opposition BJP rides a 'Modi' wave. Like previous polls, this time too two arch rivals - the Congress and the BJP - are locked in a tough contest. The Bahujan Samaj Party and the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) have also fielded candidates, but they have apparently not been able to make their presence felt in the state politics so far.

    Source: IANS

    2014-05-06 03:31:09 PM
  • Modi used 'martyrs' for political gains: Sonia

    BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is seeking to make political gains by soliciting support for his party in the name of Kargil heroes, Congress president Sonia Gandhi said on Sunday. "Unka dil sirf kursi mang rahain hai (Modi's heart only seeks power)," Gandhi said at an election rally in Himachal Pradesh. "For political gains he is using the name of martyrs." Gandhi, in her maiden visit to the state that will go to the polls on May 7, said the BJP's political path would cause disaster. Describing the BJP leader as a 'pracharak' or propagandist, she said: "It seems he has started thinking himself to be the prime minister even before the results are out." Source: IANS

    2014-05-04 03:07:19 PM
  • BJP knocks EC door against top Himachal official

    The opposition BJP in Himachal Pradesh has lodged a complaint with the Election Commission against officiating Chief Secretary P. Mitra for allegedly trying to influence the electoral process. The Bharatiya Janata Party demanded his transfer from the post. Source: IANS

    2014-05-01 05:33:35 PM
  • 'Yeh dil mange' 300 lotuses, says Modi

    BJP leader Narendra Modi today made a passionate appeal to voters to extend support to him by ensuring victory on 300 Lok Sabha seats. Modi, at his first election rally in Kangra in Himachal, said: "The Congress is a party that betrays people. It is a 'dhokhe baaz' (traitor) party." He described the Congress manifesto as a fraudulent document. Donning a Himachali cap, Modi appealed to the voters to "give us 300 lotuses and we will give India a strong government". He played an emotional card with the people of Himachal Pradesh by narrating Kargil martyr Capt Vikram Batra's slogan "Yeh Dil Mange More" thrice in his half-hour-long speech. Source: IANS

    2014-04-29 02:27:10 PM
  • EC acts, cancels more Ramdev rallies

    In the light of Baba Ramdev's 'honeymoon' remarks against Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, the EC has today cancelled his Himachal Pradesh campaign scheduled in Kangra, Chamba and Nurpur for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Earlier, he was banned from holding rallies in Lucknow over the remark. An FIR was also lodged against Ramdev  for insulting the Dalit community.

    2014-04-28 11:24:30 AM
  • Sonia, Rahul, Modi to address rallies in Himachal

    Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi and BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi will hold election rallies in Himachal Pradesh next week, party leaders said. Congress president Sonia Gandhi will address her first public meeting and canvass for the party candidates in Kullu town, some 250 km from Shimla, state vice president and former minister Harsh Mahajan told IANS. A day before her visit, party vice president Rahul Gandhi would address two public meetings - at Bilaspur and Solan towns. Modi will address three public rallies in the state on April 29.

    Source: IANS

    2014-04-27 09:52:55 AM
  • Modi's three rallies in Himachal Pradesh on April 29

    BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi will address three public rallies in Himachal Pradesh on April 29, a party leader said today. However, the state's ruling Congress is yet to announce the dates of rallies of its top leaders, including Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.

    Source: IANS

    2014-04-24 06:54:28 PM
  • Congress declares candidate for Himachal Assembly By-poll

    The ruling Congress in Himachal Pradesh declared political greenhorn Anita Rana as its candidate for the May 7 By-election in the Sujanpur assembly constituency. The seat fell vacant following the resignation of independent member Rajinder Rana, who was earlier in the BJP and is now the Congress candidate for the Hamirpur Lok Sabha seat. Source: IANS

    2014-04-19 11:52:50 AM
  • Two-time BJP legislator in Himachal joins Congress

    In a jolt to the opposition BJP, its two-time legislator Urmil Thakur Sunday joined the Congress, saying the saffron party "is not a disciplined party". "The BJP is no more a party of discipline. So I have decided to join the Congress," Thakur, who was upset over being denied a Bharatiya Janata Party ticket for the Sujanpur assembly by-election, said at a function at Lambaloo village in Hamirpur district.

    Source: IANS

    2014-04-14 09:54:09 AM
  • BJP declares candidate for Himachal assembly by-election

    The opposition BJP in Himachal Pradesh Thursday announced Narender Thakur, a Congress rebel who joined the party lately, as its candidate for the May 7 by-election to the Sujanpur assembly constituency. The seat fell vacant following the resignation of independent member Rajinder Rana, who was earlier in the BJP and is now the Congress candidate for the Hamirpur Lok Sabha seat.

    Source: IANS

    2014-04-11 10:28:22 AM
  • When two Himachal heavyweights slug it out

    In Himachal Pradesh, it's a battle of supremacy between two political archrivals -- Virbhadra Singh and Prem Kumar Dhumal -- in the parliamentary elections where development and corruption have been pushed to the background as personal attacks dominate. With Virbhadra Singh and Dhumal being at the state's helm alternately for over 20 years, the state politics revolves around personal issues of both the leaders, say political observers.

    Source: IANS

    2014-04-06 05:56:33 PM
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